Monday, 2014-12-15

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_valle_Good morning!08:58
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ramose__How can I print TUNE_FEATURES  varibale from inside recipe file?09:05
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bluelightningmorning all09:30
ramose__anyone around?09:31
_valle_bluelightning: morning!09:31
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_valle_ramose__: You could access it in a recipe build task with ${TUNE_FEATURES}09:41
ramose___valle_ Do I need to place it in specific a function?09:42
_valle_ramose__: You could place it in any of these for example,
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ramose___valle_: I tried doing it but did not see any value printed,
_valle_ramose__: Try outputing it to a file, echo "${TUNE_FEATURES}" > ~/test.txt09:49
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teachmeHi all. I just bought an Intel Galileo which uses Yocto. I have experience using Raspberry Pi. Can I get Galileo to install new apps using commands like "apt-get install XXX" like Raspberry Pi? If not, do I have to recompile the Yocto image?09:50
bluelightningteachme: there are repositories where you can install packages with "opkg install ..."09:52
bluelightningteachme: here's one guide:
teachmebluelightning: thanks a lot. Suppose the particular package in opkg is not available. What do I do? Do I compile the binary from source code in Yocto to generate a new image? Or are there easier ways?09:55
ramose___valle_:Still no luck,need the value of TUNE_FEATURES for some comparison operation09:56
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bluelightningteachme: if the package is not available, yes you will need to build at least the package from source and then make it available in a repo to install onto the existing image10:00
bluelightningteachme: (or copy over the package to the device and install it, but then you need to do the same for any dependencies)10:00
teachmebluelightning: when you say copy, you mean cross-compiling the binary on a PC first, then copy the image over either using FTP or using some file manager. Is my understanding correct? It seems like copying is much easier10:03
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bluelightningteachme: yes10:05
bluelightningteachme: right, for one or two packages yes that is easier10:05
teachmebluelightning: Thanks. You are most helpful. Is it advisable to test the new binary over QEMU first before transferring to SDcard?10:06
bluelightningteachme: that shouldn't be necessary, no10:06
teachmebluelightning: may I ask when would making the new software in a repo be more appropriate compared to copying over the binaries and dependencies?10:07
teachmebluelightning: for example, if there are many dependencies, would making it available in a repo be better?10:07
_valle_I'm running a IMAGE_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND and would like to retrieve some files from a meta-layer. Is this possible?10:07
bluelightningteachme: when the number of dependencies gets large, it becomes tedious to install them all manually yes10:07
bluelightning_valle_: when you start to do that you should consider whether packaging up those files would be a better approach10:08
ramose___valle_:Didn't work :(10:08
teachmebluelightning: would you have any links on how to make a repo? I have never done that before. Actually, I don't even know what exactly is a repo.10:09
bluelightningteachme: I don't have a guide on that part necessarily, but there is a section of our manual that deals with the build system side of it:
_valle_ramose__:  If you echo something more, like  echo "Something ${TUNE_FEATURES} more" | wall     do you see any output?10:10
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_valle_bluelightning: I want to make an upgrade package with some files from the deploy folder and some other files from the meta-layer which isn't in the rootfs. Is packaging up those files the best approach for doing this?10:12
bluelightning_valle_: an upgrade package, what does that mean?10:13
teachmebluelightning: thanks. You have been most helpful. Not so scared of Yocto and Galileo now. But I wish it could be easier than Raspberry Pi.10:14
bluelightningteachme: you're welcome. FWIW, we are working to improve things so that there is a wider range of packages available out of the box10:14
bluelightning(we, being Intel, as opposed to the Yocto Project)10:15
_valle_bluelightning: I just want to make a tarball of some files from the deploy folder, and some files in a meta-layer. However those files in the meta-layer shouldn't be included in the rootfs. What would be the best approach do you think?10:15
teachmeGoing off now. Goodbye. Will probably come back to trouble you folks with more questions later:)10:15
teachmebluelightning: I see. With Intel behind, I have even more confidence. Thanks!10:16
bluelightningteachme: cya10:16
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bluelightning_valle_: where should the tarball go after it is created?10:17
_valle_To the deploy folder10:17
_valle_bluelightning: Could you use SRC_URI in some way in the recipe I use for building the Image to include those files?10:20
bluelightning_valle_: in that case I would suggest using a separate recipe that is depended upon by the image using EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS10:21
bluelightning_valle_: yes you can but with an image recipe, do_fetch and do_unpack are disabled and re-enabling them isn't exactly trivial10:22
_valle_bluelightning: Okay I will try the EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS approach, thank you10:22
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_valle_bluelightning: The EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS got me the files I needed to the work directory, so far so good.10:51
_valle_bluelightning: Now I just need to figure out how to get them to the correct folder...10:51
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_valle_bluelightning: Is there any variable to get the current building Image folder?10:52
bluelightning_valle_: within the image recipe ${IMAGE_ROOTFS}, outside of it no10:52
_valle_bluelightning: Okay, I need it outside unfortunately.10:54
bluelightningthat means that what you are doing isn't outside of the image as you were suggesting earlier...11:00
_valle_Hmm, its that the do_fetch and do_unpack are disabled that gives me a problem.11:03
_valle_I guess I have to do some workaround for now using the EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS and copy the files with a relative path11:04
_valle_But I don't want the files to ${IMAGE_ROOTFS} but to the folder above so I can work with them11:06
bluelightningI think you are going to be better off doing this in the image recipe if you are touching anything under the workdir of the image (which it seems like you are)11:08
_valle_bluelightning: Yes that's what I'm doing. However I need some files from the meta-layer to the workdir of the image. And since do_fetch and do_unpack are disabled I got stuck11:10
bluelightningI don't recall what you need to do to re-enable those; you might be able to use an anonymous python function to do d.setVarFlag('do_fetch', 'noexec', None) etc.11:12
_valle_bluelightning: Thank you for the help. Atleast I got a workaround :). Will investigate how to re-enable those11:14
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stiandreHi, I am trying to setup eclipse with the yocto plug-in for "Build system derived toolchain", but when I try to reconfiguring the helloworld C Autotools example project, I get the following "Problems":13:14
stiandreInfos (3 items)13:14
stiandre    Missing PROG arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-dll13:14
stiandre    Missing PROG arm-poky-linux-gnueabi-mt13:14
stiandre    Missing PROG dlltool13:14
stiandreWhen I try to build (compile it), I don't get any output in the "Console" window13:15
stiandreI expect something in the Console window when compiling it, according to what the manual says "To build the project, select Project -> Build Project. The console should update and you can note the cross-compiler you are using."13:17
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stiandreAny ideas?13:23
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stiandrebluelightning: hi13:32
bluelightninghi stiandre13:33
stiandrestiandre: do you have any clue about my issue?13:33
bluelightningsorry, I don't really know much about the Eclipse plugin13:33
stiandrebluelightning: ok, but do you have any recommendation on how I can debug my user space application remotely using a good debugger?13:34
bluelightninggdb supports remote debugging with gdbserver, but I've not really used it either I13:35
bluelightningI'm afraid13:35
stiandreUsing a visual debugger (not the gdb commandline)13:35
erbostiandre: I've used qtcreator + GDB-server13:35
stiandrebluelightning: okay, np :)13:35
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stiandreerbo: that's a possibility, easy to setup?13:37
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erbostiandre: I don't think I ran in to much trouble when I tried it, but I have no step-by-step instructions13:42
stiandrestiandre: okay, thanks13:42
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jmleoHi there14:53
jmleoI can't get a working patch for hostapd, and I don't understand what I am doing wrong...14:54
jmleoHere is the error, and the patch below :
jmleoif you see something obvious... :p14:55
bluelightningjmleo: perhaps the patch is referencing files one directory too deep?14:59
bluelightningjmleo: patches are effectively applied with -p1 by default15:00
bluelightningwhich means one directory level will be stripped off15:00
bluelightningso the paths referenced by the patch should probably be e.g. a/src/drivers/drivers.mak rather than a/hostapd-2.2/src/drivers/drivers.mak15:01
jmleobluelightning: I tried, but I have the same error15:02
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jmleo ls tmp/work/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-poky-linux-gnueabi/hostapd/2.2-r0/15:03
jmleo0001-hostapd-Don-t-include-libnl-include-directory.patch  defconfig  hostapd-2.2  hostapd.conf  hostapd.service  init  temp15:03
jmleoso, the patch should be applied with hostapd-2.215:03
bluelightningit'll be applied *within* that directory with -p115:03
jmleosame error15:06
jmleook, I think I know why15:06
bluelightningwhat is S set to in the recipe?15:06
jmleoyes, exactly what I was about to tell15:06
jmleoS = "${WORKDIR}/hostapd-${PV}/hostapd"15:06
bluelightningok, I think you may need to add this to the end of the SRC_URI entry for the patch: ;patchdir=..15:07
jmleook, it works15:09
jmleothx bluelightning15:10
jmleoI will send a patch for oe now if you want ?15:10
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bluelightningjmleo: please do yes15:20
jmleobluelightning: done15:20
jmleoI hope I did it well :D15:20
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jmleoI have a local kernel source tree, and I want it to be build using my own meta. It works, but currently, I have to push it and modify the rev in order to build and test it. I read there is a way to have a source directory different from the build directory (I don't want to have the object files in the source tree) but I can't have it working...15:30
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jmleoI have a local kernel source tree, and I want it to be build using my own meta. It works, but currently, I have to push it and modify the rev in order to build and test it. I read there is a way to have a source directory different from the build directory (I don't want to have the object files in the source tree) but I can't have it working...15:30
jmleosorry for double posting, bad manipulation15:30
bluelightningare you using a linux-yocto derived kernel recipe?15:32
jmleoI am using a freescale derived recipe, but I can write a new one15:32
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bluelightningjmleo: if this is just for local development, you may be able to use externalsrc:
jmleoI tried, but it failed (can't remember the error). Will try again and let you informed15:36
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jmleobluelightning: "ERROR: ExpansionError during parsing /run/media/jm/SSD_JM/Projets/vodabox3/poky/meta-vodalys-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/ Failure expanding variable WORKDIR: ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception FetchError: Fetcher failure: SRCREV was used yet no valid SCM was found in SRC_URI"15:46
bluelightningjmleo: right you will have to clear out SRCREV for the recipe as well when using externalsrc15:46
jmleo" ExpansionError during parsing /run/media/jm/SSD_JM/Projets/vodabox3/poky/meta-vodalys-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/ Failure expanding variable WORKDIR: ExpansionError: Failure expanding variable SRCPV, expression was ${@bb.fetch2.get_srcrev(d)} which triggered exception FetchError: Fetcher failure: SRCREV was used yet no valid SCM was found in SRC_URI"15:47
bluelightningoh right sorry15:47
bluelightningI meant don't use SRCPV in PV15:48
bluelightningwhen using externalsrc15:48
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jmleoyes, I removed it15:48
jmleook, seems better15:48
jmleobluelightning: but the EXTERNALSRC_BUILD will be set too, and I will have my objects in my source tree ?15:51
bluelightningjmleo: are you setting EXTERNALSRC_BUILD ?15:51
bluelightningok, in that case no, EXTERNALSRC_BUILD points to a directory under the workdir i.e. separate from the source15:52
bluelightning(by default)15:52
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jmleobluelightning: Here is the error I had :
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bluelightningjmleo: can you please check, does your kernel recipe inherit kernel-yocto or require ?16:42
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_valle_How do I override the u-boot that is build? I would like to build u-boot v2014.10 instead of u-boot-fslc16:52
_valle_I tried setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER_u-boot ??= "u-boot" and PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader ??= "u-boot" with no success16:55
bluelightning_valle_: well, ??= isn't going to override a setting set elsewhere, which I would have to assume it is16:58
_valle_bluelightning: Thank you17:07
_valle_bluelightning: To get the v2014.10 branch instead of the master. Should I bbappend the and override the SRC_URI or checkout the other branch?17:10
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T0mW_valle_: bit tricky, you can replace the provided u-boot recipe with your own.   Make your new u-boot recipe and place that somewhere in your local meta tree (e.g. machine/meta/recipes-XXXX).  Then, edit the conf/bblayers.conf to make the local recipe the first that is scanned (e.g.   ${HOME}/Projects/CPU8/Daisy/awsom_dimm/meta-awsom ).  Once bitbake is able to satisfy the requirement by the u-boot recipe in your local tree, it will not look17:17
T0mW into the other bb recipe trees (e.g. meta-yocto, etc.).17:17
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bluelightning_valle_: my point was you should use = and not ??=17:19
tomprinceHas anybody used yocto to build minimal base images for docker?17:20
_valle_bluelightning: Yes I got that and that solved the problem with building the mainline u-boot instead of the u-boot-fslc17:20
_valle_bluelightning: However that builds the u-boot v2013.0717:20
_valle_bluelightning: And I want to build 2014.1017:21
bluelightning_valle_: is there a recipe for 2014.10 in your configuration?17:21
_valle_bluelightning: Nope17:21
bluelightning_valle_: ok, you will need to add one17:21
bluelightningI believe patches were sent to add one to OE-Core recently, I don't know if they made it in or not17:21
* armpit is asleep behind the wheel again17:23
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_valle_Thank you T0mW and bluelightning. Finally got the u-boot v2014.10 built17:43
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JorynHas anyone had issues with accessing sourceforge tarballs today?21:12
JorynI've been running into issues downloading the lame_3.99.5.tar.gz for some reason21:12
JorynSpecifically getting this error during a bitbake:21:14
JorynERROR: Fetcher failure: Fetch command failed with exit code 4, output:21:14
JorynRead error (Connection reset by peer) in headers.21:14
JorynRead error (Connection reset by peer) in headers.21:14
JorynERROR: Function failed: Fetcher failure for URL: ''. Unable to fetch URL from any source.21:14
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