Thursday, 2014-10-30

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leon_tiHello all! Can anyone help me with some newbie questions, how to build at91sam bootloader for sd card?08:09
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mckoangood morning08:10
leon_tiIf I just use at91sam9m10g45ek machine recipes, it builds only nand-flash bootstrap08:11
leon_tiAnd my board (quite old picosam9 from ) has some troubles with NAND, it's recommended to use SD card for load.08:12
LetoThe2ndleon_ti: probably you need to specify another target for the bootstrap and uboot builds08:12
LetoThe2ndno idea if meta-atmel provides those already08:13
mckoanleon_ti: try asking in #at91 channel08:13
leon_tiyes, there are plenty of manuals how to build bootstrap/uboot/kernel from the scratch; I hope it is possible to build them using yocto...08:14
leon_tithanks for pointing to #at9108:15
mckoanleon_ti: you have to modify include/configs/at91sam9m10g45ek.h08:15
LetoThe2ndleon_ti: it certainly is, like i said: you probably need to tweak the recipes for other targets. usually this would be done by a bbappend in your own layer08:16
LetoThe2ndleon_ti: that is, assuming the the bootstrap and uboot sources already have valid targets for your usecase. if not, you need to patch them first.08:16
mckoanleon_ti: follow this setting CONFIG_SYS_USE_NANDFLASH08:16
leon_tiIs it somewhere here: yocto/poky/meta-atmel/recipes-bsp/at91bootstrap ?08:18
LetoThe2ndleon_ti: you have to be aware that we are talking about two different things here. mckoan points out what has to be done *IN* the sources of bootstrap and u-boot, while i'm talking about the recipes that build all together08:20
LetoThe2ndleon_ti: for the recipe part, the path you mentioned looks like a worthwhile starting point08:21
leon_tiDoesn't yocto take care about applying necessary patches to source code? As I know, bootstrap code can be compiled either for NAND or for SD; so the only thing I need is to provide necessary compile-time config.08:23
leon_tiAnd this is yocto job, if I understand things correctly08:23
LetoThe2ndif the bootstrap code is already properly prepared and its just a matter of selecting the correct build target, then its the job of bitbake, yes.08:24
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LetoThe2ndor if you already *have* a patchset for your machine.08:24
mckoanleon_ti: AFAIK there is no options to boot from SD with u-boot for at91sam9m10g45ek, so you will have to modify the code, not yocto stuff08:25
LetoThe2ndits not bitbakes/poky/yoctos duty to go beyond applying exiting patches.08:25
LetoThe2ndleon_ti: so even if its not what you want to hear: the correct way is to make everything work by hand *first*, without build automation, and once you know the steps/configuration/patches necessary, have the build replay those accordingly08:26
leon_tiOk, thanks.08:26
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mckoanLetoThe2nd: +108:29
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leon_tiBtw, yocto built for me a kernel packaged in zImage and separate dtb. How can I get uImage for them?08:30
mckoanleon_ti: the state of the art for AT91 boards is to use zImage08:30
LetoThe2nd... and if you still want uimage, set KERNEL_IMAGETYPE accordingly08:31
LetoThe2ndyou'd still get a separate dtb, so not much of a change here.08:31
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leon_tiBtw, can I use old pre-compiled bootloader which came from a board vendor? I have binary bootstrap which can load uimage kernel08:46
bluelightningmorning all08:47
irontiamorning .*08:48
seebsI can spell even08:48
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seebsIs this under bitbake, or are you running stuff directly on the command line?09:09
seebs*thinks* Are there any symlinks in the path? Like, what do you get from 'readlink -f' on that directory?09:11
seebspseudo will generally use fully canonicalized paths.09:13
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seebsHuh. When I try to run the host's setfiles I get errors to do with failing to load, but that doesn't seem to be the same thing.09:25
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irontiaI'm trying to figure out how to not package the .la files. Yocto complains about it and i don't even want them: ERROR: QA Issue: dsm: Files/directories were installed but not shipped:  /usr/lib/idevive/gbus.la09:39
bluelightningirontia: just delete them in a do_install (or do_install_append if you aren't already defining your own do_install in the recipe)09:42
bluelightningi.e. rm ${D}${libdir}/idevive/*.la09:43
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pohlyI am trying to build core-image-minimal with Yocto master branch and DISTRO_FEATURES += "systemd". systemd seems to depend on glibc, which doesn't build:10:54
pohlyERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'glibc'10:54
pohlyERROR: glibc was skipped: missing required distro feature 'ipv4' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)10:54
pohlyERROR: Required build target 'core-image-minimal' has no buildable providers.10:54
pohlyMissing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['core-image-minimal', 'glibc']10:54
LetoThe2ndpohly: is this a bare poky with nothing mixed in?10:55
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pohlyI started adding DISTRO_FEATURES, but that just doesn't feel right. Looking at meta/recipes-core/glibc/ I see that all of these features should be optional (at least the way I understand the code).10:55
pohlyLetoThe2nd: almost - let me remove the one layer that I added with a custom .bbclass and try again.10:56
LetoThe2ndpohly: well i'd be iterative here. 1) build with plain, unmodified poky. 2) follow, then rebuild10:57
LetoThe2ndpohly: 3) then re-add your changed.10:57
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pohlyI was missing VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager = "systemd". After adding it, the problem went away.10:59
pohlyThat's good of course, but I'm still curious about the root cause of the somewhat strange error message.10:59
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bluelightningpohly: I think you'll find the cause of the issue there is that DISTRO_FEATURES += ends up setting DISTRO_FEATURES at that point, with the result that the later DISTRO_FEATURES ?= to set the default value does nothing11:06
bluelightningthis used to result in the (e)glibc build failing later because some of the libc features we have set up as optional apparently aren't11:07
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bluelightningthe fix that was applied for that was to simply set REQUIRED_DISTRO_FEATURES in the (e)glibc recipe, which when not satisfied triggers that error11:07
bluelightningI'm not too happy with that as a solution either to be honest11:08
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pohlybluelightning: you are right, as part of copy-and-pasting from the dev-manual I also changed "DISTRO_FEATURES +=" into "DISTRO_FEATURES_append. That this makes a difference is easier to understand (albeit not necessarily obvious either).11:44
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CromFrHi !13:07
CromFrI'm currently building an image for genericx86, and bitbake is currently downloading linux-yocto-3.10.35+gitAUTOINC+7df9ef8ee4_2ee37bfe73-r013:07
CromFrand it's downloading at 15-20KB/s ... :(13:08
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CromFris it the regular cloning speed for this repo?13:10
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bluelightningCromFr: I think the server may be experiencing some issues at the moment unfortunately13:11
Crofton|workwhich server?13:11
CromFri dont know, i'm quite new to yocto13:13
givemefive922Using mkefidisk on the minnowboard I specified /dev/sda as the target disk for a usb drive.  Now when I boot I get a blank grub shell/, I tried set root=(hd0,msdos2) \ linux (hd0,msdos1)/vmlinuz \ initd (hd0,msdos1)/efi/boot/bootx64.efi \ boot and that didn't workwhat am I missing?13:15
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bluelightningCrofton|work: git.yoctoproject.org13:17
Crofton|workI guess we'll need to poke halstead when he wakes up13:18
bluelightninggivemefive922: er, so are you saying you pointed mkefidisk at your build host's hard disk? or am I misunderstanding?13:19
givemefive922no my host_device was the usb flash drive13:20
givemefive922the target_device was a guess of /dev/sda13:20
givemefive922When I boot from the efi shell, the grub2 shell comes up and I can see the boot, root and swap partitions, I set my kernel and initrd and then boot, the kernel loads and then crashes and says root fs could not be found13:21
bluelightningthis really does sound like a #minnowboard question (I know they punted you over here)13:26
bluelightningthe usual folks that could help probably won't be around for another couple of hours so you might try asking again there later13:26
bluelightningI guess you have seen
givemefive922ok thanks13:27
bluelightningthat does say /dev/sda already though13:27
givemefive922yeah, that's what I found13:27
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timscheHello guys, simple question: qt 5.4 beta branch appeared recently. i have the meta-qt package. i saw that you guys already added it to the meta layer ( In meta-qt5/conf/distro/include/ I can set QT5_VERSION. What else do i have to set so that yocto gets built with Qt 5.4?15:58
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mtetreaultHi, I'm working on a custom board based on the nitrogen6x board. On my design I changed the IOMux settings, I want to apply those same change on yocto but I can't figure out how to proceed. Does anyone knows how I can achieve that? Does anyone have a good link explaining in details how dtb/s works?16:00
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LetoThe2ndmtetreault: in general, prepare a patch that changes the dtb that gets created16:02
LetoThe2ndmtetreault: then the build process can apply that16:02
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LetoThe2ndin the case of a dtb, that probably means you add a new one to the kernel sources you use16:03
mtetreaultLetoThe2nd: for a quick bring up can I use the .dts in the /build/tmp/sysroot..../boot/dts and manually compile it?16:04
LetoThe2ndmtetreault: for manual testing, sure. it just will not be reflected in the build process16:04
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mtetreaultLetoThe2nd: Is there a complete guide on how the dtb works? I found several guide online but most of them seems to be incomplete...16:05
LetoThe2ndmtetreault: um, in respect to what?16:05
LetoThe2ndmtetreault: the content of the dts?16:05
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mtetreaultLetoThe2nd: The content, the label of each items and in my case I have to multiplexed pins, how do I represent that in the dts file?16:06
LetoThe2ndmtetreault: ->
mtetreaultLetoThe2nd: okay, so those are all the available label, right? I'm sorry if I ask that many questions, I'm fairly new to this kind of stuff!16:08
LetoThe2ndmtetreault: that *should* be all available label, always assuming that every driver developer has properly documented them.16:09
mtetreaultLetoThe2nd: Thank you, that should help me getting started! I really appreciate! :)16:11
LetoThe2ndhave fun16:12
timscheguys, i did a checkout on meta-qt for master-next and edited to use 5.4 alpha - am i going the right way?16:20
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Xzhi guys, I'm looking for some iotdevkit repo feed with packages16:39
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Xzdoes such a place exist?16:40
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bluelightningXz: I believe16:41
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Xzbluelightning: that looks good - is there any way to figure out which libc it was build on top of?17:00
Xzbluelightning: I suppose it's eglibc anyway :)17:00
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bluelightningXz: it's eglibc yes17:09
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Xzbluelightning: thanks17:23
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xerentanyone going to Embedded Conference Scandinavia next week?17:37
xerentthere were some Yocto talks in the program17:37
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* nerdboy has a couple SCaLE abstracts with yocto in them, but not one *on* yocto18:30
nerdboyprobably should, though...18:31
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nerdboyan old geologist buddy from Bakersfield used to say things like "busier than a one-legged man at an ass-kicking contest"18:32
* nerdboy feels like that...18:32
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bluelightningnerdboy: that is gold! :D18:45
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nerdboybluelightning: so i guess you never hung out with mud-loggers and roughnecks before?20:07
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bluelightningnerdboy: can't say that I have21:13
nerdboyyou should, just for shits 'n grins21:15
nerdboy^^ another charlie saying21:15
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