Friday, 2015-01-09

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sighackQuestion: How do i populate the conf files for running opkg ???07:00
sighackI have added "poky-feed-config-opkg" , "opkg-collateral" "opkg-config-base" but nothing shows up in /etc/opkg/arch.conf and base-feeds.conf .....pls help07:00
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nrossisighack: none of those recipes populate base-feeds.conf, although poky-feed-config-opkg has some commented out logic for it. However i have no issue with poky-feed-config-opkg generating the arch.conf07:17
sighacknrossi: ok.. then how do i populate base-feeds.conf ?07:20
sighackim sorry, just checked, arch.conf is populated07:20
nrossisighack: might be a manual thing, have a look at
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sighackok.. so uncommenting that line will populate it with all the feeds for various packages?07:25
sighackbasically i want to install libjpeg /libjpeg-dev right now..07:26
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nrossisighack: probably not, that feed uri looks old. You are probably just going to want to manually populate the base-feeds.conf with the package uris from yocto project releases,
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nrossisighack: an entry like "src/gz armv7a-vfp-neon" should do (but pick the architecture you want)07:31
sighacknrossi: was going to ask just that! makes sense now. thanks a ton! :)07:32
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mckoangood morning08:13
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jmleoI want to modify my default sshd_config file in order to add "UseDNS no"08:20
jmleoIs the best way to create a bbappend ?08:20
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AndersDqqqcdgit amork#0610:18
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RagBalCan somebody explain to me where I can find the recipe for packagegroup-core-x11-utils? It is used in the x11-base image feature but I can't seem to find it anywhere10:53
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bluelightningRagBal: it's produced by meta/recipes-graphics/packagegroups/packagegroup-core-x11.bb11:01
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RagBalbluelightning, thanks11:08
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seb_owIs there a jenkins plugin/script that would nicely parse the output of bitbake ? Our current output log is more thant 2MB so I was wondering if there already exists a tool to pick out only errors and such13:11
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darkhorse_funny problem with openssl - while creating rootfs i get the following error: check_data_file_clashes: Package libssl1.0.0 wants to install file <path>/rootfs/usr/lib/
darkhorse_how can i get past this?14:41
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darkhorse_how to populate sysroots from a shared state cache area?15:04
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rburtonit will always look in sstate before building something from scratch15:06
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ramoseI'm trying to backport one package(containes recipe file and files folder) to my build env and seeing below issue while bitabel16:34
ramoseERROR: Required build target 'lxc' has no buildable providers16:34
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bluelightningramose: backport to what version?16:45
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ramosebluelightning: I could not really find the version really,but package itself was missing16:46
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ramosebluelightning : I just see its failing on RDEPENDS_${PN} rsync16:48
bluelightningramose: that single line isn't the full error message surely?16:48
ramosebluelightning:This is something what I see
bluelightningramose: is there an rsync recipe in your configuration?16:51
ramosebluelightning: oh ,that I need to see16:51
bluelightningalthough rsync is part of the core16:52
ramosebluelightning: If I remove rsync and move to other RDEPENDS_${PN} gzip I don't see any error16:52
bluelightningso what happens if you do "bitbake rsync" ?16:52
ramosebluelightning; Let me see16:53
ramoseERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'rsync'16:53
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ramosebluelighting; I think I got your point :), I need to have rsync recipe in my confriguation ,right?16:54
ramosebluelighting : But as you said I have rsync on my distro16:55
ramosebluelightning: Thank you,you saved lot of my time :)16:59
bluelightningramose: with default poky/OE-Core a rsync recipe is included, so you should have it17:00
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ramosebluelightning: It was missing :(, but I think I would get it from latest versions17:02
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bluelightninghmm, as far as poky is concerned we've had an rsync recipe since 2007 (when it was copied over from OE-Classic)...17:03
ramosebluelightning: Ya ,I guess our distro is quite old and have of list other recipes to be taken care of.Anyways I'm really Thankful for your time :)17:07
bluelightningok, no problem17:07
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ramosebluelightning : I just copied one of missing recipe to oe-core(my old distro ) but while bitbake its saying ERROR: Could not inherit file classes/systemd.bbclass ERROR: Could not inherit file classes/systemd.bbclass while parsing  dnsmasq_2.63.bb17:35
bluelightningyep well naturally you will have to adapt it to whatever version you are using17:36
bluelightningwhich sounds like it would mean removing the inherit of systemd and anything relating to it17:36
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OsamaHello guys17:39
ramosebluelightning: you mean to say I have to go for some older version of dnsmasq,if so where do I find the exact version?17:39
bluelightningramose: I might suggest older branches in the git repository perhaps17:40
OsamaDoes anyone here work with matchbox sato?17:41
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ramosebluelightning: Ok , I need to update the SRC_URI  varibale with older version,right?17:43
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bluelightningramose: that's not really what I am talking about, this just concerns the metadata, not the software that the metadata is building17:46
ramosebluelightning :sorry but I didn't get your last point :(17:47
bluelightningramose: the error you just pasted is a problem with the recipe, not the software the recipe is building - it's because it expects a class that is only present in newer versions17:49
bluelightningyou need to adapt the recipe to take care of differences like that17:50
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ramoseramose : May sound stupid,but could I look for same recipe with older version?17:53
ramosebluelightning:oh sorry ,I Just typed my nick instead of yours17:54
bluelightningramose: sure, you can look in older branches of OE-Core to find recipes that are more likely to be compatible17:55
ramosebluelightning; Ok,Thank you.17:56
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Xzhi there22:05
Xzare you guys aware of build appliance for Yocto?22:05
XzI'm trying to understand whether there is any possibility of building Yocto in cloud-alike infrastructure22:06
Xze.g. having few blade servers under control of some low-level agents22:06
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Xzin other words - having a CPU power not as a single physical server22:07
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smurrayXz: autobuilder seems to enable that, see
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Xzsmurray: yeah, but does Build Appliance let me use multiphe physical machines to perform one single Yocto build?23:45
rburtonthere is distcc support iirc23:45
rburtonoh, meta/classes/icecc.bbclass23:46
rburton"# IceCream distributed compiling support"23:46
rburtonis that suitable?23:46
* rburton -> bed23:46
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Xzrburton: well, probably. I'm requesting a infrastructure for our project to do mainly Yocto builds23:51
Xzrburton: and I'm getting a strong feedback, that it's suggested to use VM solution23:52
Xzrburton: meaning multiple not-so-powerfull machines together23:52
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