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CroftonI do not think we specifically test on Arch, but it should be OK as long as it isn't really old00:03
Croftonis the general answer00:03
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cespinozaHello, I have a question, if I want to add a ssh server or a software tool in a image, then do I need create a layer?01:26
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #49 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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bluelightningmorning all08:38
florianmorning bluelightning08:38
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Net147if there are multiple entries in the LICENSES field separated by space, does it mean OR or AND?08:40
bluelightningmorning florian, Net14708:42
Net147bluelightning: hi bluelightning08:42
bluelightningNet147: neither, you should use & or | as separators08:43
Net147bluelightning: I am seeing this for recipes in oe-core...08:43
Net147bluelightning: also, in license.manifest "AFL-2 | GPLv2+" in recipe becomes "AFL-2 GPLv2+" in the manifest which is a bit confusing08:44
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bluelightningNet147: on the face of it that would seem wrong...08:48
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bluelightningNet147: which recipes have that in it?08:48
Net147bluelightning: nss for example has "MPL-1.1 GPL-2.0 LGPL-2.1"08:48
bluelightningok, then that should be fixed08:49
bluelightningI wonder if that generates a warning08:49
Net147bluelightning: that's the only one that I could see just quickly scrolling through the list of grepped LICENSE entries08:53
Net147bluelightning: would be nice to have a warning or error08:54
Net147bluelightning: should I create a bug report for license.manifest?08:54
bluelightningNet147: yes, please do08:54
Net147bluelightning: nss as well?08:55
bluelightningand for whatever reason there doesn't seem to be a warning... I could have sworn it used to throw up a warning08:55
bluelightningwell I'd like to think patching the nss recipe could be done quicker than filing a report ;)08:55
bluelightningI guess you'd have to examine the actual licensing conditions though08:55
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Net147bluelightning: bug reports created09:07
bluelightningNet147: thanks09:07
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frscHi! I've got a problem during build of a recipe. Somehow oe_runmake creates -I/usr/include as a parameter for make instead of -I/${sysroot}/usr/include. I can see this when I look into log.do_compile. Can anyone help?09:17
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bluelightningfrsc: it seems unlikely that the system would be injecting that... is there perhaps an EXTRA_OEMAKE value being set in the recipe?09:38
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b00^wkdoes the Build Applicance image can only do limited things ?10:00
b00^wki meant , it one can only build limited type of images with it10:01
frscbluelightning: i tried to override the include path by using EXTRA_OEMAKE, but it does not work. Without using EXTRA_OEMAKE there's still that wrong include path generated!10:06
bluelightningfrsc: is it possible that the makefile itself contains that?10:09
bluelightningb00^wk: there is no in-built limitation, no10:09
b00^wkbluelightning, seems fails to make some images, as i tried few times now, the qemu-arm  , minimal image, fails to build.    fails with error no syslinux.  i tried to add that package , still fails.   qemu x86 minimal build was fine10:11
bluelightningb00^wk: that's odd... it really should not be building syslinux at all for an arm machine10:14
bluelightningwhat do you have selected for image output types? (I think it's under options or advanced options in hob)10:15
b00^wkbluelightning,  i have hddimg, bz2,  ext310:16
bluelightningright, hddimg is intended for x86 machines, that's probably the cause of the error10:16
b00^wkbluelightning, but if i have no hddimg, how am i suppose to transfer it to the target flash say ?10:17
bluelightningalthough ideally Hob would check for and disallow that currently invalid combination10:17
b00^wki read syslinux works for ARM' too10:17
b00^wkbluelightning,  what booloader is used for ARM ?10:17
bluelightningit depends entirely on the board you are booting on...10:17
bluelightningwhich board would that be?10:17
b00^wkat the moment none :P10:17
b00^wkbluelightning,  so yocto has no default arm bootloader ?10:18
bluelightningabsolutely we do10:18
bluelightningu-boot for example10:18
b00^wkyea sounds familiar10:18
b00^wkbluelightning, if i leave out hddimg,  then what am i suppose to do with the bz2 say it makes ?10:19
bluelightningfor qemuarm (or indeed any qemu machine), you just need a kernel and an ext3 image, that's all qemu needs to boot10:19
bluelightningthe kernel will be produced automatically so you just need to select ext310:19
b00^wkok, but , suppose, i do have an arm based system, and i do have a microsd flash i want to boot from10:20
b00^wkhow am i suppose to then put that system there, if i have to hddimg10:20
b00^wkbesides manually copying that fs and installing bootloader10:20
b00^wkbluelightning,  when i made qemu x86, if i'm not mistaken, qemu lanuched it off the hddimg10:21
b00^wki'm probably wrong, but i looked inside hddimg at least :)10:22
frscbluelightning: I'm new to autotools. Where do I have to look for the wrong include path? I've got, and configure.ac10:23
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b00^wki mostly used vbox to do that.  so i take a raw image, like hddimg yocto makes, convert it to vbox vmdk (or whatever) image, and then boot it in vbox10:23
b00^wkbut its exactly same image, not different10:24
bluelightningb00^wk: I think for most non-x86 machines we don't currently have a built-in way of producing an SD card image, in the past that has been a separate script shipped with the BSP for the machine (because it actually has to be prepared specifically for the SD card size)10:24
bluelightningb00^wk: we do now have an image creation tool (wic) which can do those tasks, but there is no integration of wic into Hob and SD card support really has only just been added to wic in any case in master10:25
b00^wkbluelightning,  ok.10:25
bluelightningb00^wk: yes but in that case the virtualbox machine is an x86 machine right?10:26
b00^wkbluelightning, yea,  yes10:26
b00^wkbluelightning,  but if you take raw hddimg, basically dd dump,  and say syslinux arm version10:26
b00^wkwould that be any different ?10:26
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bluelightningI don't have any experience with syslinux on arm, and limited experience with SD card formatting across different arm boards to be honest10:27
b00^wkbluelightning, on the other note :10:27
b00^wkbluelightning,  if i wanted to modify how that x86 image is made,10:27
b00^wkwhere would i look and tchange what ?10:27
bluelightningfrsc: I'd start by just doing a grep of all of those for the offending -I/usr/include10:27
b00^wkbluelightning,  i looked at what Hob made me by default, and i saw this :10:27
b00^wkbluelightning,   a fat16, syslinux,  a rootfs imsage on fat16, which then mounted in initrd time10:28
b00^wkbluelightning,  what do i do if i want different way to do this  here ?10:28
b00^wkbluelightning,  dont' want loopback, want straight fs on target10:28
bluelightningin that case, wouldn't you just use the ext3 image?10:29
b00^wkbluelightning,  yes but i do want the hddimg too10:29
b00^wkbecause it has all of it10:29
b00^wkbluelightning,  no ?10:29
bluelightningI think you can use wic to create flexible partition layouts with the bootloader included10:29
b00^wkbluelightning,  it has bootloader too.  and, i may want to partition the raw image, and different partiitions10:30
b00^wkwic, ok10:30
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gatis1hello, I was wondering if there is a way to disable md5sum check for SRC_URI=file ?10:50
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rburtongatis1: there isn't a checksum on file: uris10:57
rburtonwhat's the error you're seeing10:57
gatis1rburton, there is an error when it compares md5sum of the downloaded file10:58
gatis1checksum mismatch10:58
rburtonso not a file: uri10:59
gatis1because fonts from google always generate new package10:59
rburtonno, you can't turn that off10:59
gatis1so md5sum changes10:59
rburtonhah, thanks google10:59
gatis1rburton, hm, this kind if sucks, is there a workarounds how i could get those fonts on my image? since downloading from recipe does not seem possible11:00
rburtonthat's a good argument for adding an option though11:01
rburtonwrite your own do_fetch11:01
gatis1i started to use yocto just couple days back, so might too challenging :)11:02
rburtondo_fetch() { cd ${WORKDIR} ; wget ${SRC_URI} }11:03
rburtonmight work11:03
gatis1will try that11:03
rburtonbonus points for using wget -c and checking the file exists so it doesn't download if its already there11:04
rburtonsuper bonus points for pretending to be the fetcher, downloading into ${DL_DIR} and copying it to ${WORKDIR}11:04
rburtongatis1: please file a bug against bitbake for a "skip checksum" option with google webfonts as a reason11:04
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gatisrburton, thanks for the tips, i will create a bug report11:19
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frscbluelightning: concerning my question 2 hours ago: I tried to find the erroneous include path, but couldn't find anything. I see "includedir" beeing set to /usr/include globally in bitbake.conf, but I guess thats correct and the sysroot path should get prepended to it.12:25
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frscbluelightning: ok. Not completely true: includedir is set in configure script12:30
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PiziwateHello ! I've a stange issue with a custom machine .conf... This is my configuration file (based on x86)12:59
PiziwatePREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "linux-yocto"13:00
PiziwatePREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto ?= "3.14%"13:00
PiziwateCOMPATIBLE_MACHINE_sdn2020 = "sdn2020"13:00
PiziwateKMACHINE_sdn2020 = "sdn2020"13:00
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PiziwateTARGET_ARCH = "i586"13:00
PiziwateDEFAULTTUNE ?= "core2-32"13:00
Piziwaterequire conf/machine/include/tune-core2.inc13:00
Piziwaterequire conf/machine/include/genericx86-common.inc13:00
PiziwateAfter "bitbake core-image-minimal" i got QA Issue: Architecture did not match (3 to 62) on /work/sdn2020-poky-linux/linux-yocto/3.14+gitAUTOINC+09424cee64_144595ef62-r0/packages-split/kernel-vmlinux/boot/vmlinux-3.14.0-yocto-standard13:01
PiziwateI just want to create a custom machine conf, but this is an x86 32bit arch13:02
bluelightningI don't think you should be setting COMPATIBLE_MACHINE and KMACHINE in your machine.conf13:02
bluelightningI suspect that TARGET_ARCH shouldn't be set there either, it'll be set automatically via the tune files13:02
PiziwateIf I remove TARGET_ARCH and COMPATIBLE_MACHINE... the main recipe doesn't buid the kerneƩ ! :(13:03
Piziwatekernel... sorry13:03
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bluelightningI believe KMACHINE and COMPATIBLE_MACHINE should be set in your kernel recipe13:03
PiziwateBut I use the standard yocto kernel recipe...13:05
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bluelightningPiziwate: yes, but I think you should have a bbappend for that which configures the kernel appropriately for your board13:07
PiziwateOk ! I understand... I'll try it !13:08
bluelightningbut still, TARGET_ARCH shouldn't be set in there either13:09
PiziwateOk ! Thank you !13:10
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b00^wktired to giit clone pokey release , i get connection refused. is that myside problem ?13:49
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b00^wkgit clone -b daisy git:// .....   fatal: unable to connect... errno=Connection refused .13:55
b00^wkbut i can access yoctoproject website fine .13:57
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bluelightningb00^wk: well, it does seem to work here...13:59
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challinancan anyone explain this advisory message:14:19
challinanNOTE: Inode check for /scratch/working/build-minnowmx/tmp is unavaliable, will remove it from disk monitor14:19
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rburtonchallinan: the filesystem that directory is on doesn't report inode count, so the checker disables itself14:21
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rburtonchallinan: i guess your /scratch is a btrfs partition?14:21
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rburtonyou could argue that the monitor should silently disable itself14:23
challinanwell I'll be darned, yes it is14:23
rburtonbecause it just leads to people turning up here looking confused :)14:23
* challinan is working on a VM that m halstead built14:23
rburtonjust fixing the message and making it disapepar14:25
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rburtonbtrfs doesn't run out of inodes so there's no point monitoring them14:25
* challinan has never used btrfs - until now, unknowingly ;)14:26
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* kergoth wonders if meta-minnow is still broken15:36
bluelightningkoen sent a patch to just disable the emgd stuff today15:36
rburtonit still mentions emgd in the image afaict, so don't expect images that work to pop out15:38
rburtonbut at least it parses15:38
bluelightningthe question I have is, isn't emgd still needed on that board?15:40
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bluelightningDarren just commented on this on the meta-intel list15:53
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sgw_otavio: you around?  Can you have a look at bug #676016:37
yoctiBug normal, Undecided, ---, otavio, NEW , i.MX6: not possible to run X11 without tearing / with proper vsync16:38
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xerentDoes anyone have a working recipe for kernel module pcspkr? I'm trying to make the PC speaker work.17:09
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto17:09
xerentI already added 'beep' app but that requires a driver (of course)17:09
k-sguys, why does contains INHIBIT_PACKAGE_STRIP based on ptest_enabled? ptest is enabled by default and that blocks kmod being stripped, which adds too much to its size17:12
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dimonicIn order to build with directfb, I have DISTRO_FEATURE_remove x11; DISTRO_FEATURE_append " directfb". How should this really be done?17:23
dimonicI mean it seems a little presumptuous in an embedded world to always assume X11?17:24
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bluelightningdimonic: basically we configure something that provides a reasonable baseline to test the functionality that the system provides; a large portion of the recipes we ship are X11-based and thus that needs to be tested17:28
*** dvhart <dvhart!~dvhart@> has joined #yocto17:28
bluelightningdimonic: if you're doing much more than just trying the system out you should really have your own distro config in which you can customise DISTRO_FEATURES to better suit your requirements17:28
bluelightningthere's a section on that in the manual:
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dimonicbluelightning: Fair enough. I was just wandering. I have been diving into Yocto for about 2 weeks now and I still feel like a n00b. I just received the book from Amazon, but it doesn't seem much more than the online stuff.17:43
dimonicAlthough it means that the provided "core-image-directfb" will not build as it stands.17:45
bluelightningright... to be honest I'm not sure how useful core-image-directfb really is these days17:45
bluelightningit was created back when gtk+ had support for directfb output, but AIUI that was deprecated17:45
dimonicbluelightning: I am about to find out!17:45
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dimonicbluelightning: It seems we are missing a dependency on libvivante-dfb-mx6.17:52
bluelightningI'm guessing that is with meta-fsl-arm?17:53
*** stiandre_ <stiandre_!~stiandre@> has joined #yocto17:53
dimonicyes, on imx6qsabresd17:54
bluelightningotavio: ^17:54
dimonicOur use case is to get Kivy working as a development platform. Pygame works. Kivy dies when calling opengl with a weird op-code message.17:55
dimonicI was trying the iOS route - which has Kivy use SDL with directfb for graphics output, Opengl from mesa for other stuff. Except that we can't build the frame-buffer stuff either.17:56
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zeckehow comes the srcdir!=builddir changes in dizzy cause so much fallout? I thought if "make distcheck" works.. src!=build would just work?18:09
kergothi expect its silly developers using realtive paths rather than $(top_srcdir) and whatnot, but *shrug*18:10
zeckekergoth: yes, what is puzzling me is that make distcheck creates  build/ directory within the sourcedirectory as well18:10
zeckethe stuff I fixed in Osmocom was either #include "../../config.h" or not searching generated files in builddir.. I am just very puzzled why make distcheck doesn't find such issues. :)18:11
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dimonicotavio: Any chance of getting core-image-directfb working for imx6sabresd? It is missing "libvivante-dfb-mx6".18:47
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challinanhalstead: ready for snapshot, but I need to get access again as soon as possible20:59
halsteadAbout an hour.20:59
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Croftonarg, why aren't my k config frags making it in to .config21:20
kergothnon-linux-yocto kernel?21:22
Croftonfrom daisy21:22
Croftonthe other files get in ok21:22
Croftonjust the one I just made21:22
Croftonneed CONFIG_ in front of option21:24
Croftonis it Friday yet21:24
kergothheh, oops21:24
kergothif only21:24
zenlinuxit might be in Japan?21:24
CroftonI do not know how I would cope without #oe and its troublesome stepchild #yocto21:25
Croftonnow if I could just get git into the sysroot21:28
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rburtonoh hi zenlinux21:31
zenlinuxheya ross!21:31
rburtonCrofton: isnt that just a matter of removing the git-native in assume-provided21:32
CroftonI suppose I should try this21:38
CroftonI understand why it is there, but it seems like we should be able to use build machien git for fethcer21:38
Croftonand populate the sysroot when needed21:38
Croftonis there a way to remove something from ASSUMEPROVIDED, without deiting bitbake.conf?21:41
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kergothi don't see why you don't jjust let cmake use the git on the host. we require it anyway.. :)21:51
kergotheither that, or remove it from ASSUME_PROVIDED21:51
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Croftonwe try pretty hard to tel cmake not to search the build system in cmake.bbclass21:58
Croftonbasically, I am having to change stuff in oe-core because some guys want to bury the git hash in a binary so they know where the binery came from21:59
Croftoninstead of using the normal means of reporting versions22:00
Croftonlazy/careless developers22:00
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #50 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Failure [failed Building Eclipse Plugin Publishing Artifacts] Build details are at
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return_to_senderHi all, quick question.  I have a yocto setup bulding a 3.14 kernel for the Wandboard (fsl-community-bsp) that I want to switch to the 3.0.35 boundary devices kernel.  Is it possible to change the kernel without cloning a new repo, perhaps through local.conf?22:58
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dvhartreturn_to_sender, the MACHINE typically defines PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel23:02
* ikey|afk hypnotizes dvhart into giving him a minnowboard23:04
return_to_senderOK, I'll start there.  I should be able to override PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel in local.conf though, right?23:06
rburtonikey|afk: you might want to specify minnowmax, there's plenty of minnowboards spare now :)23:10
ikey|afkoh yeah. that one23:10
* ikey|afk needs shiny things23:11
rburtoni should get mine out of its box23:14
rburtonspeaking of shiny the xeons should be arriving soon!23:14
* rburton hugs at a safe distance the shiny xeons23:14
ikey|afkI got some Xeons23:15
ikey|afkwanna trade?23:15
rburtonalmost certainly not23:15
rburtonXeon DP Ivy Bridge-EP E5-2690 v2 LGA2011 3.0GHz 25MB 130W 10 cores x 223:16
*** davisroman <davisroman!ad384314@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto23:16
ikey|afkbut i haz 20.23:16
ikey|afkneed to start using that server more tbh23:17
ikey|afkwas using it as an irc client one week.23:17
* ikey|afk shrugs23:17
ikey|afkvnc :P23:17
rburtonbakeotron is off, time to for bed23:18
ikey|afkyeah i need to do that soon.23:18
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #50 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #50 of buildtools is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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