Thursday, 2014-09-18

nitinkrburton: the waffle issue is still present on the poky HEAD00:00
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znodeI build an os image, but udev daemon does not detect rules changes automatically, Please help03:35
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alimonznode: what are you doing?03:39
alimonznode: you can review the current rules with udevadm03:40
znodeafter reload, it works.03:40
alimonznode: what is the scenario?03:41
znodeBut not detect changes automatically03:41
znodeneed doing this cmmand line "udevadm control --reload-rules"03:42
alimonznode: i don't know if udev reload changes located at conf file auto03:44
alimoni remember that you need to sent singal to it03:44
alimonor execute this command03:44
znodeI write my own rules, and after I replug my  modem, rules not applied, after reload manually, then replug modem, it worked03:44
alimoni think that's ok03:44
znodeUdev automatically detects changes to rules files, so changes take effect immediately without requiring udev to be restarted.03:45
znodeI tested on ubuntu pc, rules changes detected automatically03:46
alimonznode: what kind of modem do you have?03:48
znodeA longcheer wcdma modem03:49
znodeIf i need do some settings to make udev daemon to detect rules changes?03:50
znodeHave inotify supported in kernel already.03:52
alimonit should be enough03:53
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znodealimon any suggestion?03:58
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alimonznode: nope04:05
alimoncan you publish the log of udev running in debug?04:06
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znodealimon:  OK04:27
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alimonznode: i'm review the code from udev/systemd04:28
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alimonand if inotify detects the change should print04:28
znodehow to get the output?04:29
znodejust udevd --debug?04:29
znodebut on ubuntu pc, everything is ok, and no print too.04:29
alimonwhat version of udev you use?04:30
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Net147is there a way to exclude some repositories from BB_GENERATE_MIRROR_TARBALLS?06:30
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ant_workvincent-: ping06:51
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vincent-ant_work: pong.07:32
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vincent-Hello, good morning.07:33
ant_workabout the MXU patch for mips, it seems necessary for XBurst07:34
ant_workI did a bit of reading and it is a SIMD instruction set07:34
ant_worklike MMX, SSE, for x8607:34
ant_workcan you please check your logs and/or verify whether the OE/Yocto crosscompiler is using MXU for XBurst targets?07:36
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mckoangood morning07:36
ant_work(I don't think so, I guess we need that Buildroot patch)07:36
vincent-ant_work: I will check it when I arrive to the office. Give me one hour or so...07:37
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bluelightningmorning all08:32
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lpapphi, is there a way to get an SDK where python is not broken in its core?09:04
lpappcurrently, it does not have standard modules, like json, etc....09:04
lpappin fact, I do not understand why Yocto would care about python in the SDK.09:06
lpappthis has nothing to do with cross-stuff.09:06
lpappbut even if it duplicates python that is already available on the host, it should be possible to get a standard python, rather than a vastly truncated.09:06
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lfaHello everybody! I've got a question about meta-qt; maybe someone can point me to the right direction:11:40
lfaI cross-compiled for ARMv7, created the SDK and everything works basically. Where I'm stuck now, is how to add some additional packages to the sysroot which is installed by the script in deploy/sdk/
lfaI tried to have two different sysroot (one containing Qt) and one where I have my other libs (e.g. gstreamer) which I need11:43
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LetoThe2ndlfa: there is some sdk task package thing that should be mean for that11:43
lfabut I didn't get that to work and I'm not sure if that's the right way11:43
LetoThe2ndsorry don't know more precisely, just remember the buzzword right now11:43
LetoThe2ndlfa: like,
LetoThe2nd(just a quick google)11:46
lfathere is "populate_sdk_qt5" which i tried to inherit from and add my own packages but i got a lot of missing dependencies11:46
lfawhich is strange as the exact same image without the "inherit populate_sdk_qt5" works fine11:46
lfaok, thanks11:48
lfagoogling I found
lfajust wanted to know if that's the way how it's supposed to work11:49
lfathen i can try to figure out why it's not working for me :)11:49
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mcfriskhow to tell bitbake to ignore all download and sstate caches? I'm testing fixes to pre mirrors...12:32
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xatatrying to start with hob, but it says that layer yocto depends on layer core. it is openembedded-core or something else?12:34
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bluelightningxata: the layer "meta" which should be enabled by default should already provide that; something has gone wrong there12:36
bluelightningmcfrisk: you can't really do that but you can clean those out for one recipe by doing bitbake -c cleanall recipename12:37
bluelightning(well, of course, another alternative would be to change DL_DIR and SSTATE_CACHE to some other directory)12:37
bluelightninger, SSTATE_DIR I meant12:37
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mcfriskthanks bluelightning, used different SSTATE_DIR and got the mirror stuff working13:16
bluelightninggreat :) np13:16
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mcfrisknext question, trying to set CCACHE_DIR to ~/.ccache but that fails with (No such file or directory), so bb doesn't do any standard shell variable expansions on variables/directory names?13:18
rburtonuse ${HOME}13:19
mcfriskok, thanks rburton13:19
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xatabluelightning: thanks. How do i fix such conflict?
bluelightningxata: I'm not sure... rburton ^13:45
xatarburton: hello. can you help me somehow?13:47
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bluelightningunless this has come about due to some misconfiguration, I'm guessing that ultimately the maintainer of the BSP (otavio?) should fix it though13:49
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xatabluelightning: i made no configuration, so this can be13:55
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bluelightningxata: ok, so it's something that the maintainer ought to fix14:03
bluelightningotavio: ^14:03
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xataotavio: help?14:07
xataplease. or maybe i can roll to daisy instead of daisy-next14:08
mcfriskhow to shutdown bitbake properly? It seems ctrl-c is too often leaking bitbake-worker, cc and other processes in my case.14:08
bluelightningmcfrisk: remind me which branch are you using?14:08
bluelightningxata: probably best to use daisy rather than daisy-next14:09
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mcfriskbluelightning: daisy14:10
mcfriskok, a brute workaround of 'killall python' seemed to do the trick, now lock is clear and I can start bitbake with ionice -n 3 instead (to not kill my Firefox responsiveness...)14:12
geckosI'm just curious, but, can someone tell me what is the `d' parameter on OE python functions like in this call, `${@base_contains("MACHINE_FEATURES", "systemd", "${SYSTEMD_INSTALL}", "${SYSV_INSTALL}", d)}'14:13
bluelightningmcfrisk: ok, I guess we need to backport some fixes from master for that then14:15
bluelightninggeckos: it's bitbake's datastore, it's the means by which you can access bitbake variable values from python basically14:16
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xatabluelightning: same thing on daisy instead of daisy-next14:21
xatastrange, it should be stable14:22
bluelightningxata: I agree, it should be14:22
xataotavio: halp :C14:22
bluelightningis that the branch of meta-fsl-arm you're referring to? or poky?14:22
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k-sanyone working to provide an unified /bin x /usr/bin, /lib x /usr/lib, in the lines of systemd recommendation?14:26
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bluelightningk-s: it should be mostly doable already, simply by setting the the appropriate variables in your custom distro config14:35
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xatamade everything fresh and  blank reclone, from daisy branch of both. nothing changes, still that trouble14:49
joeythesaintfray: ping.14:49
frayjoeythesaint hey14:50
joeythesaintSweet, you're here.  :-)14:51
frayfor a bit.. have to head into the office soon.. (but I'll be back online after that..)14:51
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joeythesaintI wanted to check with you on master-next in meta-selinux.  Are you or Pascal using it for anything a.t.m.?14:51
joeythesaintI was going to push some trail refpolicy updates there, but I didn't want to stomp on anything you guys were doing.14:52
frayAFAIK, it's NOT being used right now..14:52
joeythesaintIt doesn't look like it.14:52
joeythesaintHEAD commit is something from Wenzong from January.14:52
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frayI had intended to start using it again after M3.. but frankly with my time being split a million differnet ways, I doubt I will..14:52
fraymy original plan was post M3 release, we're start staging in master-next.. and try to keep master up to dtate w/ Poky, within a few days or so..14:53
joeythesaintWell, this being a policy update, it goes directly to stuff we probably want in the 1.7 meta-selinux branch anyway.  So it's relevant.  :-)14:53
fraybut again, I think -I- won't be able to do that..14:53
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fraydo you still have push access to meta-selinux?14:53
joeythesaintI do.14:53
gebreselaisihi guys14:53
gebreselaisiI have a strange problem with a variable in a do_install_append()14:54
frayI'd drop a note to pascal.. but I'm fine (and think it's a good idea) if you want to reset master-next and push updates for testing there..14:54
gebreselaisiI define a variable in there14:54
joeythesaintLet's coordinate our plans for post M3 stuff later today or tomorrow if you've got time.  Be good to nail that down soon, I think.14:54
fraywe should sync with the Yocto Project list and Phillip and others who have been contributing.. but otherwise it seems like a good idea14:54
frayyes.. I think so14:54
gebreselaisiand then try to do a mkdir -p ${D}${TEST}14:54
joeythesaintDone deal.  I'll send out an email soon.14:54
fraymy goal is near or soon after 1.7 release meta-selinux is "working"  ;)14:54
gebreselaisibut strangely, in run.do_install I see that my $TEST is not expanded14:54
gebreselaisiany idea why not?14:55
frayif there is no bitbake variable, you won't see it expand.. as to why in one area or another, I'm not sure..14:55
fraytypo is the usual cause..14:55
gebreselaisiso you are saying it will not show up expanded in the logs but the expansion will tka eplace actually?14:56
gebreselaisifray, could you please rephrase that?15:02
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fraybitbake variables, when the 'run' files are expanded will be expanded -- if defined..15:03
gebreselaisiokay, thanks15:05
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zenlinuxmorning all. I imagine the 1.7 release is coming out soon. just wondering when that might be?15:41
zenlinuxI'm planning to do a refresh of my old intro screencast and I think I'm going to wait for the new release15:41
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bluelightningzenlinux: end of October I think15:53
bluelightning(hi btw!)15:53
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WarheadsSEANy thoughts on how to properly fix this?
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interimaHi to all. i add in local.conf FFTW (in IMAGE_INSTALL_append) but on sysroot(my image) i can't find it. Also i generate toolchain (for host machine) and i can't find libfftw. Can anybody help?17:39
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WarheadsSEI have (r)provides for kernel-modules-rtl872be to have rtlwifi .. yet the system is still trying to install kernel-modules-rtlwifi _after_19:24
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WarheadsSEand this is only happening on one of my build trees, so it isn't making sense.19:24
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WarheadsSEHello otavio19:56
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