Thursday, 2015-01-01

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tthtlchappy new year:   I did a "git pull" of yocto and got the following:
tthtlcis there something wrong (even there is no errors?)05:25
b1tninjana you must just have the master branch checked out and there was updates?05:42
b1tninjatry "git log" for explination05:42
tthtlcthanks b1tninja.   i have another problem:   my entire yocto's "build" directory is quite large...perhaps 40G or so.05:45
b1tninjayes mine is huge as well =x05:45
tthtlchow can i copy the minimal stuff inside build directory to another directory to start from fresh...05:45
tthtlcie, that "bitbake" will not need to unnecessarily download again...05:46
tthtlcif it already has the latest.05:46
b1tninjai think if you save the build/downloads folder05:46
tthtlcto be more specific:   inside "build" i see...conf/tmp/cache/sstate-cache/downloads directory....05:47
b1tninjathats the bulk of it05:47
tthtlccan i copy the minmal directory of above to restart from a new drive?05:47
b1tninjaim a newb myself, but ime, bitbake would detect the existing downloads if they were there05:47
tthtlcso u are saying they will always check for build/downloads for the filename...and if exists/latest redownload is needed?   but how about if it is already compile....will it recompile everything always?05:48
b1tninjaagain im a newb, but in my messign around, if i deleted the desired pkg from the build/tmp/ folder, it would detect this after parsing its bb recipes, and know ti would need to rebuild yea05:50
b1tninjatheres probably even options to do it with bitbake but i haven't read through the documentation/help much yet05:51
tthtlccool....that info is great!05:53
tthtlcwill save me time in future..05:53
b1tninjawhat device are you working with? i got an edison recently05:57
b1tninjanot that it matters or anything just curious05:58
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tthtlcedison?   url?   sounds interesting.. i am working on wandboard.06:02
tthtlcbtw....i discovered that build/tmp inside contain LOTS OF files which hardcoded the filesname as FULL PATH ....this is disastrous...06:03
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tthtlcit just means that i cannot just move the directory and retain all the ALREADY-BUILT information.06:04
tthtlcmust it be full path?06:04
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b1tninjaoh no, bummer06:31
b1tninjacan you get away with a symlink?06:31
b1tninjathat does sound right though i think by then do_configure has been run06:32
b1tninja is the edison btw06:33
b1tninjawandboard looks fun too lol06:35
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kergoththere's no need to move an existing tmp, and as you say, it's not safe. just point DL_DIR and SSTATE_DIR to paths outside of TMPDIR, and it'll reconstruct tmp from the sstate cache of prebuilt binaries and not rebuild from scratch at all. takes very little time at all12:32
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bluelightningHappy New Year all13:17
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karooga_Hi, I'm getting "No rule to make target `oldconfig'" with ./poky/meta-raspberrypi/recipes-kernel/linux/  Not sure how I fix this, any ideas?19:11
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