Monday, 2014-12-22

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chankithow does poky cross compile gcc application so it works in yocto?01:52
chankitI mean the compiler itself01:52
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behanwchankit, Are you looking to run gcc on your target?02:11
behanwBecause gcc is built as a cross compiler by yocto in order to cross build everything else.02:13
chankitbehanw: yes02:22
chankitand I checked gcc's recipes and I couldn't find any flag(s) that specifies cross compiling02:23
chankitbehanw: actually I want to get llvm+clang to work on yocto but for some reason the yocto system cannot execute the code that my clang compiles02:24
chankitso I suspect that there are some cross-compile thingy that I need to sort out and since gcc is a compiler as well...I'm studying gcc's cross compilation case so hopefully I can apply them to clang as well02:25
chankitwhen I mean my clang, I mean the yocto can run clang to compile code but it cannot run the produced binary02:27
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GaneshPhi all08:54
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GaneshPi am facing an dependency issue while doing 'populate_sdk'08:56
chankitGaneshP: what dependency issue?08:57
chankitcare to elaborate?08:57
GaneshPwhile doing a populate_sdk it's not able to resolve dependencies related to nativesdk-perl , but the error doesn't come when building an image.09:00
GaneshPCannot satisfy the following dependencies for nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host:  * nativesdk-perl-module-file-copy09:01
GaneshP * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package nativesdk-packagegroup-sdk-host.09:01
chankitso u got this when installing the package?09:01
chankitbut not when u manually bitbake it?09:01
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chankitanyone here has compiled a compiled? (i.e gcc or llvm)09:26
chankit* a compiler09:26
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bluelightningmorning all09:42
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_qwerty_Hi All, I have to put some rules to udev configuration so I added an append udev-extra-rules_1.0.bbappend file10:34
_qwerty_Is the correct way? and I can apply to my custom image?10:34
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dcyrille18Hi all, I tryed to create a recipe to compile "SDL2 ttf" but it crash with a libtool error (libtool: Version mismatch error.  This is libtool 2.4.2, but the ...). So, I tried to add these lines in my recipe "add do_configure_prepend(){     autoreconf -Wcross --verbose --install --force }" without succes because new errors messages appears (ex: error: possibly undefined macro: AM_PATH_SDL2).11:03
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dcyrille18Has anyone encountered this problem ?11:04
dcyrille18Thanks in advance.11:05
bboozzoodcyrille18: looks like an automake macro that should be delivered as part of SDL2 -dev package11:06
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bboozzooany ideas why PKGV might not be used when building a RPM? I use gitpkgver from meta-oe, and fill PKGV using GITPKGVTAG, although bitbake -e shows that PKGV is set correctly, the versin of RPM is as if PKGV would be ignored11:15
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bluelightningdcyrille18: can you please use pastebin to show me your recipe?11:18
bluelightning_qwerty_: yes that is reasonable, and just add udev-extra-rules to IMAGE_INSTALL within your image recipe11:19
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chankit1anyone knows how yocto configures cross compiled gcc to work in yocto?11:22
chankit1I checked gcc recipes but couldnt decipher anything11:22
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bboozzooduh, figured out, killed prserver, proper RPM version popped up11:23
bluelightningchankit1: unfortunately the toolchain setup is fairly complicated11:24
bluelightningchankit1: I don't know for sure, but this may be helpful to you -
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_qwerty_bluelightning: it is not working...  bitbake gets to me an error like install: cannot stat  automount.rules : No such file or directory11:31
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #137 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
bluelightning_qwerty_: try ${WORKDIR}/automount.rules instead of just automount.rules in the install command line11:32
chankit1bluelightning: I guess I have to get the secondary toolchain configured properly in order to get LLVM to work then?11:32
_qwerty_bluelightning: automount.rules is not my rule  this is my udev-extraconf_1.0.bbappend file
bluelightning_qwerty_: right, you are overriding SRC_URI but just prepending do_install, thus you are preventing that file from being fetched but not it being installed11:35
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bluelightning_qwerty_: I would suggestg using SRC_URI += instead of =11:35
_qwerty_bluelightning: damn!!! I see!!11:36
bluelightningchankit1: that is one way to do it, probably the preferable way given that you can't build the entire system using clang11:36
bluelightningchankit1: btw though there have already been others who have attempted this; have you looked at previous work in this area?11:37
chankit1bluelightning: I dont intend to build yocto using clang..I just need clang to be working in yocto11:37
chankit1I got clang to work but my yocto image couldnt run the binary that is compiled by itslef11:38
bluelightningchankit1: right, understood... but have you looked at e.g. ?11:40
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_qwerty_bluelightning: ERROR: udev-extra-rules not found in the base feeds11:44
_qwerty_bluelightning: now I get this error11:44
bluelightning_qwerty_: then the package is ending up empty, which points to an error in do_install or packaging in the recipe11:44
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bluelightning_qwerty_: look in packages-split in the workdir for the recipe - what non-empty package directories are in there ?11:46
_qwerty_bluelightning: build-daisy/tmp/work/beaglebone-poky-linux-gnueabi/udev-extraconf/1.0-r16/udev-extraconf-1.0 is empty11:47
chankit1bluelightning: I think I have and I'm not sure if that fits my purpose..I found this instead which might be better..but the link that you gave me is very helpful as well.11:47
chankit1bluelightning: looks like it's trying build yocto using clang which is impressive11:47
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #136 of nightly-oecore is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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_qwerty_bluelightning: maybe I don't understand your soggestion, but all folder are not empty11:54
bluelightning_qwerty_: that's ${S}, for a recipe like this one that would be expected to be empty11:56
bluelightning_qwerty_: it's packages-split I'm talking about11:56
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_qwerty_bluelightning: I looked for packages-split folder in all package folder but I didn't found any12:03
bluelightning_qwerty_: build-daisy/tmp/work/beaglebone-poky-linux-gnueabi/udev-extraconf/1.0-r16/packages-split should exist12:04
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_qwerty_bluelightning: deploy-rpms      pkgdata                     sstate-install-package_write_rpm  sstate-install-populate_sysroot  temp12:06
_qwerty_license-destdir  sstate-install-packagedata  sstate-install-populate_lic       sysroot-destdir                  udev-extraconf-1.012:06
bluelightning_qwerty_: hang on a sec, I thought you said your bbappend was for a recipe called udev-extra-rules - ?12:07
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darkhorse_help needed for my initramfs problem!!12:22
darkhorse_any takers??12:22
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darkhorse_any experts for circular dependency loops :(12:29
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dcyrille18Hi bluelightning, I've tried to modify my recipe (visible on pastebin here : by drawing on sdl2 recipe. The error is now : "fatal error: freetype/config/ftheader.h: No such file or directory"12:35
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #136 of nightly-qa-extras is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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dcyrille18Re bluelightning, so I put my recipe code on pastebin as you ask me this morning13:34
dcyrille18The adress is
dcyrille18So, my problem is an error at compilation (fatal error: freetype/config/ftheader.h: No such file or directory).13:35
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dcyrille18And I can not seem to resolve this error despite the inclusion of "freetype" dependency in my recipe.13:37
dcyrille18Someone has already encountered this problem?13:38
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JaMayes, newer freetype moved the include files IIRC13:42
JaMadcyrille18: and isn't your recipe still trying to use freetype-config and then fallback to some default? It has to use pkg-config now13:43
dcyrille18I use the line "inherit autotools pkgconfig gettext" but make can not found file "freetype/config/ftheader.h"13:46
JaMayou need to look in configure script what it is doing13:47
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bluelightningdcyrille18: what JaMa says, and you'll almost certainly need to patch it to do the right thing13:49
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dcyrille18Ok, I understand. Thanks :)13:50
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dcyrille18I just discovered that the SDL TTF was already implemented in yocto (libsdl-ttf) ... Two hours lost ^^.13:55
bluelightningdcyrille18: oops, sorry... both myself and JaMa missed that...13:57
bluelightningdcyrille18: if you didn't already know, you can find existing recipes at
dcyrille18Lol, it's not your fault but mine. I should have a better look.13:58
dcyrille18 Okay, I looked into
dcyrille18Thanks for the info ^^14:00
JaMaheh, right I should read the pastebin before reply :)14:04
JaMaAuthor: Martin Jansa <>14:04
JaMaDate:   Mon Jul 7 12:41:49 2014 +020014:04
JaMalibsdl-ttf: fix build without freetype-config14:04
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darkhorse__hi bluelightning14:07
bluelightningdcyrille18: right, isn't particularly helpful; it's being reworked at the moment, but even when it's done, the OE layer index at is the best reference since it includes layers from the wider community as well14:08
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bluelightningdarkhorse__: hello14:09
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bluelightningdarkhorse__: have you looked at ?14:10
darkhorse__bluelightning: yes I am using that variable14:11
darkhorse__bluelightning: basically that is how my kernel launches the INITRAMFS_TASK but then the image has some packages which need kernel sources14:12
bluelightningdarkhorse__: I could be wrong, but I don't think that's possible at the moment14:13
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darkhorse__bluelightning: i came to the same conclusion. so I made my kernel's do_unpack a dependency of all packages that needed kernel sources and instead of using KERNEL_STAGING_DIR (which is not available until kernel is fully built) i use the kernel build directory ${D}14:19
bluelightningdarkhorse__: ${D} is not the build directory, it's the install directory; it'll only be populated after do_install14:20
darkhorse__bluelightning: sorry i meant ${S}14:20
bluelightningdarkhorse__: it's not good practice to refer to anything under ${WORKDIR} from another recipe, there's no guarantee it will always be present14:21
bluelightningdarkhorse__: can these other recipes look in ${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR} to find what they need?14:21
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bluelightning(which would need to be after do_populate_sysroot of the kernel)14:22
darkhorse__bluelightning: no because STAGING_KERNEL_DIR is populated by kernel's do_populate_sysroot which run much later14:23
bluelightningwell, what you are doing may work, but it may also break horribly14:23
bluelightningFWIW a set of patches were sent just recently to break out the kernel source preparation to a separate step, but it is tied up with a number of other changes and may not be applicable on its own14:24
darkhorse__bluelightning: agreed. but this is a fairly common use case and people must have hit upon this before?14:25
bluelightningdarkhorse__: I would have thought so, unfortunately it's not an area I know much about I'm afraid14:25
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bluelightningthe two people that I am aware of that might aren't here (probably on holiday)14:26
darkhorse__bluelighning: so the current situation is: kernel:do_configure( ) depends on INITRAMFS_IMAGE:do_rootfs( ) which in turn depend other packages, some of those packages depend on kernel:do_patch( ).14:28
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darkhorse__bluelightning: it is horrible but i thought it should work. unfortunately, i get circular dependency loops and that is what i am struggling with right now14:29
darkhorse__bluelightning: also, can you please tell me the nicknames of the people who might be able to help?14:32
bluelightningdarkhorse__: zeddii (Bruce Ashfield) and ant_ (Andrea Adami)14:33
darkhorse__bluelightning: cool - thanks. BTW, i am investigating if we can completely replace our 'gnu make'  based build system with yocto. do you think it is a good idea?14:35
bluelightningdarkhorse__: if you mean for building OS images & packages, you'll have a lot more flexibility using our system14:36
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bluelightningdarkhorse__: but we do still rely on make, autotools, cmake et al to build individual bits of software, as you might appreciate14:36
darkhorse__bluelightning: sure i meant the packaging and image generation bit. but does it work well across a team of developers?14:38
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bluelightningdarkhorse__: I wouldn't expect that aspect to be any different, unless you are relying on some specific functionality that you've implemented in your custom solution that you would have to rewrite ?14:47
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darkhorse__bluelightning: hi again, can bitbake be recursively callled from a bitbake receipe?16:35
darkhorse__bluelightning: in my bsp layer, i have two machines defined. rootfs for one machine include the kernel for the other machine. so my rootfs has a dependency on the other machine's kernel. i would like to call bitbake from my image recipe passing it the other machine type and build its kernel16:35
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darkhorse__anyone? for my last query?16:36
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kergothits unlikely that that will ever work17:15
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darkhorse__everyone: can bitbake be recursively callled from a bitbake recipe?17:25
kergothi just told you, its unlikely that will ever work17:28
mranostaykergoth: wouldn't the lockfile kinda not let you17:30
darkhorse__kergoth: oops! sorry missed your earlier message...that seems like a big limitation coming from gnu make's world17:33
kergothyocto isn't intended to be a general purpose replacement to make. it operates at a level above the typical use of make, and it isnt' intended to recurse17:34
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darkhorse__kergoth: fair enough. so how would you go about this situation: my rootfs image embeds a tiny kernel image for another machine defined in my bsp layer. so i would like to generate that kernel as part of my rootfs build.17:36
JaMado the plumbing outside bitbake17:37
JaMathat's what we do, simple script which knows that before MACHINE X you want to always build kernel for MACHINE Y17:37
JaMaand MACHINE X will have recipe which just copies kernel from Y's DEPLOY_DIR17:38
darkhorse__JaMa: cheers! that's what i have done. but wasn't sure if this was the best option available17:39
darkhorse__JaMa: any exposure to circular dependencies when trying to build a ramdisk?17:41
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kergothRP: we should consider deprecating __anonymous at some point. just unnecessary ancient remnant :)20:15
RPkergoth: no argument from me20:17
* RP just found a bug in d.keys(), it lists deleted keys :/20:17
RPor in other words anything touched by d.expandKeys :/20:18
Crofton|workhey kergoth congratulations!20:25
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kergothhey, thanks20:29
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