Thursday, 2014-09-11

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AleksandrHello all here. Having some troubles with adding Unicode support to core-image-base. Should I add ICU to IMAGE_INSTALL_append?06:00
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mckoangood morning07:25
Aleksandrhello, mckoan07:25
AleksandrGuys, where can i get some boost recipes for my system?07:33
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gebreselaisihi room07:46
gebreselaisisilly question: is there a cross compiled python in yocto?07:46
LetoThe2ndlooks like it :)07:48
LetoThe2ndplus, its in poky, not in yocto :P07:48
gebreselaisiisn't that a native python?07:51
LetoThe2ndnative python is amongst the things given.07:52
gebreselaisithing is, I am trying to build some project using python qt bindings07:52
gebreselaisii've build pyqt for target07:52
gebreselaisibut the native python cannot open the pyqt libs07:52
LetoThe2ndgebreselaisi: well so what is your actual problem? that the bindings don't build? don't work?07:53
LetoThe2ndwell the pyqt stuff probably links to qt, which is architecture dependent.07:53
gebreselaisifrom PyQt5 import QtCore | ImportError: tmp/sysroots/i686-linux/usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/PyQt5/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory07:53
gebreselaisiyes, it's built for arm07:54
LetoThe2ndgebreselaisi: wha not just include python or python3 in your image recipe and see then?07:54
LetoThe2ndgebreselaisi: so of course your x86-native python can't do anything with the arm qt.07:54
gebreselaisithat is why I was asking if there is some sort of cross compiled python07:55
LetoThe2ndof course there is a crosscompiled python. but that is going to run on your target, not on your dev host.07:55
gebreselaisiyes, I am a bit dazzled07:56
gebreselaisiI mean, one compiled for x86 that is able to load arm libs07:56
gebreselaisithe sort of toolchain like07:56
LetoThe2ndsounds like what you mean is "a native python that can use other-arch binary libs". and not, i think that does not exist.07:56
gebreselaisiso how would I solve my problem then?07:57
LetoThe2ndi don't see no problem.07:57
LetoThe2ndcompile your stuff for the arch you want it to run on. thats no problem, thats technically required.07:57
LetoThe2ndand if you want to test arm libraries on your devhost, you're gonna need some means of emulation, e.g. running all together in qemu or such.08:00
LetoThe2ndbut then again, that is basically not different from running the complete image on your target08:00
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gebreselaisiLetoThe2nd, the problem is that my pckage has a Makefile which uses pyuic508:32
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gebreselaisiwhich is a file that should be generated by pyqt08:32
gebreselaisilooking at my host pyuic5 file, I see it is like:08:32
gebreselaisiexec /usr/bin/python3.4 -m PyQt5.uic.pyuic ${1+"$@"}08:32
LetoThe2ndgebreselaisi: sounds like your build process is not crosscompile aware. so if you want to actually build your stuff with yocto, you'll have to fix that08:33
gebreselaisiif I have the same installed in the x86 sysroot in my build, it will error out saying that it cannot loat libQtCore module, which is a module generated by pyqt, but it's for arm08:33
gebreselaisiwhat do you mean it is not crosscompile aware?08:34
gebreselaisicrosscompile in regards to what eaxctly do you mean?08:35
LetoThe2ndits a common problem that software builds are written only with native compilation in mind. but for your specific package, this is nothing that oe/poky/yocto can fix, IMHO08:35
LetoThe2ndgebreselaisi: you said your build does something like exec /usr/bin/whatever. this means it uses whatever runs on the host. so its not crosscompile aware.08:35
gebreselaisino, my build looks for a certan script08:37
gebreselaisiwhich should be generated by pyqt, but it is not08:37
gebreselaisiso I can have it installed in the x86 sysroot08:37
gebreselaisithe script is called pyuic508:37
LetoThe2ndmaybe also pyqt is not crosscompile aware, it's nothing that i have expertise in.08:37
gebreselaision my host, pyuic5 looks like:08:37
LetoThe2ndor maybe it is, and you are still trying to run arm software on your x86 box, which is just not going to work.08:38
gebreselaisithe problem is this08:38
gebreselaisiexec python -m PyQt5.uic.pyuic ${1+"$@"}08:38
gebreselaisithis is in a script08:38
gebreselaisiused by my package's Makefile08:39
gebreselaisiwhen it does the -m PyQt5.uic.pyuic08:39
gebreselaisiit will try to load the pyqt modules08:39
gebreselaisibut those are for arm08:39
LetoThe2nd"not cross compile aware". some part in your tool chaining is that. but i cannot help you there, sorry. i'm no pyhton guy.08:40
gebreselaisiso yeah, the problem boils down to python08:41
gebreselaisithanks anyway08:41
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bluelightningmorning all08:58
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Aleksandris here anyone from Freescale?10:19
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mckoanAleksandr: maybe otavio may help you, ask your question11:35
Aleksandrmckoan: Thank you.11:40
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Aleksandrjaro123: hello. What kind of issue you deal with?11:48
jaro123how can I move my autotools steps I did manually (aclocal -Iaclocal-copy / automake -a / ./configure --host=arm-poky-linux-gnueabi / make ) to my recipe?11:48
rburtonjaro123: "inherit autotools"11:48
jaro123Aleksandr : how do you know that?11:49
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rburtonAleksandr: if you have a question, just ask it.11:49
jaro123good, I have: inherit autotools lib_package binconfig pkgconfig11:49
jaro123basicaly I am creating a sdl2-image recipe, unfortunately it ends with: | libtool: Version mismatch error.  This is libtool 2.4.2, but the11:51
jaro123so I do follow steps descrbed in a adt manual so I can build the sdl2-image library manually11:52
jaro123which is great11:52
Aleksandryou can try cmake instead of aototools11:52
jaro123but builder does know my steps... so I do think there is missing sometting in my recipe11:53
jaro123Aleksandr :) great!11:53
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rburtonjaro123: pastebin the recipe?11:54
jaro123moment please11:54
jaro123here is the recipe:
rburtonit doesn't use cmake, so remove that commented line11:57
jaro123WITH: inherit autotools lib_package binconfig pkgconfig :
jaro123rburton: exactly - the next step11:58
rburtondon't set —host yourself, let the build do that11:58
jaro123let the build... ok11:58
rburtonwhy the EXTRA_AUTORECONF line?11:58
jaro123#EXTRA_OECONF = " --host=armv7-none-linux-gnueabi"11:58
jaro123#inherit autotools lib_package binconfig pkgconfig11:59
jaro123inherit cmake11:59
rburtonsdl2-image uses autotools, not cmake.11:59
jaro123I do think also...12:00
jaro123with cmake:
rburtonsure.that breaks because it doesn't use cmake12:01
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jaro123ok, step back toward autotools12:01
jaro123so now the youtput is
rburtonthat still says cmake12:02
jaro123rbutron : my error :
rburtonso why did you add EXTRA_AUTORECONF?12:03
rburtondoing that can cause problems like that12:03
jaro123removed - EXTRA_OECONF and EXTRA_AUTORECONF12:04
jaro123and simplier inherit - just : inherit autotools12:04
jaro123I do every time a clean : bitbake libsdl2-image -c cleanall12:05
rburtonif you look at youll see it deletes some broken files from the tarball12:06
rburtonyou might have to do the same for libsdl2-image12:06
jaro123when I build it manually - it works12:06
jaro123rburton - thanks I will check it12:07
jaro123but manually it works, can I tell to my recipe just do it same way as I do manually ?12:07
jaro123rburton: the problem I have is wrong libtool version (from :  libtool: Version mismatch error.  This is libtool 2.4.2, but the definition of this LT_INIT comes from libtool
rburtonwhich is roughly what the deletions in are to fix12:10
jaro123oh my good, this one, fight? # Remove old libtool macros.12:14
jaro123rburton: thank you I will go this way12:18
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jaro123rburton: works12:31
jaro123Does anyone use the apache2 + mariadb + phpmyadmin ( from meta-openembedded/meta-oe ) ?12:37
jaro123is an initial database configuration needed ? because the phpmyadmin can not connect the sql daemon and it even seems no sql daemon is running12:39
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bluelightningjaro123: mysqld should be running12:45
bluelightningjaro123: FWIW I maintain that set of recipes basically12:45
bluelightningalthough to be fair I probably don't do the best job of it12:45
jaro123bluelightning: hi :) really? nice12:46
jaro123bluelightning: usually I am using ps aux but the parameters does not work on my target (probably ps comes from busybox)12:46
bluelightningthe only thing you should need to do is to set a mysql user password, then you should be able to use phpmyadmin12:47
jaro123bluelightning: how can I see the mariadb daemon is running?12:47
bluelightningps | grep mysql12:47
jaro123bluelightning: I will check it again12:49
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jaro123bluelightning: bye13:02
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WarheadsSEbluelightning: rburton found another issue with ca-certificates & c_rehash. It seems that if you enable it by removing the patch, you're now going to get issues about not being able to configure the package offline due to ro rootfs14:30
WarheadsSELooks like I will have to keep digging/dicking around to make this happy.14:30
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WarheadsSEYup, indeed. the do_isntall_append has update-ca-certificates, which of course would break this14:52
WarheadsSEsince c_rehash would get called, and not handle the SYSROOT's14:52
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helpmecan someone help me please with my EM2440 ?16:46
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fishey1Is there a way to force refetch of a local git package that I'm actively updating? -c cleanall doesn't seem to cut it17:15
fishey1(niether does -c fetch)17:16
WarheadsSEAre you using srcrevs?17:16
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fishey1WarheadsSE: no17:28
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fishey1WarheadsSE: well, SRCREV="${AUTOREV}"17:29
fishey1not really sure what that does, though.17:30
WarheadsSEI can't say AUTOREV has been perfect for me..17:31
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fishey1I've fallen back on doing `find yocto-obj-dir -name 'package-im-tweaking' -exec rm -rf \{\} \;`18:36
fishey1it's a real shame I can't rely on bitbake's cleanall :(18:36
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WarheadsSEK: here's a convoluted one19:04
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WarheadsSEAfter re-enabling c_rehash, I get an issue where during postinst for an image, it is complainig about my native sysroot not having usr/bin/env19:05
WarheadsSE(which it apparently doesnt)19:06
WarheadsSEAnd then, looking further, it would not have perl either.19:06
WarheadsSEso the openssl perl c_rehash = pain.19:06
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WarheadsSEAnyone have a thought on the right way to fix that?19:44
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camaronutso I'm trying to use bitbake <image> -g -u depexp to explore image dependencies.  And I'm updating my custom image bitbake file.  In particular, I removed "EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "tools-debug"".  But it appears the update of my file didn't take.20:04
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camaronutIt seems that depexp is using a cached version of my recipe.  Anyway to purge that cache20:04
camaronutI've tried touching my meta-custom/conf/layer.conf, didn't help20:05
camaronutI also tried bitbake -c cleanstate <image>, still no dice.20:05
camaronutI do not have a PR variable in my image recipe, I'll try that next.20:06
camaronutPR = "r1" didn't help.20:09
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camaronutI think I found my problem... local.conf also had "EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "tools-debug"".  Dangit.20:51
WarheadsSEFigure out my ca-certs thing: DEPENDS_class-native20:57
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khemwhat does this warning needs /tmp/sstate-control/manifest-image-tools.populate_sysroot not found23:45
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #39 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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