Tuesday, 2014-12-16

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fisheyI'm seeing an kernel version being used when I do runqemu despite it building the new one (maybe it didn't completely install?) any ideas?05:46
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fisheyany guesses when kernel 3.18 will land?07:26
fisheyor bluez5?07:26
fisheyor libsanitizer?07:26
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LetoThe2ndfishey: exactly when someone has submitted patches than have then been accepted for upstream.07:31
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LetoThe2ndin master the DISTRO_FEATURES systemd and udev are mutually exclusive. since when is this active? e.g., will a modified distro config break on daisy?09:16
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teachmeOn this URL https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-22226, there are 2 huge files "Board Support Package (Yocto archive 1 of 2)" and "Board Support Package (Yocto archive 2 of 2)". Do I need to download these 2 huge files to compile a Yocto image for Galileo board?09:25
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teachmeHi. Anyone around?09:36
abelloni_yprobably not09:36
teachmeWould you know what time do they come in? How long more to wait?09:37
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abelloni_but I would think it contains everything that will downloaded by the build proce"ss anyway09:37
teachmebluelightning:  glad to see you here09:37
teachmeOn this URL https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-22226, there are 2 huge files "Board Support Package (Yocto archive 1 of 2)" and "Board Support Package (Yocto archive 2 of 2)". Do I need to download these 2 huge files to compile a Yocto image for Galileo board?09:37
teachmeabelloni_: thanks. But if I have problem downloading certain source code due to firewall blocking while building, should I download these 2 huge files to work around?09:39
bluelightningmorning all09:39
teachmebluelightning: good morning. I just ran 'bitbake image-full-galileo'. Got some error. http://pastebin.com/E7bNJTnV09:41
bluelightningteachme: I'm surprised they have not fixed that already09:42
bluelightningteachme: you basically need to make the following fix to the recipe: http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-devel/2014-June/096235.html09:43
teachmebluelightning: not sure if it is my fault, actually. I followed instructions in Quark_BSP_BuildandSWUserGuide_329687_006.pdf09:43
bluelightningteachme: no, it was caused by upstream repository being re-created, but I thought they'd updated the recipe already for that09:44
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teachmebluelightning: thanks. I am figuring out how to use diff. Never used it before.09:49
bluelightningteachme: in this instance the change is so trivial you can make the edit manually ;)09:49
bluelightningbut a useful thing to know in any case09:49
teachmejust made the changes. Hope I did the right thing. Building now. So far so good09:54
teachmewould you know how long it takes to 'bitbake image-full-galileo'?09:54
bluelightningteachme: depends on how fast your machine is, really09:55
teachmeencountered error again. http://pastebin.com/i3mYH57L My guess is that git got blocked by the firewall. Do you think that is the case?09:57
bluelightningteachme: are you behind some form of proxy?09:58
teachmeYes. I'm in my company office. I think the firewall is too strict.09:58
teachmeOn this URL https://communities.intel.com/docs/DOC-22226, there are 2 huge files "Board Support Package (Yocto archive 1 of 2)" and "Board Support Package (Yocto archive 2 of 2)". Should I download these 2 files to work around the firewall?09:59
bluelightningI honestly don't know what is in those, but I am guessing by the size that it includes the source10:00
bluelightningbut to be honest if a proxy is available you should be able to set that to fetch from the git repositories10:01
teachmebluelightning: what time is it at your side now? Around what time is this irc channel active so that I can get support?10:01
teachmethe proxy is out of my control. Those IT guys are too strict and bureaucratic. Guess I have to try out from home10:02
bluelightningteachme: you don't necessarily need control over the proxy itself, just knowing the address may be enough10:03
bluelightningteachme: see https://github.com/openembedded/oe-core/blob/master/meta/conf/site.conf.sample for the example configuration required for git proxy usage10:03
bluelightningteachme: it's 10AM here in the UK... this channel is active-ish at most times of the day, but it may not always be the best place to get galileo-specific support10:04
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teachmeThen, besides here, where can I get galileo-specific support?10:05
bluelightningteachme: the primary forum for galileo is https://communities.intel.com/community/makers10:05
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bluelightningI'm happy to help here if I'm around though10:06
bluelightning(if I'm able to be helpful, of course)10:06
maxinIs there any particular reason why meta-fsl-ppc  master still uses openssl-1.0.1g (PREFERRED_VERSION_openssl = "1.0.1g")10:08
teachmeGlad that you're here. let me try out the proxy. are you the only Intel guy here?10:08
bluelightningteachme: no, there are others as well10:09
bluelightningmaxin: I can't think of a good one, please ping the layer maintainer10:09
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maxinbluelightning: thanks, sure..10:10
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teachmeIn https://github.com/openembedded/oe-core/blob/master/meta/conf/site.conf.sample, I cannot find oe-core/meta/conf/site.conf.sample. This file is in openembedded. Is it also available in yocto?10:12
teachmebluelightning: Is this irc channel only up during UK time? Is it up during Asia time? Time over here now is 6:13 pm10:14
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bluelightningteachme: in poky you will find it in meta-yocto/conf/site.conf.sample10:15
bluelightningteachme: it's an international channel, it's open 24/7 :)10:16
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teachmeis it also available during the weekend?10:26
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LetoThe2ndthere is always weekend somewhere :)10:31
teachmeGot to go now. Thanks for your support, bluelightning10:31
bluelightningteachme: it's quieter but there's always someone around yes10:32
bluelightningteachme: ok, no problem - cya10:32
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boucman_workhello everybody11:00
boucman_workwhat is the magic command to force bitbake to regenerate a rootfs from scratch ? I have doubts whith his current state11:01
bluelightningboucman_work: if you mean really from scratch, just delete your TMPDIR and SSTATEDIR (tmp and sstate-cache by default)11:08
bluelightningboucman_work: what is causing you to have doubts about its current state?11:08
boucman_workwhen I launch a certain binary, it launches correctly in my build, but it has some libraries not found on my customer's image11:08
boucman_workthe libraries are there, in a specific dir, there is a file in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ to point there11:09
boucman_workso it seems ldconfig was run for me but not for him11:09
boucman_work(I didn't find anything in the doc on how to tell yocto to run ldconfig, I assume it's at the end of the rootfs build stage)11:09
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boucman_workif possible I would like to avoid recompiling since that's probably not the problem here11:10
frsc_boucman_work: I guess "bitbake <image-name> -c rootfs -f" to force regeneration of the rootfs only11:13
frsc_should work11:13
boucman_workawesome, i'll try that, thx11:13
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noisebleedHi all. I'm trying to launch my first image through runqemu but I'm stuck after "Setting up tap interface under sudo"11:39
noisebleedsudo is asking for some password, and I don't know which one. Empty doesn't work as stated in the video tutorial11:40
bluelightningnoisebleed: it will be your user's password on your system (it needs privileges on your system to set up the tap interface)11:40
noisebleedbluelightning: the guest system?11:41
bluelightningnoisebleed: no, the host11:41
noisebleedbluelightning: thank you, I've reinstalled my OS last week and forgot to setup sudo. my fault. thanks again!11:44
bluelightningnoisebleed: no worries11:44
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RagBalI'm trying to build a simple image with qt5 in it, the image itself builds perfectly but the meta-toolchain-qt5 doesn't, it complains about unable to satisfy a dependency package qttools-plugins : http://pastebin.com/3JPteduq12:51
RagBalCan anybody shed some light in this matter?12:52
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abelloni_RagBal: can you add ALLOW_EMPTY_qttools-plugins = "1" to you local.conf and test again ?13:02
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boucman_workOk, I tested some more and it seems indeed that yocto doesn't update ld.so.cache when I add a file in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ I need to manually run ldconfig on the image13:12
boucman_workis that a known issue ? is there something I need to do in the relevant .bb to tell yocto that I'm adding a new ld.so path ?13:13
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RagBalabelloni_, thanks I'm going to try it right away13:14
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RagBalabelloni_, the sdk just finished, thnx! Any way I can prevent the need of "ALLOW_EMPTY_qttools-plugins" added to my local.conf?13:23
abelloni_I would add it to the machine configuration but I'm not sure this is the correct way13:24
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boucman_workis there a way to "configure" the target easily (set the hostname, enable dhcp at startup, that sort of stuff...)13:26
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RagBalabelloni_, ok but why do I need this setting?13:37
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achestHello! I want to Compile(use) some java jni app. I made a recipe and bekam a compile Error ( no jni.h found) what cann a do?14:39
achestI 'm working with this app: https://github.com/entropia/libsocket-can-java14:40
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abelloni_RagBal: basically, your qttools-plugins package is empty14:54
abelloni_because there are no plugin for your machine14:54
abelloni_so it is not generated14:54
RagBalYea I could extrapolate that from the option name =)14:54
RagBalHm ok, shouldn't it rather generate a warning then just stopping the build?14:55
abelloni_yeah, ask JaMa :)14:56
RagBalThanks for your help =)14:57
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achestbluelightning: can you help me to compile some java jni library?15:28
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bluelightningachest: I have no knowledge of jni at all, sorry15:28
achestbluelightning: I want to use this: https://github.com/entropia/libsocket-can-java or some other libraries (ARM)15:31
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achestbluelightning: Ideas how can i compile it?15:31
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sjolleyYPTM:   Ready-Access Number:    8007302996  Access Code:    270575115:59
RPsjolley: Richard joined the call16:00
sjolleyYPTM: Stephen Joined16:00
sgw_YPTM: Saul is here16:00
benjamircYPTM: Benjamin joined16:00
armpitYPTM: armin on16:00
tomzYPTM: Tom Z on16:00
sonaYPTM: sona is on16:01
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joeythesaintYPTM: Joe MacDonald on.16:02
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denixYPTM: Denys is dialing in16:02
bluelightningYPTM: won't be here due to a conflict again16:02
Guest57658YPTM: AlexG here16:02
zeddiiYPTM: Bruce is on for 10 minutes.16:03
Guest57658YPTM: FYI, the 1.8_M1.rc1 report is out: https://wiki.yoctoproject.org/wiki/WW51_-_2014-12-07_-_Full_Pass_-_1.8_M1.rc1#Performance_Charts16:03
alimonYPTM: alimon here16:04
boucman_workmultilib + non-standard library path = mess :(16:04
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rburtonYPTM: joined16:09
sjolleyYPTM is over16:12
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armpitI will be collection patches for the upcoming 1.7.1 release. please let me know which patches need to be included. use [Dizzy] in the subject line - thanks17:04
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sgw_armpit: thanks for working as stable maintainer for Dizzy!17:07
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denixis there any special, but generic handling of VIRTUAL-RUNTIME variables?19:28
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rburtondenix: no20:11
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maharveyWhen read-only-rootfs is in effect, bitbake runs the "postinstall" scripts as part of the do_rootfs task, so that the results are included in the rootfs tarball instead of being attempted during the first boot (when they would fail due to the rootfs being read-only). How do I identify such a script as a "postinstall" script (in Yocto 1.5), so that it will get this special handling?20:17
bluelightningmaharvey: it's not read-only rootfs that causes that to happen, the system always tries to run those scripts when creating the image, it's only if they fail that they get run on first boot20:19
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!besquive@nat/intel/x-thgokgdpnggcguzr> has joined #yocto20:19
bluelightningmaharvey: postinstall scripts are defined using pkg_postinst_<packagename> () { ... }20:19
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* zeddii heads out for the day20:22
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denixrburton: if I have 2 mutually-exclusive packages providing the same library, should they both be made virtual?20:27
fisheysay I want to use mainline linux from git as my kernel. Should I bbappend on linux-yocto-dev to do that? Or something else?20:37
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Crofton|worknow wic is failing21:16
Crofton|worktomz, ping21:20
Crofton|work-gnueabi/core-image-minimal/1.0-r0/rootfs (rc = 1): mkfs.ext4: invalid option -- 'd'21:20
bluelightningCrofton|work: sounds like it's using your host mkfs.ext4 rather than the one from the sysroot21:22
Crofton|workyep but why?21:23
*** stryx` <stryx`!~stryx@unaffiliated/stryx/x-3871776> has quit IRC21:24
Crofton|workno mkfs.ext4 in sysroot?21:24
bluelightningCrofton|work: don't know - has e2fsprogs-native been built?21:24
*** 7JTABSFX8 <7JTABSFX8!~stryx@> has joined #yocto21:25
Crofton|workdoesn't look like it21:27
Crofton|workI suppose this is a bug21:27
bluelightningwell, there's at least one - wic doesn't check to ensure it exists21:29
bluelightning(in the sysroot)21:29
bluelightningas to why it didn't get built - what did you do in this tmpdir before running wic?21:29
Crofton|workI nuked it and built core-image-minimal21:30
bluelightninghmm, what about before that?21:32
bluelightningactually, it shouldn't matter21:35
bluelightningif ext2, ext3 or ext4 are in IMAGE_FSTYPES then it should have been built21:36
Crofton|workthey are not21:37
Crofton|workI think21:37
Crofton|workonly ramdisk and tgz21:38
Crofton|workthat would be recent for this machine since no one was using them and for large images you would run out of disk space making too many images21:38
Crofton|workthe way the day is going I should go drink and make dinner21:39
Crofton|workand start over tomorrow21:39
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bluelightningthat probably explains why it wasn't built, then21:40
bluelightningyou could always do EXTRA_IMAGEDEPENDS += "e2fsprogs-native" to work around that though21:41
Crofton|workyeah, I'll file a bug21:43
*** tmpsantos <tmpsantos!~tmpsantos@> has joined #yocto21:52
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #129 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-world/builds/12922:01
* Crofton|work curses22:01
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Crofton|workI think sgw_ may have fixed the issue (from looking at buildhistory) but no opkg  or ssh on core-image-minmal22:02
* Crofton|work goes to work on dinner and drink22:02
sgw_Crofton|work: sorry I missed your updates in OE, check that resolvconf patch, I hope it helped.22:07
Crofton|workyeah I am22:07
Crofton|workjust having pain getting the resolvconf package onto core-image-minimal22:07
Crofton|worklooking at the buildhistory I see things thaat were missing from earlier ones22:08
Crofton|workso I am hopeful I can confirm it is better22:08
Crofton|workbut I need beer22:08
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Crofton|worksgw_, thanks. The best problems are ones you find are already fixed22:49
Crofton|workany idea if it will go into dizzy?22:49
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-jxhrzgelisbtbvvm> has quit IRC22:52
sgw_Crofton|work: beer helped?  Sure this is a good candidate, let armpit know, he and I will be pulling some master patches back for the 1.7.1 release22:52
armpitwe are pulling beer into dizzy ?22:53
Crofton|workOK, I'm not familiar with the patches, I jsut got master built22:54
Crofton|workI delayed going for beer :(22:54
sgw_Crofton|work: Ok, since it was my patch I will get it to armpit22:54
Crofton|workis it only the one pacth?22:54
sgw_armpit: it's not late enough here for beer yet,22:54
Crofton|workI may try installing this on some older rootfs's (since it is only shell)22:55
sgw_Crofton|work: yes, I think so was about to check my old patches22:55
Crofton|workis here22:55
Crofton|workI'll try and double check myslef22:55
Crofton|workat some point my computer randomly rebooted during a build so today was not fun22:55
Crofton|workI upadted the bios that claims to improve stability22:56
Crofton|workwe'll see if I can get a build in a vm to work :)22:56
Crofton|workanyway, thanks22:56
sgw_Crofton|work:  here is the patch to search for [OE-core] [PATCH v2] resolvconf: add fixes for busybox and make it work22:56
sgw_armpit: I did mark that one for dizzy once it came into master ^^^22:56
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armpitsgw_: k23:22
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sgw_armpit: thanks23:26
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Croftonand still getting random reboots when building in vms :(23:33
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