Friday, 2015-01-02

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chankit2does yocto retain binary compatibility with regular linux distro? For example, does binary compiled in yocto work in Ubuntu?01:33
kergothbinary compatibility in linux is non-trivial between any distros, yocto is no exception01:36
chankit2ok noted01:41
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-7F1ACA955- build #148 of nightly-x32 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
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redenginanyone know why my cluster-minimal images don't include nice?03:49
-7F1ACA955- build #150 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1] Build details are at
-7F1ACA955- build #149 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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-7F1ACA955- build #147 of nightly-fsl-ppc is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
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-7F1ACA955- build #149 of minnow-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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karooga_Hi, anyone around?07:59
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bluelightningmorning all08:47
-7F1ACA955- build #146 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages BuildImages_1] Build details are at
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lpappgood morning, happy new year13:36
bluelightninglpapp: hi, happy new year to you also13:37
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supa_New to yocto after buying an embedded device.  The package manager for Yocto is opkg?  Did I read correctly that you can respin yocto to use rpm?  Or do I have to rebuild the whole image for new packages?  I'm not sure how packaging works.16:11
kergothyocto supports rpm, opkg, and dpkg, though the last is less often used than the other two16:13
supa_That's what I read.  But I'm missing a piece of the puzzle - if I head over to my device the familiar rpm, yum, zypper, etc don't seem to be there.  I'm not clear on if I need to rebuild it or use opkg to install rpm or... something?16:14
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kergothits not going to magically get every package manager installed on an existing image16:21
kergothits a build time  configuration option16:21
supa_That's the piece I was looking for.  So I need to add it to the image before loading it to the device.  Thanks.16:21
kergothits not a matter of installing the package manager16:22
kergothits also a matter of actually producing packages for that package manager for every piece of software going into the image16:22
kergothnot just, i should say16:23
supa_That's fine - I'm familiar with the rpm workflow and that's why I wanted to get that ... ecosystem? (or whatever you want to call it) working.16:23
kergothpoky defaults to rpm, angstrom doesn't, it depends on what yocto based distribution you're wanting to use, but any of them can be changed yourself wehn doing the build16:24
supa_I'm working with whatever Intel gave me. :)16:24
bluelightningsupa_: which board are you using?16:42
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bluelightningah right, that would be opkg then by default16:43
bluelightningno rebuilding should be necessary, it's already installed in the default image16:44
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supa_Sounds good.  I'll just it out when I get back home. :)16:44
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lpappbluelightning: thanks :)16:51
lpappwhat is the most common way of building from the same repository, but two different targets for two different user requirements?16:51
lpapptwo recipes with an .inc or something else?16:51
kergothbluelightning: any objection to letting RecipeTool provide the LICENSE to the core of recipetool? in the case of python, the license can be determined via, so that's better than a possible failed guess16:53
bluelightninglpapp: within the same distro config, you would need to have two separate recipes yes16:54
bluelightningkergoth: sorry, I don't quite get the question ... ?16:55
kergothcurrently the classes for the buildsystems cant manipulate the existing lines (e.g. the LICENSE/LIC_FILES_CHKSUM), only add before/after, so it can't provide its more accurate license info. so i want it to either pass that info back, or let the classes manipulate the existing lines16:56
kergothwell, it can, but it'll be duplicated in the result16:57
kergothmostly just a cosmetic issue in this case, two LICENSE = lines16:57
bluelightninghmm, I think we really ought to allow them to modify the existing lines16:58
kergoththat does seem most flexible for the future. obviously not a huge priority17:01
bluelightningwell I'm happy to make that change, probably won't be until next week but it shouldn't take long17:08
* kergoth works on incorporating the dep scanning17:10
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lpappbluelightning: so I assume I just need to rename the current recipe as .inc, move the do_compile function out into a separate recipe on top of this, and another wrapper with a slightly different do_compile and that is it?17:30
bluelightninglpapp: in theory yes17:30
lpappbluelightning: I am getting this, error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory -> I tried to add both ncurses as well as ncurses native to DEPENDS without making a difference. :-(17:48
bluelightninglpapp: you are getting that message when exactly?17:48
lpappbluelightning: bitbake my-recipe17:49
bluelightningmore specifically - what task?17:49
lpappbluelightning: I will need to investigate how to check that.17:50
lpappah, this is probably again the same issue... 32 bit tool used in the buildsystem ...17:51
lpappand I am on 64 bit.17:51
bluelightningpossibly, but I'm still unclear on where exactly that message would be coming from with no context17:51
lpappELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.2.5, stripped17:51
lpappI assume my ncurses is only 64 bit.17:52
lpappbluelightning: it is coming from our build target when we try to run the 32 bit tool.17:52
lpappso I think I need to apply what RP wrote a while ago on the mailing list.17:52
bluelightninghold on a sec17:53
bluelightninga moment ago you said you got that message when you ran bitbake17:53
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lpappyes, at the compile task.17:53
bluelightningis this 32-bit tool prebuilt?17:54
lpappbluelightning: yup17:54
lpappbluelightning: perhaps it is easier to convince the vendor to give us a 64 bit variant, too?17:54
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lpappthat Yocto trick does not look simple to me.17:55
bluelightningwell, a simpler alternative would be to just install the 32-bit versions of required libraries on your host if your distro provides them17:55
bluelightningDebian & Fedora and derivatives both do, FWIW17:55
lpapp"Alternatively, a more easier approach would be to build a target like17:55
lpappbuildtools-tarball with SDKMACHINE="i686" and then install that onto the17:55
lpappsystem you're building on."17:55
lpappbluelightning: cat /etc/issue17:56
lpappDebian GNU/Linux 7 \n \l17:56
AethenelleI'm trying to build core-image-sato for the edgerouter machine on a debian box. I keep getting errors in do_write_package_deb about invalid version numbers in the linux-yocto package. It seems dpkg is very particular about its version format. Is this a known issue? What's the recommended fix?17:58
bluelightninglpapp: lib32ncurses5 maybe?17:59
lpappbluelightning: dpkg --print-architecture17:59
AethenelleI've tried adding --nocheck to the dpkg call within the recipe but dpkg doesn't like that since it's called with a directory.17:59
bluelightningAethenelle: which recipe is it failing at?17:59
Aethenellethere are several but the first (and only i remember off the top of my head) is linux-yocto18:00
bluelightningAethenelle: ok... which version of the build system are you building with?18:00
lpappbluelightning: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:02
lpappunfortunately, I cannot see a 32 bit version of expat :(18:02
lpapplib32ncurses5 made the trick for ncurses.18:03
bluelightninglpapp: google suggests libexpat1:i38618:06
lpappbluelightning: I tried that already, but it did not work sadly.18:06
lpappE: Unable to locate package libexpat118:06
bluelightningok, don't know then; that does resolve on my Ubuntu machine here18:06
lpappyeah, wheezy is old.18:07
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bluelightningAethenelle: ok, I've just tried it here and I can't reproduce that (although I am on Ubuntu and not Debian); can you please file a bug at ?18:10
lpappbluelightning: I am trying apt-get upgrade:)18:11
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Aethenelle... just realized it may be my config lemme double check and make sure I don't have it in ASSUME_PROVIDED18:11
bluelightningAethenelle: are you setting your own value of ASSUME_PROVIDED then?18:12
AethenelleI'm appending to it... probably more than I should...18:12
kergoththat's always risky and unsupported :)18:15
Aethenellethere's dpkg and apt in there... lemme try this again... fwiw, the docs for ASSUME_PROVIDED are easy to get to but don't mention the peril involved. It'd be nice if bitbake warned on ASSUME_PROVIDED for packages with patches.18:16
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AethenelleI'll have to get back to you... gonna take a while to finish moving this VM around then re-add pkg_deb and run the build.18:18
kergothit's not just patches18:19
kergoththere are implicit dependnecies on particular versions of things, etc18:19
lpappbluelightning: I wonder if I need to add anything special for i386 like that in my /etc/apt/sources.list18:19
kergothit can work, but its always a gamble, and if it breaks, you get to keep the pieces18:19
lpappthis is all I have: cat /etc/apt/sources.list18:19
lpappdeb wheezy main18:19
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Aethenellekergoth: Then there should be ART saying that... :P18:19
Aethenelleactually... now i remeber... there's a block of text in the default config that mentions its use for libsdl wrt qemu but no mention it's a BadIdea to mess with.18:22
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kergothIt's extremely useful, and safe in certain cases where we know what we're dealing with and what the dependencies are, implicit and explicit, but beyond that.. I've experimented with adding tons of stuff to it before, and it can work well, but if i get a weird failure, i usually remember to go back and drop them to confirm it wasn't the cause before reporting any issues. that said, i dont use that much anymore, sstate means its mostly a one time cost (in18:30
kergoth theory)18:31
lpappbluelightning: I will call it a day; thank you for your help today!18:34
lpapphave a nice weekend, all.18:34
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Aethenellealso worth noting... debian testing build-essential apt-install is borked one of the included packages creates a conflict but isn't needed. I'd suggest expanding build-essential in the quickstart docs to the actual packages required for now19:08
bluelightningAethenelle: shouldn't that be solved pretty quickly in Debian?19:20
Aethenellebluelightning: no idea19:21
Aethenellebeen that way at least a week19:21
bluelightningthat's where I'd expect that sort of issue to be addressed, rather than us documenting around it19:22
Aethenelleit's possible I didn't upgrade to testing properly last time...19:22
bluelightningunless there was some kind of upstream comment that it wasn't going to be fixed soon19:22
Aethenelleis the darwin SDK stuff officially supported?19:23
bluelightningI guess I'd say it's expected to work and if it doesn't it would be a bug we'd try to fix19:29
bluelightningI've not personally used it myself though19:29
Aethenellebluelightning: then I'll use it when i get a chance and file bugs. I tried it first but had several issues which i don't remember. I also tried on a vm with a shared folder but that failed due to permissions and the build requiring timestamps being settable.19:33
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Aethenelleproblem i was having on debian with build essential was due to bad upgrade20:03
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Aethenelleis there a way to unmark packages as tainted from a forced run?20:51
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bluelightningAethenelle: bitbake -c clean <recipename>21:33
Aethenellethanks... i'm pretty sure I used that in the last week too...21:34
Aethenellenow i remember the problem i had on OSX, the command used for path manipulation isn't available (realpath i think)21:41
Aethenelleoaky. linux-yocto works fine on yocto/master under debian with the ASSUME_PROVIDED removed.21:56
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