Thursday, 2015-01-08

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #151 of nightly-x32 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kanupatarhi guys04:57
kanupatarI am in a dillemma. I have a board with 32M nor flash(no partition) and currently the uboot and uimage are sitting in the flash. My file system - rootfs also very small. May I know how can I achieve(put rootfs into flash) this?04:57
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #153 of nightly-multilib is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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yctuserhi if a recipe, say a yocto/meta-intel/meta-isg/meta-valleyisland/recipes-multimedia/helloworld/helloworld_1.0.bb06:57
yctuserwhen i do a06:57
yctuserbitbake -b ../meta-intel/meta-isg/meta-valleyisland/recipes-multimedia/helloworld/helloworld_1.0.bb06:57
yctuserit works06:58
yctuserbut when i do a core-img-sato06:58
yctuserit doesn't seem to pick it up06:58
yctuserwhat should i pay attention to, in order to find the possible mistake?06:58
LetoThe2ndyctuser: well if the image you are building does not want to install the package from your new recipe, then it does not get "picked up"07:21
LetoThe2ndyctuser: IMAGE_INSTALL is your friend here. respectively, creating a new (derived) image that installs what you want07:22
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yctuser_LetoThe2nd: how can I check to make sure my recipe is included in my image build?07:27
LetoThe2ndyctuser_: like i said, make sure the IMAGE_INSTALL variable is set according to your wishes07:29
LetoThe2ndas a graphical representation, you can look up
yctuser_thanks! sorry i was disconnected, didn't see your earlier message07:30
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #155 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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hitlin37Hi, i'm trying to put the image on usb using but it always complain with ERROR: Device /dev/sdb does not exist or is not writable08:16
hitlin37the usb stick is fine and i tried with both mounted/unmounted/fat32/ext308:16
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hitlin37ah, i needed to be sudo08:25
mckoangood morning08:25
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hitlin37good morning08:28
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hitlin37i flashed the image on usb, but my bootloader complains "this is not a bootable disk". the board i have has atome382508:49
hitlin37with BIOS of American Megatrends08:49
hitlin37i'm wondering if having a efi image on usb is to playing well with the BIOS09:00
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hitlin37it has  Aptio┬« UEFI 2.x firmware.09:09
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RagBalI build an image with x11-base and no dm, I want to calibrate my touchscreen but the matchbox-terminal pops up in front of the calibration wizard screen. Running xinput_calibrator from tty shows me "Unable to connect to X server", how can I calibrate my touchscreen?09:32
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bluelightningmorning all09:42
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RagBalUgh, I can't seem to get my touchscreen to work with xinput_calibrator, using tslib on a linuxfb works perfectly. What am I missing?10:19
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rburtonJaMa: is that a yocto-powered LG smartwatch?10:27
ndecthe webos smartwatch?10:28
hitlin37the web is full of how to start docker, noone says anthing about how to stop it.10:31
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rburtonndec: "open webos" is the reboot which is yocto instead of oe-classic based,iirc10:58
rburtonjama is seriously failing at self-promotion :)10:59
ndecrburton: are all open webos builds based on oe? i thought the webos-port stuff was itself a reboot of open webos, built with oe11:00
rburtonndec: see, this is why i wanted jama to confirm/deny :)11:00
bluelightningJaMa: ^11:02
JaMaOpen webOS as well as webos-ports (renamed to LuneOS) are all built with OE.. then there are some proprietary layers on top of that for other flavors of webOS like systems11:03
ndecah. nice.11:03
JaMakeep in mind that it intentionally doesn't answer Ross's original question :)11:03
rburtonJaMa: bah!11:04
rburtonluneos is the "community" one?11:05
JaMathere is also meta-luneui now, for people who need just simple qt5 based UI for other projects11:08
rburtonJaMa: looking at the openwebos "building for desktop" page, i really hope the watch isn't running webos on ubuntu :)11:09
bluelightningJaMa: cool... is that by chance in the layer index? ;)11:09
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Crofton|workrburton, what is Yocto?11:24
rburtonCrofton|work: don't start that again11:24
Crofton|workalso, I do not think open webos could be described as oe-classic :)11:24
rburton"powered by tools developed by the yocto project community"11:24
Crofton|workmuch better11:25
rburtonthe last time i looked at the webos layers it was pretty much old-school oe11:25
rburtonbut that was a loooong time ago11:25
Crofton|workapparently it has some interesting hacks :)11:25
Crofton|workembedded track at fosdem slowly appearing11:26
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rburtonCrofton|work: that talk is basically "smack rocks"11:30
Crofton|workI can see the talks that might be on the schedule, here are a few more that use the word "Yocto"11:31
Crofton|workI read "smart rocks"11:32
rburtonconnected rocks!11:32
JaMabluelightning: not yet, because it was merged to dizzy just today :)11:39
bluelightningJaMa: ah ok, fair enough :)11:39
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torbitHi folks11:58
torbithow are you all doing ?11:58
torbitI would like to get involved in yocto design.11:58
torbitCould someone please assist on how to get stated11:58
rburtondesign of what?11:59
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torbitrburton:any of the yocto sub projects12:00
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rburtoni guess pick a project and contain the people working on it12:01
rburtonpresumably you mean visual design for web pages / applications?12:02
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JaMaAm I doing something wrong or is openembedded-core/scripts/buildhistory-diff very slow for big diffs?12:02
rburtonJaMa: i've certainly see it sit for a while, but how long is very slow?12:03
bluelightningJaMa: is your repo large?12:03
JaMagit diff size: 439777 buildhistory-diff12:03
JaMabut buildhistory-diff doesn't show any output in 30 minutes12:03
JaMa980M    buildhistory12:03
JaMarelatively small comared to my other buildhistory repos :)12:04
JaMaopenembedded-core/scripts/buildhistory-diff -v 8cae983119a7eda5473711d545769b92f71c739f 7f3fba215f6d72dd5a0505882973a0a5c8a917c612:04
bluelightninghmm... I can't immediately explain that12:04
bluelightningcertainly 30 minutes is egregiously long12:04
JaMaok, will try to debug12:04
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JaMabluelightning: is it possible to edit layer in layer index to say that it's meta-webos-ports for dizzy release and older and for master it's meta-luneui + meta-luneos?12:10
JaMaor do I have to rename/delete meta-webos-ports if I don't want to show it for master branch?12:10
JaMayesterday I was searching for meta-cedartrail and I guess it was also lost because of some changes like this12:11
bluelightningJaMa: well, a layer can disappear for a branch if there's no branch record for that branch, but at one time at least I assumed all layers would have a master branch12:11
bluelightningI did do some fixes a while back to try to make it possible to not have one, I don't remember how far I got with it12:12
JaMaok, so it's even more complicated case, because the repository and branch still exists12:12
bluelightningcertainly the deleting needs to be done from the admin interface, but you may have rights to do that actually12:12
JaMabut newer dizzy revision and master branch contain 2 layers in it12:12
bluelightningok, they would need to be created as new layers, but that in itself should be OK since they would not have branch records for the old branches they aren't present in12:13
JaMacannot be renamed?12:15
torbitrburton : yes I would love to start with web pages and proceed to application12:15
torbitjust depends on what needs most work so I can help12:15
JaMaah it renames it for all versions including e.g.
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JaMaok, created 2 new layers and published them12:24
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jwendellhi guys, does yocto have a policy for updates on stable releases? I mean, I'm on the dizzy branch and it continues to receive updates.12:26
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jwendellis there any page that explains that?12:26
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bluelightningjwendell: there is indeed:
bluelightningJaMa: FWIW I do have a long-term todo list item to add this kind of splitting functionality, but there's nothing like that atm13:00
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jwendellbluelightning, thanks!13:07
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dpavelHello, I'm having some trouble trying to build meta-ti with meta-ivi. The meta-ivi is my problem : I downloaded the layer (and dependencies); added the layer folder into bblayers.conf and path to recipes in layres.conf. When i try to build (bitbake intrepid-image) i'm getting the following error : ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'intrepid-image'. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.13:12
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mckoandpavel: because exist in meta-ivi/recipes-yocto-ivi/images the problem must be your bblayers.conf13:14
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dpavelLine added in bblayers.conf : path_to_poky/meta-ivi/meta-ivi13:18
mckoandpavel: I guess it should be path_to_poky/meta-ivi13:19
mckoandpavel: no, path_to_poky/meta-ivi/meta-ivi is ok13:19
dpavelmckoan: and line added in layres.conf13:20
mckoandpavel: which line?13:20
void-devdpavel: so you git cloned meta-ivi while the current dir was poky?13:20
dpavelmckoan : local.conf * (sorry) : BBMASK="meta-ivi/meta-ivi/recipes-yocto-ivi"13:21
dpavelvoid-dev: yes13:21
void-devdpavel: ok, so I guess you found the issue13:21
dpavelvoid-dev: no, I was just posting the line I added in local.conf and still doesn't work13:22
void-devdpavel: the BBMASK most  do the opposite you want13:24
mckoandpavel: remove BBMASK line13:24
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dpavelAfter removing : ERROR: Please ensure that your setting of VIRTUAL-RUNTIME_init_manager (systemd) matches the entries enabled in DISTRO_FEATURES13:25
dpavelERROR: Failed to parse recipe: /home/daniel/Karanka/yocto/poky/meta-ivi/meta-ivi/recipes-yocto-ivi/packagegroups/packagegroup-core-boot-genivi.bb13:25
void-devdpavel: did you set the DISTRO to poky-ivi-systemd13:26
dpavelvoid-dev: nope, how can I do that ?13:27
void-devdpavel: in your local.conf13:27
void-devdpavel: if you would have clones the layers side by side, and not inside poky, you could follow the README file13:28
void-devdpavel: but in your setup the provided TEMPLATECONF won't work13:29
dpavelit started building, thank you for the help13:29
dpaveljust added distro and it's all good.13:29
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void-devdpavel: you may want to add INCOMPATIBLE_LICENSE ?= "GPLv3" too to your local.conf as GENIVI does not like GPLv3 licensed stuff13:30
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dpavelvoid-dev: ok, thank you.13:32
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void-devdpavel: np13:32
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lpappgood morning14:51
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lpapp -> YP Core - Daisy 1.5.4 -> Do you report such bugs?14:51
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #153 of nightly-x86 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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arcomivithere is a question I have.16:35
arcomiviWhich script is responsible for creating/maintaining GRUB entry after sato installation from USB to HDD?16:36
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*** r22s <r22s!d0b90c36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto16:38
dmoseleyarcomivi: probably ./meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/files/ or ./meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/files/ are what you are looking for.16:38
arcomiviWhat i mean exactely is: 1) deploy(dd) .hddimg to USB 2) boot device from USB and install image to sda 3) start device to boot from sda, but there has to be a script creating a GRUB entry during installation16:38
arcomividmoseley: yes, are they run on default?16:39
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arcomividmoseley: at the moment after the installation there is: no bootable device16:39
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto16:39
dmoseleyThey are run when you select the "install" option from the USB boot.  They are included in initrd and install grub to the HDD.16:40
arcomivihmm, if they are run, what would be another possible problem getting this error?16:41
bluelightninglpapp: I got Beth to fix that, thanks for the report16:41
dmoseleyarcomivi: Hard to say.  Depending on your target the bootloader may need to be setup to boot from the HDD.16:42
lpappbluelightning: thanks.16:42
r22sHi all -- I'm working on a Yocto managed project using the 3.10.17 kernel on a freescale IMX6Q.  I'm interested in making changes to the system's internal pin mux.  Where is the pin mux configured?  Does Yocto/the BSP own that, or is it a general linux matter?16:43
arcomividmoseley: ok, well, target is simple atom cpu x86, installation asks for whether to install to /dev/sda1. After reboot - no bootable device. I am trying to figure out where to start.16:43
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto16:44
dmoseleyarcomivi: Initially I would suspect something in the target BIOS setup.16:44
arcomividmoseley: what exactely do you mean by BIOS setup? Boot sequence maybe?16:45
dmoseleyarcomivi: I am not familiar with any of the atom boards but if it's a standard PC style architecture there is likely a BIOS setup utility where you can specify boot devices.  Is it a standard BIOS based system or is it using some other boot loader?16:46
arcomividmoseley: ok, BIOS already checked. No problems there, booting from HDD is set up. Maybe there is a problem with those init scripts, not beeing run properly. Any other hints from experience?16:48
dmoseleyIt could well be a bug in the scripts.  Nothing specific comes to mind though.16:49
arcomividmoseley: thanks a lot, that helped me to sort things out that have to be checked.16:50
dmoseleyGood luck.16:50
arcomivii will need it ;) I am trying to install an image for 3 days now ;)16:50
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_jmleoHi ! I am using ssh to connect to my board (i.MX6 based) and I need about 5-6 seconds to connect on it. Is this a problem you already saw ?16:55
*** challinan <challinan!> has joined #yocto16:57
kergothmaybe its resolving your ip via dns for the logs, and that times out? </wild guess>16:58
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redenginis there a reason PREFERRED_PROVIDER_java2-runtime="oracle-jse-jre-x86-64" in my local.conf has no effect?18:29
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shane_I have added metacity in yocto18:39
shane_but it schemas is looking for /opt/gnome/metacity path which is not present in my image18:39
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bboozzooif I'm sending a patch for a recipe that includes a backported patch from more recent upstream version, besides an Upstream-Status: Backport, does the patch also need a Signed-off-by?19:30
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Aethenelleis there a recipe to build all the *-native recipes?19:47
kergothAethenelle: unlikely. you could certainly script it via processing the output of bitbake -s19:50
Aethenellethat's what i'm working on now... just hoped there was a better way...19:50
kergothwhat's the purpose of this?19:51
kergothprepopulating a native sstate cache?19:51
*** sgw_ <sgw_!> has joined #yocto19:53
Aethenellebasically... i have a bunch of archs i need to run tests on19:55
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rburtonthere used to be a packagegroup that was most native packages, but it wasn't anything like complete20:08
kergothplus what 'all' means depends on your configuration and enabled layers. i could see having one covering whats in oe-core, perhaps20:10
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