Thursday, 2014-11-20

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kimoHello, Im wondering what's the current status of x11 support on freescale layer, is there a support for acceleration with vivante GPU ?07:31
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pev_Morning all. Has anyone ever done much full build profiling? In my (full) build I have quite a few periods where the CPU's aren't hit hard so I assume I must be pretty much IO bound but not sure exactly what so can't see yet what to look at to improve performance. I don't think I have a CPU problem as I just upgraded but the build time didn't improve in a proportional manner.09:17
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pev_Also -  wondering about improving performance, I've seen the docs about bringing an external toolchain in to yocto, but how can one generate an appropriate toolchain tarball *from* yocto that you can import again. i.e. Improve performance by making the repeated toolchain build a pre-built external element?09:48
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ccubehi, where am i supposed to find my build artifacts? i cannot find them?09:52
ccubecp: cannot stat ‘/lu/buildbot/yocto-autobuilder/yocto-worker/nightly-a10-openjdk/build/build/tmp/deploy/images/a10/*a10*’: No such file or directory09:52
ccubethis is the output in the last step "Publishing Artifacts" from my buildbot :(09:53
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bluelightningmorning all09:59
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bluelightningpev_: that's not really supported; if your aim is simply to improve build times we have shared state to solve that which handles more than just the toolchain10:01
pev_bluelightning: Morning!10:02
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pev_bluelightning: Yeah, I've been using sstate but quite often my build gets into inconsistent states for no apparent reason and a 100% clean build is the only solution10:02
pev_so I dont wholly trust it...10:02
bluelightningso that's something we should try to fix... what do you mean by "inconsistent states" ?10:03
pev_Although ccache would be another solution...10:03
pev_bluelightning: Well, something goes horribly broken in the image or build process which I can't explain in the changes I've been making, so I do a full clean build and it goes away10:03
pev_It's never solidly reproducable so not an easy one to try and explain10:04
pev_and it's always something oblique...10:04
bluelightningI can't stress enough how we really need people to report this kind of problem10:04
bluelightningif we don't get the reports there is no hope of us fixing any underlying issue...10:05
pev_bluelightning: Yeah, I know, I would report if I had anything even remotely useful to work with in regards to process to reproduce10:05
bluelightning(unless we detect it during our reasonably comprehensive testing, of course, but that can't cover every situation)10:05
pev_(I like reporting / fixing bugs)10:05
bluelightningok, thanks10:07
silviofHi, It is possible to build qt5 with directfb for an imx6 based board without of the opengl things like eglfs egl etc? yocto1.6.1 here.10:16
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pev_bluelightning: Still, it would be nice to have a way to avoid building the full toolchain every time I do a sanity-check...! Currently my process is that I clean all the sstate then bitbake gcc-cross on its own in a clean source tree. I then archive the sstate-cache for this and then when things go wrong I can transplant that sstate-cache back in and the full rebuild is way faster10:22
pev_and that seems to work well but it's a bit clunky as a mechanism :-)10:22
pev_personally I'd love it if there was a philosophical split between host and target recipes and there was a way to just clean out target code (+sstate) only which I think would help in the same way10:23
pev_silviof: I assume you've tried just taking opengl out of DISTRO_FEATURES right?10:25
pev_silviof: or are you asking if opengl is a dependency of directfb itself?10:25
silviofpev_: I'm check if it is possible. So you say - yes you can use qt5 with a directfb layer on imx6 without opengl?10:33
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silviofpev_: I will try this then.10:33
silviofpev_: I have to add directfb to DISTRO_FEATURES?10:34
Xzhi guys10:55
XzI have an interesting problem. Existing recipe has a dead link in 'SRC_URI'. Now I would like to fix it locally, do I just append another link to SRC_URI variable?10:56
pev_silviof: directfb is basically framebuffer access so opengl is not necessary10:56
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XzIt will look weird, since SRC_URI will look like ' patch1 patch2'10:57
XzI'm not sure SRC_URI is supposed to choke two different addresses for the same file10:57
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pev_Xz: You can just use SRC_URI= and it will replace the old version?11:00
Xzpev_: but then it will get rid o patches11:01
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pev_Xz: Well you can include their names in your bbappend also?11:01
Xzpev_: well, i can, but I thought that is not the cleanest solution in the world11:01
Xzpev_: is it the only?11:02
pev_i.e. the .bb has SRC_URI="wronglink patch1 patch2". In your bbapend you can do SRC_URI="rightlink patch1 patch2"11:02
pev_Xz: Sure, but the "clean" way is to fix the original recipe with a non-dead link surely? Anything else is a bodge?11:02
Xzpev_: it's just the fact, that bbappend will refer to patches from other layer - that creates a dependency11:03
Xzwhereas whole Yocto layering system was created in a way to avoid dependencies11:03
XzOriginal link can be indeed replaced, but the project is based on older Yocto version11:04
Xznot bleeding edge11:04
silviofpev_: thx11:06
pev_Xz: Of course, but in the same way with any other bug you'd still need to fix locally even if you can't submit back?11:06
pev_Xz: What's the recipe with the dead link?11:07
Xzit's a 'dtc'11:07
XzI didn't even check yet whether it was fixed on master11:07
XzI presume it was, otherwise autobuilder would fail11:09
pev_Well, you could manully download the target into your local dldir and it won't try to fetch from the dead link?11:09
Xzpev_: but you see, we have a small IOT project and we give people whole layer to play with11:10
pev_I'd still fix the recipe locally instead of bodging though :-D Would you try and fix any other kind of bug by adapting your own layer instead of fixing the layer where the bug is?11:10
Xzwhich is based right now on 1.411:10
Xzok, so fixing recipe and asking for backport to 1.4 would be the winner here, I guess?11:11
pev_Xz: IMHO I'd have thought the correct solution then is to duplicate the whole recipe in your layer but uprev the minor local version. Then it's a whole new correct copy but it's also clear what version it is derived from11:11
pev_Yes, or copying wholesale with minor version uprev11:11
pev_Fixing bugs is always a winner ;-)11:12
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Xzpev_: You are right, it's just I didn't think for a while, that we can do backports to 1.4 as well11:13
pev_Xz: Well, the dylan branch in GIT is still being committed to so you'd have to point customers at downloading from the  git branch rather than a nice versioned tarball11:15
bluelightningXz: use MIRRORS for this kind of thing11:15
Xzbluelightning: I was reading MIRRORS description, but that looked like overkill for a moment11:15
pev_bluelightning: But you'd still need to change the original recipe to add the mirrors right?11:16
pev_as its not one of the standard software sources?11:16
bluelightningpev_: MIRRORS is just a regex match; but even if you prefer to make it specific to the recipe you could do MIRRORS_append_pn-xyz = "..."11:17
bluelightningXz: MIRRORS is designed exactly for the situation where an upstream source goes missing11:17
pev_bluelightning: Ah, that's nice - id not spotted that in the documentation, that's a good solution.11:17
bluelightningXz: which recipe is this btw?11:18
Xzbluelightning: yeah, but I thought it was more like a regular mirror with 1000+ files, not just one :)11:18
bluelightningXz: it can be any kind of alternative source of files11:18
Xzbluelightning: that's very cool then11:18
pev_bluelightning: so looking at the order and knowing that its broken, in this case would not PREMIRROR be appropriate?11:18
pev_as we know the upstream source is dead11:19
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bluelightningpev_: you could use PREMIRRORS yes, although PREMIRRORS is more intended for local source mirrors11:21
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jhieberhi, i'm building core-image-weston with qt5. In my sysroot there is /usr/lib/qt5/plugins/platforms/ but in the image it does not exist. Has anybody an idea what the problem could be or what file/process decides what the image contains?11:46
paulbarkerjheiber: .so files usually land in an 'xxx-dev' package rather than the main 'xxx' package11:51
bluelightningto clarify, unversioned .so symlinks, yes11:52
bluelightningtypically library dependencies are brought in automatically, where they have a dynamic link established at compile time11:52
bluelightningI'm not familiar with; if that's a symlink then it would not be expected to be on the target unless the dev package is installed11:53
bluelightningon the other hand if it isn't, then it suggests to me perhaps that it's a plugin and thus there's almost certainly dlopened at runtime in which case the build system has no means of implicitly adding a dependency on it11:53
bluelightningwhich would mean you'd need to explicitly include the package that contains it in your image (or in the RDEPENDS of a package / packagegroup that is in the image)11:54
jhieberbluelightning: it is not a symlink. QT apps find these .so files and a command line parameter decides which will be used11:55
jhieberbluelightning: and i dont understand why those files are in sysroot, but only some of them in the image and not all11:56
bluelightningjhieber: it's because of the difference between build-time (i.e. recipe level) and runtime (i.e. package level) dependencies11:56
bluelightningthey aren't exactly equal11:57
jhieberbluelightning: ok so there are deps missing somewhere11:57
bluelightningI'm not entirely sure where the correct place would be to add such a dependency though11:58
bluelightningother than the image, that is11:59
bluelightningsince it should only be brought in if you are installing a Qt application and you are using Wayland12:00
jhieberi greped all files in my tmp folder for "qwayland-egl", maybe there is something that helps12:00
bluelightningthe first question would be which package does that end up going into? you can tell by looking at packages-split under the workdir for the recipe which builds the file12:03
jhieberbluelightning: thanks, good idea, i just found a few packages like this: qtwayland-plugins-5.3.....rpm, when i check the packages for that .so file i know what to include in IMAGE_INSTALL12:05
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jhieberbluelightning: yeah, thanks for your help, by searching though the rpm files i found "qtwayland-plugins"12:13
bluelightningjhieber: no worries12:15
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JustasMikaif I am modifying kernel using menuconfig virtual/kernel and bitbake -c -clean image-type  + bitbake image-type, Will modification take effect or I should do smth extra?12:30
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frscCan someone tell me where to look for the documentation of SRCREV_FORMAT? How does it work?12:54
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irontiahi all13:06
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JaMafrsc: have you already read its entry in ?13:10
frscJaMa, thanks! I was looking in the wrong version of the manual.13:14
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_valle_After changing to dizzy, PACKAGECONFIG_append_pn-qtmultimedia = " gstreamer010" breaks the build13:43
_valle_Removing the patches in makes the build work again13:44
_valle_However when running a Qt application and a sound should be played I get the following output: using null output device, none available13:45
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_valle_JaMa: Thanks for the help, but the patch didn't solve the build problem14:32
JaMathen the patch was even less tested then it looked :)14:47
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JustasMikahow to force to take bitbake into consideration changes in menuconfig virtual/kernel when rebuilding, not 1st build?16:42
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GumaI was wondering how can I increase udhcpc wait time for DHCP answer. Right now it try 3 time on boot and sometimes it is enough sometimes fails.16:47
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JustasMikaStill got a bit confused about native. I am building yocto for beaglebone black am335x and lets say I want to append package - A. I look through packages, there is A, A-native. Which one to take?17:12
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kergothnative is built for the build machine you're running on, not the board17:50
kergothto build tools which are used to build other things17:50
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rburton1paulbarker: good news: your new opkg patches didn't break on the AB20:43
rburton1paulbarker: the ab still broke, but it broke differently in ways that i don't think are your fault ;)20:43
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kergothAnyone seen glibc-locale do_package fail to compile a specific locale, but be fine for the others, and the log shows absolutely nothing useful?21:57
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #107 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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ajtagquick question... can someone enlighten me where task-core-boot has gone?23:31
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JaMaajtag: renamed to packagegroup23:37
ajtaggenius, thanks I have just spent an hr looking for that23:38
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