Thursday, 2014-10-02

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gebreselaisiI am trying to override a DISTRO_FEATURE04:14
gebreselaisitake it that local.conf is not the best place to do that?04:15
gebreselaisiI would expect local.conf to be processed last, so I would be able to customize my build using it04:15
gebreselaisiinstead, it is the least important04:15
kergothlocal.conf is what *sets* DISTRO and MACHINE04:18
kergothit doesn't know what distro and machine config filenames to parse until it's parsed04:18
kergothso it has to be parsed last04:18
kergothbut there are plenty of ways to do the sort of thing you want04:18
kergothDISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "x11"04:18
kergothassuming recent yocto, anyway04:18
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gebreselaisibut I want to add something04:44
gebreselaisiwhich the layers I am using want to remove04:44
gebreselaisiI would expect local.conf to be able to let me do that04:44
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sirongood morning07:07
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bluelightningmorning all08:39
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xerentbluelightning: wiping everything out did help me, by the way08:43
xerentbitbake no longer hangs on do_make_scripts :)08:43
bluelightningxerent: ok... the unfortunate thing is though we may never find out what the real issue was08:43
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rburtonkergoth: you used yocto in an inappropriate way, i hope koen didn't notice09:53
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qknighthi. how can i disable that yocto bilds (bitbake) will always output a tar.gz? i just want the fs uncompressed09:58
qknightoh found it. it can be done from the image recipe09:58
KevinZAhi everyone. is there a simple answer to why i don't get a "sdimg" file (only ext3 files) when trying to build an image for a raspberry pi?09:59
bluelightningKevinZA: IMAGE_FSTYPES is the variable that controls what types of image are produced10:01
bluelightningcheck that you have rpi-sdimg in your value for IMAGE_FSTYPES - you can double check by looking at the output of bitbake -e10:02
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jmleoI see in a bb file "PACKAGES =+ myfile..."10:03
jmleois this valid ? Should'nt it be PACKAGES =+ myfile ?10:03
KevinZAah - thanks. thats in the build/conf/local.conf? i saw something in the meta-raspberrypi conf files, and i see hob doesnt have that option. ok going command-line10:04
bluelightningjmleo: =+ is like += except it prepends10:05
jmleobluelightning: thx10:05
bluelightningKevinZA: ah right yes Hob may not pick up that option value unfortunately (and probably forces it off)10:05
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xerentwhen building a kernel module, where does the output go? I set the CFLAGS=-M options to see exactly which header files were included, but this limits the output to preprocessor output only11:04
xerentit's not in work folder, and not in the sysroot/usr/src/kernel either, even though makefile enters that directory when it builds11:04
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xerentok so the issue is that I don't get any output to a file, it's output to make and make truncates it because all i see is a [CC] line in the log11:25
xerenthow can I change that11:25
olanixerent: I don't really understand your problem, but if it is more compiler output you want try EXTRA_OEMAKE += "V=1" in your kernel module recipe.  this will add V=1 to the make commandline.11:32
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xerentmy problem is that I need to understand which header files are included, full path11:38
xerentthe compiler complains about struct members being unknown but they DO exist in the header, properly11:39
xerentso my conclusion is that the wrong header file is being included for some reason, and I need to get why11:39
xerentor that gcc has gone insane, which is unlikely11:39
xerentpassing the -M flag to gcc will provide me with such output instead of a compiled program11:40
xerentbut the output is lost somewhere along the way11:40
xerentand never reaches the log file11:40
xerentall I get is  a 'CC [M] /dir/foo.o' line11:41
xerentwhich indicates that gcc has evaluated my query and responded with the information I wanted11:41
xerentand that the information has been readily discarded11:41
olanixerent: Don't you get more output from make if you add V=1 to the make commandline?11:42
xerentno :(11:42
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olanixerent: Did you inspect the run.do_compile file to see that it is doing what you want?  If you need to experiment, try to enter the devshell and calling the run.do_compile as any other file.  Then you can do your changes directly in the run file.11:43
olanixerent: Of course you still need to figure out hoiw to reproduce your changes in the recipe, but as a debugging tool it can be quite useful11:44
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seironOnly two weeks until yocto day in Dusseldorf :-)11:55
seironIm still undecided wether to join beginner workshop or the advanced one.11:56
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xerentolani: yeah, I found that script12:00
xerentseems no matter what I do I just get one output line of CC [M] foo.o12:00
xerentthis is a kernel module, I might add, so there might be some other Makefile that overrides it12:00
olanixerent: yes, I've managed to reproduce your problem with a kernel module of my own.12:01
xerentsetting MAKEFLAGS='V=1' generates some stuff12:05
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pevHey all13:25
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pevthis should be really easy I hope - ive got a random poky dir someone has sent me as part of a project. Is there a file somewhere inside that should tell me what version it thinks it is? At the moment I'm resorting to downloading various releases to compare to!13:26
bluelightningpev: meta-yocto/conf/distro/poky.conf ?13:26
pevbluelightning: Thanks!13:29
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xerentwell, as far as I can tell, the correct header file is included13:34
xerentif I rename it, it doesn't find it13:34
xerentif I put "lollipop" on the first line in it, I get a compile error13:34
xerentbut if I put "lollipop" right before the struct definition in question13:35
xerenti.e. "lollipop struct foo { ... };"13:35
xerentI don't get any compile errors13:35
xerentthere are no #if or #ifdefs around that definition13:35
xerentoh wait, there is13:36
xerentthat's my cue13:37
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xerentwhere's the log.do_kernel_configcheck log file located?14:34
xerentsomewhere in work folder I take it :P14:34
xerentnever mind, found it14:35
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kergoth| tar: license-destdir/systemd-compat-units/LICENSE: file changed as we read it14:48
kergothanyone else getting these?14:48
kergothin sstate_create_package14:48
kergothwe're getting these failures repeatedly on most of our automated builds14:48
kergothhmm, wait, nevermind, i think i see the issue14:48
* kergoth checks14:49
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staylorOn master right now meta-toolchain-qt5 is producing a broken qmake.  It's missing qt.conf and when this is added it still fails to find the mkspecs correctly.  There was some issues with multilib that broke the TARGETSYSROOT/PKG_CONFIG a few days ago so I susptect it's related to this but I am unsure where Qt is gathering this information.15:55
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return_to_senderHi all, quick obscure question: I'm working on a recipe that will pull from an active directory secured git repo.  I include my credentials in the SRC_URI ("...user=domain\username:password") yet when yocto contacts the server it appears to strip the backslash separating the active directory domain and username16:40
rburtonyou'll want to escape the \16:41
rburtonuse \\16:41
return_to_senderI could have sworn I tried that.  Of course it works immediately16:42
return_to_senderThanks for your help16:42
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return_to_senderAs a follow up, is there a standard way of getting around having credentials stored in plain text?16:42
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otaviorburton: vg?18:45
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rburtonotavio: fsl-arm is erroring as mesa and openvg-dev are conflicting.19:02
rburtonon the autobuilder19:02
otaviorburton: I didn't get there yet19:03
otaviorburton: I didn't look the failures yet19:03
otaviobeen working in two toolchain issues19:03
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sgw_otavio: ping19:06
otaviosgw_: pong19:06
sgw_otavio: np I was not scolled to current looks like rburton already got you, sorry for the noise19:07
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seebsSo I thought of a thing, and I don't *think* it's happening in real use cases, but it's a possible issue for pseudo on overloaded machines.19:19
seebsIt used to be that you could just randomly kill the pseudo daemon and it would generally be fine -- nothing would get lost.19:19
seebsWith the FASTOP stuff, it's possible for the clients to not realize that a message got lost.19:19
seebsI mention this because we had some weird behavior on a system where the pseudo server got killed by the OOM killer.19:20
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dexteradeusis there a way to negate an entry in one of the *_FEATURES lists? like if I want to remove alsa from the MACHINE_FEATURES that is included in x86-base.inc19:24
kergothassuming relatively recent yocto, you can use _remove19:26
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC19:26
kergotheither in local.conf, or you can provide your own machine .conf in your own layer which includes the other machine and then tweaks it from there19:26
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!> has joined #yocto19:26
kergothMACHINE_FEATURES_remove = "alsa"19:26
dexteradeusah, perfect. I'm using 1.6.119:26
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Croftonis there a way to remove an ASSUME_PROVIDED?19:27
zeckeCrofton: ASSUME_PROVIDED_remove ?19:33
CroftonI am wondering if that should work19:34
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto19:34
CroftonI am also wondering if we should have a way to force a native recipe to get built, even if it is ASSUME_PROVIDED19:35
dexteradeusyou can always 'bitbake -f <recipie_name>'19:35
CroftonI want this to be super idiot proof :)19:37
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khemhmmm so if BBFILE_PRIORITY of a layer is higher than OE-Core and it provides a recipe with older version than OE-Core, that gets chosen, and even DEFAULT_PREFERENCE wont work19:57
khemin essence if one is overriding a recipe in own layer it has to be done when absolutely used19:58
kergothkhem: yeah, that is pretty annoying. i've tried to add e.g. a _git recipe to our distro support layer and then i'm stuck defining a preferred pref on the oe-core version :)20:02
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mranostayhey kergoth20:57
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victhor_can you change the default terminal emulator used by bitbake on e.g. menuconfig?21:59
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RPseebs: around?22:19
seebsBrain is really not at its finest this week, but I'm at least conscious.22:20
RPseebs: I have this in pseudo.log "symlink err : 4869771624 ['/home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-worker/nightly-ipk/build/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/python/2.7.3-r0.3/package/usr/lib/python2.7/encodings/gbk.pyc'] (db '/home/pokybuild/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-worker/nightly-ipk/build/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/python/2.7.3-r0.3/package/usr/bin/python2') db mode 0120777, header mode 0100600 (unlinking db)22:21
seebsHuh, interesting.22:21
RPseebs: the thing should be a+x and it loses the +x bits22:21
seebsIf memory serves, what that says is:22:21
RPseebs: I'm wondering how it ended up in this position :/22:21
seebsWe got a request involving inode 4869771624.22:21
seebsThis inode was in the database already, with the path '.../usr/bin/python2', which was a symlink, mode 0777.22:22
seebsThe request that came in was for 'gbk.pyc', which had mode 0600 and was a plain file.22:22
seebsSo what happened is: pseudo became aware of that symlink (python2), then something which was running outside of pseudo deleted the symlink, and the inode got reused.22:22
RPseebs: the trouble is that file (usr/bin/python) lost its execution bits22:24
RPamongst others, the log is full of this :/22:24
seebsHmm. I wonder. What's the inode number of the python which has lost its bits?22:25
*** Fivefoot_ <Fivefoot_!~fivefoots@> has quit IRC22:25
seebsOkay, this looks like 6484.22:25
RPseebs: this is where it gets hard as I'm not on the original filesystem22:25
RPseebs: I think ross mailed you this failure btw22:25
*** Fivefootseven <Fivefootseven!~fivefoots@> has joined #yocto22:25
seebsAnd the attached log there looks very much like *something* did a large amount of file shuffling that wasn't run under pseudo for some reason.22:25
RPseebs: its just it keeps coming back :/22:26
fraywhat is the filesystem type?22:26
RPseebs: I don't know how that would happen :/22:26
fraycould something be shuffling inodes under the hood?  -or- could there be a 32-bit binary doing something like a mv or cp or something?22:26
seebsAny time a bunch of files get removed from the filesystem but not from the pseudo DB, you'll get really unpredictable behavior, since it all depends on who gets which inodes.22:27
RPhmm, xfs with 64 bit inodes22:27
fraydoes xfs not have stable inodes?  (I thought it did)22:27
RP"/ type xfs (rw,relatime,seclabel,attr2,inode64,noquota)"22:27
RPwe've suspected this may be specific to the centos builder22:28
frayseebs, AFAIK pseudo is using native inodes..22:28
seebsAyup. We assume inode numbers are stable.22:28
fraywe've seen cases on our own recipes where we're copying files and we get a failure on a mkdir -p (of a directory that already exists)..22:28
frayso far I doubt thats related.. but it's sure annoying..22:28
frayit almost looks like something is violating the 'lock' and running at the same time..22:28
seebsThe most common cause of this, for me personally, has been forgetting to make sure that 32-bit toolchain components had a corresponding 32-bit libpseudo.22:29
seebsWhereupon objcopy would remake files when separating debuginfo, and things would go crazy.22:29
*** Fivefootseven <Fivefootseven!~fivefoots@> has quit IRC22:30
seebsDoes sstate ever try to archive a directory including its pseudo state data22:30
seebsLike, actually archive the var/pseudo databases?22:30
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC22:32
RPseebs: no, we ensure pseudo is loaded and let it create a new db22:32
RPand no 32 bit here22:32
seebsWell, hmm. In that case... Sometime in this process, just looking at the first thing in the logs:22:33
seebs1. package/usr/bin/pydoc was created.22:33
seebs2. something happened such that inode 4869771627 was no longer associated with package/usr/bin/pydoc22:33
seebs3. hz.pyc was created, and got inum 4869771627.22:33
seebsAnd #2 is what we need to find.22:33
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-epphaycqqyzknytd> has joined #yocto22:34
seebsSame thing with the others. A lot of files in package/usr/bin seem to have gotten their inodes reassigned to later files.22:35
seebsMan, these error messages still suck. Some day I will get time to fix that.22:36
seebsI'm gonna see whether I can reproduce any of this, because if it produces the log messages for me, even if it's not obviously producing bogus results, that might give me a hint.22:39
RPseebs: looking into files.db, there are no package/usr/bin/* files22:39
*** smartin_ <smartin_!> has quit IRC22:39
seebsThere aren't now, yeah. They got removed because their inodes were reused...22:39
RPseebs: I did see messages in a local clean build fwiw but related to pkgdata22:39
seebsI may have found a highly suspicious thing.22:40
RPseebs: its not something like only using 32 bits of the inode numbers is it? :)22:41
seebsI don't think so.22:41
seebsI mean, the numbers look reasonable, and I'm pretty sure my inode type is right.22:42
seebsAnd I'm seeing a fair number of these which have names that look a bit like some rename operations might be slipping through.22:42
seebsI'm seeing a lot of path mismatches between dirname/rAndOmName and dirname/actualfilename.22:43
RPseebs: so some operation not being intercepted?22:43
seebsAnd that's a pattern that happens when tar is unpacking things.22:43
seebsCould be.22:43
RPseebs: we use tar to copy files around22:43
seebsYeah. And it at least *used* to work reliably.22:44
seebsHmm. You know, for a long time, renameat() wasn't supported, and no one ever hit it. And it's implemented now, I believe...22:44
seebsBut it may be that there's a bug.22:44
seebsCertainly, *something* seems to be wrong, because I'm seeing way, way, too many warnings and diagnostics about mismatches.22:47
*** ant_home <ant_home!> has joined #yocto22:47
RPseebs: I do have the original files for this still22:49
*** ant__ <ant__!> has quit IRC22:49
RPseebs: and the inode numbers in files.db just look wrong22:49
RPseebs: trying to figure out the pattern22:50
RPseebs: it looks awfully like the numbers are 32 bit truncated22:53
RPseebs: Filesystem: 30546842125   71CBBD20D22:55
RPfiles.db:   482071053      1CBBD20D22:55
RPseebs: 99.9% sure we're looking for losing the top bits somewhere since the files.db value is perfectly truncated22:56
RP(this was for log.do_install.13180)22:57
*** staylor <staylor!> has quit IRC22:59
seebsWell, hang on.22:59
seebsWait... That's odd.22:59
RPseebs: xfs tends to show up these issues fwiw, we had this in rpm too :/22:59
seebsBecause I was gonnna say, the actual value in the message is "unsigned long long".22:59
*** systmkor4 <systmkor4!~systmkor@unaffiliated/systmkor> has joined #yocto23:00
RPseebs: I'm just reading the value from files.db23:00
*** systmkor3 <systmkor3!~systmkor@unaffiliated/systmkor> has quit IRC23:01
seebsSo it turns out, sqlite3 integer columns are apparently able to store varying sizes.23:01
seebsBut you do probably need to use sqlite3_bind_int64 if you want them to store more than 32 bits of value.23:01
RPseebs: I can see that breaking it23:02
seebsOkay, hmm.23:02
seebsWe also have at least one other problem, I think, because I'm seeing issues on a system with 32-bit inodes.23:03
RPseebs: can we take them one at a time? :)23:03
seebsAnd I think the number of clashes is too high, because we shouldn't be seeing a huge number of files which happen to have 32 bits of identical values.23:03
RPseebs: I've seen this pattern with xfs before23:04
seebsI am not sure whether we can, since I haven't got a working reproducer for the one I'm seeing.23:04
*** icanicant <icanicant!~Thunderbi@> has quit IRC23:04
RPseebs: we shouldn't see large numbers of clashes with 64 bit inodes but we do, we saw this with rpm too. It must be the algorithm the filesystem uses23:04
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seebsThe good news is, the extraction *from* the database is already 64-bit clean.23:06
RPseebs: it half works then :)23:08
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seebsOkay, proposed patch for that on master branch. It compiles.23:09
seebsNo promises past that yet.23:09
*** auke- <auke-!~auke@> has quit IRC23:09
seebsBut if you wanna try it and see whether that reduces the spam, go for it.23:09
seebsI'm trying to find a small package that exhibits the behavior I've been seeing so I can test it in a reasonable way.23:10
*** agust1 <agust1!> has quit IRC23:11
RPseebs: I will add this in and run a build on the infrastructure, then see if the files.db matches the filesystem and see if the logs have much in23:11
seebsMine seem to frequently start with a complaint about an inode being reused for package/somedir/.debug.23:12
seebsAnd with a bunch of things in the db which have no path entry, which is odd.23:12
RPseebs: I've not seen that pattern, just a reproducible set of warnings about pkgdata23:13
RPand pkgdata isn't important as far as pseudo is concerned so I've not worried23:14
RPit may be those do get modified outside pseudo context23:14
seebsThat could actually cause breakage elsewhere, possibly. I mean, it shouldn't usually, but if it results in mismatches in the database, it could break things.23:16
seebsBecause if a query comes in for something, and pseudo has records for a file with that inode, it will assume you moved the file without telling it.23:16
RPseebs: in the OE case it would always be better to assume it was a new file23:17
RPpath filtering may be something we have to consider if this is a real problem since we can know which paths we care about and which we don't23:18
seebsWell, this is interesting.23:20
seebsIf I just run do_package for a thing, I get a TON of errors.23:20
seebsAnd I don't have to rerun other targets, just bitbake -f -c do_package.23:20
CroftonYocto sighting at ARM Techcon23:20
seebsohhh hey.23:21
seebsNOTE: util-linux: Rename /sbin/fdisk -> /sbin/fdisk.util_linux23:21
RPCrofton: nice23:21
CroftonAtmel demo powered by a Yocto labled power brick, not running LInux23:21
RPCrofton: ah :(23:21
fraynice.. :/23:21
RPseebs: what about it?23:21
seebsWell, I have a ton of messages from a Python script saying they're renaming files.23:22
seebsAnd a ton of error messages from pseudo about those files having the wrong paths or inodes.23:22
CroftonI did see a NI com that runs NI real time linux, which is OE built (I think)23:22
*** frsc1 <frsc1!> has quit IRC23:22
Croftonbut nothing else23:22
CroftonI didn't have time to dig hard23:22
*** eicordob is now known as ericho23:23
* RP -> Zzzz23:23
*** auke- <auke-!~auke@> has joined #yocto23:23
RPseebs: if you find anything can you send me a mail or something? I've fired off builds with that patch, will poke around the builds tomorrow23:23
seebsI'll see what I find out. Not sure how far I'll get tonight, but I definitely have SOMETHING.23:23
RPseebs: thanks23:24
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nerdboyyay, webkit-gtk-2.4.4 on armv7 (with decent configure options even)23:45
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