Thursday, 2014-12-18

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tomprinceIt could be that nobody who knows the answer is around, but if you stick around they can see your question and respond.00:54
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teachmeI am trying to compile Yocto Galileo image. I ran the command 'bitbake image-full-galileo' and encountered error. Here is the error message
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teachmeHi. Is anyone around? This channel appears silent04:56
TypoNAMteachme: it says why it failed. the only site to retrieve OpenCV-2.4.3.tar.bz2 from is no longer valid as the download doesn't exist anymore.05:00
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teachmeTypoNAM: Thanks for the reply! Would you know where I should put OpenCV-2.4.3.tar.bz2 after it has been downloaded?05:03
TypoNAMthere should be a downloads/ directory in the parent directory of your build/, put it into that05:04
TypoNAMso if you're in build/ right now, then it should go into ../downloads/05:05
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teachmeTypoNAM: Thanks! besides putting into downloads, do I need to do anything else? Like mark some file to indicate to BitBake that file has been successfully downloaded?05:09
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TypoNAMnope, just rerun the bitbake command you just tried and it should see the package as already downloaded and proceeds onwards05:11
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chankitteachme: ping06:29
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teachmestill here06:34
teachmeHelp provided by TypoNAM works. Now, waiting for new error to appear while compiling06:35
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tomprinceHas anybody used yocto to build minimal base images for docker?07:30
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chankittomprince: you mean this docker?
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mckoangood morning08:29
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teachmeI am trying to compile Galileo yocto image. There are some errors with patching opencv.
teachmeI downloaded opencv- manually. Convert it to OpenCV-2.4.3.tar.bz2. Then, copy it to downloads folder. Run bitbake again and encountered the error09:03
teachmeHi. Is anyone around?09:03
chankitteachme: sorry to be captain obvious but it seems like you have issue with the patch not finding the file09:04
chankitdid you try to poke around the working directories to see what's missing?09:04
LetoThe2ndteachme: and, manually recreating archive files will most likely also not work. better check the recipes what going wrong09:04
teachmeAre the working directories in this location meta-clanton_v1.0.1/yocto_build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux-uclibc/opencv ?09:05
chankitteachme: sorry to bother u with unrelated topic but since you are trying to compile opencv, I assume u got llvm+clang to work?09:05
chankitteachme: you can get the working directory by doing bitbake -e <recipename> | grep ^WORKDIR=09:06
teachmepardon my ignorance. I don't know what is llm+clang09:06
chankitteachme: excuse my typo, i mean llvm09:06
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teachmechankit: In the working directories, I only see patches. I do not see opencv.tar.bz2 being unzipped. Maybe that is why file was not found09:09
teachmeLetoThe2nd: The original problem was that while doing bitbake, opencv cannot be fetched from sourceforge website. So, I downloaded the opencv package manually. I cannot find another website to download the opencv package. How do I go about modifying the recipe in this case?09:11
LetoThe2ndteachme: point the recipe to the available archive (seems to be tar.gz in your case), and replace the checksum with the new, correct one.09:12
LetoThe2ndteachme: if there is no version change involved, this should suffice09:12
LetoThe2ndteachme: randomly replacing with other versions will certainly go *boom*09:13
teachmeLetoThe2nd: pardon my ignorance. How do I find the new checksum?09:13
LetoThe2ndteachme: look at the md5sum, sha256sum tools09:14
teachmeSo, I have to install md5sum, sha256sum? do a 'sudo apt-get install md5sum'?09:15
LetoThe2ndteachme: this has basically all the necessary information09:15
LetoThe2ndteachme: instead of random shooting apt-commands, maybe check your system first?09:15
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jmleoHi there09:35
jmleoI want to use my own kernel, I have sources locally, and I want to use a yocto recipe and append my own recipe with the uri to the local sources using externalsources09:36
jmleowhat is the best yocto recipe I can use (I am building a 3.18 linux kernel)09:36
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LetoThe2ndjmleo: you can look at for example09:41
LetoThe2ndjmleo: the linux-yocto-custom recipes there are not super pretty, but basically self-contained.09:41
bluelightningmorning all09:42
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jmleoLetoThe2nd: ok, I'll have a look09:42
jmleobut this is not using externalsrc09:43
teachmeIt seems that this problem was solved by unzipping the opencv package and copying the unzipped contents to the working directory. Then, the patch is able to find the file to patch. Thanks. But I think modifying the recipe would be the best solution. Unfortunately, it is beyond me at this moment09:44
LetoThe2ndjmleo: i'd look at it as two steps. first, make your own recipe work. then, beat it into shape to additionally accept external source.09:45
jmleoLetoThe2nd: I already have a custom recipe, but based on a freescale one09:45
jmleoso I want to clean things up09:46
LetoThe2ndjmleo: so whats the problem then after all?09:46
jmleoHere is the current recipe09:47
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jmleoso, basically, I think it would be good to have this recipe rewritten, as the reference, and a bbappend, which compiles it locally, overwriting SRC_URI and using externalsrc10:00
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LetoThe2ndjmleo: sounds like a concept that should work10:02
jmleoLetoThe2nd: what is the "nocheckout" in the SRC_URI exactly ?10:05
LetoThe2ndjmleo: see
LetoThe2ndjmleo: i'm not totally sure why its needed or what its good for, its more like "worksforme"10:09
jmleoLetoThe2nd: ok, here is the failure I saw :
LetoThe2ndjmleo: sorry, i'm no specialist there. we just did base of the recipes i gave you, and it "worked". not much more i can helpfully tell you at the moment, unfortunately10:17
jmleoMaybe somebody else has an idea... bluelightning perhaps ;) ? Here is a more informations, recipes, and a list of files in the build directory :10:27
bluelightningjmleo: at this point linux-yocto derived kernel recipes simply do not support building with externalsrc properly I'm afraid10:28
bluelightningthere are patches in review to fix that at the moment10:28
jmleoAdding this in my bbappend, make me able to configure : KERNEL_CONFIG_COMMAND = "oe_runmake_call -C ${S} O=${B} oldnoconfig || yes '' | oe_runmake -C ${S} O=${B} oldconfig"10:31
jmleobut it seems to not beeing taking the defconfig into account10:32
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jmleois there a way to avoid configuration step ?10:52
jmleoI want to have fetch->unpack->compile10:52
jmleono configure10:52
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bluelightningjmleo: you can set do_configure[noexec] = "1"10:54
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chankit1hi there...anyone done any llvm builing before (regardless of any linux distro)10:57
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mrschmitzHello! Is anybody successfully using the Sabrelite and the 3.10.31 boundary kernel, with working LCD? On my board, the update seems to have broken LVDS output...11:08
mrschmitzJust hoping I'm doing something wrong...11:09
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chankit1mrschmitz: did you get any errors?11:27
mrschmitzchankit1: The error I can't seem to get past (assuming this is the issue, still) is: "mxc_sdc_fb fb.30: NO mxc display driver found!", but there is a patch for it, supposedly, but it isn't fixing the issue. LCD was working fine with 3.10.17...11:30
mrschmitzchankit1: I have made sure the patch is applied.11:31
mrschmitzchankit1: and I am building on the master-next branch11:31
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newyoctobieHello! I'm trying to compile an image for raspberrypi with yocto and it's currently stuck at 'bcm2835-bootfiles-20140817-r3 do_fetch' for about 1 hour now. Either this file is too big or it failed to fetch the URL. Can you advise, please?11:41
bboozzoo_awaynewyoctobie: the repo is big11:41
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bboozzoo_awaynewyoctobie: or rather it's history is large, as a lot of binaries were kept there before11:41
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newyoctobiebboozzoo: do you know where i can find the log file for this task?11:42
bboozzoonewyoctobie: this should be ${TMPDIR}/work/raspberrypi-poky-linux-gnueabi/bcm2835-bootfiles/20140817-r3/temp11:45
bboozzoolook for log.do_fetch11:45
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newyoctobiebboozzoo: yeah, it failed trying to fetch the url11:47
newyoctobieDEBUG: Mirror fetch failure for url
bboozzoonewyoctobie: iirc the fetch task will try a number of mirrors anyway11:49
bboozzoonewyoctobie: just checked, the git mirror of github repo is ~3.1GB large11:53
newyoctobiebboozzoo: yeah, it's currently cloning firmware.git..11:53
bboozzooIIRC they used to keep a whole rootfs there, but did a clean up but forgot to remove these large commits11:54
bboozzooand git clone will try to get the complete history for you11:54
chankit1mrschmitz: I'm sorry I'm afraid I have no expertise on your issue :-( Best of luck11:56
mrschmitzchankit1: thank you anyway!11:57
newyoctobiebboozzoo: I see, but how can I see the status of the clone command? like how much it's already completed11:57
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bboozzoonewyoctobie: git clone output is redirected to a something that is not a tty, thus the progress is not visible11:59
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newyoctobiebboozzoo: OK, thank you very much for the help. Hope it won't take forever :)12:02
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jmleobluelightning: FYI, I can do a compile using the following steps :
jmleobut this is of course not using bitbake12:24
jmleonow, I need to change my recipe in order to get the same12:24
jmleobut the source directory needs to be clean, and the .config needs to be present in the outpout dir12:24
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bboozzooany idea why argparse from python stdlib is not built as part of python but as an external package?12:52
bboozzooonly python 2.7 and 3.3 are avaialble in master, since argparse is already in python stdlib, separate recipe for python-argparse is redundant12:58
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bluelightningbboozzoo: good point... we should probably remove it (and possibly add RPROVIDES / RCONFLICTS / RREPLACES to the python 2.7 recipe)13:10
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bboozzoobluelightning: ok, I've removed, updated, got a new, so far so good13:25
bboozzoobluelightning: not sure about RCONFLICTS/RREPLACES, the package will also be named python-argparse but the version will be 2.7, will that work as a clean update path?13:26
RybokHi all, is there anyone here who has tried a Beaglebone black with the WL18xx wireless cape on together with an Yocto build? I'm having some problems with the eMMCreset pin getting set to low directly when Linux boots from U-boot13:26
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bluelightningbboozzoo: ah right, if the package is the same name there shouldn't be anything extra required there13:34
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bboozzoobluelightning: I've sent some patches for python-argparse, it'd be great if you could take a look:
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RybokHi, I'm running a yocto beaglebord build on my beagleboard, I'm having a problem with the eMMCrst gpio pin being set as an input sometime during boot. Does anybody know how I can find out by who it is done? Have checked the board config and it isn't there I think19:52
TypoNAMsounds like something you'll need to talk to beagleboard developers about. They should know more about beagle's bootup process and what their BSP is doing.19:59
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RybokTypoNAM: I have had a discussion on the channel beagle, do you know who makes the beaglebone bsp in yocto?20:09
TypoNAMI really don't know. Where are you getting it from?20:10
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RybokTypeNAM: Sorry, I don't understand the question20:19
RybokGetting what?20:19
TypoNAMhow did you acquire yocto for beagleboard20:19
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paulbarkerThere should be a README file in the layer containing the BSP which should hopefully explain where it is from20:20
lulzuryHello guys! I am trying to install matchbox-keyboard on CentOS and I'm having some problems. Can you guys lend me a hand?20:20
TypoNAMlulzury: shouldn't you be asking that in #centos ?20:21
lulzuryI did, but they couldn't help me.20:21
lulzuryBasically when installing matchbox-keyboard, I get the following error: "configure: error: *** You need to install libfakekey from MB SVN  ***"20:21
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paulbarkerMatchbox is part of the Yocto Project so it would be relevant here, I've not seen it used outside OpenEmbedded though20:22
lulzuryhowever I already installed libfakeky in /usr/local/lib and updated my /etc/ld.conf20:22
lulzuryHi Paul, I've used it without problems on ubuntu. I just run apt-get install matchbox-keyboard and it works off the box. However, I've yet to find an RPM for centos that contains this nice app.20:23
lulzuryI tried to build it from source, but to no avail :(20:23
paulbarkerhave you set PKG_CONFIG_PATH?20:24
lulzuryas in PKG_CONFIG_PATH="-L/usr/local/lib" ?20:24
paulbarkerI don't think you need '-L' there20:25
paulbarkerand it should be the path to the directory where the .pc file for libfakekey is20:25
paulbarkeras it looks like pkg-config is used to search for the library20:25
lulzuryhi paul, when I downloaded fakekeylib from yocto, it only put files on /usr/local/lib, but I see no .pc files there20:28
paulbarkerIt should have installed libfakekey.pc somewhere20:28
paulbarkerIt's not software I really use so I'm just making guesses, but there is a file in the libfakekey repo20:29
paulbarkerI assume that should be processed and installed20:29
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lulzuryyes, I do see it too.20:30
lulzuryIs the install location somewhere on the make file?20:30
lulzurylet me try that20:32
paulbarkerand I assume $(libdir) is /usr/local/lib if you've set prefix to /usr/local20:32
lulzuryyes it looks like that .pc is in there20:32
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paulbarkerIn which case export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig"20:33
lulzuryYAY! alright I got past that error. Thank you for your help paul. Now to find what expat library it needs...20:34
glennIs there a simple way to force bitbake to re-generate a recipe's RPM package (e.g. the package deployed in the rpm folder)?20:34
glennI can do this with ipkg's by doing a "bitbake <recipe> -f -c package_write_ipk" This, however, doesn't update the RPM (I am using the default RPM package management).20:40
lulzuryPaul!!! Confirmed working with CentOS! Thank you sir!20:40
paulbarkerglenn: Try package_write_rpm instead og package_write_ipk20:40
paulbarkerThere's also package_write_deb for using dpkg if I remember rightly20:41
glennpackage_write_rpm wasn't listed when I did a "bitbake <recipe> -c listtasks20:42
glennIt (package_write_rpm) fails - target doesn't exist. Just confirmed that.20:43
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paulbarkerglenn: Is rpm listed in PACKAGE_CLASSES?20:45
RybokTypoNam: I just got Yocto, the latest, and builded the beaglebone board, it is supported and it boots fine noproblem20:47
glennThat must've been it. Toggling between two yocto projects with different package managers. Seems to have done the trick. Thanks Paul!20:48
paulbarkerNow if only my build could finish... I clearly need a better build machine!20:49
TypoNAMRybok: I did some searching and it looks like TI wrote all the BSPs for Beagle boards. I think TI has a community support forum on their website. I wonder if they have an IRC channel on this network.20:49
RybokTypeNam: That is great info, thanks alot for that!! I will check that out!20:50
TypoNAMpaulbarker: mine took ~5 hours to build a fresh yocto image for a i.MX6D board on an AMD Athlon II X2 250 w/ 8GB RAM :P20:51
glennPaul: FYI - by default Yocto says it uses RPM. So I didn't explicitly state 'PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_rpm"' in my local.conf file. Without it being explicitly set, listtasks only offers the ipkg options. You have to explicitly set PACKAGE_CLASSES to package_rpm or listtasks only shows the  IPKG tasks. That's what confused me.20:51
paulbarkerglenn: Ah ok, I always use ipk (dogfooding) so I've never tried using rpm or deb20:52
glennI usually use IPKG as well. Wanted to try something new . . . maybe I learned a lesson ;-)20:54
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paulbarkerTypoNAM: I've got an Athlon II X4 so it's marginally better20:54
paulbarkerI was using a very shiny rented i7-3770 with 16GB RAM and 1Gbps symmetric internet connection, but I can't justify the cost of that any longer20:55
paulbarker39EUR/month was fine when I was running builds every day20:55
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* nerdboy 's quick 'n dirty test beaglebone kernel was successful23:32
nerdboyperferred_version=3.17, hardcoded uEnv file and boot console looks better than 3.1423:33
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nerdboydenix says ping zeddii ^^23:34
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denixnerdboy: uEnv should be fixed shortly with the new u-boot-2014.x23:37
nerdboyyeah, i didn't bump u-boot23:37
denixnerdboy: but bump to 3.17 is in zeddii hands23:37
nerdboystill U-Boot 2013.04-dirty (Jul 10 2013 - 14:02:53)23:38
denixnerdboy: so, you'd need a similar bbappend for 3.17 -
denixnerdboy: and dtb is expected from /boot of rootfs, not FAT partition, hence you need that uEnv for non-standard setup23:40
nerdboyi just kept hearing "fully mainlined" so i made a somewhat brutal test...23:40
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