Tuesday, 2015-01-06

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Xzhi guys07:03
Xzdo you know of any open-source friendly file share like a github for git?07:04
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bluelightningmorning all09:35
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ramoseCan yocto varibale be used in C source file?10:02
lpappramose: as long as you pass it as a define, for instance.10:06
lpappbut not sure if it is a good idea to make a C source file Yocto specific.10:07
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rburtonramose: idiom is to pass the variable as a define in CPPFLAGS10:49
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ramoselpaapp,rburton:Thanks for your replies ,I would want to use "SOC_FAMILY" of machine conf file in C source code as define10:53
ramoseHow should I go about it?10:53
rburtonset a define in CPPFLAGS10:54
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lpappCFLAGS (since it is C)10:54
rburtonCPPFLAGS for defines10:54
rburtonyou're thinking of CXXFLAGS which is for c++10:54
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lpapprburton: as far as I understand CPPFLAGS is for both, and that is recommended when you have multiple codebase types (not just C).10:57
ramoserburton,lpaap: On basis this is flag I wanted to by pass a fucntion call in C code,so CPPFLAGS would be a good idea?10:57
lpappramose: well, it is personal taste, both CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS would work for you.10:58
rburtonlpapp: http://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf/manual/autoconf-2.66/html_node/Preset-Output-Variables.html can be considered canonical10:58
lpappI personally prefer the make documentation here as that is agnostic of the makefile generator, https://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/html_node/Implicit-Variables.html11:01
lpappbut both will work in the end of the day, so pick whichever you fancy ^_^11:02
ramoselpapp,Thanks ,would be great if you can guide me to some example :) ,I would try to grep this variable in C source meanwhile.11:04
lpappramose: you interestingly use the comma :)11:05
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lpappramose: e.g. make CFLAGS=$CFLAGS:${SOC_FAMILY} or something like that would be my guess.11:07
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lpappand of course your buildsystem needs to respect C(PP)FLAGS11:08
lpappwait, no11:08
lpappramose: e.g. make CFLAGS="$CFLAGS -D${SOC_FAMILY}" or something like that would be my guess.11:08
lpappI do not know the exact syntax... someone else may know...11:08
ramoselpapp,ok and then I can use #define CFLAGS in C source,right?11:09
lpappthe libxt recipe has this: 'CFLAGS=-D_GNU_SOURCE -I${STAGING_INCDIR_NATIVE} ${BUILD_CFLAGS}'11:10
lpappramose: you can use #ifdef value-of-soc-family ... #endif, yeah.11:10
lpappbut I am still uncertain whether it makes sense to detect the soc family based on Yocto's variable.11:11
ramoselpaap:Thank you,it should be enough for me to get going :)11:11
lpapp(hopefully not in the wrong direction)11:12
ramoselpapp:are you alluding to use something else to determine the soc family,I'm looking forward to it ?11:13
lpappusually there are platform defines; is this an exception?11:14
ramoselapp: But I would looking into some application code.11:15
lpappramose: not sure what exactly you mean, but it is not a big issue either way.11:18
lpappgo with what you feel comfortable with :)11:18
ramoselpapp: ok,I would try with both the approaches ,Thanks.11:19
otaviozeddii_afk: Got something?11:50
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lpapphmm, I have this in my .bb recipe, but the package is not created: FILES_${PN}-foo = "${FOOBINDIR}" I install every related files into this dedicated FOOBINDIR. Any clue how I could pin it down and/or fix it?13:21
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bluelightninglpapp: are the files being picked up by another package, perhaps because that package is before your ${PN}-foo in PACKAGES?13:34
lpappbluelightning: hmm, FILES_${PN}-foo does not appear to be in PACKAGES. Now, that is quite odd.13:36
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bluelightningyou mean ${PN}-foo right?13:37
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lpappbluelightning: what could cause that?13:42
bluelightninglpapp: when you add a new package, you need to actually add it to PACKAGES13:43
bluelightningFILES isn't enough13:43
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lpappbluelightning: oh, I missed that since it is just wrapping a huge recipe.13:51
lpappand was not extending the huge recipe, thanks.13:51
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lpappbluelightning: PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN?14:00
bluelightninglpapp: you can use that if you wish yes14:01
lpappbluelightning: well, I am lost as no package of ours sets PACKAGES, only that which is tangentially related.14:01
lpappe.g. FILES_${PN} is not mentioned explicitly in a "PACKAGES" variable.14:02
JaMa${PN} is14:02
lpappthen there is also USERADD_PACKAGES. It is a bit of jungle.14:02
lpappJaMa: not in our recipe, yet it is generated.14:02
lpappit may be default, I would not know.14:02
JaMayes it's default, bitbake -e knows14:03
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lpappah, ok, so the default is ${PN}-dbg ${PN}-staticdev ${PN}-dev ${PN}-doc ${PN}-locale ${PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN} ${PN}, thanks.14:05
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lpapphmm, I am getting this for a prebuilt binary which was meant to be built outside Yocto, WARNING: QA Issue: No GNU_HASH in the elf binary:14:37
lpappcan I build it outside Yocto the way that Yocto will not complain?14:37
lpapp(i.e. not making the warning quite in Yocto as a workaround)14:37
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bluelightninglpapp: add INSANE_SKIP_<packagename> += "ldflags" within the recipe14:39
rburtonlpapp: as per bitbake.conf, -Wl,—hash-style=gnu14:39
bluelightningor that, yes14:39
bluelightningyou may find this useful: http://www.yoctoproject.org/docs/current/ref-manual/ref-manual.html#qa-errors-and-warnings14:39
lpappyeah, I am aware of how to make warnings quiet.14:40
lpappI guess I need to read upon the advantages of -hash-style=gnu14:40
bluelightningah sorry I missed your supplementary comment about not quietening the warning14:41
lpappseems it performs better than the sysv style hash.14:43
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lpappbluelightning: INSANE_SKIP_${PN} += already-stripped cannot be further fine-tuned on a file basis rather than package, yeah?15:04
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rburtonlpapp: correct15:24
lpapprburton: thanks.15:27
lpappso I need to put them into separate packages for nwo.15:27
lpapp(or just override the warnings for everything)15:27
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lpapprburton, bluelightning: INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-foo += "already-stripped" did not help. I still get the warnings. :(15:35
lpappI just said bitbake foo, that ought to eliminate the warnings, yeah?15:35
lpappthen I am not sure why it is not working as it is supposed to... How can I further pin that down?15:37
lpappthis is what I have, PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN_append = " ${PN}-foo" and INSANE_SKIP_${PN}-foo += "already-stripped"15:39
lpappldflags supressed the gnu-hash warnings, though, I wonder why already-stripped, not then. I do not seem to have made a typo15:50
lpappso if one works, why not the other ...15:50
JaMaare the files witn warning really packaged in ${PN}-foo? (I would check packages-split/bar-foo)15:52
lpappJaMa: yes15:56
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lpappwhy does Yocto try to generate .debug for binaries without debug symbols?16:08
otaviolpapp: because it ensures we get an error when this is not possible and can act accordingly. If this is expected you can 'disable' it in the recipe.16:09
lpappI know that one can disable debug symbols, but I am not sure I follow the "error logic".16:10
lpappwhat error are you referring to?16:10
otaviolpapp: if we expect to have debug symbols we need to try to split them to know this fails or not.16:11
kergothi think he's pointing out that we don't want to silently ignore already stripped binaries, but want to be notified when such is the case, so as to fix buildsystems that strip at build time, for example16:11
fraythe system detects a lack of debug symbols and issues a warning or error..16:11
otaviokergoth: thanks for helping with the English skills :)16:12
lpappkergoth: yeah, that is a warning, not error.16:12
lpappthat is why I am confused what error is being referred to.16:12
otaviolpapp: if it is not an error for you, you can skip the split.16:12
lpappand that could come without .debug established when it is not possible.16:12
otaviolpapp: so error out forces people to ack on it16:12
kergothlpapp: no, whether its an error or a warning is user controllable. see ERROR_QA and WARN_QA in insane.bbclass16:12
kergothits a distro decision generally16:13
lpappkergoth: no, I am referring to the default state, but I am still unsure how it is related to .debug16:13
lpappit would be possible to detect already stripped binaries without create .debug when it is not possible.16:13
lpappwithout creating*. I do not see the connection to .debug for that.16:13
lpappwhat I am trying to express is that my question is not about the already stripped error/warning, however it is configured16:14
lpappmy question is when we already could get that warning/error, why is there still an attempt to create .debug when it is not possible? It seems meaningless to me.16:14
otaviolpapp: this is easy. Make your distro and change the default policy.16:15
lpappI do not (yet) see how it is distro specific. I see it meaningless all the time for now.16:15
lpappWhat is the point of creating .debug if it is not possible? That seems to be an ultimate question to me distro agnostic.16:16
lpappAlready stripped? Yes -> issue warning/error + do not generate .debug instead of: Already stripped? Yes -> issue warning/error + generate .debug.16:17
lpapp(Btw, I am not asking this for a rhetorical or theoretical reason, but because I see my build failing due to this. Why I could circumvent the issue around with further settings on top of INSANE settings, it would seem more logical to me that the INSANE settings would resolve this, too)16:19
lpappthe error _on top of the insane already-stripped error_ is: ERROR: QA Issue: non debug package contains .debug directory:16:21
lpappso I will need to settings, whereas it would be nice if I say yocto, well, it is already stripped, do not introduce further problems with trying to generate .debug.16:21
lpapptwo settings*16:22
lpappso basically what I am trying to debate, why do I need to tell Yocto not to generate debug symbols when I say yocto, hey, it is already stripped. It seems like double coding the same factor to me.16:23
lpapp(unless I am missing something)16:23
rburtonlpapp: why are you getting .debug/ directories if the binaries are already stripped?  Is there a mix of stripped and unstripped binaries?16:24
fraythere is a simple switch to completely disable the strip/split process.. (it's the split process that generates the .debug)16:25
*** Jefro <Jefro!~jefro@50-0-152-82.dedicated.static.sonic.net> has joined #yocto16:25
otaviolpapp: there's no 'one solution fits all' so it is indeed a distro setting16:26
lpappfray: ok, so in that case I would not get the already stripped complains either, I assume?16:26
frayINSANE_SKIP_...  already-stripped skips the QA16:26
fray                            if 'already-stripped' in (d.getVar('INSANE_SKIP_' + pn, True) or "").split():16:26
fray                                bb.note("Skipping file %s from %s for already-stripped QA test" % (file[len(dvar):], pn))16:26
fray    if (d.getVar('INHIBIT_PACKAGE_DEBUG_SPLIT', True) != '1'):16:26
fraythat prevents the splitting16:26
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto16:27
lpappok, I see, so the main problem is that already-stripped still does not work for me.16:27
lpapprburton: good question, no...16:27
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto16:27
lpappor maybe yes :)16:27
fraythen the file has debug symbols in it.. just not a full set..16:27
lpappI believe I really need two packages as it cannot be fine tuned on a file basis ...16:27
lpappeven though the packages will not make any sense separately.16:28
lpappand I do not wish to disable debug for all in that one package either.16:28
lpappso there is no optimal solution as far as I can see, unless I am missing something ...16:28
fraycorrect, it's designed to be package and recipe specific..16:28
fraythe splitting recipe specific.. and QA package specific16:28
lpappyeah, that is my concern.16:28
lpappit does not satisfy my use case.16:28
lpappis there a way runtime not to allow a single package installation, only if both are being installed?16:30
*** shoragan <shoragan!~shoragan@debian/developer/shoragan> has quit IRC16:31
lpappmore importantly: what next can I do to see why already-stripped does not work? packages-split shows that the files are in the package for which I am setting the already-stripped argument.16:32
lpappis that option supposed to work for "mixed" packages?16:33
lpapp(that is the only idea that comes to my mind to check)16:33
fraymy guess is a simply typo somewhere.. start by inspecting bitbake -e <recipe> for INSANE_SPLIT_<package> --- where package is the package the files are going into.. (not the -dbg)16:34
fraythat should contain the magic already-stripped item16:34
bluelightningthat would be INSANE_SKIP16:36
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #149 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-x32/builds/14916:38
fraysorry yes16:39
lpappspeaking of typos :p16:46
*** nicktick <nicktick!~john@unaffiliated/nicktick> has joined #yocto16:47
otavioRP: found other issue in recent changes in kernel handling16:49
otavioRP: base now has 'clean' for mismatching configure stamps right?16:49
otavioRP: but it runs: 'make clean' and don't take KERNEL_SRC into account16:50
lpapprburton: you mean circular RDEPENDS?16:51
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bryan_I have integrated meta-efl layer in yocto17:48
bryan_while running enligtenment I am setting F1(recover ) error while running first time on arm17:49
bryan_Can anyone help ne out with this?17:49
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lpapphow is the FILES_${PN}-etc pattern matched in case of "ambiguity"? What is the ordering? The order that they appear in PACKAGES and PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN?18:43
*** nicktick <nicktick!~john@unaffiliated/nicktick> has quit IRC18:43
*** nicktick <nicktick!~john@unaffiliated/nicktick> has joined #yocto18:44
JaMaorder in PACKAGES (PACKAGE_BEFORE_PN is part of that)18:45
lpappok, so I can put the specific files in there into a package before a more generic "catch-more" package.18:46
lpappsay, /opt/foo in pkg1 and the /opt (to catch the rest) in pkg2.18:46
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lpappJaMa: thanks.18:54
lpappfray: bitbake -e recipe | grep INSANE_SKIP -> looks as expected18:55
lpappINSANE_SKIP_mypackage="already-stripped ldflags"18:56
lpappstill I get this: WARNING: File '/opt/foo' from myrecipe was already stripped, this will prevent future debugging!18:56
lpappfwiw, I am using dylan if that makes a difference for already-stripped?18:57
*** pidge <pidge!~eflanagan@> has quit IRC18:59
Crofton|workzeddii, why isn't there an error if you have a file listed as a patch in the .scc file, but the patch isn't in the SRC line?18:59
lpappis there a way in the FILES_ specific to exclude a path rather than include?18:59
zeddiibecause they don't have to be in the SRC_URI :)19:00
Crofton|workwell, if I put it in th escc file, but the file isn't there it isn't applied and the re is no message I am an idiot19:00
Crofton|workI require frequennt reminders I am an idiot19:00
zeddiiit should freak out. this is on master ? I wonder if I broke something ..19:00
zeddiiCrofton|work, as do I :)19:01
Crofton|workit is likely master19:01
*** hirata <hirata!~hirata@187-072-184-065.static.ctbctelecom.com.br> has joined #yocto19:01
zeddiiok. let me poke at it. I take your comment as a bug report .. since that isn't good.19:01
Crofton|workwork had the scc file with the patch line, but no patch in work19:01
* zeddii needs to build karma for the conferences this year :P19:02
zeddiiCrofton|work. if the .scc propagates, the code should propagate any patches that are listed in it recursively. it's a feature of how it works outside the build system .. but if it isn't found, it should exit 1 and break the build.19:02
*** lpapp <lpapp!~lpapp@kde/lpapp> has quit IRC19:03
Crofton|workis there any log that shows the patches being applied?19:06
zeddiihmm. the verbosity is down by default, to just a spinner in do_patch19:07
zeddiiI'm already in that code for another feature. I'll double check.19:08
* zeddii waits for a kernel to fetch19:09
Crofton|worksomething stupid is going on19:10
Crofton|worknot patching and not updating .config19:13
zeddii2015 is shaping up to be exciting at the start.19:14
*** Nitin <Nitin!~nakamble@> has joined #yocto19:14
* zeddii is playing bug whack a mole.19:14
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Crofton|workzeddii, I may have been given a bogus patch19:24
*** Nitin1 <Nitin1!~nakamble@> has joined #yocto19:24
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Crofton|workzeddii, the patch I have should fail to apply19:35
Crofton|worknot seeing that either19:35
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto19:36
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Crofton|workI can't say the problem isn't at my end, but the recipe builds, just no kconfig option and no patch in source tree19:38
Crofton|workand no erros19:38
*** melio_cc <melio_cc!~melio_cc@static-194-113-26-69.axsne.net> has joined #yocto19:39
zeddiihmm. I suppose this is all internal. if there's something you can point me that, that would help. or give me an idea how to mock it up.19:43
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Crofton|workwell, uncommited changes to something that is public now19:47
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #150 of minnow-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/minnow-lsb/builds/15019:47
Crofton|worksomething really weird is going on19:52
Crofton|workI lose an entire source direcotry on the kernel tree19:52
zeddiiyou may be running afoul of the kernel build changes. we have some build issues that we are working through. those are the bugs I'm whack-a-moling19:53
Crofton|workwhy would drivers/input/misc disappear on me?19:55
*** tomz1 <tomz1!trz@nat/intel/x-vxviyvdusgivymwo> has joined #yocto19:55
* Crofton|work flips the table19:56
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zeddiiCrofton|work. was this on a clean, straight up build. or were you rebuilding ?  after a sstate clean ? out of tree modules ?19:58
Crofton|workI did a cleansstate19:58
zeddiicould be what we are hunting then. we are missing files like version.h :)20:00
Crofton|workI found an older build that makes the same kernel version20:00
Crofton|workand it has the directory20:00
Crofton|workso I think I can say it used to work20:00
Crofton|workOK, so I am blaming you20:01
* zeddii is partially just the guy stuck on the hamster wheel.20:02
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Crofton|workI suppose this is the week everything that got broke over the holiday is fixed20:12
zeddiiCrofton|work: indeed. and such fun!20:15
Crofton|workthe annoying thing is the complete lack of debugging messages20:17
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Crofton|workTizen is Yocto enabled!20:45
Crofton|workzeddii, if you have anything that needs testing, please send it my way20:46
zeddiiwill do. I'm working on three issues at the same time .. so I'm swapping and thrashing a bit.20:46
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* zeddii throws up his hands for a bit, and heads for supper. back later.21:13
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kergothgah, why do the python license classifiers not include version numbers for half of them?21:24
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RPotavio: you were asking for patches for the kernel issue to test?23:03
otavioRP: yes23:04
otavioI had several cases to test :)23:04
RPotavio: try dan.rpsys.net/fsl.patch23:04
RPzeddii: ^^^23:05
*** melio_cc <melio_cc!~melio_cc@static-194-113-26-69.axsne.net> has quit IRC23:05
RPotavio: assuming I have the right issue...23:05
otavioRP: this is for the Qt issue23:06
RPotavio: yes23:06
otaviobut what about the linux/version.h issue?23:06
*** melio_cc_ <melio_cc_!~melio_cc@static-194-113-26-69.axsne.net> has quit IRC23:06
otaviozeddii: were looking at it I think23:06
RPotavio: I'm not familiar with that one :/23:06
RPotavio: bug number?23:06
*** Nitin1 <Nitin1!nakamble@nat/intel/x-pgnxhbczlimbkcle> has quit IRC23:06
otavioRP: I don't think it has been reported in bugzilla23:07
*** Nitin <Nitin!nakamble@nat/intel/x-wqlgmcyllrapbbla> has joined #yocto23:07
otavioRP: I was dicussing with zeddii it today23:07
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!besquive@nat/intel/x-wbxqayjbmonkrwgn> has joined #yocto23:07
RPotavio: ok, well I know nothing of it then23:07
otavioRP: anyway, back to the Qt issue. One thing which concerns me is why DEPENDS on virtual/kernel is not enough to guarantee do_install completion23:08
RPotavio: we're making the kernel bypass sstate. It is just as efficient to directly extract the source as it is to unpack an sstate tarball23:08
RPotavio: the downside is we need to be more clear about the dependencies23:09
otavioRP: I'd assume it would guarantee that sysroot were populated before it 'green' the dependency23:09
RPotavio: we're bypassing sstate in this case23:09
*** Nitin1 <Nitin1!~nakamble@> has joined #yocto23:10
RPits pointless to extract the kernel, copy it around, then tar it up again for sstate23:10
otavioRP: Are you confident the price is worth it?23:10
otavioRP: tar it again?23:10
otavioyou mean for the source?23:10
RPotavio: Its a departure from the way we've worked, I do think it will give better user experience in the end23:10
otavioRP: but the sysroot shouldn't be lost.23:11
RPI did try and explain all this in the original patches23:11
*** Nitin <Nitin!nakamble@nat/intel/x-wqlgmcyllrapbbla> has quit IRC23:11
otavioRP: if this is the case, we could have an annonymous python which check for virtual/kernel and adds do_install splicit one?23:12
RPotavio: I doubt you need this in general23:12
RPe.g. if you just RRECOMMEND some kernel modules23:12
RPif you depend on the kernel sources, you do need it23:13
RPthis was why we created the kernelsrc bbclass iirc23:13
otavioRP: that's why I said it for depends23:13
RPotavio: you can put virtual/kernel in DEPENDS for a module dependency for example23:14
RPit means multiple things23:14
RPotavio: I would have suggested kernelsrc.bbclass except for the fact you're doing machine specific overrides23:14
RPmachine overrides with variable flags is harder23:14
Crofton|workRP, I'm also having "weird" kernel build issues23:15
otavioRP: I am afraid we are going to make it way too complex23:15
Crofton|workI'mm all angry, will calm down and start over in the morning23:15
otavioRP: I am not sure it is worth it23:15
RPI'd ask that people file clear bug reports23:16
RP"mentioing it on irc" isn't doing any favours here23:16
Crofton|workyeah, I was talking to zedii trying to figure out what was ahppening23:16
Crofton|workno visibale errors, but wrong things happening23:16
otavioRP: calm down. It is not easy to understand it all.23:17
Crofton|workbasically, hard to amke a good bug report23:17
otavioRP: so we need to understand to provide a good bug report23:17
otavioRP: so be thankful instead of complaining on us here23:17
RPwell, equally, I've been asked today by two peope how they can help23:17
RPand I can't tell them "go read 48 hours of irc logs"23:17
otavioRP: good and today I used full day looking at it23:18
Crofton|workwell, it would help if they were here to talk with us and zedii23:18
Crofton|workhe went to eat, which is fine by me23:18
RPCrofton|work: can you try and write down what you do know in a bug, please?23:18
Crofton|workif I could explain what is happening without seeming nuts I would make a bug23:18
otavioRP: and I don't think I qualify as a begginer in YP so I am afraid we need to improve how it will integrate or it will be too hard for people to get it right.23:19
Crofton|workI'm going to calm down and touch base with zedii in the morning23:19
RPotavio: I do agree on that. To do that we need to figure out where the problems are23:19
RPThe problems appear complex and we don't understand them yet23:19
* Crofton|work isn't that wound up, but he has got a work task blocked by this because I am an idiot23:19
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otavioRP: http://ci.ossystems.com.br/job/fsl-community-bsp-master/425/consoleFull#-1374903367df9aaadc-264d-4163-ae95-fd7844a10b4f23:21
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otavioRP: imx-test is one triggering the linux/version.h issue23:22
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Crofton|workthe weird thing I see is a patch not applying23:23
Crofton|workand kernel source directories vanishing23:23
*** smartin_ <smartin_!~smartin@> has joined #yocto23:23
Crofton|workbut my plan is regroup and start over in the morning23:23
*** Gintaro <Gintaro!~gintaro@geertswei.nl> has joined #yocto23:24
otavioRP: your Qt patch makes sense. But I think it is complex to people to graps it23:24
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RPotavio: so we should just revert the changes?23:25
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otavioRP: To be honest I don't know. But I do think it is way difficult for people to understand it. Even worse as kernel will be a completely different creature ... Basically DEPENDS works for all, but kernel.23:27
*** tf <tf!~tomas@r-finger.com> has joined #yocto23:27
otavioRP: so I am really thinking it is not worth the price. Most of time kernel is not rebuild that ofthen so optimizing for this might be overkill at this price.23:27
RPotavio: there are a number of problems these changes are trying to solve, not just that "optimisation"23:28
otavioRP: one possibility is the annonymous alternative I suggested; it makes DEPENDS to work23:28
otavioRP: which?23:28
otavioRP: with this kernel changes?23:28
RPotavio: the ones I wrote about in the several emails I sent out on this topic23:28
otavioRP: be more specific, please or point me the bug #23:29
RPmaking things like on target sources for kernel modules complete23:29
RPmaking things like module building against the kernel source work properly rather than missing files23:29
otavioRP: ok but this is a new thing.23:29
RPotavio: it isn't new23:29
otavioRP: agreed. Valid. But the kernel sstate drop is not related.23:30
RPotavio: yes, it really is23:30
RPpart of the problem here is we've tried to keep compatibility in some senses and not require people to change things. That massively complicated things and we perhaps shouldn't have done that23:32
otavioRP: How come? I couldn't think any related reason but less time packing/unpacking stuff23:32
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RPotavio: if we "fixed" the various module building properly, it would have created a serious drop in performance which people would not like23:33
otavioRP: well maybe adding a new field makes it less complicated23:33
*** dl9pf <dl9pf!~quassel@opensuse/member/dl9pf> has quit IRC23:33
otavioRP: like KERNELSRC_DEPENDS = "1"23:34
otavioor whatever23:34
otavioAll the black magic with explicit task dependencies when I have a virtual/kernel in depends field makes no sense at all for someone reading the recipe23:35
RPotavio: I do agree and we probably need some kind of class23:35
RPotavio: at this point we probably do need to take a look at the several different kernel classes we have and try and figure out if we can have a better set of classes though23:36
otavioRP: Are you with fsl-arm built?23:36
otavioRP: try imx-test. It will trigger the version.h failure23:36
RPmodule, module-base, linux-kernel-base, kernel, kernelsrc, kernel-module-split and so on is just crazy :(23:36
RPotavio: I can see the problem even without building it23:37
RPotavio: I think what I might propose is moving the kernel source dir out of sysroots and into work-shared or something23:38
RPas well as moving the binary build dir somewhere separate to the source for all cases23:38
RPotavio: I need to talk with zeddii about this23:38
Crofton|workhe's probably watching hockey :)23:39
RPright, I mean tomorrow23:39
Crofton|workI am making a Canadian joke23:39
otavioRP: how the work-shared would help ?23:39
RPCrofton|work: lost on me23:39
RPotavio: its clear sstate covers sysroots, it doesn't cover work-shared23:40
Crofton|workCanadians are hockey mad23:40
otavioRP: right23:40
Crofton|workwmat's son was on TV watching a juniors game23:40
otavioRP: but how would it help with depends madness?23:40
RPotavio: it doesn't, it helps with your complaint about people being confused23:41
RPotavio: I suspect there are several things we need to do to improve things, not one magic bullet23:41
otavioRP: I see23:42
otavioRP: how we could 'use' kernelsrc for conditionals, as the qt4 bbappend case. Any idea?23:44
RPotavio: for your specific issue, I'm wondering about dan.rpsys.net/fsl2.patch23:44
otavioMight help; let me try.23:45
RPotavio: I'm fairly sure that will fix your issue, I'm more worried about any others it may create :)23:46
otavioRP: heheh let me check it23:46
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #147 of nightly-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-arm-lsb/builds/14723:49
otavio| /home/otavio/src/ossystems/yocto/build/tmp/work/imx53qsb-oel-linux-gnueabi/imx-test/1_3.10.31-1.1.0-r0/imx-test-3.10.31-1.1.0-beta/module_test/mxc_sdma_mem_test.c:21:27: fatal error: linux/version.h: No such file or directory23:49
otavio|  #include <linux/version.h>23:49
otavio|                            ^23:50
otavio| compilation terminated.23:50
otavioRP: didn't solve it.23:50
RPotavio: ok, working on it23:53
otavioRP: It is intriguing as linux/version.h is in sysroot23:54
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #148 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly-fsl-arm-lsb/builds/14823:55
RPotavio: I notice that STAGING_DIR_KERNEL isn't in INCLUDE_DIR ?23:55
otavioRP: but ~/src/ossystems/yocto/build/tmp/sysroots/imx53qsb/usr/include/linux/version.h this is STAGING_INCDIR23:56
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