Friday, 2014-12-19

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iwamatsuHi, If I want to put static libraries to image ( ex, core-image-minimal), can I use IMAGE_FEATURES_append = "staticdev-pkgs"?02:43
iwamatsuPerhaps, can I use staticdev-pkgs with SDK () only?02:45
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chankitfor gcc, if I specify configure target=host , do I compile the gcc to run on my build machine or the target platform?06:21
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TypoNAMchankit: you're telling it to build for native, which means to run on host machine according to this:
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TypoNAMhost/build machine rather06:42
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chankitTypoNAM: ok...suppose that I'm using a BSP package provided by Intel, so how does Yocto configure GCC to cross compile for that target platform? I dissected the gcc folder under folder meta but I found nothing informative. But I guess that should be due to my incompetance and that's the reason I voice out my problem here.07:48
chankitBTW, sorry for my late reply here.07:50
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LetoThe2ndchankit: i'd suggest  to generate a sdk with the yocto mechanisms. then have a look at it (its basically two sysroot and an environment setup script)07:59
LetoThe2ndchankit: looking at that, without all the build dir stuff should make crosscompilation quite a bit more clear08:00
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chankitLetoThe2nd: I guess that's one of the ways...that somewhat makes me appreciate the work done by the developers that we take for granted...My actual goal is actually to bitbake clang compiler but somewhat I bitbaked the clang for my build machine rather than the platform.08:32
chankitThat's why I tried to examine gcc to see how they got through that cross compiling thing. Since gcc and clang are both compilers, gcc recipes would be a good place for me to see how can I get clang to work on my target machine08:33
LetoThe2ndchankit: sounds like you mixed up recipe contents for a native target and a stadard (cross) target08:42
chankitdoes anybody know what do_compile_class-native() method defines?08:42
chankitLetoThe2nd: most probably I'm afraid08:43
LetoThe2ndchankit: the "-native" is the buzzword here. it makes clear that the compilation target is the host machine.08:43
LetoThe2ndchankit: i'd suggest to take a look at some recipes that are actually built for the target, as well as the recipe-writing section in the yocto dev manual08:44
LetoThe2ndchankit: and, if you're ripping out bits and pieces of other recipes: whenever you read "-native", it should ring an alarm bell. it will probably not do what you meant08:45
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chankitLetoThe2nd: Here's my stupid clang recipe . I don't see much of -native methods though08:48
chankitObviously I **stole** the original recipe and modified it :-(08:49
chankitThe reason I list out a lot of files is because I got files/directories were installed but not shipped I did that to circumvent that error08:50
chankitthe original file has --enable-targets=host which is probably wrong in my opinion so I changed that to x86_6408:52
LetoThe2ndchankit: i see. well i'm no pro too, i'm just handing out pointers that i've gathered over time.08:52
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LetoThe2ndchankit: but i think manually setting thing like target or host for the configure run is kind of sabotage to the crosscompile automatisms OE provides08:53
chankitLetoThe2nd: probably...removed that line and see what comes up..that parameter defaults to "all" so hopefully that opens up the compatibility list08:57
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karoogaHi, I'm getting an error on the dizzy branch:  Anyone else seeing this?10:05
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bluelightningkarooga: what host distro are you building this on?10:13
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bboozzooany idea if PRSERV_HOST will also work if put in site.conf?10:19
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karoogabluelightning: ubuntu 13.1010:28
karoogaI've added meta-raspberrypi and meta-gstreamer1.0 to BBLAYERS and set MACHINE to raspberrypi.10:29
karoogabluelightning: do you think it would help to switch to something like 14.04?10:43
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karoogaThe manual says that it's supported?10:53
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bluelightningkarooga: I'm not sure if that's the issue... do you know what is causing byacc-native to be built?11:16
karoogabluelightning: I'm not sure, still new to yocto.  How can I check?11:18
karoogaWas just following:
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bboozzoois there support for working with source trees in Yocto/bitbake, something in the lines of srctree.bbclass that used to be in openembedded?13:04
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AndersDbboozzoo, is externalsrc.bbclass what you're looking for?13:09
bboozzoolooks good, thanks13:10
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kergothseebs: ping15:31
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denixJaMa: ping16:19
denixJaMa: so, I'm experimenting with that multiple runtime providers thing we discussed couple days ago16:19
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denixJaMa: so, I got GL providers named and versioned identically, but made machine-specific. now, qtwebkit is NOT machine-specific, but links to GL. the problem is that qtwebkit doesn't get staged for the second machine I build, so libs are not in sysroots... any ideas?16:23
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JaMawhy isn't it staged?16:24
denixJaMa: not sure, trying to figure it out now. but libQt5WebKit.* are missing from the second machine sysroots, while being present in the first built machine sysroots16:28
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denixJaMa: do I need qtwebkit to be excluded from siggen for that to work?16:29
JaMano siggen exclude is only needed to make qtbase signature identical for multiple MACHINEs16:32
JaMait shouldn't influence staging at all16:32
denixJaMa: yeah, I think it's rebuilding qtwebkit now for the second machine and replacing IPKs, but not sure why staging is missing...16:33
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fray1 316:48
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denixJaMa: so, looking into work dir - image/ and package/ contain machine-specific paths. normally, qtbase will have /usr/lib paths in there, in case of qtwebkit it has /home/user/blah/sysroots/machine/usr/lib instead...16:57
JaMain which files, prf, prl and similar files are sanitized in sstate16:58
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denixJaMa: now, that is just killing me! on my other machine it stages everything properly... :(17:22
paulbarkerDoes anyone know what the current opinion on .inc files in oe-core is? I'm trying to put non-version specific stuff in instead of but the split is getting confusing17:42
paulbarkerI know there's been previous discussion on .inc files but I can't remember if we're trying to keep them or merge them into the .bb file when we're only maintaining one version of a recipe17:44
denixpaulbarker: I thought for 1 version there's not much benefit in .inc17:46
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paulbarkerdenix: I agree, the .inc is already there for opkg though17:47
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kergothHmm, anyone gotten busybox building with tirpc?21:24
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seebskergoth: ack23:39
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