Monday, 2015-01-05

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cmkinghello I just started seeing this compiling yocto for intel edison: No rule to make target `bzImage'09:22
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cmkingI see several reports of this but no clean workaround09:22
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cmkingweirdly my build on the same machine was working yesterday09:23
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cmking(running on wheezy 7.7)09:25
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lpappbluelightning: good morning09:43
bluelightningmorning lpapp, all09:43
lpappbluelightning: I had to do this to be able to install 32 bit expat, --add-architecture i386 && apt-get update09:43
lpapp-> dpkg --add-architecture i386 && apt-get update09:43
bluelightningaha, ok09:43
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lpappbluelightning: thanks for the hint though, this was much simpler to do than the ideas on the mailing list!10:17
bluelightningwell, I figured Debian does do multiarch, might as well use it for simple stuff like that10:21
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otavioHi all :)10:34
jbrianceauHi otavio :)10:34
otaviojbrianceau: Hey! :)10:34
bluelightningmorning otavio10:35
otaviobluelightning: morning :)10:42
otavioIs Alex Gonzalez here?10:42
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tasslehoffAnyone tried creating a recipe for pypy?11:34
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lpappI am either doing something very wrong or I do not get why Yocto provides -Wl,O1 for the LDFLAGS when it generates a linker that does not know that option?12:26
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lpappbitbake -e | grep LDFLAGS -> export LDFLAGS="-Wl,-O1 -Wl,--hash-style=gnu -Wl,--as-needed"12:31
lpappbut then I get, arm-foo-linux-gnueabi-ld: unrecognized option '-Wl,-O1'12:31
lpappwhat is going on?12:31
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lpappwhy does Yocto have incompatible LDFLAGS with the toolchain generated by it?12:31
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lpappis there way that I can get through this?12:34
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lpappobviously, I could drop in the buildsystem of our software what Yocto is trying to pass by overriding it, but I guess that is not nice either.12:35
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lpappbluelightning: got a clue by any chance?12:48
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rburtonotavio: there?13:17
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bluelightninglpapp: perhaps the command line is written expecting gcc as the linker and something else is being used instead ?13:32
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otaviorburton: yes13:46
lpappbluelightning: hmm, fair enough, arm-foo-linux-gnueabi-ld is not gcc. So which linker is recommended while using Yocto with the builtin toolchain?13:47
bluelightninglpapp: you shouldn't have to choose it, AFAIK13:48
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lpappbluelightning: what am I doing wrong?13:52
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bluelightninglpapp: actually maybe you do need to pass LD="${CCLD}" on the make command line13:57
bluelightningI can see examples where recipes do that13:57
lpappbluelightning: hmm, interesting why this is not implicit.13:57
lpapp(if Yocto passes incompatible flags to "LD")13:58
bluelightningif the software being built pays attention to LD from the environment, it is13:58
bluelightningor, maybe not13:58
lpappbluelightning: in fact, we do LD = $(CXX) in our buildsystem13:59
lpappifeq ($(origin CXX), default)14:00
lpappCXX = $(TOOL_PREFIX)g++14:00
lpappso I wonder where the ld comes from ...14:00
rburtonotavio: is failing interestingly, is the new linux-libc-headers interacting badly with your bsp?14:01
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otaviorburton: this is Qt4 error, why you think it is linux-libc related?14:13
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bluelightninglpapp: so, I have to agree it seems unusual, but apparently it's always been that way and doesn't seem to cause too many issues14:36
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lpappbluelightning: yeah, something is fluffy in my environment, I assume, but it is not easy to pin down for me.14:47
lpapp(I am still investigating)14:47
lpappbluelightning: and it is more trickier than that, our software picks up -gcc without Yocto, but -ld with Yocto.14:50
lpapp(and only for one submodule)14:50
bluelightninghmm, odd... I can only assume it's looking at something in the environment14:50
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rburtonotavio: qt4 fails with a kernel userspace header include15:13
lpappbluelightning: the environment variable coming from Yocto is -ld?15:13
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lpappoh, yes, it is.15:14
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lpappbluelightning: I am still puzzled how other software pieces manage it if LDFLAGS is incompatible with LD that Yocto uses ...15:24
lpappbluelightning: does everything have to hardcode it either in their buildsystem or in the recipe?15:24
lpapp(to be compatible one way or the other?)15:24
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bluelightninglpapp: AIUI most of the software we build ends up using gcc as the linker; occasionally we have to specify it but not very often15:26
lpappbluelightning: but bitbake shows -ld is the default LD15:26
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lpappbitbake -e15:26
lpapp(not gcc, so something has to modify that to be compatible with LDFLAGS in Yocto)15:27
bluelightningI really don't know, sorry15:27
lpappbluelightning: ok, but you understand the issue, yeah?15:27
bluelightningI believe so15:27
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kroonWould it be bug in bitbake/oe-core, if bitbake decides to rebuild busybox for MACHINE=imx6qsabresd, even though I already have it built for MACHINE=wandboard-quad (same arch) ? I see busybox's stamp files in stamps/cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-oe-linux-gnueabi/busybox15:39
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RPlpapp: some recipes do override LD as CC fwiw15:54
lpappRP: yeah, I currently do override LD=CC in our buildsystem.15:55
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lpappto circumvent this issue, but I am still interested in the root cause of this.15:55
lpappas I cannot possibly imagine it working without explicit override, yet it seems to work for everything in Yocto.15:55
lpappso there must be some trick to it...15:55
RPlpapp: there is no trick as far as I know, I've wondered about this before myself. Its been like this in OE since "the dawn of time"15:57
RPkergoth: any ideas on why LDFLAGS assumes gcc but LD is ld, not gcc?15:57
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kergothI expect its inherited from autotools behavior and conventions. I *think* that's the case for automake15:58
kergothbut honestly don't recall, its been a long time now :)15:58
lpappRP: yeah, I do not question it functional, but it is strange and I do not feel happy when I do not understand something like this.15:59
RPkergoth: if I had to guess I'd have suspected autotools too16:00
otaviorburton: how I can reproduce it here?16:00
kergothactually i think most makefile based buildsystems treat LDFLAGS as being gcc arguments as well, just most of them use ${CC} to link, and don't use LD at all16:00
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rburtonotavio: well my hunch is that its due to the libc headers in master so build from clean with that16:01
lpappkergoth: yeah, that is the same effect as override LD=CC16:02
* kergoth nods16:02
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rburtonotavio: where does linux/mxcfb.h come from?16:02
otaviorburton: kernel16:03
rburtonotavio: so the new kernel infrastructure in master is probably interacting badly with your kernel, or something16:03
otaviorburton: likely16:03
otaviorburton: I will take a look16:03
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otaviorburton: testing build here16:05
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lpappexcept that override LD=CC can no longer be overriden, whereas using CC in the linker command directly allows overriding.16:13
lpapp(so I should probably drop the use of the LD variable)16:13
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otaviorburton: bitbake qt4-x11-free  18311.50s user 1476.88s system 687% cpu 47:59.61 total16:54
otaviorburton: so it built fine here16:54
rburtonotavio: reliably fails on the ab :/ some race maybe?16:57
otaviorburton: new patch in master-next?16:57
rburtonnothing relevant16:58
otavioI am not doing a full from scratch build to try16:59
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Aethenelleare there any tricks to getting xfce working? i keep getting missing RDEPENDS17:04
Aethenellei've already checked the dependencies...17:04
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lpappI am confused as to why I see this: ./meta/recipes-bsp/grub/ -> do_install_append without require?17:05
lpappwhat is the point of append in there rather than just do_install?17:05
rburtonbecause autotools provides a do_install()17:07
bluelightningAethenelle: which RDEPENDS are being reported as missing?17:08
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lpapprburton: thanks, is do_install_append supposed to run after do_install?17:09
lpappso is it a good idea to use do_install in the .inc and do_install_append in the one requiring the .inc?17:09
rburtonlpapp: do_install is just a variable, so the append is evaluated like usual17:09
Aethenellebluelightning: lots... I'll run it again and gist it...17:09
bluelightningAethenelle: you also have meta-oe and meta-multimedia in your bblayers.conf right? (from the README those are apparently required)17:10
bluelightningthe meta-xfce README that is17:11
kergothlpapp: _append/_prepend are just postponed concatenation17:11
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otavioI am curious why we have two versions of RPM in OE-Core?17:16
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bluelightningotavio: bleeding edge and stable I guess, but you could ask fray for confirmation17:20
rburtonotavio: because different people have strong opinions on rpm version :)17:20
Aethenelletrying again without tools-debug ... then without tools-sdk17:20
rburtonhm there's two versions of rpm5 too17:20
otaviobluelightning: seems not. We seem to be using 5.4.14 by default even though it is a development release17:20
otaviobluelightning: and this is wrong, IMO. If even RPM developers think it is not stable why we should default to it?17:21
otaviofray: ?17:21
bluelightningAethenelle: it looks like libwnck is in meta-gnome, perhaps that is an undeclared dependency17:21
bluelightningAethenelle: ditto for libxklavier and libgsf17:24
Aethenelleadded... running again17:24
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has joined #yocto17:24
bluelightningit would probably be worth talking to the maintainer about updating the README and layer index entry to reflect that17:25
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Aethenelle... and meta-networking, meta-python ... running after adding those17:34
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Aethenelleprobably an upstream issue but mozjs fails to compile on edgerouter... bad cast17:52
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otaviorburton: from scratch - no sstate18:05
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rburtonotavio: looks like there's a race now that the kernel doesn't install sources directly.19:48
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rburtonotavio: instead kernel-devsrc installs the sources into the sysroot19:48
rburtonotavio: see oe-core 7f934946fdb3184a06ce1a2cdc29559e7c46849219:49
rburtonotavio: i think your recipes that use kernel headers directly need to use that pattern19:49
otaviorburton: but seems wrong to have this explicit now19:51
rburtonotavio: agreed i don't understand either but i need to go no, talk to RP and zeddii :)19:51
JaMastill perf is failing in world builds19:52
rburtonJaMa: there's a rebuild bug still, bruce is fixing that now i hear19:52
rburtonJaMa: (i often hit rebuilds failing too)19:52
AethenelleI'm trying to add openjdk-8 from meta-aarch64 to thix box, adding openjdk openjdk-8 or openjdk-8-jdk to IMAGE_INSTALL_append results in a complaint that mothing RPROVIDES openjdk19:53
* zeddii is churning on the remaining fixes this week. but won't be full speed until the morning. I spent today reading 1200 email.19:53
JaMaand it seems that most (not linux-yocto) kernels are failing as well19:53
otavioAethenelle: please port it to meta-java :)19:53
JaMain various stages (I've seen do_unpack failing with "No such directory" as well as do_configure failing with no oldconfig Makefile target IIRC also reported on ML19:53
Aethenelleotavio: even though it's in meta-linaro/meta-aarch64?19:54
zeddiiJaMa: point me at any configs that break, and I can have a look. logs are good as well.19:54
otavioAethenelle: so we can drop it from there19:54
zeddiiwe knew this was going to be a pain, but it needed wider use to sort out the rest.19:54
Aethenelleahh... k19:54
* zeddii nods19:56
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zeddiithe split S and B is default .. which is throwing things for a loop.19:57
zeddiiI'll have a look and see what else is lurking.19:57
otaviorburton: zeddii: what makes me worry is because I am building with -j 819:58
otavioand if it were a race I would have seen it19:58
zeddiiotavio. what's the config that broke ? if you put it in a bug, I can see if anything jumps out. I don't have all the context.20:00
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zeddiiotavio: I'm lost in the giant log files. Which package is broken in your case ? waffle ? and this is only happening on the autobuilder, and not in your local builds ?20:10
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otaviozeddii: check the qt4 failure20:11
zeddiisearching on qt4 got me 7153 hits. I'll try and refine that.20:12
otaviozeddii: look for error:20:13
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zeddiiotavio. yah, I see it in the log now.20:38
zeddiiotavio, have you reproduced this one in your local builds, or is it auto builder only ?20:38
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otaviozeddii: only in AB20:52
zeddiiso me sparking up a build, might not be so informative.20:53
otaviozeddii: Why the :do_install dependency has been added in perf?20:54
zeddiifrom what RP was trying to document in 86893e4ea5896199a6f02f8475f4f17aa1124c37, we've been converting recipes to be more precise in their dependency.20:54
zeddiiotavio. good timing. we covered it in the commit I references.20:54
zeddiireferenced even20:54
otaviozeddii: but to speed up parallel building, not to fix a build failure20:54
zeddiiexcept the commit was written before it was tweaked to do_install. hmm.20:54
*** zeddii is now known as zeddii_afk21:13
Aethenelleopenjdk is refusing to build because wandboard-quad defaults to a 32bit arch how do i tell bitbake to use aarch64?21:17
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otavioAethenelle: well, wandboard does not support armv8, only armv7a21:33
Aethenelleotavio: thanks... it'd help if i could read bug tickets right...21:35
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Aethenelleyou guys know of a mips64el machine already configured? ppc64el?22:28
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