Sunday, 2015-01-25

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darkhorsebluelightning: hi, i am trying to migrate from dylan to dizzy-12.0.1 to be able to use runtime testing framework00:13
darkhorsebluelightning: there's quite a few differences i am noticing. but first of all zlib has started to give me grief :(00:14
darkhorsebluelightning: ERROR: The recipe zlib is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist.00:15
darkhorsebluelightning: the fucntion that fails is do_populate_sysroot00:16
darkhorsebluelightning: any ideas?00:17
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bluelightningdarkhorse: did you keep the same TMPDIR? if so, you should delete it or move it out of the way00:37
darkhorsebluelightning: i have a new TMPDIR however i am using the same SSTATE_CACHE00:42
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darkhorsebluelightning: so SSTATE_DIR is the same. do you think it matters?00:43
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bluelightningdarkhorse: should not matter00:47
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darkhorsebluelightning: in dizzy, default TCLIBC is glibc. can I still use eglibc?01:13
bluelightningdarkhorse: not really, no... eglibc as a project merged back into glibc, so it doesn't really exist anymore01:14
bluelightningfunctionality should be completely equivalent01:14
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darkhorsebluelightning: there used to in dylan. what happend to it in dizzy?01:35
bluelightningdarkhorse: meta-sourcery provides that now01:35
darkhorsebluelightning:meta-sourcery is not included in dizzy and it wasn't included in dylan either. so is this the correct place to get it:
bluelightningdarkhorse: yes01:44
darkhorsebluelightning: secondly, does it support using prebuilt sourcery toolchain?01:44
bluelightningdarkhorse: that is what it is intended for yes01:44
darkhorsebluelightning: okay. I will try it. Last time I could get it to work for me with dylan...01:45
darkhorsebluelightning: i meant "could not"01:46
bluelightningI can't say I've ever used it personally01:46
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darkhorsebluelightning:  thisi s the error I get each time I try to use meta-sourcery:: Could not include required file conf/distro/include/tclibc-external-sourcery-toolchain.inc02:17
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bluelightningdarkhorse: are you setting TCLIBC to something?02:23
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darkhorsebluelightning: it is being set to glibc in the defaultsetup.conf02:25
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darkhorsekergoth: can you help me with using meta-sourcery please?02:58
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darkhorseanyone with meta-sourcery experience? getting the following error - variable libc_baselibs references itself!03:33
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darkhorsebluelightning: is it possible to clean sstate-cache at a machine level? I want to keep native packages but clean all packages related to my target hardware16:35
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darkhorsekergoth: hi the latest meta-sourcery (master branch) seems to be broken - any ideas?16:42
kergothi use it all day every day16:47
kergothstop setting TCMODE, you're setting it incorrectly16:48
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darkhorsesometimes when I override a task (e.g do_configure), it doesn't work until I explicitly do "cd ${S}" as the first command. But this is not true always - what's going on?18:20
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darkhorse_bluelightning: with dizzy, a lot of my autotools based packages have started to break :) Here's an example error output:18:47
darkhorse_bluelightning: automake: error: no '' found for any configure output | autoreconf: automake failed with exit status: 1 | ERROR: autoreconf execution failed.18:47
bluelightningdarkhorse_: have you read the migration guide?18:49
darkhorse_bluelightning: no. i wasn't aware of it. thanks - i am going to take a look now18:50
darkhorse_bluelightning: earlier, i asked if I can clean sstate for a specific machine.(without deleting sstate cache for native packages). is that possible?18:51
bluelightningno, there's no option for that18:51
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otavioHi there19:18
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kroonhi otavio20:01
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otavioOE is a nice way to heat the ambient ;-)20:13
otavio 18:13:04 up 20 days,  8:59,  8 users,  load average: 24.62, 22.81, 20.7420:13
dRbiGit is indeed20:14
kroonfirefox too :-/20:14
dRbiG'yocto - the best tool for turining your hardware into a space heater!20:14
dRbiG' ;D20:14
kroonmaybe im being unfair, i should probably blame flash plugin20:15
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otavioA 6 core machine is useless when 4 images is cooked in parallel :P20:15
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kroonI'd love for OE to track outputs, besides just inputs, if possible. that would save a lot of rebuilds ..20:16
dRbiGbeing a total newb to yocto my feeling is there's a lot going on that's not really necessary to give you what you want20:17
otaviokroon: yes but the complexity and the processing needed to perform this, maybe this ends not being worth it20:17
dRbiGjust looking at the number, 19 GB of crap to produce 69 MB rootfs.tar.bz220:18
otaviodRbiG: it is not that simple20:18
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otaviodRbiG: there are real good reasons why OE does things in that way. The most important one is reproducibility20:19
dRbiGotavio: i know, but it still makes me scratch my head when i look at the numbers20:19
dRbiGi also think that this approach makes sense for what the intended workflow/use case is20:19
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dRbiGand my recent case of building an image for i586 on x86_64 probably didn't fit it at all20:20
dRbiG...still the space heating part is true, and the numbers are true :D20:21
dRbiGi even made notes:
kroondRbiG, you can always enable "rm_work" ;)20:23
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dRbiGmy feeling (not technical opinion) is that yocto builds an equaly complex layer of its own on top of the complex layer of cross-building a linux distro from scratch20:26
dRbiGe.g. approaching it is rather unpleasent; though i wonder if it might make more sense for someone that has never build a linux from scrtach20:27
kergothits 1) crosscompilation and 2) host independence that adds the majority of the complexity. the rest is the nature of having a general purpose distribution building tool which works for any arbitrary target distro and machine20:44
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RPkergoth: any ideas why: would happen?21:40
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darkhorse_bluelightning: hi again, i have a custom openssl implementation that provides libcrypto and libssl. but so does the standard openssl. I have setup PREFERRED_PROVIDER_libcrypto = "my-openssl" and PREFERRED_PROVIDER_libssl = "my-openssl" but the system still thinks there are two providers23:23
darkhorse_bluelightning: any hints, please?23:24
*** nicktick <nicktick!~john@unaffiliated/nicktick> has joined #yocto23:29
bluelightningdarkhorse_: those are runtime targets I think you'll find - you need to be specifying the build time target which is probably just "openssl"23:33
darkhorse_bluelightning: when I need to include openssl into an image i have to specify libcrypto and libssl packages - it doesn't take just openssl or any custom implementation. so when the image looks for providers it find two! hence i tried to set up PREFERRED_PROVIDERS. Are you saying that I should add openssl itself in the IMAGE_INSTALL as opposed to libssl and libcrypto?23:38
*** jmpdelos <jmpdelos!> has joined #yocto23:39
bluelightningdarkhorse_: no, in IMAGE_INSTALL you specify runtime targets i.e. packages23:39
bluelightningdarkhorse_: but to be honest most of the time you do not need to explicitly install any library like openssl - a package containing an executable that links to a library in another package gets a dependency on that library package automatically23:40
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!~SoylentYe@> has joined #yocto23:40
darkhorse_bluelightning: i see. but let's say you have multiple providers for a runtime library -  how do you specify a PREFERRED_PROVIDER for a runtime library23:43
bluelightningdarkhorse_: that doesn't really work atm23:43
bluelightningdarkhorse_: but it rarely matters - dependencies stated by the recipe are usually build-time targets first, with runtime dependencies following from those23:45
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darkhorse_bluelightning: i am not sure i followed the last statement. yes, the run time dependencies follow from build time ones. but then the build system would try to provide the runtime dependencies - that's where it will find multiple providers and hence the problem?23:48
bluelightningdarkhorse_: having selected a single build time provider of "openssl", only one should be built, hence only one ends up being available at runtime23:48

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