Tuesday, 2014-11-04

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #85 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1 BuildImages_2] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-fsl-arm-lsb/builds/8503:23
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ericbutterslpapp_: np07:54
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mckoangood morning08:26
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bluelightningmorning all09:09
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m42eHello, may someone help me, I'm looking for an option to create a rpm of the kernel sources (for debugging on other machines)09:38
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simonlI'm trying to build a core-image-minimal image from the dizzy branch, but qemu-native fails to link: http://paste2.org/9PfFEZ9x10:21
simonlAny ideas?10:21
simonlI might add that I'm not using one of the officially supported/tested host distros, but Arch Linux10:23
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AndersDsimonl, well, g_type_check_instance_is_fundamentally_a seems to come from glib. Which version of glib do you have?10:28
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simonlAndersD: 2.4210:37
AndersDThat symbol should be in 2.42. http://paste2.org/9PfFEZ9x10:45
AndersDI think you'll have to double-check which libraries gets linked and from where. I'd have guessed that ld tried to link against an older glib...10:47
simonlAndersD: Ok. That paste is mine btw, did you mean to post a different one?10:48
AndersDNo, that was a mistake... ;)10:53
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m42eAny Ideas on how to build a kernel source rpm?10:58
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m42eIs it possible to restrict the archiver for some modules>11:30
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bluelightning_m42e: yes, IIRC there is the ability to filter it per recipe and per license11:45
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m42e@bluelightning_ any suggestions to search for? I didn"t get any hint to that till now11:46
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pevbluelightning: Do you know much about IMAGE_TYPE use?11:52
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pevIf I want to create a recipe that takes the image outputs of other recipes (i.e. u-boot, kernel, fs) to then combine them into a single archive are there any examples of this?  Is doing something like one of the  DEPLOYABLE_IMAGE_TYPES sensible?12:00
bluelightningm42e: I'd have a look at the comments at the top of the meta/classes/archive*.bbclass files, if there's no useful info there I'll try to dig something out12:02
bluelightningpev: I'm not an expert in that area I'm afraid12:03
bluelightningpev: I know you can have dependencies between image types to ensure that you get one built before the other, and you can add task dependencies to ensure other recipes have done their do_deploy e.g. u-boot12:04
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pevbluelightning: Yeah, I get the dependencies but wanting to put together what's effectively a combined firmware file but not sure how best to do it under Yocto.12:06
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pevbluelightning: I can bodge it with a script in a recipe but the deployable image type mechanism looks better suited. I'm surprised there's nothing similar implemented, people can't always manually put together full firmware loads...?12:07
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bluelightningpev: it depends on how it has to be laid out12:12
bluelightningwe have support for generating initramfs images and embedding them into a kernel image, we have support for building x86-bootable images, and through wic we have support for building almost any kind of multi-partition disk image with a bootloader applied12:13
m42eI took a look in the comments but the only way to filter is IMHO the license12:14
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bluelightningm42e: hmm, you may be right12:15
bluelightningm42e: it would be worth opening up an enhancement bug in bugzilla for this12:15
bluelightningin any case adding the capability should be a pretty straightforward modification to copyleft_filter.bbclass12:16
pevbluelightning: I have a firmware format that combines u-boot, DT, kernel, rootfs, FPGA images. At the moment I build the various recipes and manually run a script to generate the combined image but I'd ideally like to get it into a sensible recipe to do automatically instead.12:17
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m42ebluelightning: hmm, the file is part of poky, I'm not sure which product/component to choose for the issue12:47
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bluelightningm42e: it would go under oe-core13:10
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ericbuttershi.. i got some problem with yocto sdk when building gst-plugins-base, i got some libtool problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8818962/13:21
m42ebluelightning: done13:21
m42ebluelightning: thanks a lot13:21
bluelightningm42e: thanks13:21
olanipev: I have implemented my own imagetype class and added it to IMAGE_CLASSES: 'IMAGE_CLASSES += "myimagetype".  myimagetype.bbclass inherits from image_types to do all the deafult stuff and then I have added any tasks I like to do more.13:23
olanipev: I need to run now, but I can answer questions later if you like.13:24
void-devHi, anyone an idea on why when building with INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE = "GPLv3" bitbake selects readline_6.3.bb which is GPLv3+ instead of the readline_5.2.bb ?13:26
pevolani: Nice one thanks! I'll take you up on that...13:26
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AndersDpev, I've got something similar, where I'm adding a custom image type which creates am UBI-image for a number of partitions in it.13:35
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pevAndersD: Does it include other images as well? I think that's the trickier bit?13:41
AndersDThat exact image, no, but give me a minute and I should be able to find a variant of that image that we developed for a customer...13:44
AndersDThat exact image, no, but give me a minute and I should be able to find a variant of that image that we developed for a customer...13:44
pevHm, wouldn't it be nice to have a couple of standard compound firmware file formats that are flexible and a configurable firmware update mechanism to match... Always re-inventing the  wheel...!13:45
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AndersDWell, I've got quite some hope for wic, though I haven't had time to play around with it yet. In worst case, it should only be to develop a few plugins for wic.13:51
AndersDNevertheless, the image_types bbclass we used for the customer did only reference the second file system image in a way similar to http://paste2.org/pC1pts3W13:52
AndersDThe trick to get it to automatically build the second-image was:13:52
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AndersDAdding this to our main recipe: do_rootfs[depends] += "second-image:do_rootfs"13:53
AndersDAnd possibly do_deploy[depends] += "u-boot:do_deploy" (I'm not sure if this was needed, or if it was added anyway).13:54
AndersDAdding the do_rootfs[depends] above, force bitbake to build second-image when you're building your main imaeg13:55
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olanipev, AndersD: I combine our bootloader with a custom partition table and a set of partitions into a firmware image and then deploy it.  I added a task for each discrete part that should go into the final image and one task to concatenate the parts.14:16
olaniI've looked into replacing the whole mess with wic, but had to focus on other tasks.14:17
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iontehi. i need a hint. i need to enable/disable a service (ntpd) from python. what is the best way to do that? i'm using traditional sysvinit, not systemd ...14:34
*** staylor <staylor!~staylor@mail.au-zone.com> has joined #yocto14:34
ionteshould i use remove and symlink from /etc/init.d to /etc/rcX.d, or is there a better tool for that?14:37
*** ant_work <ant_work!~ant__@host54-128-static.10-188-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has quit IRC14:38
*** tmpsantos <tmpsantos!~tmpsantos@> has quit IRC14:44
bluelightningionte: where is this python code running?14:44
bluelightningionte: typically you'd use the update-rc.d script to manage those symlinks14:45
*** Siecje <Siecje!~Siecje@> has joined #yocto14:46
bluelightningvoid-dev: that shouldn't happen, it should pick the 5.2 version under those circumstances14:47
bluelightningvoid-dev: which version of the build system are you using?14:47
pevAndersD, olani: Intersting, I've not heard of wic before...14:50
*** nbhat <nbhat!~nareshbha@> has quit IRC14:53
void-devbluelightning: dizzy14:56
*** Jefro1 <Jefro1!~jefro@50-0-152-82.dedicated.static.sonic.net> has joined #yocto14:56
void-devbluelightning: BB_VERSION        = "1.24.0"14:58
*** Jefro <Jefro!~jefro@50-0-152-82.dedicated.static.sonic.net> has quit IRC14:59
bluelightningvoid-dev: ok, that sounds like a bug in that case - is it producing a warning / error or just going ahead and building it?15:00
void-devbluelightning: it is just going ahead15:00
void-devbluelightning: just saw it by looking at the license.manifest15:00
*** belen2 <belen2!Adium@nat/intel/x-nrgviujaiafhmusm> has joined #yocto15:00
bluelightningok, that is bad... we need to fix that15:00
bluelightningvoid-dev: would you mind filing a bug in bugzilla?15:01
olanipev: The problem with wic is that you probably have to write new plugins for anything that is not grub or uefi (I forget exactly what is supported)15:02
iontebluelightning: the python code is running on the device where i want to enable/disable services. yocto dist.15:02
bluelightningionte: ok, in that case definitely use update-rc.d; you should find it's already installed15:02
iontebluelightning: i have no update-rc.d script unfortunately. perhaps it's in another package...15:03
*** belen1 <belen1!Adium@nat/intel/x-yujtwfcyxsgzofvc> has quit IRC15:03
*** Nitin <Nitin!~nakamble@> has joined #yocto15:03
void-devbluelightning: will do once I can reproduce using core-image-minimal build (instead of a meta-ivi based build)15:03
bluelightningionte: ok, AFAIK the package is called update-rc.d as well15:03
*** blitz00 <blitz00!~stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC15:04
iontebluelightning: ok, thanks!15:05
*** Nitin <Nitin!~nakamble@> has quit IRC15:07
*** Nitin <Nitin!nakamble@nat/intel/x-aafzpanffpgzfdmc> has joined #yocto15:08
*** phantoneD <phantoneD!destroy@a89-152-21-144.cpe.netcabo.pt> has joined #yocto15:09
bluelightningionte: FWIW, packages that install initscripts should get update-rc.d added to their RRECOMMENDS, although I think the package might end up getting uninstalled if you don't have package management enabled15:09
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iontebluelightning: strange. i added update-rc.d but i still do not have the command available...15:14
*** lumag <lumag!~lumag@nat-min.mentorg.com> has quit IRC15:15
*** akS_ <akS_!d44db44a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:15
bluelightningionte: do you have package management enabled or disabled in the image?15:15
simonlso after a "slight" interruption, I'm back to trying to build dizzy...15:16
iontebluelightning: hm, how do i see that? i have not added it myself, and my image inherits from "image"15:17
simonlbuilding qemu fails, and mucking about a little in the devshell shows that (at least when building there) some libraries are linked from a poky sysroot, and some from the host system15:17
*** AndersD <AndersD!~anders@c-83-233-19-145.cust.bredband2.com> has quit IRC15:17
bluelightningionte: ok so I assume you don't (you would need to have "package-management" in IMAGE_FEATURES, and that's not the default)15:17
bluelightningsimonl: qemu-native you mean?15:18
simonlI'm using an unsupported host distro (Arch), but somehow this doesn't feel like something that should depend on the host distro15:18
simonlbluelightning: yes15:18
bluelightningsimonl: native recipes build for the build host, so they will link to libraries on the host15:18
simonlbluelightning: except this one uses libgobject from the poky sysroot which is missing symbols the host libs need15:19
bluelightningsimonl: which host lib(s)?15:20
simonlat least that's what I think is happening, I'm not super experienced with linking problems :P15:20
*** Crofton <Crofton!~balister@pool-71-171-45-99.ronkva.east.verizon.net> has quit IRC15:20
simonlbluelightning: I think gtk-x11-2.0 is the one (there is an error related to that one at least)15:23
simonlmake LDFLAGS="-v -t" run in a devshell15:24
simonl(incomplete) build log: http://paste2.org/9PfFEZ9x15:25
iontebluelightning: you seem to be right. update-rc.d is removed if packaging is not enabled. it is removed by "image.bbclass" ...15:26
*** m42e <m42e!c06dbe58@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC15:29
bluelightningionte: unfortunately there is a baked in assumption that if you don't intend to install packaging that you won't need to add and remove services15:30
bluelightningif you don't intend to install and remove packages, that is15:30
ionteyes. very strange assumption.15:33
iontei need to enable/disable ntpd depending on preference of the customer.15:33
*** madisox <madisox!~madisox@nat/cisco/x-vtesyhylcwkqwizz> has joined #yocto15:34
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simonlmy CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, PKG_CONFIG_PATH, etc in the qemu-native devshell contain various references to $BUILDDIR/tmp/sysroots. is this expected?15:42
void-devbluelightning: bug filed15:43
*** Sona <Sona!54d9c19c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:45
*** kapare <kapare!~kapare@mail.rogue-research.com> has joined #yocto15:46
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*** AlexVaduva <AlexVaduva!c1ca1642@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:54
bluelightningvoid-dev: thanks, I've confirmed the issue and updated the bug15:54
*** lumag <lumag!~lumag@nat-min.mentorg.com> has joined #yocto15:54
armpitYPTM: armin on15:55
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gatekeeper.gentoogeek.org> has joined #yocto15:55
*** tomz2 <tomz2!tomz@nat/intel/x-drbuodixsmbktkcm> has joined #yocto15:55
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sjolleyYPTM:   Ready-Access Number: 8007302996/9139049836  Access Code:     270575115:56
sjolleyYPTM: Stephen Joined15:56
AlexVaduvaYPTM: Alex Vaduva here!15:58
sgw_YPTM: Saul is on15:58
tomz2YPTM: tom z on15:59
sgw_armpit: you still OK doing the stable for 1.715:59
sgw_armpit: thanks15:59
SonaSona is on15:59
*** mcweigel <mcweigel!~unique@calvin.idempot.net> has joined #yocto16:00
cristianiorgaYPTM: Cristian joined16:00
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sgw_sona: I think I forgot to mention we have some tools that use the upstream cvechecker, is that something you are thinking about for Security related or not?16:01
RPYPTM: Richard joined16:01
*** alindumitru <alindumitru!c0c69724@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:02
tomz2YPTM: tom z on16:02
SonaYPTM: what tool?16:02
alindumitru YPTM: Alin join16:02
belen2YPTM: belen joined16:03
*** munch <munch!~mark@c-67-184-166-69.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has joined #yocto16:03
bluelightningYPTM: I have a conflict with another meeting FYI16:04
cristianiorgayeah, about 1.7... I am still waiting for my cold (free) beer :-P16:04
*** benjamii <benjamii!c0373729@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:05
halsteadYPTM: Michael is attending IRC only today. I can't make the call.16:05
sgw_Sona: see a branch from Mulhern (an intern we had last year) http://git.yoctoproject.org/cgit/cgit.cgi/poky-contrib/log/?h=mulhern/cvechecker-final216:05
RPcristianiorga: it'll be good to see it :)16:08
SonaYPTM: thanx sgw (is this Saul?)16:09
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has joined #yocto16:10
SonaYPTM: I would like to update “https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/Security” page, some old info there, I  would like to add some new info 16:11
sgw_Sona: yes sgw == Sau!16:12
bluelightningSona: please do, all of the content there can be replaced16:12
bluelightning(this is Paul speaking)16:12
* zeddii has joined the meeting late16:12
bluelightningwell, typing...16:12
sgw_halstead: can you check if Sona can have an account on the Wiki16:12
halsteadsgw_, Yes. One moment.16:13
*** tomz2 <tomz2!tomz@nat/intel/x-drbuodixsmbktkcm> has quit IRC16:13
*** kapare <kapare!~kapare@mail.rogue-research.com> has joined #yocto16:13
sjolleyYPTM is done.16:14
* zeddii barely snuck in to hear anything16:14
sgw_armpit: which email do you want people to CC you for patches?  I see a mvista and gmail that you have used16:15
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-gbtihknzniypwyhn> has quit IRC16:16
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halsteadsgw_, Sona, Your wiki account  SonaSarmadi is approved.16:19
sgw_halstead: thanks!16:20
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!~dmoseley@cpe-174-096-222-251.carolina.res.rr.com> has quit IRC16:22
*** munch <munch!~mark@c-67-184-166-69.hsd1.il.comcast.net> has quit IRC16:23
SonaThanx "halstead" :)16:24
*** mago_ <mago_!~mago@smtp.hms.se> has joined #yocto16:25
*** nbhat <nbhat!~nareshbha@> has joined #yocto16:26
Sonahalstead: shall I go to " request one" in the wiki and reqest an account or just use this and login? what passwd to use in this case?16:28
halsteadSona, it should have e-mailed you a login link.16:29
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:29
armpitsgw_: gmail16:30
*** cbzx <cbzx!~cbzx@CPE0015f275ebd6-CM00195edd810c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com> has joined #yocto16:31
Sonahalstead: hmmm I haven't got any yet :)16:31
*** benjamii <benjamii!c0373729@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC16:34
halsteadSona, I'll try to make it re-send your password.16:35
Sonahalstead: maybe email address was not correct? please use sona@enea.se or sona.sarmadi@enea.com16:36
*** cbzx <cbzx!~cbzx@CPE0015f275ebd6-CM00195edd810c.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com> has quit IRC16:37
halsteadSona, That's the problem. The e-mail is set to sone.sarmadi@enea.com16:37
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has quit IRC16:38
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!~dmoseley@cpe-174-096-222-251.carolina.res.rr.com> has joined #yocto16:39
SaurRP: Regarding your commit 6bd2d9d395 (base.bbclass: Enable using 'make clean' for rebuilds), wouldn't it be a good idea to allow the part that checks for the existence of a Makefile and runs make clean to be overridable somehow?16:41
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-iaojqgirmqgkascd> has joined #yocto16:42
SaurRP: The reason I ask is because we have a recipe that broke because of that commit. It has its own do_compile which does make in two subfolders. However, there is a Makefile in the topfolder, but it has no clean target... In this case I would have liked to be able to specify that the make clean should take place in the two subfolders...16:42
bluelightningSaur: you can though, just by defining your own empty do_configure16:43
bluelightningif we could check to see if the clean target is valid that would be an improvement, but I don't know if that's practical16:43
*** Jefro1 <Jefro1!~jefro@50-0-152-82.dedicated.static.sonic.net> has quit IRC16:45
Saurbluelightning: Well, true, I can override the do_configure, but then I don't get the expected benefit (unless I re-implement all of base_do_configure).16:46
kergothsounds like we need a new shell function to do a build-level clean16:46
Saurbluelightning: Something like a do_configure_clean that I could override to specify how the clean should be done...16:47
Saurkergoth: Yes, exactly.16:48
bluelightningright, understood16:48
Saurkergoth: Though I guess it can easily be confused with bitbake <recipe> -c clean ...16:48
*** hramrach_ <hramrach_!~hramrach@gateway/tor-sasl/hramrach> has quit IRC16:56
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*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has joined #yocto17:01
RPSaur: yes, I think we need to improve this17:01
*** Nitin1 <Nitin1!~nakamble@> has joined #yocto17:02
SaurRP: Good. At least I have a simple workaround for my build problem now until it is improved.17:02
RPSaur: I can't tempt you to send a patch to improve it?17:03
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:04
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*** hramrach_ <hramrach_!~hramrach@gateway/tor-sasl/hramrach> has joined #yocto17:05
SaurRP: You can, but I am not sure what would be a good way to do it. I mean, making the part that does the cleaning in do_configure overridable is probably not too hard. However, I can imagine making a build-level clean a separate BitBake target would make it more generic. And how that would affect other BitBake targets I do not know...17:07
kergothjust add a new shell function/task and run it from do_configure. should be straightforward17:08
*** aoeuasdf <aoeuasdf!~dingo@> has joined #yocto17:09
Saurkergoth, RP: And what to call it? do_clean() is obviously already taken...17:09
kergothi'd probably call it makeclean or buildclean or something, but i suck at names, presumably someone else will have a better idea17:10
kergothstart a thread on the list, i'd say17:10
*** pascal-bach <pascal-bach!~pascal-ba@46-126-139-1.dynamic.hispeed.ch> has quit IRC17:11
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SaurRP, bluelightning & al: With the change of making overlapping files an error (5cc591748e), how are you supposed to handle renamed recipes? Wiping tmp just because someone renamed a recipe seems somewhat excessive...17:30
halsteadSona, Were you able to log in?17:32
*** Nitin1 <Nitin1!~nakamble@> has joined #yocto17:36
Sonahalstead: I haven't got any email :(17:37
*** Nitin <Nitin!~nakamble@> has quit IRC17:37
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*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:56
halsteadSona, I sent you the credentials directly in IRC. I'll send them via e-mail again.17:57
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bluelightningSaur: that's probably a question for RP...18:28
bluelightningSaur: I know that he's been trying to figure out how to properly solve that entire issue for a while18:28
Saurbluelightning: Ok18:29
bluelightningthe change in policy was in response to several bugs being reported that were a result of junk being left in the sysroot18:29
RPSaur: this is an area we have a problem, and an open bug :/18:29
bluelightningit might be that the renamed recipe issue specifically could be handled somewhat automatically, it's the general case that's hard18:29
RPSaur: it turns out to be a hard problem18:29
bluelightninga workaround for now is to clean the recipe before doing the rename (only works if you know about the rename, of course)18:30
SaurIs there some easy way to remove a manifest and all files mentioned in it?18:30
*** phantoxe <phantoxe!~destroy@2a02:4780:1:1::1:123c> has quit IRC18:30
RPSaur: there are functions for that in sstate.bbclass but they're not easily accessible externally18:31
Saurbluelightning: Unfortunately you typically don't...18:31
bluelightningSaur: right :(18:31
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC18:32
SaurA small improvement would be if the manifest file was mentioned with an absolute path so I wouldn't have to go hunting for it...18:32
Saur(locate was my friend)18:32
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tedoI created a recipe to build qt-creator 3.2.1 for the target. Should i send a patch to the mailing list for meta-qt5 or should it be reviewed in github before sending the first patch?19:10
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otavioWho should I ping about 'Downloads' page issues?23:34
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