Friday, 2014-11-21

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #105 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #104 of nightly-fsl-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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ericbuttershi, i got:, do_compile failed with exit code '1' -- how can i prevent bitbake to build subversion without rebuilding all? is there an option to just move on on error?08:39
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kimo_hi all, Im getting a dependency issue when populating a qt5 based sdk : qtwebkit-mkspecs *      qtwebkit-qmlplugins *   qtwebkit (= 5.3.2-r0) * are missing09:02
kimo_how do I fixe that ?09:03
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_valle_Anyone got qtmultimedia in dizzy working with gstreamer0.10?09:18
[Sno]RP: regarding my cpan-patch - how do I modify a git-commit-message when it's not the last commit (then commit --amend would do)09:24
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paulbarkerrburton: Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the update!09:33
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rburton1ericbutters: bitbake won't rebuild anything unless it needs to,09:35
rburton1[Sno]: git rebase -i09:35
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rburtonericbutters: so i'm curious what you actually want to do? if you can fix the reason why subversion is not building, re-running bitbake won't build anything else - it will carry on from where it got to09:36
rburtonericbutters: if you want it to ignore the subversion error and carry on building as much as it can now, instead of later, use bitbake -k09:36
rburtonie people do bitbake -k world to build as much as possible in one go09:36
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ericbuttersrburton: it is from subversion-native, which is needed on the host if i am right, but this issue is releated to ubuntu-12.04, i installed libserf-dev and bitbake now complains about error Please update your version of serf to at least 1.2.109:39
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[Sno]rburton: will try and resend09:42
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rburtonericbutters: subversion-native should depend on serf-native09:49
rburtonwhich in dizzy, which i assume you're using, is at 1.3.609:50
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bluelightningmorning all10:10
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ericbuttersrburton: right, serf is installed inside the sysroot for i686, but why subversion-native does not find the headers?11:10
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rburtonericbutters: very good question :/11:44
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Xzhello there12:21
XzI just realized there is a new thing called 'multilib' in Yocto12:22
Xzhow does that work? before that I would just pick C library, either uclibc or eglibc12:22
bluelightningXz: hi12:22
bluelightningmultilib has been around for a while, though using it to support a different libc flavour is a slightly more recent type of usage of it AFAIK12:23
bluelightningin basic terms it creates a separate "namespace" for the build & packages to exist in12:24
bluelightningif you want to see it working in that manner have a look in meta-intel-iot-devkit (in the devkit-daisy-1.6.1 branch)12:25
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JustasMikaHi, I have another problem regarding image building. on beaglebone am 335x we have 3 i2c, however in /dev i see only i2c-0, any ideas?12:53
silviofJustasMika: maybe you have in your dts only 1 i2c entry?12:54
JustasMikadts? (sorry, im pretty new in building)12:54
lpappJustasMika: device tree structure in the linux kernel12:56
lpappyou may not be even using it, but that is not a Yocto question if so.12:57
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ericbuttershow to change yocto default splash screen?13:06
lpappericbutters: use psplash13:07
lpappericbutters: you can convert your image to a .h file13:07
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arbuHi! I am trying to add to a daisy based project, but the fetch task for qtsystem fails. The fix in dizzy and master is to use the '5.3' branch instead of the 'stable' branch, but would that work for daisy? Unfortunately, there is no 5.2.1 branch in upstream.13:15
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JustasMikalpapp: is there easy way to enable i2c-1 and i2c-2? Just I have deadline coming up for university, dont want to learn DTS as it seems complicated area13:32
lpappJustasMika: pay someone for solve it for you, then.13:32
JustasMikaokay okay, got the idea13:32
lpappI do not think that this kind of detail is a Yocto issue, but more like Linux kernel.13:32
lpappfor solving*13:32
lpappand even I do not know DTS well, but you can ask on the linux kernel mailing list or #kernelnewbies (
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bluelightningJustasMika: FWIW it would probably be worth talking to the maintainer of the BSP layer you are using (or the specific mailing list / forum if there is one)13:48
diego_rYocto bugzilla entries still confuse me. If I want to report a bug for a recipe which is in meta-openembedded where product should I pick? It's not oe-core, it's not meta-yocto, should I really select "other layers"?13:50
rburtondiego_r: meta-oe doesn't come under the yocto bugzilla...13:50
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rburtonto file a bug, mail the oe-devel mailing list13:50
lpappisn't it in the layer description?13:51
lpapp(apparently not, why?)13:52
diego_rlpapp: yeah, no indication in the READMEs13:54
diego_rrburton: ok, will do.13:54
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lpappIMHO, each nice layer should mention bugreports explicitly.13:54
scehello, does someone know where i could find a freeimage recipe ?13:54
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lpappbit old though as I have 3.16 on my arch.13:58
scelpapp, thx a lot13:59
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rburtonsce: that's an oe-classic recipe so likely needs a bit of a clean to work in a oe-core/yocto environment14:02
sceyes i cant have the staging14:03
scei'm facing a problem with rpm dependency14:03
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scerburton, when i want to install the rpm14:18
scerburton, the freeimage rpm there is dependencies to  libstdc++-dev-4.8.1 or libc6-dev-2.18-r0@cortexa9hf_vfp_neon14:18
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rburtonsounds like the recipe is bust14:19
scerburton, i dont want this dependency which are taking a lot of space for nothing, i just want the shared object file14:19
rburton(or you're installing freeimage-dev without meaning to)14:19
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scefreeimage is depending on freeimage-dev14:20
scei dont know how to remove this14:20
Xzbluelightning: for the multilib - I've never heard of having more than 1 C library on the target, I guess multilib does not change that? :)14:21
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rburtonsce: you'll have to look at the contents of the packages to work that out14:24
rburtonwithout the recipe your building there's only so much i can help with14:24
scecan i change the package content? it seems that rpm is giving the dependencies ...14:25
rburtonrpm is creating it for a reason14:25
sceand thats what i dont understand ;)14:26
sceon how i can change rpm behaviour ;)14:26
bluelightningXz: no, it does - it has to in order to work14:26
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arfollXz: if you run an iotdk image on a galileo you'll see there is one C library in /lib and another in /lib32. That's how we're able to run uclibc sketches14:28
rburtonsce: bitbake warns me of this problem:14:29
rburtonERROR: QA Issue: freeimage rdepends on freeimage-dev [dev-deps]14:29
rburtonand looking at the file listing shows why14:30
sceand i dont know how to remove this dependency14:30
rburtonyou *need* that dependency with the current packaging14:30
rburtonas otherwise you don't get a library14:30
rburtonhave a look at how the packages were split in the work directory14:31
rburtonbasically, freeimage don't know who libraries are versioned on linux14:32
rburtonso you'll have to work around that by changing FILES14:33
scethat's what i'm trying is in -dev14:33
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Xzarfoll: so eglibc sits under /lib and uclibc under /lib32 on iotdk image?14:47
arfollXz: pretty much14:49
arfollXz: the trick is that there are two loaders in /lib, (eglibc) and (uclibc). Depending on which is called by a binary the loader will go to the correct folder14:50
sceis it possible to have no dev or dbg package ?14:50
scein recipe14:51
scerburton, ERROR: QA Issue: File '/usr/lib/' from freeimage was already stripped, this will prevent future debugging!14:51
Xzarfoll: ok, that's interesting. Does iotdk support default Galileo Arduino IDE?14:52
Xzarfoll: I had a run through image/readmes etc. I tried I think XDK and Eclipse14:52
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Xzarfoll: so far14:52
scebluelightning, thx14:53
arfollXz: yes, you can run arduino sketches compiled on the IDE14:53
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scefor your information :)15:23
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lpapplol at @ meta-embeddedgeeks15:25
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rburtonsce: best practise there would be to patch out the strip command15:42
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Xzarfoll: if I just compile my simple hello-world.c app against uclibc toolchain - will it automatically pick up uclibc on target?15:53
Xzarfoll: or I need to do some extra steps?15:53
Xzarfoll: let's say I have eglibc and uclibc toolchains on host machine, I compile my hello-world.c twice - a) with eglibc toolchain, b) with uclibc toolchain15:54
Xzarfoll: will both binaries work on target no problem?15:54
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lpappthis is very strange, I am building stunnel in our layer and I only get -dev and -dbg packages. What could be the reason for that?15:58
arfollXz: should work16:01
lpapphere is the recipe:
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bluelightninglpapp: perhaps nothing happening during do_install? the -dbg and -dev packages are marked ALLOW_EMPTY so you get those even if they have nothing in them16:05
bluelightninglpapp: we do have a stunnel recipe in meta-networking btw, it inherits autotools16:06
lpappbluelightning: I submitted that back then, yes.16:07
lpapponce it was working in our layer.16:07
lpappI am not integrating a whole layer for one recipe, I guess.16:07
lpapp(not that the meta-networking recipe works, but that is a different issue)16:08
bluelightningyou did indeed, I didn't recall16:08
lpappmy only change that was accepted (after some nitpicking of course).16:08
bluelightningok but surely you'd at least start with that one...16:08
lpappwell, I do not know.16:08
lpappbluelightning: same issue after using the same recipe.16:11
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto16:11
lpappls stunnel/4.56-r0/packages-split/16:12
lpappstunnel  stunnel-dbg  stunnel-dev  stunnel-doc  stunnel-locale  stunnel-staticdev16:12
lpappbut those are empty directories only.16:13
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bluelightninglpapp: I see, well there's your problem I guess16:15
lpappbluelightning: where exactly?16:16
bluelightningI'd assume it should compile something?16:16
bluelightningif it doesn't compile anything there's nothing to install, and hence nothing to package...16:16
lpappsure, but what I am trying to ask is why it does not compile?16:17
*** dmoseley <dmoseley!> has joined #yocto16:18
bluelightningI think you'll just have to work through it, there aren't any clues in that log16:18
lpappthis is the do_configure:
bluelightningthat looks suspiciously empty16:18
lpapphow to work through it?16:18
lpappthe log is kinda pointless to me.16:18
bluelightningwell, how would you do it if you were building it outside of the build system?16:19
bluelightningyou would run through the steps manually, I would assume16:19
bluelightningso you could open up a devshell and try that...16:19
lpappyes, I did that, that worked.16:19
lpappit must be some Yocto thing.16:19
bluelightningok then look at the commands it is running in run.do_* and where they are being run16:19
kergothThe first thing I always suggest verifying when encountering a problem like that is to make sure S is set correctly, since a few of the default tasks will just do nothing if the expected makefile/configure doesn't exist, rather than erroring16:20
kergothdrop into a devshell and run the commands there16:20
bluelightningyes that's a good idea, wrong S might cause this16:20
lpappS is alright16:22
*** florian <florian!~fuchs@Maemo/community/contributor/florian> has quit IRC16:22
lpappbased on bitbake -e stunnel | grep ^S=16:22
lpappthis is what log.task_order writes:
kergothand that path exists, and the appropriate build files are there?16:24
kergothpersonally, i'd add set -x to do_configure and do_compile and do_install, or build with -D, and examine the more verbose logs so you can see exactly what shell commands are being run16:24
bluelightningthat's why I suggested looking at run.do_*, you'd see the commands there16:25
bluelightningFWIW, I just tried the stunnel recipe in master, it builds here (for qemux86-64 that is)16:26
lpappbitbake -e stunnel | grep ^S= | tr -d 'S="' | xargs ls -> shows stuff fine.16:26
kergothyeah, you could look at the run scripts and run those commands yourself in a devshell too. you can also look one task at a time. e.g. run do_compile, check S/B to see if it was compiled or not, and if so, then check do_install and check ${D} to see if it installed anything, ..16:27
kergothwork through it one by one to see where it falls over16:27
* kergoth heads to yet another doc appt for his pregnant wife (only 2 weeks to go)16:28
bluelightningkergoth: congrats!16:29
lpappthe stunnel binary is definitely not built16:29
bluelightningkergoth: (+ in advance as well)16:29
lpappnot even with bitbake -f -c compile stunnel16:30
bluelightninglpapp: no, that couldn't help if the underlying build system refuses to do anything as it apparently is16:30
lpappI guess, but it is difficult for me to read those run files16:31
lpappso I leave that as last resort.16:31
lpappis there a force clean and rebuild without rebuilding the whole image?16:32
*** kimo_ <kimo_!> has quit IRC16:32
lpappthis is the base_do_compile fwiw:
bluelightninglpapp: that would be bitbake -c cleansstate stunnel then bitbake stunnel16:32
lpappbluelightning: I tried -c cleanall already.16:33
lpappwhich, afaik, is more bruteforcy16:33
*** ericbutters <ericbutters!~eric@> has quit IRC16:33
bluelightninglpapp: right, that additionally wipes out the downloaded source16:33
*** shoragan <shoragan!~shoragan@debian/developer/shoragan> has quit IRC16:33
lpappI have no any clue, I am afraid.16:33
bluelightninglpapp: ok, have you tried disabling icecc for that particular recipe? e.g. by adding stunnel to ICECC_USER_PACKAGE_BL16:33
lpappeven the run file is greek or chinese to me.16:33
*** nicktick <nicktick!~john@unaffiliated/nicktick> has joined #yocto16:34
lpappin local.conf?16:34
bluelightningI would guess so yes16:34
bluelightningI don't use that class myself16:34
bluelightningI've no idea if this will help, but it's something to try16:34
*** nicktick1 <nicktick1!~john@> has quit IRC16:36
lpappbluelightning: that reenforces doing a lot of stuff16:36
lpapp500+ tasks.16:36
lpappI would prefer something quicker than waiting a lot now.16:37
bluelightningwell, that's just poor behaviour of that class then... you could try setting it in the recipe16:37
lpappthis is the syntax that I used, just in case: ICECC_USER_PACKAGE_BL = "stunnel"16:38
lpappand putting it into the recipe did not help fwiw.16:39
bluelightningok, well I really don't know anything about that class to be honest16:39
bluelightningbeyond just looking at it16:39
bluelightningI just suggested disabling it for this recipe because it's one difference from here where it is building correctly16:40
lpappdoes it make sense to try to fill the do_configure and do_compile myself with the dummy thing?16:40
lpappbitbake -e stunnel | grep ^S= | tr -d 'S="' | xargs cd16:41
lpappxargs: cd: No such file or directory16:41
lpappbut xargs ls shows the content, how weird.16:41
bluelightningactually it looks as if you did set_icecc_env() { : } in the recipe it would stub out what icecc.bbclass is doing16:42
lpappanyway, that is not the main point (xargs cd).16:43
lpapprecipes-support/stunnel/ unparsed line: 'set_icecc_env() { : }'16:44
lpappwithout the ':': stunnel/4.56-r0/temp/run.do_configure.12906: set_icecc_env: not found16:45
bluelightningsorry, I wasn't clear - you'll need newlines between {, :, and }16:45
lpappthat did not make the stunnel executable generated in src/, sadly.16:45
bluelightninghmm, wait a sec16:46
bluelightningis this an S != B issue?16:46
lpappno clue16:46
lpappbut they are the same16:47
bluelightningwell, no it wouldn't be16:47
lpappbased on bitbake -e stunnel | grep ^B= and bitbake -e stunnel | grep ^S=16:47
lpappI am puzzled what is going on ...16:47
bluelightningat least the version I built doesn't inherit autotools-brokensep16:47
bluelightningI guess you are using daisy or earlier so that's probably not an issue16:47
lpapphmm, I am not inheriting inherit autotools16:48
lpappI am using dylan.16:48
bluelightningok, I did mention inheriting autotools earlier...16:48
lpappthe latest recipe does not do that in master.16:49
bluelightningah, the one I'm looking at in meta-networking master here does...16:49
*** blitz00 <blitz00!~stefans@unaffiliated/blitz00> has quit IRC16:49
lpappI am confused, but why cannot Yocto detect this issue somehow?16:49
*** Nikhil_D <Nikhil_D!~quassel@nat/ti/x-nygzxvdifsjqdytd> has quit IRC16:50
lpappwe could have spared some time.16:50
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bluelightninglpapp: well, to be fair you could also have started with the stunnel recipe you yourself submitted ;)16:52
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lpappit is possible as I was removing the earlier imported meta-networking, so basically copied the recipe at the time of submitting.16:53
bluelightninghere's the recipe as it was first added:
lpappand I see some improvements upstream16:53
lpappI have no idea how I got my recipe that was not working, then.16:53
lpappI was missing the last three lines.16:53
bluelightningno problem16:54
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Marexjust a brief question, is meta-toolchain-sdk still a valid target in Yocto >= 1.6 please ?22:33
Marexor what is the difference between meta-toolchain and meta-toolchain-sdk please ?22:34
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zeckeJaMa: ping?23:10
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