Thursday, 2014-10-09

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b00^wkbitbake -u hob  :D07:43
b00^wkme liiikeee07:43
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kbouharaotavio: Im stuck when trying to use meta-fsl-demo layer I have the issue "Nothing RPROVIDES 'gstreamer1.0-imx' (but /.../poky-daisy/meta-fsl-demos/recipes-multimedia/packagegroups/ RDEPENDS on or otherwise requires it)07:44
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b00^wkIn Hob Edit recipes dialog, the window Included recipes (82),  what is this ?07:48
b00^wkits many recipes, but they don't go into my image07:48
b00^wkso why do i need them07:48
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b00^wkim building a core-minimal image.. why is it trying to fetch and build cdrtools-native ?08:33
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LetoThe2ndb00^wk: have a look at the -u depexp functionality of bitbake08:35
b00^wkyea, as soon as its done i guess08:36
b00^wkits stuck on it... bad mirrow looks like08:36
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bluelightningmorning all08:40
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b00^wkI've edited package list, and added ssh, right08:53
b00^wkyet after build it is no where to be find inside the system08:53
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b00^wkok, after it build it, there was another button Edit packages, and this time it did ad it to my image09:03
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jmleoHi !09:03
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jmleoI have a local git repository of a linux kernel, and I would like to use it when compiling, without having to commit etc.09:05
jmleoand I don't want to have .o files inside either09:06
bluelightningjmleo: that's what externalsrc is designed for... one moment09:12
jmleobluelightning: ok, I will try it again, but didn't succeed in using it the first time09:14
bluelightningjmleo: ok, let me know what goes wrong if you have problems09:15
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jmleobluelightning: it has to be EXTERNALSRC_pn-virtual/kernel = "my/path" ?09:19
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jmleoor the name of my custom recipe ?09:20
jmleobecause specifying EXTERNALSRC_pn-virtual/kernel still compiles my linux-custom recipe09:20
jmleoand if I say EXTERNALSRC_pn-linux-custom = "my/path"09:21
jmleoI get ExpansionError during parsing /home/jm/work/vodabox/vodabox-v3/Projets/vodabox3/poky/meta-vodalys-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/ Failure expanding variable WORKDIR: ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception FetchError: Fetcher failure: SRCREV was used yet no valid SCM was found in SRC_URI09:21
jmleowell, this is EXTERNALSRC_pn-linux-vodalys = "my/path" ;-)09:21
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b00^wkthe target size of my system I've set was 32MB, right, after build Hob said it's made it to 32MB09:52
b00^wkbut actual ext3 file generated is 33.6MB09:52
b00^wkand the hddimg is 48MB , wtffff09:53
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b00^wka 6.2M vmlinuz, and 6.4M initrd, geesssuuus10:09
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b00^wkcan I safely delete all images i've generated , just by rm -f * in the  tmp/deploy/images/qemux86 ?10:18
b00^wkthere is that scarry DO_NOT delete readme file ..10:18
b00^wkLetoThe2nd, that -u depexp gave "nothing to do .."10:23
LetoThe2ndb00^wk: probably its not the whole command, check the documentation using that buzzword10:23
b00^wkif i select the squashfs as one of my otuputs, why is it not then generating an whole image that actually uses it ?10:24
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bluelightningjmleo: ok that's annoying, you may have to force PV to a hardcoded value as well11:09
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rjv16I am trying to change the existing kernel with my own kernel ,Please suggest the changes required12:10
LetoThe2ndrjv16: i'd suggest looking at and the following12:13
LetoThe2ndrjv16: and
LetoThe2ndrjv16: they should have everything you need for either modifying a known kernel recipe or creating your own12:17
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LetoThe2ndfor the latter, look at the linux-yocto-custom recipes12:17
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rjv16After applying the changes I am getting error:  S is not set to linux source directory12:40
rjv16Please suggest12:40
rjv16I am new to open embedded core12:41
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LetoThe2ndwell then check why the S variable is not set :)12:43
rjv16I copied the bb  file from there also no S variable is set but no such error occurs12:45
LetoThe2nddid you remove some inheritance or such?12:46
rburtonthere's a default value which presumably isn't working for you, and that recipe uses a number of classes which may have set S12:46
LetoThe2ndor modify the SRC_URI in a way that the fetch fails to set S accordingly?12:46
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rjv16I have set S in bb as {WORKDIR}/linux-${PV}12:52
rjv16where PV =3.1112:52
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otaviokbouhara: Uh?13:57
otaviokbouhara: what is the issue?13:57
otaviokbouhara: and which machine?13:57
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kbouharaotavio: I finally found that I used wrong name for the gstreamer fsl packagegroup14:51
kbouharaotavio: :) thanks14:52
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kergothHmm, seeing BUILDNAME and TOPDIR in my do_rootfs signature for our image, wonder where that's coming from, thought buildname was excluded15:15
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return_to_senderHi all, I'm running into a problem when building a cmake-based recipe and hope you can help me out with it15:35
return_to_senderI'm attempting to include a device driver that relies on libusb1.0, however when FindLibUSB.cmake (a somewhat standard cmake script) is finding and attempting to link against my system's rather than the cross compiled version15:36
return_to_senderI think I can specify the libusb path as an argument to cmake, but my question is where in the build directory should I tell it to link against?  Will specifying tmp/work/architecture/libusb1/package/lib/ do the trick, or is there a destination path that I should be specifying?15:38
rburtonare you inheriting cmake in your recipe?15:40
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rburtonthe absolute path you're after is STAGING_LIBDIR15:40
rburtonwhich is tmp/sysroots/[machine]/usr/lib, generally15:40
return_to_senderAh that makes sense15:41
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rburtoncmake should be doing the right thing with link paths if you're inheriting cmake though15:42
rburtonmaybe findlibusb is broken15:42
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return_to_senderI am inheriting cmake.15:44
return_to_senderLet me give this a try with STAGING_LIBDIR set15:44
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rburtonthat's a variable already set, its what you'd tell cmake where to find libusb1.0.so15:55
return_to_senderRight, my mistake15:58
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return_to_senderrburton: I'm at a loss on this.  Here's my do_compile log, as you can see at the bottom it's looking at my x86_64 rather than the cross compiled version:
return_to_senderThe build is set up with a do_configure function that has one line: cmake -DENABLE_CMAKE_CROSSCOMPILE=ON -DLIBUSB_INCLUDE_DIRS=${STAGING_LIBDIR} -DLIBUSB_LIBRARIES=${STAGING_LIBDIR} .16:31
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paskyHi! I'm tryin to build atmel-xplained-demo-image out of poky but I'm hitting trouble with the global poky meta - the build fails on alsa-utils since its configure script doesn't find libpanelw; the package seems to specify it depends on ncurses, but apparently that doesn't pull in the lib, any advice on how to fix this?19:08
paskyI tried manually adding dependencies on libpanelw, libpanelw5, libpanelw5_5.9, ncurses-libpanelw... but it seems these packages just don't exist19:08
paskysearching my build root for libpanelw does show some libpanelw ipk files and the libs being generated as part of ncurses build19:09
paskyI'm kind of newbie in yocto/poky so apologies if this is obvious.19:09
paskyoh I see, the library is present but "file format not recognized" -  I guess this is some cross-compiling issues, I'll look into that further, sorry for the noise19:13
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khempasky: you might be seeing native built .so that wont get packaged19:28
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paskykhem: I dug a tiny bit further and just filed a bugreport:
yoctiBug 6821: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , alsa-utils fails to crosscompile19:34
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #68 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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otavioRP: I sent the SDK patches21:55
otavioJaMa|Off: please also take a look; it affects Qt5 as well21:55
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RPotavio: thanks!22:28
otavioRP: I hope it works for people; can you ask Paul to look at it? I tried to reduce at minimal the chnages on OE-Core22:30
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RPotavio: was just having a look and it seems reasonable to me. I'll ask Paul tomorrow, yes22:33
RPotavio: I appreciate your help with this22:33
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return_to_senderHave any of you ever seen an RPATH error during do_package?22:46
return_to_senderERROR: QA Issue: package (name) cointains bad RPATH?22:47
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GumaI have question that I have been trying to figure out. I ma running 3.0.35-4.1.0+yocto+g5809938. What I am trying to do is find out where dhclient is called on boot. I want to make sure that I will block untill I get IP. Remove "-nw" switch23:11
GumaOr perhaps there is a better way to make system pause butting startup untill timeout or succestull IP23:11
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