Friday, 2014-09-26

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abellonihas anybody really tried the icecc class ? :)08:27
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bluelightningmorning all08:41
kroonbluelightning, all, morning08:43
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bluelightninghi kroon08:56
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Nilesh_Hi ...i'm trying to load the ldb driver in yocto 1.6.1 ldb i've put 2 printk functions in init and in the probe function(ldb.c) this i've seen that the init func is called but the probe function i uncalled ...can anyone provide the clue09:28
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cubicoolSo, the documentation isn't really clear to me about how one goes about successfully creating their own distro.14:51
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cubicoolMore specifically, I'm trying to do it with just a distro.conf, but it seems like I need more infrastructure.14:52
cubicoolFor example, I probably need to copy all the stuff poky requires/includes, it seems.14:52
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kergothrelative includes search BBPATH. so you can include files in other layers just fine14:53
cubicoolCan you tell me what exactly mydistro.conf will "inherit?"14:55
cubicool(So I can go look around the files...)14:55
cubicoolI know there's something going on because when I DO copy the requires/includes, I get warnings about double-includation. :)14:56
bluelightningcopy which requires/includes?14:56
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kergothif your layer is poky based, you can just have it include poky.conf and move on with your day, rather than duplicating it all. depends on your goals14:57
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cubicoolHonestly, I just want Poky w/ systemd. :)15:03
cubicoolThat's truly it.15:03
cubicoolWELL, Poky with systemd and NO X.15:03
cubicool(since I'll be using the raspberrypi videocore API directly)15:03
kergothright, so create a distro .conf that does a require conf/distro/poky.conf and then adjust from there15:04
cubicoolI'll give it a shot. :)15:04
cubicoolMy first attempt was a wreck.15:04
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cubicoolIt ended up creating a new tmp-glibc directory, rebuilding EVERYTHING, etc.15:05
kergothrebulding everything isn't at all surprising15:05
kergothchanging distro is invasive15:05
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fivefootsevenHi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone had successfully built a recipe for ATLAS or the BLAS/LAPACK libraries it optimizes?15:31
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cubicoolBTW: I don't know if you guys who develop a lot on the Yocto core get enough thanks, but... THANKS!16:07
cubicoolYou have made my job ridiculously easier, and were I not so in debt, I'd find some way to pay you back.16:07
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cubicoolkergoth: inheriting from Poky and adding systemd seems to have done the trick so far...16:17
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RPcubicool: it is nice to get thanks occasionally, thanks! :) Glad its being useful16:38
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CroftonMeta‑yocto: All defects related to the meta-yocto layer's metadata.16:59
Croftonthis line from bugzilla should probably explain meta-yocto should be meta-poky :)17:00
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cubicoolAre there any special flags I need to set when building a 2.6 kernel vs. a 3 series one?17:58
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cubicoolI'm getting: mv $kerneldir/$d $kerneldir/.$d18:05
cubicoolErrors with that line when trying to build 2.6.21... doesn't happen with 3.*18:05
cubicoolSpecifically, the "tools" dir.18:06
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ntlI think tools/ did not exist as far back as 2.6.2118:10
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cubicoolI'll try to just make a manual do_install then.18:22
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kergothHmm, if you have an early task marked noexec, and remove the noexec, it doesn't seem to re-run the newly non-noexec tasks. e.g. if do_unpack is noexec and you're running do_populate_sysroot, and you remove the noexec, you have to then clean to get it to re-run do_unpack18:33
* kergoth adds todo to open a bug18:33
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kergothnoooo, inexplicable rebuild from scratch, with -S printdiff showing nothing useful18:52
* kergoth glares18:52
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cubicoolCan anyone link me a Yocto distro demonstrating usage of Systemd?19:43
dvhartangstrom has a systemd-image19:44
dvharter... image-systemd?19:45
dvhartone of those19:45
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kergothswitching to systemd is trivial, you can do it from local.conf, it doens't need to be a distro. it's documented in the dev manual under common tasks19:51
dvhartjust don't do it in an existing tmp dir that didn't use systemd19:52
dvhartoh the pain that can ensue19:52
* dvhart still has scars19:52
rburtonyeah don't do that19:54
rburtontouching distro -> wipe tmp19:54
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rburtonor just sysroot, this is what i wrote wipe-sysroot for19:55
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rburtonkhem: did you not see my bash shellshock patch, or is your submission better in some way?20:08
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cubicoolCould that explain why my getty/serial systemd login does'nt work?20:08
cubicool[**    ] A start job is running for dev-ttyAMA0.device (1min 6s / 1min 30s)20:08
cubicoolFurther, it doesn't seem to accept my init=/bin/bash request, so I can get in and investigate...20:08
cubicoolI don't understand why systemd serial long is failing though.20:11
cubicoolI have: console=ttyAMA0,115200 on the cmdline, so I see the kernel dmesg output (clearly).20:12
cubicoolOr maybe it's a qemu issue, but I doubt it.20:13
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