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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #178 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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kergothmacbug: that really doesn't make sense. if you want to run qemu, then build for a qemu machine. the beaglebone kernel likely doesn't have the drivers needed for the qemu emulated hardware, for example00:23
kergothjust set MACHINE=qemuarm, bitbake core-image-base; runqemu qemuarm core-image-base00:23
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #176 of nightly-fsl-arm-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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macbugkergoth: But then i'm in a situation where it is hard debug. I Dont know if the fault is located in the build or if i'm doing something wrong while copying the  build to the memorycard. Could be that it is wierd to belive that i could be able to run it using qemu but then again if i dont remember it totally wrong i think i did for the raspberry pi a couple of months back.07:31
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macbugi get a couple of error msg's from the beaglebord "spl_load_image_fat_os: error reading image args, err - -1" and "*** Warning - readenv() failed, using default environment". I haven followed any guide 100% accurate since it's not been possible, yocto didnt generate an zImage so i used an uImage? And the core-image-minimal...ext3 didnt exists used an tar.bz2 instead.08:30
macbugbeaglebone black, made by element14.08:31
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darkvaderXD2016Hello there..08:40
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darkvaderXD2016I have a question.. Can yocto can run my Phone?08:41
darkvaderXD2016If I made my own distribution of it..08:41
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darkvaderXD2016nice talking to the air..08:44
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macbug beaglebone black, trying to get dizzy going.13:12
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Marexdid you notice this weirdness in gitweb ...14:28
Marexwhen I click at a tag , I get here (for yocto 1.7.1)
Marexnow, in the top menu, I can click "refs, tree, commit" links and all point to an URL with ?id=yocto-1.7.1 in it14:29
Marexbut , if I click on "log" , the log brings me to URL without the "?id=yocto-1.7.1" for some reason14:30
Marexis that a bug in the gitweb setup ?14:30
Marexlooks a bit inconsistent to me and if I manually append this ?id=yocto-1.7.1 to the URL, I get the correct log for that particular tag (which is what I would expect to be the default)14:31
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darkhorsebluelightning_: hi i just tried image testing first time on my hardware. I already have a functional image which I have tested manually. Then I followed instructions found here:
darkhorsebluelightning_: however, nothing seems to happen when I bitbake my image - i mean it does built the image and that's it15:09
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darkhorseI get the following error when trying to run automated image testing on my hardware: Exception: TypeError: unbound method __init__() must be called with MyTarget instance as first argument (got DataSmart instance instead).15:53
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darkhorseI derived my from BeagleBoneTarget.py15:54
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darkhorseanybody with runtime image testing experience please?17:15
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macbugHello, i have built an qemuarm build instead of an beaglebone build, and it works. But what kind of proof is this that the actuall beaglebone build is correct?18:02
macbugwhen i build that one.18:02
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dalton_I am a beginner with some basic questions18:32
dalton_anybody awake?18:32
Marexdalton_: not to my knowledge, but just try asking ;-)18:34
Marexdalton_: I mean ... ask in the channel please18:37
dalton_sure, sure18:37
dalton_ok, If I give a basic overview of how yocto is used, will you correct me?18:37
dalton_So I have a ARM based board(pandaboard).18:37
dalton_SO, Firstly, I download the meta-ti bsp and add it to the bblayers.conf18:38
dalton_also i remove the meta-yocto-bsp, which is NOT requires18:39
dalton_then I change the MACHINE vriable in layers.conf to pandaboard18:40
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dalton_Since i need to add opencv package to the build, I download it's recipie, and add it to the bblayers.conf too18:41
Marexwhat do you mean you add recipe to bblayers ?18:42
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dalton_then I list the packages i need to install in a CORE_IMAGE_EXTRA_INSTALL variable18:43
dalton_oh, sorry, I actually add the meta-* folder18:43
dalton_like in this case, it's path to meta-oe, which contain the recipe for opencv18:44
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dalton_finally I run bitbake core-image-sato18:45
dalton_that's it...18:45
dalton_now I burn it into a sd card, and boot into it from the board18:46
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dalton_I am using opencv for image processing on the board18:47
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dalton_We are building an autonomous robot18:47
Marexdalton_: oh ok, looks kinda sane to me18:47
dalton_until this point, i have done18:48
dalton_U see, in this project, I am supposed to handle software side18:48
dalton_So the pandaboard will get inputs from a lot of ins18:49
dalton_So I am to take decisions based on these inputs18:49
dalton_I am to learn about this, in like six months18:50
dalton_I am a intermediate at C++18:50
dalton_so what should I learn?18:51
Marexdalton_: you should make your own meta-borad and place your own image recipe there, which pulls in the necessary packages for your device18:53
Marexthat's the only hint I can give you I guess18:53
dalton_why is that?18:55
*** melonipoika___ <melonipoika___!> has joined #yocto18:55
dalton_What difference does it make in the output build?18:55
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Marexdalton_: none, but all your changes are contained in that layer18:56
Marexdalton_: ie. you don't hack on the yocto directly18:56
dalton_i see18:57
dalton_so, I create a layer.18:57
dalton_but what about the other question, say after i have pandaboard up and running, how should I proceed to complete my objective?18:59
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dalton_its just that i have never done something like this before19:01
macbugwhat is the reason for a beaglebone build not comming out as _ONE_ img?19:04
macbugi mean, why is their left out to partition and copy files to differenct partitions.19:05
Marexdalton_: you mean sampling pins ?19:06
macbugpardon my english.19:06
Marexdalton_: if the idea is just checking a GPIO ones every second, then just use the linux GPIO SYSFS API19:06
Marexotherwise, you'd have to explain a bit more what you're expecting from those samples19:07
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dalton_what do you mean by sampling pins19:07
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dalton_I will be connecting a camera, via usb, but I dont have to worry about that... coz someone else is working on that19:09
dalton_Then there will be a temprature sensor, an IMU, a gps and multiple encoders19:09
dalton_then with data from all these sensors, I am to localize myself in the environment, and give signals to the motor driver19:11
dalton_All I know is basic to intermediate level c++. What should I learn to get this done>19:11
MarexV4L2 for the camera19:15
MarexLinux-IIO for the temperature sensors19:15
MarexGPS will likely be standard UART/serial thing, so use some nmea library for that19:15
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto19:16
Marexmotor control would probably be IIO again (?)19:16
Marexyou might want to look at xenomai or preempt-rt in case you need some realtime stuff19:16
dalton_cool, these are c++ libraries?19:16
Marexnah, those are linux kernel interfaces, you'll need to take a look around to see if there are some readily available libs or not19:17
MarexIIO has some sample C programs, which pull the data from the IIO device(s), so you can refer to that19:17
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Marexanalog input demo here19:19
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Marexit uses the IIO, so this might give you some ideas19:19
MarexI cannot solve your problem , but I can maybe give you a couple of keywords to start from ;-)19:19
dalton_thanks a lot, this will get me started19:19
dalton_yeah, that's just what i wanted19:20
dalton_anything else u want to tell me?19:20
Marex BBB GPS19:20
Marexdalton_: well, do you still have any questions right now ?19:21
Marexdalton_: oh ... good luck ;-)19:21
dalton_I just wanted to know how to proceed, which you just told me19:21
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dalton_now, i will do the required googling...19:22
dalton_Thanks again for your help.19:23
dalton_gotta go now19:23
dalton_bye bye19:23
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darkhorse_anyone:trying to create a target board class lib/oeqa/ causes a python exception when the test is run: Exception: TypeError: unbound method __init__() must be called with MyTarget instance as first argument (got DataSmart instance instead)22:14
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #180 of nightly-ppc is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #179 of nightly-arm is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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