Wednesday, 2014-10-01

dvhartkergoth, that's true - and that's the case because I set out to help people USE the system rather than recreate it.00:00
* kergoth nods00:00
dvhartAlso, I wanted to define an "API" if you will00:00
dvhartand then establish unit tests to ensure we abided by it00:00
dvhartwhich means changing a lot of what the kern-tools do00:00
dvhartmostly gutting out the cruft00:00
kergothi can see why what's there now was the focus, but i could still see folks wanting to contribute their bsps, or maintain forks to leverage the capabilities of the tools for their own stuff00:00
dvhartand ensuring we maintained the documented usage cases00:00
dvhartHrm, hopefully there is enough there to contribute BSPs00:01
dvhartif not, that's most definitely a gap00:01
dvhartkergoth, does appendix A.2 help?00:02
dvhartAS well as B00:02
dvhartgotta run - but feel free to follow-up via email00:04
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blloydanyone else having problems downloading from  I've had multiple attempts to get linux-yocto 3.14 fail today.  From two different locations now.02:45
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gebreselaisihi guys03:41
gebreselaisiI get a strange error03:41
gebreselaisiRecipe is trying to change PV from '1.0' to '10.1.3'. This will cause do_package_write_* failures since the incorrect data will be used and they will be unable to find the right workdir.03:41
gebreselaisibut I have no such thing in my recipe03:41
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JaMa|Offgebreselaisi: you have it in your sysroot04:07
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gebreselaisiJaMa|Off, it was adding the same files twice in FILES_PN04:25
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JaMa|Offthat's not what this error means04:33
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gebreselaisiwell, that fixed it05:21
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kroonMorning all07:17
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kroonI see that $SDKTARGETSYSROOT in the sdk env. script got fixed recently. However, $PKG_CONFIG_PATH still looks incorrect07:18
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bluelightningmorning all07:30
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RPkroon: patch in master-next08:14
kroonRP, that was fast! thanks08:15
RPkroon: was already know :)08:15
kroonaha :)08:15
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gatishello, is there a way to silence the "No generic license file exists for .." warning?12:01
gatisi need it because of some lousy license that does not exists in std dir:
gatis"Arev Fonts Copyright "12:02
gatisi tried to add "LICENSE_PATH += "${WORKDIR}/"" in my recipe, workdir contains ArevCopyright.txt, but warning is still there12:03
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bluelightninggatis: you need to put the license file in a directory off the root of the layer, add to LICENSE_PATH in conf/layer.conf within the layer, and the file must be named to match the entry in LICENSE within the recipe12:10
gatisbluelightning, ah ok, i will try that12:11
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gatisbluelightning, and then from my recipe "" i need to download the license into "${LAYERDIR}/my-layer/additional-licenses"?12:19
bluelightningno, you just put the file there yourself12:20
gatisi was thinking about that initially, but will then yocto track the changes to license file?12:22
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bluelightningif by track you mean detecting changes to the upstream license that's a separate mechanism (LIC_FILES_CHKSUM)12:23
gatisyeah i know about LIC_FILES_CHKSUM, but you say to download and put that file there my self, so its pretty static then12:24
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bluelightninggatis: yes; I guess it's assumed that the license is static12:28
sironI had the problem, that my proxy settings where not properly used and wget timed out. Although http_proxy / https_proxy was defined properly. I could fix it by defining the proxies again in ~/.wgetrc. But that shouldn't be the case.12:29
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xatai need fslvpuwrap to build vpuapi, but i can't get where do i download it not using fsl13:44
xatai mean not using yocto build system13:44
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fishey1Is there a way to have bitbake print the git versions of the layers it's using? (Just like it does when building, except I don't want to build anything)14:03
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xerentanyone had an issue with a module recipe hanging on do_make_scripts ?14:33
xerentwork folder contains no log of do_make_script either14:38
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marc442gets me past the sanity check15:18
marc442(the git version sanity check)15:18
marc442but then later, MYGITVERSION is cleared AGAIN from the environment15:19
marc442I can see that with strace -v15:19
marc442which makes my build pick up a old and broken git version again15:19
kergothBB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE will allow the variable into the metadata (run bitbake -e and you should see it), but it won't export it into the tasks bitbake is running automatically15:20
kergothadd 'export MYGITVERSION' to local.conf if you want that exported everywhere15:20
marc442trying right now...15:20
kergoth(will change all signatures for all tasks and thereby cause a rebuild of everything, unless you also add it to the hashbase whitelist)15:20
marc442rebuilding everything is the least of my worry right now15:20
marc442"first make it work; then make it work faster"15:21
kergoththat's expected, i just wanted to make sure it was on the radar15:21
kergothso you know it will happen15:21
marc442your concern is very much appreciated :-)15:21
marc442(and your expertise much more)15:21
marc442needs more testing but looking good so far15:23
marc442what is the best place to read about the local.conf black magic?15:23
kergothfirst, local.conf isn't special, it's just one of many config files that get parsed15:24
marc442good to know15:24
kergothhmm, I'm not seeing BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE in the yocto project documentation, that's quite an oversight15:27
marc442do I still need the BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE or is the export enough?15:27
kergothexport will do nothing if there's nothing to export15:28
kergothbitbake filters the environment, and BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE controls what it lets into the metadata at all15:28
marc442I get you15:28
kergothso you'll want both15:28
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bluelightningit's in the bitbake manual...15:30
bluelightningI've still yet to work out how much of the bitbake manual's variable glossary should be copied into the ref manual15:30
kergothah. i was expecting either step by step in the main manual, or the variable in the ref manual15:31
* kergoth nods15:31
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kergothSo, I have this code lurking in a gist which will flatten a license string obeying distro or user preferences. E.g. `MIT | GPLv3 | Proprietary` -> `MIT` if LICENSE_PRIORITY = "MIT * Proprietary" (* is "everything not explicitly listed", the var is in order of highest priority to lowest). I'm thinking we could use this for incompatible license, so if an incompatible license has alternatives, those would be chosen in preference to it, as well as for15:35
kergoth packaging, so the binary package license fields express the distro choices about what licenses they want to use, when they have such an option. Does this seem reasonable? It's been on my personal todo for a while, thinking about integrating it for the 1.8 timeframe15:35
marc442From a documentation perspective I think this needs to be backed by some kind of flow diagram15:35
marc442I'm referring to: <kergoth> BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITE will allow the variable into the metadata (run bitbake -e and you should see it), but it won't export it into the tasks bitbake is running automatically15:36
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bluelightningkergoth: I've certainly thought about that capability in the past, seems reasonable to me15:38
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kergothk, just wanted to make sure i wasn't entirely crazy, i'll see about opening a feature request in bugzilla15:41
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bluelightningthe only thing you'd want to try to cover at the same time is the license manifest - some way to counter "OMG I disabled GPLv3 but it's still in there !!!1"15:43
xerentbluelightning: excuse me for interrupting you, but have you ever heard of do_make_script hanging?15:43
bluelightningxerent: I haven't... but it could be something waiting erroneously for user input; have you checked the log for the task?15:43
kergothgood point15:44
xerentI have, there's no log at all15:44
xerentwhich is... weird15:44
xerentthere's a symbolic link to the run.do_make_script but it points nowhere15:44
gvydvhart, thank you for yesterday's baytrail related answers -- corei7-64 BSP image silently hung on this tablet shortly after efi bootloader (just as android-ia did), I've tried this vector too:
kergothxerent: did you check what processes are running at the time?15:45
kergothis it just bitbake, or is it waiting on something it ran?15:45
gvyit would be nice to know if there's some baytrail-specific place, seems it's still got enough unsolved common bugs so far15:45
bluelightningxerent: if you look at meta/classes/module-base.bbclass, do_make_scripts doesn't actually do very much itself, it's pretty much just running "make scripts"15:46
xerentkergoth: can I check that with ps or is there some bitbake-specific tool15:47
kergothno need for anything bitbake specific, just look at the process list15:47
xerentI'll check15:47
xerentHere's the recipe, btw: and the code is here
xerentIt's a rather simple module15:48
xerentkergoth: here's the output , it doesn't tell me much15:52
xerentI think I'm going to check in all my changes15:56
xerentdelete the entire yocto folder15:56
xerentand start over15:56
xerentwith a clean checkout :)15:56
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bluelightningxerent: really, wiping everything out is unlikely to help15:59
xerentit helped once :)15:59
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gvyxerent, but that flood was quite some time ago :)16:03
xerentas long as I commit all my animals to the ark, I can build a new yocto world after the rain of rm -rf16:04
xerentjokes aside, if you have any better idea bluelightning ... :)16:04
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Croftonbluelightning, SDR devroom accepted at FOSDEm16:06
Croftonand I see belen1 has one also16:06
bluelightningCrofton: \o/16:06
Croftonhave I asked you to send in the OE stand request?16:06
bluelightningxerent: I don't on this specific issue16:06
bluelightningCrofton: yes and I haven't done it yet16:07
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xerentrm -rf yocto/16:10
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gebreselaisihi guys16:18
*** edsiper <edsiper!> has joined #yocto16:19
gebreselaisiI have a variable TEST="something"16:19
*** gizero is now known as g1zer016:19
gebreselaisiin my recipe16:19
gebreselaisiand I want to do something like include first-${TEST}.inc16:20
gebreselaisiin my recipe16:20
*** microd <microd!> has joined #yocto16:20
gebreselaisiso that I cinlude either a file or a file I have16:20
gebreselaisiso that I include either a file or a file I have16:20
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gebreselaisibut it does not include my file16:21
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kergothfirst of all, change that from include to require, otherwise it'll silently ignore a missing file. second, TEST must be defined above the include/require16:22
gebreselaisiyes it is16:23
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gebreselaisibut TEST is defined on if a var is in DISTRO_FEATURES16:24
gebreselaisiit is parsed allright16:24
gebreselaisibut not included16:24
kergothagain, use require, that way it'll fail if it's trying to include something other than what you expect16:24
gebreselaisilet me try16:24
kergoththen use bitbake -e <yourrecipe> to examine the value of TEST to make sure it's what you think it is16:24
gebreselaisiyes, I dod just that16:25
gebreselaisiI used require16:25
gebreselaisiand still the same16:25
gebreselaisiTEST is what I expect16:25
gebreselaisibut does not ibclude my file16:26
kergothdon't know what to tell you, we do includes like that all the time, and it works just fine16:26
gebreselaisihere's how I set TEST16:26
kergothwhat makes you think it doesn't include your file? have you added a variable there and then checked its value with bitbake -e? or even add a line that's invalid syntax to make sure bitbake errors out?16:26
gebreselaisiTEST = "${@base_contains('DISTRO_FEATURES', 'wayland', 'wayland', 'x11', d)}"16:26
kergothi don't are how you set test16:26
kergothtry setting it just to wayland or x11, does that work?16:26
gebreselaisiyes, that works16:26
kergothas with any debugging, you need to isolate16:26
gebreselaisiso TEST is set as wayland16:27
gebreselaisibut the x11 files is included instead16:27
gebreselaisibut the x11 file is included instead16:27
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gebreselaisikergoth, so it will "require" or "include" exactly the other tested param which is not in DISTRO_FEATURES16:47
gebreselaisiso strange16:47
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staylorIt looks like meta-qt5 sdk install is also broken from the multilib changes, qmake points to the wrong location.17:27
staylorin master that is.17:27
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kergothHmm, meta-minnow readme should mention mkefidisk requires parted / dosfstools, or at least mkefidisk should be fixed to properly error out if you're missing tools it requires, rather than happily chugging along trying to continue17:33
bluelightningyes, it really should check up front17:34
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censorhi all18:19
censori'm trying to compile modphp with simplexml enabled, so i enabled libxml2 and also included the recipe for libxml2, but configure  for modphp keeps on complaining that it can't find xml2-config18:20
censori do see a couple of *-config binaries in ${STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS}, but xml2-config is indeed missing18:21
censorit's only in the build path for libxml2 itself, not being copied to the sysroot18:21
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censorif i add libxml2-dev to IMAGE_INSTALL, it would get added to the image, but it still doesn't provide xml2-config when configuring modphp18:30
censorhow can i point it to the build path of libxml2, instead of using '--with-libxml-dir=${STAGING_BINDIR_CROSS}'18:34
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kergothwe don't support binconfig scripts anymore afaik, it should be fixed to use pkg-config the way it's supposed to18:35
censorokay, but how can i get it to compile until it's fixed?18:45
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IvanGrimaldione question, is possibile to change" make" version to make-3.82 only for build of a  package?18:57
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halsteadotavio, Do you have a moment to look at with me?20:38
* rburton looks too20:42
rburtonoh new mesa shipping VG headers20:42
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rburtonotavio: maybe a "vg" packageconfig for mesa?20:42
rburtonhm, maybe not, our mesa isn't shipping those headers20:43
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kapareHi just trying to integrate this recipe to my image: gtest from
kapareSo I run bitbake -b -c cleanall -f and bitbake -b without problem21:54
kaparebitbake -e gtest | grep ^PACKAGES=  give: PACKAGES="gtest-dbg gtest-staticdev gtest-dev gtest-doc gtest-locale  gtest"21:54
kapareAdding gtest to my image then bitbake image result in Error: gtest not found in the base feeds?21:54
kapareAdding gtest-dev since recipe have FILES_${PN}-dev but it result in Computing transaction...error: Can't install gtest-dev-1.7.0-r1@armv7a_vfp_neon: no package provides gtest = 1.7.0-r121:54
kapareand the package seem there tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gtest/1.7.0-r1/deploy-rpms/armv7a_vfp_neon/gtest-dev-1.7.0-r1.armv7a_vfp_neon.rpm21:54
kapareAny clue what I'm missing?21:55
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rburtonkapare: your bitbake line didn't tell you what packages were *output* so presumably it didn't generate a gtest package, but libgtestsomething21:59
*** frsc <frsc!> has joined #yocto21:59
rburtonhave a look in tmp/work/[machine]/gtest/1.7.0/deploy_* to see what packages were generated22:00
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kapareit did I mean I'm having gtest-dbg-1.7.0-r1.armv7a_vfp_neon.rpm  gtest-dev-1.7.0-r1.armv7a_vfp_neon.rpm in the tmp/work/armv7a-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/gtest/1.7.0-r1/deploy-rpms/armv7a_vfp_neon/22:02
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rbbrattahow to I override a library? I need to replace libnl-3.2.8 with  libnl-
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rburtonrbbratta: assuming libnl doesn't do anything special, high versions take priority22:55
rburtonrbbratta: unless something (distro, recipe, local.conf) sets the preference explicitly (PREFERRED_VERSION or DEFAULT_PREFERENCE)22:56
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rbbrattait builds both libnl and then messes up the symlink22:57
rbbrattaokay, I'll try PREFERRED_VERSION22:59
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rbbrattaturns out it was a typo, instead of, it couldn't find the new version I guess23:39
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