Tuesday, 2014-12-23

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XzGood morning all06:54
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snn__hello all07:50
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snn__I am using raspian and open embedded with toradex boards. The difference is, that I have a reduced busybox on my open embedded system. Is there a easy way to remove the busybox package and use standard debian? Or is this small design the main target of the project without any option to change this?07:55
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peguwhat controls which header files and libraries get included when I "bitbake target -c populate_sdk"? my resulting /opt sysroot does not contain any header files08:53
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AndersDpegu, normally all the libraries and header files used in the target-image09:18
AndersDwhich header files are you lacking?09:18
bluelightningmorning all09:19
peguAndersD: I don't lack it, I'm just trying to understand where it's located, I don't find it with find in opt, but when I try the hello world tutorial it works so it must be somewhere09:21
AndersDOk, so cross-compiling with your installed SDK works? Then the header files has to be under the sysroot in your install location. (Per default e.g. /opt/poky/1.6.1/sysroot/<target-arch>)09:22
AndersDYou can find the location of your sysroot by running: $CC --print-sysroot09:23
peguAndersD: find ~/opt/ -name 'stdio.h' gives no result as I mentioned, but --print-sysroot gives me a clue: /home/yocto/test-yocto/qemuarm # but I don't know where I specified that when I did "bitbake rpi-hwup-image -c populate_sdk"09:27
peguI'm just trying to learn how yocto is tied together...09:27
AndersDpegu, Have you installed the generated SDK and sourced it's environment-file? Did you install it under /opt, or did you specify another install path during the SDK installation?09:29
AndersDI'd guess that you have installed it, and changed the installation path to /home/yocto/test-yocto?09:29
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peguAndersD: yes I installed it under ~/opt, but I must have specified test-yocto somewhere as they have almost the same creation date09:31
AndersDThen I'd suggest removing the installed SDK and installing it again. It should all be installed under either the default install path, or the path you supply during installation time.09:32
peguAndersD: I should delete everything as I have quite a few test cases laying around, and re-built the sdk part, then I'll probably figure it out09:33
peguAndersD: I'll do that. Thanks a lot for your help.09:33
AndersDpegu, no problem!09:33
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* RP watches bitbake-selftest fail and isn't happy12:18
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grmahi, does someone know the differences between qconnman and libconnman-qt? do i need both, imho not, but what should be used when i want to use qt and connman ?13:01
bluelightninggrma: AIUI libconnman-qt is just a library which the qconnman UI makes use of13:13
grmabluelightning: so if i want controll connman from qt in need both in my target13:14
bluelightninggrma: pretty much yes, unless you're writing your own UI... if you install qconnman you will get the library automatically through dependencies13:15
grmabluelightning: ahh cool, thx now it is clear for me13:15
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grmabluelightning: but the qconnman inc file downloads the qconnman-ui ? is there no direct qconnman bb file, i do not whant to use qconnman-ui from OS Systems i want to use qconnman lib from devonit ...13:49
grmabut how ?13:50
bluelightninggrma: ah, sorry... I didn't know such a thing existed; do we even have a recipe for this qconnman library?13:50
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grmai dont think so, the inc file is called qconnman but downloads: git://github.com/OSSystems/qconnman-ui.git13:51
grmaso i do not think there is a recipt for devonit lib13:51
bluelightningright, it's not related at all13:51
bluelightningyou'll probably have to write a recipe for it13:52
grma:) i ask devonit :)13:52
grmaso that means, i don not need libconnman-qt if i only use the devonit lib13:55
grmacorrect ?13:55
bluelightningI'd assume not, but I really don't know anything about this other library13:55
grmai will give a try13:55
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #137 of nightly-ipk is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-ipk/builds/13715:15
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #139 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-x86-64-lsb/builds/13915:26
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scottrifhalstead: Ping15:44
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Xzhi guys, just received an info about ntpd vulnerabilities, http://support.ntp.org/bin/view/Main/SecurityNotice17:51
Xzin meta-oe we are still on 4.2.6 (affected version), latest from ntp.org, production version is 4.2.817:52
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bluelightningXz: hey18:04
Xzbluelightning: hi there18:05
bluelightningXz: ntp isn't really a recipe the Yocto Project maintains, since it's in meta-networking18:05
bluelightning(although you could argue perhaps that it ought to be in OE-Core)18:05
bluelightningthe security vulnerabilities were noted the other day though18:06
bluelightningI'm guessing an upgrade would be fairly simple to do; I believe someone may already be working on a patch for just the vulnerabilities but I wouldn't expect it until after christmas18:07
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XzI think the easiest way to do it would be just to bump ntp version to 4.2.818:23
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Daemon404g/ 4119:03
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darkhorse_ant__: Hi, i was refferred to you by bluelightning21:43
darkhorse_ant__: : got two rather similar problems with creating an initramfs image21:45
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darkhorse_ant__: first, i want to build some out of source kernel modules to go inside the initramfs - i am using module.bbclass which DEPENDS on kernel - so i get a circular dependency error when building my out of source modules21:50
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ant__darkhorse_, hi there22:45
ant__once you have your own linux-foo recipe which skips conflicting tasks you should be ok22:47
ant__however, I've seen there are changes about kernel in the ML, I plan to read and test that soon22:48
ant__I mean22:55
ant__[PATCH 3/7] kerneldev: create kernel-devsrc packaging22:55
ant__[PATCH 2/7] kernel: fix out of tree module builds22:55
ant__that oe-core patchset22:56
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