Friday, 2014-09-19

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #44 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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mckoangood morning07:07
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bluelightningmorning all08:50
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mckoanhi bluelightning08:59
bluelightninghi mckoan09:05
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b00^wkgees, im looking at the build log, for my minimal image, and i see it including recipes for automake, ..sqlite. bison, flex ... etc .. lots of stuff13:23
b00^wkmy first question would be, is it really included into the image, and if so why. why would i need all this in minimal13:23
bluelightningb00^wk: no, those won't be included in the image, those are build-time dependencies needed in order to build the things that are though13:24
b00^wkah ok13:24
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b00^wkI'm investigating  'playing' with Yocto Build Appliance.   The smallest 'minimal' image, it seems it can make, is 64MB.   with a click of a button that is. i haven't edited anything. I did inidcate i want 32MB total, but that's probably not possible in premade config13:26
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wtoI'm building a package for a native SDK, but I'm getting a problem with the linker trying to look for libc, pthreads etc, in the default directory for SDK installation (a directory that does not exist yet!). Is this familiar to anyone?13:36
wtoIt should look for stuff under builddir/tmp/sysroots/..../lib/, but instead it looks under /opt/..../lib/
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bluelightningwto: that sounds like the relocation script did not run, which it should have when you installed the SDK...13:49
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wtobluelightning: well this is during build, I have no SDK to install.13:57
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wtothat is, I am trying to produce one, but the linker is behaving as if there is one already.13:58
bluelightninghmm ok... I haven't had to troubleshoot such an issue I'm afraid, perhaps someone else has13:59
wtoIt's probably an issue with the recipe, since I can build most other packages for that SDK, but I'm thinking it might be a common issue, that there is a pattern or something.14:01
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interimaHi all. Can anybody explain me why when i set several packages in IMAGE_INSTALL i dont have its in image (but can find its in deploy/rpm)?14:45
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bluelightninginterima: where are you setting IMAGE_INSTALL?14:47
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interimabluelightning: in my local conf i add some packages to IMAGE_INSTALL_append14:50
bluelightninghmm, that should work then...14:51
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interimai add fftw (and find it in rpm) not in image, but i also add pulseaudio-server and it was added to image14:52
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interimaalso i find fftw lib in tmp/sysroots/wandboard-quad/usr/lib. i generate toolchain then but no libfftw there.(for my task i simply copy this lib to toolchain folder).14:57
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RPwto: the compiler options are probably going missing, specifically the --sysroot= option15:24
RPwto: or its using the wrong compiler15:24
bluelightninginterima: how are you generating the toolchain?15:25
bluelightninginterima: that IMAGE_INSTALL line should work, but to be honest I would suggest you add your own image recipe for this rather than having such a long addition in local.conf15:26
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ant_workRP: hi15:31
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ant_workwhile you're surviving to th enetspolits, about --sysroot...15:32
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ant_workRP: woulds you suggest to use TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS instead of explicit  --sysroot=${STAGING_DIR_TARGET} ?15:32
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otavioant_work: using the toolchain options makes it more generic I think15:35
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RPant_work: yes, I was hinting what the problem might be, not how to pass it in15:42
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ant_workRP: I have seen T_O is prone to mangling15:46
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ant_workRP: if both you and khem suggest to use TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS I'll be glad to send a patch v215:49
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RPant_work: I don't understand what you mean by mangling?15:52
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RPant_work: well, think about this for a minute. If you're building something to run on the build system, does setting target toolchain options make sense?15:53
RPant_work: that is why native/cross/cross-canadian change these15:53
RPant_work: I do suggest using it FWIW15:53
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ant_workok, thanks15:54
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ant_workI was thinking at the following scenary: 'inherit cross klibc'15:54
RPant_work: it really needs to get the correct value from the environment at runtime15:55
ant_workatm we only build recipes for target, nothing to do with native and cross15:56
ant_workso I can safely use TOOLCHAIN_OPTIONS15:57
RPant_work: so why it is inheriting cross? :)15:57
ant_workit was15:57
ant_workyou helped me making a crosscript15:57
RPand it doesn't any more?15:57
ant_workit's ok, just gcc encodes the sysroot of the first build15:58
RPant_work: separate issue as we've discussed15:58
ant_workyes, the patch is fixing that15:58
ant_workbut I agree now, using T_C in a class is better15:59
ant_workI'll send a revised patch, thanks again16:00
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lpapphi, why do I not get into the SDK if my package depends on flex and I put it into the (R)DEPENDS lines.16:34
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Croftonzeddii, does thrift make sense to you?16:53
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lpappbluelightning: are you still around?17:11
bluelightningsort of17:11
lpappbluelightning: do you know why flex does not end up in the SDK?17:12
bluelightningno, I don't17:12
lpappcannot find -lfl is what I am getting. I am not sure why.17:12
lpappif I build the software in Yocto, then it is fine, but not with the SDK.17:13
lpappbut it is very unlikely to be an issue with Yocto; more likely an issue with my setup.17:13
lpappbut I am not sure what to look for in my setup.17:13
bluelightningif yourapp is in the image, you do -c populate_sdk on the image, then yourapp-dev should depend on flex-dev and that should depend on other flex packages17:15
bluelightningthat's how it should work, at any rate17:15
lpappbluelightning: -> I have these four items that I depend on.17:18
lpappflex is the last one.17:18
lpappit is not any more granular than that so that it is just in the recipe right there.17:18
bluelightningyeah so that's DEPENDS17:18
lpappI also have RDEPENDS the same way.17:19
bluelightningdoes the package "flex" actually contain
lpappno idea :)17:19
bluelightningre RDEPENDS17:19
bluelightningwell, have a look ;)17:19
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lpappI seem to have: ./tmp/sysroots/foo/usr/lib/libfl.a, but I cannot find any .so.17:21
lpappI am afraid that that is all.17:21
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lpappyeah, rm_work.17:25
lpappthis makes me curious how it works even inside Yocto...17:25
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kergothRP: thoughts on perhaps making cleansstate taint something, to avoid pulling from a mirror in the subsequent built? cleansstate is most often used when someoen wants to rebuild from scratch, but with mirrors involved.. alternatively, maybe it's just a question of improving documentation for that case, instructing folks to 1) -c clean, 2) -C fetch or so17:39
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seebshuh, that's odd, I don't see a recipe for in oe-core?18:44
seebsSurely I'm not the only person who needs it.18:44
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RPkergoth: It is something which has bothered me for a while. As you mention, there is a workaround and documenting that would at least help. We could make cleansstate use the same taint as -f does I guess21:59
kergoththats what i was mulling over. not sure if its too much magic or exceeds the intended semantics of the task, though22:00
* kergoth shrugs22:00
kergothits definitely a source of confusion22:00
kergoth(the current behavior, that is)22:00
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RPkergoth: It does exceed it a bit but it might be more what the user wants22:20
RPkergoth: At least now any taints show up as warnings so the user is much more aware than they ever used to be22:21
kergoththat's a good point22:21
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