Wednesday, 2014-10-29

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ccubegetting this error after switching to daisy:   any ideas?03:32
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SquixI am getting a: "shell-init: error retrieving current directory: getcwd: cannot access parent directories: No such file or directory" error when trying to fetch a git submodule. Can anyone give me a hint on how to go about debugging such an issue?05:16
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seebsanswer is, it was moderately difficult to add *xattr support, but it's there now.05:28
seebsThere's some issues with host contamination if you run under selinux, to which the official answer is "don't do that".05:28
Squixwill setting selinux to permissive avoid it?05:31
Squixassuming you were speaking to me...05:31
Squixguess the answer is no05:33
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irontiagood morning .*07:17
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bluelightningmorning all08:01
erboI have some strange issues with fetching linux-yocto-3.10, it fails to get the git and then tries a mirror tarball. But that doesn't succeed either (claims it's not a git)08:06
erbolooking at I see it's only 59M, which seems really small08:06
erboan older version of that from an old build it 800+M08:07
erbooh, downloading it and trying to untar results in: "gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file"08:11
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bluelightningerbo: can you please email about that issue?08:17
irontiaI need to tweak certain things in the image, after installing the deb packages but before it creates jffs2 image, where can i hook this into?08:17
bluelightningirontia: you can add commands to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND08:18
irontiaThat was fast. Thanks08:18
bluelightningtypically you'd define a shell function and then add a call to the function from that variable08:18
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erbobluelightning: sure, I'll do that08:22
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irontiaWhat is the proper way to start the build again after modifying an image recipe e.g. recipes-apple/images/ When i execute bitbake again for that image it will just say "2088 tasks of which 2088 didn't need to be rerun"09:37
irontiaThese recipes don't have versions and changes don09:39
irontia... 't seem to be tracked.09:39
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lsb_testerirontia: You may try with "bitbake -f <package_name> --no-setscene"09:45
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bluelightningirontia: what kind of change did you make? it should detect the change automatically10:32
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irontiaWell, i added "ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND += "stripdown;" and the function stripdown.10:35
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pohlyI am trying to run a custom image with runqemu + tap networking. That image expects to get an IP address via DHCP and changing that could be hard and make it different from real images. Have there been previous attempts to integrate a simple dhcp server into runqemu?12:15
pohlyIMHO that would make more sense then customizing the image for usage under qemu.12:15
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bluelightningpohly: I don't believe anyone has looked into that, but it would definitely be useful12:25
bluelightningif you could file an enhancement request in our bugzilla that would be great12:25
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irontiaIn yocto libraries are only installed with full version and major-version name / symlink. I mean there are and But there is no symlink for added into the package / rootfs. Why is this? I have an application that dlopens some so libs by the soname. But as there are no symlinks for them it fails. Now i wonder where the problem is. Should it dlopen or should i manage to create the prope14:29
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Crofton|workirontia, this is for zero-c ice?14:33
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bluelightningirontia: strictly speaking applications are not supposed to be linking to the unversioned .so file, that is intended for development14:35
bluelightninghence that is normally packaged in the -dev package14:35
fraycorrect.. the normal soname mechanism allows a library linkage to reference the -actual- name of the so to ensure the correct version(s) are available on the system..14:37
frayoverriding this mechanism with a dlopen will cause the system to be unable to process package dependencies and will likely result in incorrect images being generated..14:38
frayI've seen a few commercial apps that do this, and they 'claim' it's so they can support more distributions.. but apparently they've never heard of sonaming and version control in libraries because they've simply ported apps from Solaris or other UNIX systems that don't have as rich of a library versioning mechanism14:38
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irontiaThank you guys for the explanation. Makes sence. The software i am building has a module concept and the application and the modules are build in the same source tree. They never cared about so versions as it is always build alongside.14:40
bluelightningCrofton|work: I think this would be libICE that's part of X1114:40
Crofton|workjust checking14:41
bluelightningirontia: ah right, modules / plugins are a special case - typically the .so versioning would not be enabled for those14:41
frayyup.. but modules/plugins should not live in the normal libdir(s), but in subdirectories.. and as bluelightning said, without versioning info, the raw .so is preserved..14:42
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bluelightningfray: right14:42
frayif you do need the .so w/o a version I believe you can add the soname entry for an unversioned SO..14:42
fraythat will cause the system to always have an unversioned symlink as well.. (with is perfect for plugins)14:42
bluelightningI'm not sure I'd describe that as perfect... that still leaves you in a situation where you have to bypass our QA checks14:43
fraythe QA checks look to see if the .so only in the libdir(s)14:44
fraysomething like /usr/lib/myapp-plugin/ shouldn't trigger them14:44
fraybut /usr/lib/ will14:44
bluelightningah does it? I hadn't realised that14:44
fray(at least that is how I remember the tests being implemented)14:44
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bluelightninglooking at the code, if you were to try to put that .so symlink in a non-dev package then it doesn't look like it would matter where it were installed, you'd still get the error14:48
frayok.. then it's changed from what I remember..14:48
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fraybut of course you can disable those checks (easily)  :)14:50
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irontiaI feel i learned something. I will transfer the plugin .so files to some /usr/lib/foo/ location and see how that is handled. I'll let you know tomorrow ;-)14:59
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pohlyIs the combination of systemd + busybox supported? systemd's getty .service files expect /sbin/agetty, but busybox only installs /sbin/getty, causing the service to fail - at least in my custom image. I have not tried generic Yocto.15:06
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michael_e_brown_seebs, ping17:41
michael_e_brown_I updated to pseudo 1.6 on my yocto 1.3 image to test adding selinux support (before ultimately porting to yocto 1.7, but that tree isn't running yet). I'm hitting a curious problem.17:42
michael_e_brown_setfiles now *mostly* appears to work, but it is getting "deterministic" random failures. (ie. same files always fail, but there isn't anything I can see about them that is special):17:43
michael_e_brown_most files succeed, like this:17:43
michael_e_brown_setfiles reset /home/michael_e_brown/13g_selinux/build-yocto-sh4/tmp/work/idrac8-poky-linux/idrac-image-1.0.0-r0.0/rootfs/dev/mtd2 context ->system_u:object_r:device_t17:43
michael_e_brown_but some very small number of files fail, like this:17:44
michael_e_brown_setfiles reset /home/michael_e_brown/13g_selinux/build-yocto-setfiles get context on /home/michael_e_brown/13g_selinux/build-yocto-sh4/tmp/work/idrac8-poky-linux/idrac-image-1.0.0-r0.0/rootfs/media/realroot failed: 'No such file or directory'17:44
michael_e_brown_But the file actually exists:17:44
michael_e_brown_$ ls -la /home/michael_e_brown/13g_selinux/build-yocto-sh4/tmp/work/idrac8-poky-linux/idrac-image-1.0.0-r0.0/rootfs/media/realroot17:44
michael_e_brown_total 817:44
michael_e_brown_drwxr-xr-x  2 michael_e_brown michael_e_brown 4096 Oct 21 11:35 .17:44
michael_e_brown_drwxr-xr-x 10 michael_e_brown michael_e_brown 4096 Oct 29 12:35 ..17:44
michael_e_brown_When I strace the process, I see this: 22234 lstat("/home/michael_e_brown/13g_selinux/build-yocto-sh4/tmp/deploy/images/idrac-image-idrac8-20141029173411.rootfs.idrac/realroot", 0x7fff2f73aeb0) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)17:45
michael_e_brown_It looks like it is trying to lstat() in the wrong directory17:45
michael_e_brown_when I run 'setfiles' with sudo, it works fine. but when I run with pseudo, it fails like this.17:46
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mario-goulartDoes a ".../usr/bin/python2.7.real: No such file or directory" error on SDK extraction ring any bell?19:41
mario-goulartI started getting that error out of sudden and can't get rid of it.19:42
fraywhich SDK?19:45
fraybuilttools-tarball, something you built with meta-toolchain, or -c populate_sdk or?19:45
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mario-goulart-c populate_sdk for a custom image.19:45
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frayclose you login, come back in and try again.. I suspect you path has some stuff in it that is confusing the system.. (likely a project directory that had python stuff partially built)19:46
fray-or- the generated SDK got references to python wrappers it shouldn't have19:46
mario-goulartOh! Good catch.19:46
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mario-goulartMany thanks, fray.  The polluted environment was the problem.  You won't believe me, but right when I was about to test the sdk extraction from a clean shell, we had a power outage.  So I _had_ to try it from a clean environment. :-)19:53
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AlexTHello everyone, is there anyone who could fix the broen tarball in ? It causes anyone trying to build a kernel for Intel Edison board (3.10-based) to fail20:35
AlexTThe file in question is, it's apparently broken - has on 59MB in size versus several hundred for other versions20:37
bluelightningAlexT: hi there20:37
Crofton|workhalstead, ping ^^^20:37
bluelightningsomeone else reported that this morning, I recommended emailing Michael (halstead)20:38
Crofton|workhalstead, also montor this channel pretty good20:38
halsteadThanks Crofton|work, AlexT, and bluelightning . I can remove that file now.20:38
* halstead is busy with the 1.7 release and a bit slow to respond.20:39
AlexTwell, removing is good, but if you could get a correct one in addition, that would be great :)20:39
bluelightninghalstead: thanks20:39
* Crofton|work does not call a couple of minutes "slow"20:39
halsteadbluelightning, It looks like we had some git problems with clones of failing. Clones seem to work now.20:44
AlexThalstead, indeed, looks like it's fetching fine at least from the git repo now, I see the broken tar.gz is now gone. Thanks! That's good enough20:49
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halsteadAn fsck of the production git repo found no problems.20:58
AlexTout of curiosity, that git.tar.gz file is somehow autogenerated based on  a scheduled git clone/fetch or something? git going crazy and tarball being broken looks like an interesting coincidence21:01
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halsteadAlexT When the autobuilder runs it places the sources it grabs in a special location that is picked up by the mirror.21:35
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rangergordI'm a building novice, wondering something: I have a Digi MX53 board, which I use to run Qt applications. I've been using the base system with Qt 4.7.2 because I don't have the knowledge to tamper with it. Would Yocto allow me to get a working Linux with a modern Qt (they're at 5.3 now), without breaking things like video, GPIOs, etc?22:28
rangergordI'm asking from the perspective of a novice...if it's possible, but requires hacking drivers left and right, then to me that's a no :/22:30
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need_helphello guys22:54
need_helpanyone for help?22:54
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kergothif you have a question, ask it23:06
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ccubegetting this error after switching to daisy:   any ideas?23:12
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