Wednesday, 2014-09-10

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iwamatsuCan we use the variable for substitution to _remove of the variable?05:24
iwamatsuFor example, the following works.05:24
iwamatsuFOO = "aaa bbb ccc ddd"05:24
iwamatsuFOO_remove = "bbb"05:24
iwamatsuFOO is "aaa ccc ddd"05:25
iwamatsuHowever, the next does not work.05:25
iwamatsuFOO = "aaa bbb ccc ddd"05:25
iwamatsuBAR = "bbb"05:25
iwamatsuFOO_remove = "${BAR}"05:25
iwamatsuFOO is "aaa bbb ccc ddd"05:25
iwamatsuIs this specifications of bitbake?05:26
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ndeciwamatsu: i think this has been reported here before. i don't remember the outcome, but i would tend to believe this is a bug. have you checked if there is a bug for that already?06:43
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iwamatsundec: Hi! I just checked.06:55
iwamatsuThe same problem had been registered as # 6624.06:56
ndeciwamatsu: ok. good...06:57
iwamatsundec: I think too that this is bug....06:58
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mckoangood morning07:23
kanupatarmckoan: gm07:23
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bluelightningmorning all07:28
tanamoHello all, I was just wondering why there's no /usr/lib32 folder created when I built an image with multilib support? I was expecting it to create a /usr/lib32 folder with 32-bit libraries but what happened is /usr/lib contains 32-bit libraries and /usr/lib64 for 64-bit ones.07:30
redenginis there a guide on the clean targets?   or am I better off just copying over the downloads and rebuilding from scratch?07:46
LetoThe2ndredengin: you can/should have a shared downloads directory anyways, and maybe also a shared sstate07:48
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LetoThe2ndthen you can basically just rm the build dir and restart :)07:49
redenginLetoThe2nd, so I shouldn't look for a magic clean command?07:49
redenginbtw, I'm creating my own layers, so I don't trust sstate07:50
LetoThe2ndredengin: i don't know if there's some magic available, but sstate usually should be fine sharing, even with layer changes.07:51
redenginLetoThe2nd, can I trust "bitbake -c cleanall recipe"  to update sstate?07:52
redenginit doesn't seem to work inside a project07:52
LetoThe2ndredengin: i personally don#t know.07:52
redenginguess I'll go with the flow and just create new projects once I get it to work once inside a project07:54
redenginseems like a lot of wasted cycles recreating the build toolchain each time though07:55
ndecredengin: sharing downloads and sstate-cache folder is typically the solution to avoid wasting cycles. have you faced any issues with those?07:59
redenginI've not see any issues sharing downloads, I'll start reusing sstate now08:03
redenginat that point though, could I just remove the whole project's tmp?08:05
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jmleoIn meta/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/ the EXTRA_OECONF is set08:19
jmleoand disables rtmp (--disable-rtmp)08:19
jmleoI owuld like to enable it from a custom recipe in my meta, but I don't know how08:20
redenginbut you just want to enable that one without resetting the whole variable?08:22
redenginhave you tried EXTRA_OECONF_append = "--enable-rtmp"?08:23
jmleothen, EXTRA_OECONF will have --disable-rtmp and at the bottom --enable-rtmp08:23
jmleoI don't know if this is safe08:24
bluelightningideally that would be made into a PACKAGECONFIG and then that would be easier to override08:24
ndecEXTRA_OECONF_remove = "--disable-rtmp" , maybe?08:24
bluelightningthat should do as a workaround for the time being yes08:24
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jmleoit would be better to have PACKAGECONFIG[rtmpdump]08:25
jmleoas this depends on librtmp, provided by rtmpdump08:26
bluelightningdefinitely yes08:26
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bluelightningPACKAGECONFIG[rtmp] probably since rtmp is the functionality08:26
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sodikhi folks11:55
sodikI have problem running the python3 from 1.6.1 builds11:55
sodikexperiencing following error:11:56
sodik# python3 Fatal Python error: Py_Initialize: Unable to get the locale encoding ImportError: No module named 'encodings' Aborted11:56
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jmleobluelightning: I try to use PACKAGECONFIG12:10
jmleobut it seems to not find librtmp12:11
jmleoI added inherit pkgconfig in the rtmpdump recipe12:11
jmleoand added the line PACKAGECONFIG[rtmp] = "--enable-rtmp,--disable-rtmp,librtmp"12:12
jmleoin meta/recipes-multimedia/gstreamer/gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad.inc12:12
jmleoand removed the --disable-rtmp from the EXTRA_OECONF of course12:12
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bluelightningjmleo: that last parameter should be rtmpdump not librtmp12:25
bluelightning(it's specifying what should be added to DEPENDS)12:25
jmleook I tried that too, but it is not working either12:27
jmleohow do you specify that rtmp feature should be added exactly ?12:29
bluelightningjmleo: the PACKAGECONFIG variable itself needs to also contain "rtmp" in order to enable the feature12:33
jmleouh ?12:34
bluelightningthere's some documentation in the reference manual:
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jmleobut who should do this PACKAGECONFIG[rtmp] ??= ""12:35
bluelightningyou mean PACKAGECONFIG ??= ""12:35
bluelightningthe recipe should specify a default, but then you can set it outside of there via PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-<recipename> =12:36
bluelightningplease refer to the link above, it's all in there12:36
jmleoI think I know what the problem is12:36
jmleoas the recipe is named rtmpdump and not rtmp12:36
bluelightningno, that's not the problem12:36
jmleowell, shouldn't the recipe rtmpdump contain PACKAGECONFIG ??="rtmp"12:37
jmleoif not, I did not understand the doc, and will read it again12:37
bluelightningwe're configuring the gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad recipe right? so it needs to affect that recipe, not rtmpdump12:38
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jmleook, adding PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad = "rtmp" works !12:43
jmleodo I need inherit pkgconfig in rtmpdump recipe though ?12:43
bluelightningno, the pkgconfig class and PACKAGECONFIG are unrelated12:45
jmleoOk, now, can I submit a patch in order to have it in master ? :)12:48
jmleothx, I was reading this ;)12:53
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #37 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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sodikanyone familiar with python3 ?13:52
sodikthe current python3.3 seems not to work out of the box on yocto 1.6.113:53
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rperierhi, this morning I tried to start runqemu-export-rootfs from lxc (ubuntu 14.04 into a arch linux as host). When running rpcinfo -p nothing is listed for unfsd, is it normal ?14:00
rperieralso in the displayed kernel cmdline (when script ends), all port parameters are empty14:01
rperier(I use rpcbind)14:01
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mckoananyone using imx6q-sabrelite with kernel 3.10.17 and DT ?14:12
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TechnicusI'm new to Yocto and trying to set up an Intel Galeleo with a web interface for home automation.  Can I do that with Yocto? If so how?14:14
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LetoThe2ndTechnicus: 0) develop your application and package it 1) build a base image for your board including needed libs 2) add your packaged application 3) run14:17
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: Is there a chance you could direct me to some tutorials or documentation that explains this further please?14:20
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: well yocto has a very good quick start document14:20
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: i personally would start with that, and leave out the board completely at first.14:20
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LetoThe2ndTechnicus: once everything works there in qemu, do the transition.14:21
TechnicusOk, I think I am starting to understand how this all goes together.14:21
LetoThe2ndbut for the basic development of some web application, you probably don't even need that, just some testbed with whatever webserver you desire.14:22
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: do you have any experience with the Intel Galileo?14:22
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: none at all.14:22
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: what is your experience with Yocto?14:23
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LetoThe2ndTechnicus: building stuff :)14:23
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: what have you built?14:24
TechnicusWhat devices have you installed it on?14:24
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: stuff. sorry, it's not gonna be more precise.14:24
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LetoThe2ndor in more formal english "i'm using yocto to build software for linux-powered devices"14:25
TechnicusWell Yocto is completely new to me, and it seems like it comes with a steep learning curve.  Is that the case?14:25
LetoThe2ndi'd call that correct.14:25
TechnicusWhat devices have you installed Yocto onto?14:25
LetoThe2ndi won't say. please stop asking.14:26
LetoThe2ndand be aware that the usual transition from uC-stuff to embedded linux stuff always includes a steep learning curve, no matter what linux platform you're about to use.14:27
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: Ok. Why would someone choose Yocto over any other distribution?14:27
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: if it fits your needs, e.g. if the workflow and archievable results provide what you want14:28
TechnicusI am just trying to figure out why Yocto and what is so special about the Galileo.14:28
LetoThe2ndif they don't, then don't use yocto. but again, that holds true for about any tool.14:28
TechnicusBut I understand that you are not familiar with the Galileo so I'm not asking you about that anymore.14:28
LetoThe2ndthe galileo is just another board.14:29
LetoThe2ndthe question is, what do you want to archieve. are you familiar with using a desktop-style linux distro, do you want to tinker and develop on the target itself?14:30
LetoThe2nddo you need reproductibility? do you have to care about licensing?14:31
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LetoThe2ndif its only a tinkering project for your living room, you're probably not needed many of the powers yocto (or anything else that is OE-based) provide.14:32
rburtongalileo is somewhat special in that it's not a "normal" x86 CPU, and you can't just install a normal distribution out of the box14:32
LetoThe2ndrburton: "not out of the box" doesn't mean "impossible"14:32
rburtonLetoThe2nd: agreed, people are running debian and others14:32
LetoThe2ndyeah, and if you'Re familiar with debian, and just want to tinker a bit, why not use debian for example14:33
LetoThe2ndso the question should not be "what are reasons for using $SOFTWARE", but "what software will fit my needs the best."14:34
LetoThe2nd(as in every part of proper engineering)14:35
TechnicusWell, I'm partial to Arch, and I am going with Yocto because it is recommended by Intel.  Although I am not interested in learning another OS at the moment.14:43
Technicus. . . and I am just tinkering around with it.14:43
Technicus*Sort of.14:43
TechnicusI have been tasked with learning how this thing works, specifically to serve a page that can turn a light on and off. And maybe we will do something more usefull with it later.14:45
LetoThe2nd"i've been tasked". does that mean like "do research for us on how to use this type of hardware in real life environments, and nubmers where we cannot handcraft every single installation"?14:46
LetoThe2ndif yes, then yocto is probably your tool. thats why i specifically asked about your requirements. see above.14:47
bluelightningTechnicus: I'd encourage you to take a look at the IoT devkit:
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: very good point.14:50
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TechnicusLetoThe2nd: Requirements, I reread what you wrote, but I'm not understanding . . . The shop where I work tasked me with learning how to set up a web server with this device that simply turns a light on and off.  The device is the Galileo, and the Intel documentation links me to Yocto, and I am trying to learn it.14:55
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: this task can be interpreted in some very, very different ways.14:56
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: 1) the real goal is: a webpage with an on/off button that toggles some relay.14:57
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: Allow me to admit something to you, I am a fairly new with embedded devices.14:57
LetoThe2ndthen my answer is: grab some image to run on the board, telnet/ssh into it, hack it up. done.14:57
TechnicusI can easily ssh into it, but it is an environment that I am unfamiliar with.14:58
fishey1Technicus: then yocto isn't going to help you.14:58
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: 2) the real goal is: "learn how to use this type of technology" (and the light is just an example). then my answer is: depending on what you need *AFTER* you learned how to use it, choose the tools to learn14:58
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: yocto is mostly about reproductibility (amongst some other things). it means, you invest a considerable amount of time in automating *EVERYTHING* that is needed on the board.14:59
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LetoThe2ndTechnicus: this pays off when you need to reproduce it, for example for manufacturing, testing, etc.14:59
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TechnicusHmmm, interesting . . . this may require a shift in thinking . . .15:00
LetoThe2ndif you don't need that, nor that knowledge, and you actually jsut want to switch that lightbulb, grab some image that runs a webserver service, hack it up, done, forget everything else.15:00
*** g1zer0 <g1zer0!> has quit IRC15:01
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: isn't "you need a shift in thinking" what i've been saying since 45minutes now?15:01
TechnicusOk . . . I see, are you suggesting to find a Yoct image, or migrate to a different distribution?15:01
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: Hey, it takes me time to understand concepts that are new to me.15:02
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: well still you haven't answered the most trivial question i'Ve asked a few times by now.15:03
bluelightningLetoThe2nd: steady... ;)15:03
LetoThe2nd"what is your actual goal?"15:03
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: *sigh* its totally not about "distributions"....15:03
LetoThe2ndbluelightning: yeah.. i'm trying.15:04
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: its "i need this thing here to do X" versus "i need to gather knowledge"15:04
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: what do you mean? The goat is to host a web page on the Galileo that simply has a link that toggles a light.  Should there be something more than that?  I am trying to understand how to modify Yocto to do that or maybe I should change to a different OS.15:05
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: i admit i cannot put it into other words, sorry.15:06
LetoThe2ndone last try.15:06
rburtonleto is asking what the next step would be once the light switch works.  if that's the entirety of the project then install debian, install apache, write cgi script, done.15:06
bluelightningTechnicus: it really does sound like the IoT devkit is more suited for this kind of thing15:07
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: i'd suggest asking the person that tasked you this "what is the real goal of this task? why do you want me to do it?"15:07
rburtonor the IoT Devkit which has similar pieces, whatever your're comfortable with15:07
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: if the person answers: "we've got this backyard light here, and i want to control it from home", then its option 1), hack up things.15:07
TechnicusOk . . . we might do other things with it after I get light switch thing to work, but I have not come up with any other objectives after that.15:08
LetoThe2ndTechnicus: if the person answers "i want to sell some product based on galileo, or any other embedded linux platform at some time in the future", then its option 2), you want knowledge15:08
*** tmpsantos <tmpsantos!~tmpsantos@> has quit IRC15:09
TechnicusReally, I don't ever want to touch this thing again after I get the light to work, but we might do other things with it.  Probably not making any products, but I don't know something might spark us to make some grand thing, but that is not in the plans.15:10
LetoThe2ndwhich is a total non-answer to me. well then i'm out, sorry. i think i cannot help you.15:11
TechnicusLetoThe2nd: I'm not trying to bother you.  Thanks for helping me out though.15:11
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WarheadsSEHey all .. quick, probably stupid question --- how to remove a patch from a bb with a bbappend? Someone decided entirely removing c_rehash was a good idea cor ca-certificates15:25
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gabrbeddWarheadsSE: does SRC_URI_remove work?15:39
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WarheadsSEgabrbedd: I will try that here ina few15:46
WarheadsSEheaded into a meeting15:46
bluelightningin an ideal world we'd fix whatever caused it to be removed (e.g. package it separately, or at least provide a PACKAGECONFIG to turn it on if it has to be a build-time decision)15:48
WarheadsSEin this case, because the oe openssl does not package c_rehash .. this recipe for ca-certs jsut comments it all out.15:49
WarheadsSEWe've re-added c_rehash and _then_ noticed that it is all commented out of update-ca-certificates15:49
bluelightningwe could make update-ca-certificates only use it if it's available instead perhaps?15:50
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rburtonso why does our openssl not package c_rehash?15:59
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*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away16:09
rburtonkhem: is patchwork happy?  last night i was running the post-receive on patches it missed when the api was broken and it was fast, but now its really slow16:31
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WarheadsSErburton: idk16:40
WarheadsSEPACKAGECONFIG += "perl"16:43
WarheadsSEthis is what we have in our bbappend for openssl, because c_rehash is a perl script16:44
WarheadsSESo essentially: ca-certificates patches out c_rehash logic entire, instead of detecting if c_rehash exists in path16:44
WarheadsSEbecause if you build openssl without perl (likely to save size & image requirements) you don't get c_rehash due to said dependancy16:45
WarheadsSErburton: ^ bluelightning that's why. sorry I had a meeding I had to go into16:46
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WarheadsSESo yeah, if SRC_URI_remove works, I will be a happy camper.17:36
WarheadsSEThis breaks quite a few things.17:36
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bluelightningWarheadsSE: ultimately if there's breakage for people we should try to fix it in the core though17:49
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WarheadsSEI have to fix this for a product release immediately though18:02
bluelightningsure, understood18:05
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censorif i have a machine conf and want to append something to it, without touching the original file, where else can i put that?18:24
censorto be precise, i want to force the raspberry layer to also load the sound module (module_autoload_snd_bcm2835 = "snd_bcm2835")18:24
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WarheadsSErburton: that did work. gabrbedd ty, that worked.18:49
gabrbeddWarheadsSE: cool! But yeah... what bluelightning said, too. :-)18:53
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WarheadsSEI think it should be as simple as altering the patch to just detect if c_rehash is in path, vs commenting it all out18:56
WarheadsSEThen, should people need it, they can enable PackageConfig for perl in openssl and viola18:56
rburtonWarheadsSE: or make it respect an option so it errors if you want it on and you didn't enable c_rehash in openssl18:56
rburtonhaving packages adapt magically isn't good for reproducible builds18:56
WarheadsSESo, you'd rather have it have an additional option, vs doing a simple detection .. ? since most people that package openssl include perl .. and thus rehash?18:58
WarheadsSE(outside OE)18:58
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mtetreaultI am developping a custom linux module for a PCI device. The PCI device is connected to a PLX8112 bridge which convert the PCI in PCIe. The PLX bridge is connected to an imx.6 running yocto kernel 3.10.17. On my module when I try to enable the MSI (pci_msi_enable()) I alway receive an non-zero value (error). Do Anyway knows how to fix that or how I could proceed to pin point the issue? I know for a fact that my INTx are entering in19:27
mtetreaultthe plx bridge.19:27
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