Monday, 2015-01-26

darkhorse_bluelightning: where do i make the selection for  the build time provider for openssl?00:00
bluelightningit needs to be done at the configuration level, so local.conf or better a custom distro config00:01
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darkhorse_bluelightning: do you ever sleep :)00:58
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bluelightningdarkhorse_: it has been known :)01:03
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jfawouAnyone know if there's a channel dedicated to Intel Edison?03:50
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Datalinkanyone know if Yocto's been cross compiled for the ARM6 platform (Raspberry Pi)? it's light overhead would help me on a project I'm in the planning phases of08:12
_qwerty_Hi all, Are there a configuration parameter to save space on disk removing old bitbake images08:14
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aks_good morning08:31
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hitlin37hi, is there any utility on Linux that i could use to replace mfgtool. its stupid to find a windows pc for flashing image using mfgtool just because my vendor ships with mfgtool.09:04
hitlin37ironically the complete release is yocto based with only flashjing done by mfgtool09:07
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LetoThe2ndhitlin37: google:
Datalinkhitlin37, google:
Datalinkand it looks like mfgtool itself is due to the storage tech of the device09:08
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hitlin37Datalink: you mean flashing to nand is fixed with windows usb driver?09:09
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hitlin37LetoThe2nd: is that link works for imx5/6? looks good on first look.09:13
hitlin37thanks for the link.,09:13
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Datalinkhitlin37, while I own a freescale based ARM device (Teensy 3.1) I haven't worked with their processors beyond that, though I do want to get into freescale more09:14
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hitlin37its pain to see that flashing requires a PC.09:15
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Datalinkhitlin37, possile to get the software to work in WINE?09:16
hitlin37ui have wine..i can give it a try09:16
hitlin37but since it access the device, wine isn't nice when you talk outside.09:17
Datalinktrue, forgot about that... blah09:17
DatalinkReactOS in VirtualBox, maybe?09:17
hitlin37haven't heard of reactos before....looks something to try with.09:20
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hitlin37but its in alpha stage.09:23
hitlin37i'll use my collegues window system for the time being.09:23
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Datalinkit's alpha because it's not stable enough to be a person's daily driver OS yet, but for a one off application use, it could work09:24
mckoangood morning09:24
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hitlin37Datalink: now you persuaded me, i'm play with it during evening time. thanks!09:30
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Datalinkhitlin37, heh, it's cool, but again, not a daily driver, so I haven't played with it a lot either, I think I still have a VirtualBox image somewhere on one of my systems...09:32
DatalinkI think the TB drive I don't even have plugged in is the one...09:33
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bluelightningmorning all09:41
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Datalinkmorning bluelightning09:42
bluelightninghi Datalink09:42
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lpappgood morning10:08
lpapphow can I specify from which recipe to pick up packages for an image? Currently, I have two recipes with different build targets for make and an .inc file shared some common package parts.10:10
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lpappinstead of preferred_version, is there something like preferred_recipe?10:16
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bluelightninglpapp: I guess PREFERRED_PROVIDER is what you want10:19
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bluelightningbut that is at the configuration level, there is no way to do it on a per-image basis10:19
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lpappbluelightning: really10:21
lpappbluelightning: do I always need to write virtual/ or that is not a requirement?10:22
bluelightninglpapp: if the recipes produce the same named packages, then there isn't a way to select between them in the image, no10:25
bluelightninglpapp: no, virtual/ is just a convention for naming build-time PROVIDES where more than one provider exists and a selection is expected to be made10:26
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lpappbluelightning: ok, maybe the example could mention that, or give a non-virtual example.10:26
bluelightninglpapp: probably ought to yes, it's a common confusion point10:27
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bluelightningmago_: hi - can you help me at all with ?10:38
yoctiBug 7024: minor, Medium, 1.8, paul.eggleton, NEEDINFO , Need dependencies from tasks on postprocessing variables10:38
mago_bluelightning: sorry, yes, i will try to reproduce it today. i've been travelling most of last week, so haven't had time to do any hacking10:39
bluelightningmago_: ok, no worries - thanks10:39
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lpappbluelightning: ok, thanks.10:48
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lpappbluelightning: after putting PREFERRED_PROVIDER into my distro conf, bitbake myimage is not enough? I am still getting the conflict messages for the files in question.10:59
bluelightninglpapp: PREFERRED_PROVIDER won't actually stop both being built if there are dependencies such that the system thinks that needs to be done, although you should get a warning if the stated PROVIDES are valid and both recipes actually have that in PROVIDES11:01
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lpappbluelightning: there are, and When I prefer the provider, I thought would be completely ignored.11:04 and only differ with regards to the make target.11:05
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bluelightninglpapp: does the common inc file set up a common PROVIDES that you are setting PREFERRED_PROVIDER on?11:06
lpappgrep -rn PROVIDES ../meta-foo/recipes-foo/foo/ -> empty output.11:07
bluelightningjust checking, your A and B have different PN values (derived from their file names) right?11:11
lpappbluelightning: that is possible.11:12
bluelightningare there any other recipes that have a build-time dependency on either of these recipes? or is it solely brought into the build based upon one of the packages produced going into IMAGE_INSTALL?11:12
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lpappbluelightning: these are "topmost" packages, with no dependencies on top of.11:15
lpappbluelightning: the packages from are in our specific packagegroup that is put into the image, yes.11:16
bluelightninghmm, well you'll have to see whether this is going to work or not, I'm not sure to be honest11:19
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lpappwhat is?11:19
bluelightningPREFERRED_PROVIDER to resolve this particular issue11:19
lpappI wiped my build folder out.11:19
bluelightningin any event, if you want to use PREFERRED_PROVIDER you will need to have a common PROVIDES to select a provider for11:19
lpapplet us see if it works with clean build...11:19
bluelightningthere probably wasn't a need for that11:20
lpappmaybe, but I feel safer.11:22
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lpappbluelightning: I am not sure why I need to write PROVIDES explicitly. Does bitbake not know already what recipes provide what packages?11:29
bluelightninglpapp: it does, but those are runtime provides and at present the build system does not support selecting between those11:30
bluelightninglpapp: it just struck me, surely the best way to handle this would be to ensure the package names are different and just be explicit in IMAGE_INSTALL11:30
lpapphmm? Bitbake is build time thing, not runtime.11:32
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lpappdoes it not have a mapping like a recipe provides a1, a2, and a3, whereas b recipe provides a1, a2, and a3. Then the preferred provider would tell bitbake which key to look up?11:33
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bluelightningI'm not sure if the code is written like that11:35
lpappbluelightning: I am thinking about removing and merge with B.bb11:37
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darkhorsebluelightning: earlier i mentioned that i was getting the following error for zlib package: ERROR: The recipe zlib is trying to install files into a shared area when those files already exist.11:38
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darkhorsebluelightning: this is no dizzy-12.0.111:39
bluelightningdarkhorse: can you please pastebin the full error?11:40
darkhorsebluelightning: in the zlib recipe, under meta/recipes-core/zlib, there is a function do_install_append_class-target() with the following comment: do_install_append_class-target() : We move zlib shared libraries for target builds to avoid qa warnings.11:41
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darkhorsebluelightning: when i comment out the function, it works fine.11:41
darkhorsebluelightning: i can pastebin if you tell me where/how :)11:43
bluelightningdarkhorse: paste the error into and then copy & paste the URL here11:44
darkhorsebluelightning: wow that's cool! here's the link:
darkhorsebluelightning: the same problem occurs with ncurses11:48
bluelightningdarkhorse: there's something messed up here with external-sourcery-toolchain; it's not the zlib/ncurses recipe at fault here11:49
bluelightningdarkhorse: are you using the dizzy branch of meta-sourcery to match up with the build system version?11:49
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darkhorsebluelightning: to be honest, i didn't find any references to specific branches of yocto when i downloaded meta-sourcery. i tried the master branch which didn't work. then i picked up the last release branch which was
darkhorsebluelightning: and that's what i am using11:52
bluelightningdarkhorse: ok, well you'll need to talk to kergoth I suspect regarding this issue11:53
Datalinksilly simple question, how concerned do I have to be about power cycling a Yocto based device?11:53
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rburtonDatalink: its a linux system, so same as any other.  ideally shut down cleanly so you don't have the deal with filesystem corruption…11:54
bluelightningDatalink: it's not so much about the OS, but what storage devices your device uses and how you are writing to them11:54
darkhorsekergoth: which branch of meta-sourcery should I be using with dizzy-12.0.111:55
Datalinkrburton, bluelightning it's an Intel Edison, so eMMC, lemme check the filesystem types11:56
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Datalinkext4, for mail filesystem11:59
Datalinker, filesystems11:59
rburtonits journaling so generally recovers fine12:00
Datalinkhopefully, yeah, but yeah, I agree with you that shutdown is a good idea when viable12:01
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DatalinkI need to get a battery for this thing, very cool little computer12:01
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darkhorsekergoth: i have tried master branch again. I wasn't setting TCMODE as you previously hinted. the only assignment happening to TCMODE is a weak assignment happening in meta/conf/distro/defaultsetup.conf which is TCMODE ?= "default"12:16
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darkhorsekergoth: so like I mentioned earlier it blows up with "variable libc_baselibs references itself!! error. please find full detail here:
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darkhorsebluelightning: it turns out that there is no official release of meta-sourcery for dizzy yet :( there is fairly recent branch that seems to work but I am intrigued by your comment that the error is is with toolchain setting. if that was the case, why all other packages seem to okay?12:57
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bluelightningdarkhorse: don't know, but this error does not occur in a build without meta-sourcery, and you'll note the mention of external-toolchain-sourcery in the error13:09
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darkhorsebluelightning: reading through dev manual for runtime image testing I find the following statement:13:19
darkhorsebluelightning: When running tests (independent of whether the image has been deployed automatically or not), the device is expected to be connected to a network on a pre-determined IP address13:19
darkhorsebluelightning: question is, can I use a serial connection instead. it does seem to suggest serial connection for bootloader interactions13:20
bluelightningdarkhorse: at the moment we expect to be able to make a connection over SSH13:20
bluelightningwe do support serial connection for the bootloader yes13:21
bluelightningin theory it would be possible to do it all over serial, but that's not implemented13:21
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Datalinkcomplex question, running yocto install, the root filesystem's full, I've added an entry to /etc/systemd/journald.conf to limit the SystemMaxFileSize to 200K, is there a way to flush the oversized journal? a reboot didn't do it14:28
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Datalinkmay have been a typo, rebooting to find out14:30
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Datalinkis there some reason my root password isn't working for single user mode?15:15
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mavin1Just tried "bitbake -c menuconfig" && "bitbake -c -f deploy linux-yocto"; however bitbake doesn't seem to build the modules I selected although it's clearly set as module in .config - any clue?15:19
*** tingleby <tingleby!> has joined #yocto15:20
kroonmavin1, wouldnt you need to do a do_compile_kernelmodules ?15:24
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kroonmavin1, ideally you would save and use the new kernel defconfig in the recipe, which would trigger all required rebuilds automatically15:26
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mavin1let me try - I might have missed it15:36
mavin1@kroon - do_compile_kernelmodules doesn't change anything :-(15:38
kroonmavin1, aha, maybe something else is missing then15:40
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adyercan't seem to get to  anyone know about it's status?16:11
*** LocutusOfBorg1 <LocutusOfBorg1!> has quit IRC16:15
bluelightningadyer: I think it's probably related to the autobuilder being down for maintenance at the moment, should be back up by EOD tomorrow US time I think was the last ETA I heard16:17
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adyerbluelightning: thanks.  do you know of a mirror somewhere?16:19
*** dorileo <dorileo!~dorileo@> has joined #yocto16:22
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bluelightningadyer: I don't know of one I'm afraid, but then it's not something I personally use16:24
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adyerbluelightning: thx again.16:26
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hitlin37btw, Datalink which vendor actually gives good supprt with yocto. any idea? atleast any know next time if such a vendor exists which gives linux tools for flashing16:41
Datalinkhitlin37, I only have 1 device with Yocto on it, so I'm not the best to ask on that one, I'm afraid16:43
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darkhorsebluelightning: after i build one of my kernels, i get a mysterious stripping error which starts like this: ERROR: runstrip: ...17:02
darkhorsebluelightning: it doesn't say which task failed etc. but it looks like it fails while trying to strip some file as part of kernel packaging17:03
bluelightningdoes it continue with more of an error ?17:03
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darkhorsebluelightning: no that all. and surprisingly when i run the same command again, it thinks everything is fine and succeeds!17:22
bluelightningdarkhorse: I really don't know I'm afraid17:23
bluelightningI can only suggest trying a -c cleansstate and seeing if you can reproduce the error, and then filing a bug17:23
darkhorsebluelightning: yeah, i have done that. it does show up first time after a clean build. next time, building from the cache, its okay17:27
bluelightningok, can you please report this? we shouldn't have incomprehensible errors and especially ones that don't stop the build17:28
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DatalinkI found an interesting bug in the Intel Edison... yocto was configured to have journald run persistant rather than volitile, /var is also mounted on /17:33
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darkhorsebluelightning: will do - thanks17:35
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vmesonadyer: for a list of YP compliant vendors:
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khemWith this kernel-dev rework20:48
khemI am seeing that generated headers are missing20:48
khemlike packages-split/kernel-dev/usr/src/kernel/include/generated/autoconf.h20:49
khemwhere would it be in new scheme of things20:49
* khem pokes at zeddii 20:50
*** sjolley <sjolley!sjolley@nat/intel/x-bsbasezdhixkzqvz> has joined #yocto20:51
zeddiikhem. it's there in my builds. what exactly are you building ?20:54
zeddiiit is in work-shared with the rest of the generated files20:55
khemin my case its not20:55
khemso prolly something in kernel recipe20:55
khemthis is custom kernel20:55
zeddiiwork-shared/$MACHINE/kernel-build-artifacts/ which is the STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR20:56
zeddiiif you invoke do_shared_workdir do you see them ?20:56
zeddiicould just be a missing dependency on that function ?20:56
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@2001:8b0:258:7d7a:2ad2:44ff:fe40:9209> has joined #yocto20:57
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khemzeddii: who creates the dep on do_shared_workdir21:06
khemI see two dirs kernel-build-artifacts/  kernel-source/21:09
zeddiisec. it's in the commit. let me get the right hash.21:09
zeddiiI don't want to steer you wrong from memory21:09
zeddiioe-core hash: 6a1ff0e7ea21:10
zeddii     do_configure[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir"21:10
khemOK all those changes my recipe should get21:11
khemsince I am inheriting kernel21:11
khem-do_configure[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_install"21:11
khem+do_configure[depends] += "virtual/kernel:do_shared_workdir"21:11
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto21:11
khemlet me see21:12
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has joined #yocto21:17
khemhmmm this external module is inheriting module21:17
khemso seems simple21:17
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has quit IRC21:18
khemoh now we need to use STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR21:19
kheminstead of STAGING_KERNEL_DIR21:19
khemAPI change21:19
khemexport LINUX = "${STAGING_KERNEL_DIR}"21:20
ulf`halstead: ping21:20
khemneeds to be export LINUX = "${STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR}"21:20
zeddiiyah. RP had to fix some other instances as well. There's a reason why we wanted it called 'build-artifacts' since the source is one place, the build another, and the external build artifacts are in a third (the builddir)21:21
* zeddii has to bolt soon-ish, I've been fighting with systemd all day :(21:21
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khemzeddii: its more than that so build-artifacts contains scripts and bins needed to build kernel pieces and modules21:29
khemright ?21:29
khemwhat is in kernel-source21:29
khemis that the prepared source tree ?21:29
khemthen the generated headers should be inside prepared sources21:30
khemnot inside build artifacts21:30
zeddiikernel-source is the patched tree. and then the split build happens.21:31
zeddiiso the generated header files are in ${WORKDIR} like they always have been. if they go into the kernel-source, it is dirty and no other builds can happen.21:31
zeddiithen to support external builds, we grab the minimum out of the build dir and get it into the kernel-build-artifacts dir, right beside kernel-source21:32
zeddiithere was a failed attempt before the end of december that left the tree dirty and broke a lot of workflows horribly.21:32
khemyeah just saw the symlink21:32
khemwas typing out loud21:32
khemso kmods which were looking at STAGING_KERNEL_DIR should now look into STAGING_KERNEL_BUILDDIR21:33
khemI think it would have been better of the API was kept as such21:33
zeddiiyes. that's what we build lttng-modules against.21:33
khemmeaning STAGING_KERNEL_DIR would point to kernel-build-artifacts21:34
khemand not kernel-source21:34
khemwhich is the case now21:34
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zeddiiwe had a few variants of the variables when the patches were in progress. they all had different issues.21:35
zeddiithere were different users of the variables that broke in different wonderful ways.21:35
khemI am just another one21:36
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has quit IRC21:37
* zeddii heads afk for a bit. will be back later.21:38
kergothkhem: dont external modules need to point to both directories, not just one? in which case it doesn't matter which one STAGING_KERNEL_DIR points to, you'd need to alter it to know about the other anyway21:38
kergothclearly they need sources and generated bits21:38
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ulf`halstead: ping21:46
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darkhorsebluelightning: i know you mentioned that current image tests expect ssh connection21:50
darkhorsebluelightning: but clearly support for serial connection is there. so it should be possible to modify or write new tests that work with over serial21:51
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ulf`How do I write a bbappend file for linux-yocto_3.14 if I want to build for three different machine types being genericX86, genericX86_64 and arm? I have a defconfig for each architecture, which gets ignored. Instead it creates .config from running make menuconfig21:56
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ulf`This is what it looks like right now.
bluelightningdarkhorse: the command running is reasonably abstracted, in theory it should be possible22:03
paulghrrm.  Trying to get coreutils (target) to depend on coreutils-native is harder than I would have guessed...22:05
paulgDEPENDS_class-target = "coreutils-native"22:05
*** zecke <zecke!> has quit IRC22:05
paulg...fails, since it doesn't guarantee the sysroot is populated.22:05
paulgdo_compile[depends] += "coreutils-native:do_populate_sysroot"22:05
paulg...fails since the native pkg build rightfully complains about the circular dependency.22:06
paulgdo_compile_class-target[depends] += "coreutils-native:do_populate_sysroot"22:06
*** ndec_ is now known as ndec22:06
paulg...fails silently to enforce the dependency even though it parses ok.22:06
darkhorsebluelightning: as I only today started looking at the code, my concern is that there might be more code in the bb module apart from the testimage class and other stuff under meta/lib/oeqa...22:09
darkhorsebluelightning: in other words,  my naive understanding is that things start with testimage class and build from there with code in oeqa directory22:10
*** marka <marka!~marka@> has quit IRC22:19
bluelightningdarkhorse: I think that is pretty much all of the code that relates to that22:20
bluelightningpaulg: DEPENDS translates to do_configure depending on do_populate_sysroot of the named items, so if that does not work, there is something else going wrong22:21
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darkhorsebluelightning: one more thing - with dizzy if I specify KERNEL_IMAGETYPE = "uImage" then do_bundle_initramfs task fails. this was working with dylan. I have to specify uImage.gz instead but then it compress the kernel image which i don't want23:51
bluelightningfails how?23:52
darkhorsebluelightning: cannot stat arch/mips/boot/uImage ....23:53
darkhorsebluelightning: basically it tries to mv file in the above location but it doesn't exist there23:54
bluelightningsounds like a bug to me... is the file perhaps in a different location?23:54
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darkhorsebluelightning: i think the problem occurs in the last three lines of kernel.bbclass:do_compile() as follows:23:56
darkhorseif test "${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE}.gz" = "${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE}"; then gzip -9c < "${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE}" > "${KERNEL_OUTPUT}" fi23:56
darkhorsebluelightning: if test "${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE}.gz" = "${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE}"; then gzip -9c < "${KERNEL_IMAGETYPE_FOR_MAKE}" > "${KERNEL_OUTPUT}" fi23:56
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darkhorsebluelightning: it copies the image to KERNEL_OUTPUT (arch/<arch>boot/ ) only if compressed (.gz) image is specified. otherwise it doesn't. I think it should copy uncompressed if KERNEL_IMAGETYP is uImage instead of uImage.gz which is what the test is trying to do23:59
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