Wednesday, 2014-10-08

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newguyanyone here?05:07
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newguydo any of you talk?05:10
newguyguess not05:11
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bluelightningmorning all07:37
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abellonidoes anybody have some experience with libgles-omap3 ?09:20
abelloniit fails with error: Can't install libgles-omap3- no package provides
abellonibut it is an hard float build09:21
abelloniso that is expected...09:21
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driimHello to all! I have a question about pseudo, do community have plans to backport pseudo 1.6 to daisy branch(now in daisy pseudo v1.5)?09:25
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driimanybody here?10:44
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driimcan  i ask question about pseudo10:52
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MasterCrumbleHey guys, I have a short question. I've build a custom image for a x86 system. The system has a keyboard. But the keyboard layout is wrong (have a german keyboard but the system uses english layout). How can I change the layout in the recipe?11:58
LetoThe2ndi think the LINGUAS variable and firends are a starting point to look further12:00
MasterCrumbleI have IMAGE_LINGUAS = " de-de " in my image but this doesn't solve the problem. In fact I didn't see any diffrence with this option12:02
LetoThe2ndok, no idea then.12:02
MasterCrumbleok thx12:05
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MasterCrumblejoin /#oe12:30
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kbouharaHi all, Im stuck with a python error when trying to execute a "bitbake image" command I get "AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'pythonCacheLine'"14:22
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S_Ahi i am trying to run kernel version 3.10.34 on my board with ethernet controller marvell 88e8055,14:27
S_Acan you tell me which driver will work with this14:27
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S_ADo we have some receipe for sk98lin ?14:35
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frayquestion came up about a month ago about how to cross debug w/ the YP.15:25
frayI've been going through daisy and I have instructions... but the key is the setup on the host for gdb prior to the remote connect:15:26
frayset sysroot debugfs15:26
frayset substitute-path /usr/src/debug debugfs/usr/src/debug15:26
fray(assuming your debugable filesystem is in debugfs)15:26
fraymy target has no debug info or symbols on it.. thats only on the target which makes field deployment and remote debugging possible15:27
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tmpsantosI'm trying to build dizzy for genericx86-6415:49
tmpsantosbut I'm not getting the kernel 3.1715:49
tmpsantoswhen I set it manually with PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yocto="3.17%"15:50
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tmpsantosI get:15:50
tmpsantosNOTE: preferred version 3.17% of linux-yocto not available (for item linux-yocto)15:50
tmpsantosany idea?15:50
tmpsantos(it is building 3.14 btw)15:51
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tmpsantosfound it, COMPATIBLE_MACHINE_genericx86-64 is not set for 3.1715:57
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paulgI was using linux-yocto-dev in a layer, and I'd had this in my conf/local.conf16:12
paulgMACHINE ?= "genericx86-64"16:12
paulg# linux-yocto-dev won't get a sensible .config w/o the below16:12
paulgKMACHINE_genericx86-64 ?= "common-pc-64"16:12
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paulgthis was when 3.17-rcN were only in linux-yocto-dev16:13
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icanicantHi. Is it possible to make "smart upgrade" automatically bring in packages which have been added to the image? It seems to only upgrade existing packages, but I was hoping to use it so that customers could field upgrade to newer releases which may contain different packages.17:05
kergoththe package manager has zero notion of the "image". the image isn't a package for it to upgrade17:06
kergothyou'd have ot create a packagegroup and then install that17:06
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kergothah, dizzy branched? nice17:07
kergothshould think about sending out an email notification of release branch creations17:07
icanicantkergoth: Thanks - what happens if there are core poky changes that bring in a new package as a dependency which is not in my packagegroup?17:08
kergothi don't understand the question17:08
kergothif a package's dependnecies change, then upgrade will pull in the new dependencies17:09
kergothits changes to the *image* it can't detect, because the iamge isn't a package17:09
kergothit's just a filesystem with some packages installed in it17:09
icanicantkergoth: Ah OK that makes sense, thanks a lot17:09
kergothno problem17:09
kergothsounds like you might want to create a packagegroup, depending on your requiremnets17:10
icanicantyes, it sounds that way. Stop using image to add packages and stick all of our required stuff in a packagegroup that we can change over time.17:10
icanicantWhat about the opposite, if you want to remove a package. If you take it out of the packagegroup will smart automatically uninstall it on upgrade?17:12
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turtledudeis there any way to get meta-nilrt to build for the raspberry pi ?17:13
Crofton|workwhere does matchbox look to start things at boot?17:15
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kergothicanicant: most likely not, but i'm not sure, not an rpm expert. most package managers provide a way to check fi there are things installed which were formerly automatically installed, but which nothing requires anymore17:20
icanicantthanks kergoth, much appreciated17:20
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kergothHmm, I wonder if the uninative string 'universal' should be adjusted to capture the libc and libc version, to truly reflect the dependency of the native sstates produced17:48
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tmpsantospaulg: thanks a lot! It works now18:07
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paulgno problem.18:30
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blloydare there any resources anywhere for making network boot disks using yocto?  IE, I have a web of devices and would like them to get their images from a master device.18:39
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