Monday, 2015-02-02

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #180 of nightly-x86 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #193 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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Acheloosis it possible to use yocto on distribution who use python3 ?07:32
Acheloos(like Archlinux, or Debian Jessie)07:32
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miandonmenmianHost distribution has not been validated ... how can I check which host distro is validated?09:42
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bluelightningmiandonmenmian: there is a list of them in the quick start guide for the particular release you're using10:19
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: which distro are you using?10:19
bluelightning(morning all)10:20
miandonmenmianbluelightning: wheezy Debian-7.810:23
bluelightningmiandonmenmian: right, that should be just fine as a host10:23
bluelightningif you like you can disable the warning by setting SANITY_TESTED_DISTROS = "" in conf/local.conf10:24
miandonmenmianthat is what i thought. something seems to break it, and i cant figure out just yet. saw some posts online of several others meeting similar problems :S10:25
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bluelightningwhat's the error?10:25
miandonmenmianwell, that's probably what i should focus on. the log data is not exactly very informative: ERROR:oe_runmake failed10:26
miandonmenmiancat log seems to say just exactly the same10:26
bluelightningsurely there is more error text before that?10:26
miandonmenmiannot sure how to track down the issue behind it10:26
miandonmenmianyou mean the red lines?10:27
miandonmenmianthey just point to a log file, which says the same error10:27
miandonmenmianmake: *** No rule to make target `bzImage'.  Stop.10:27
miandonmenmianbluelightning: hope that tells you more than it tells me10:29
bluelightningperhaps make is being run in the wrong directory? that's what it'll say if there is no such target, but it'll say the same thing if there's no Makefile at all in the current dir10:29
miandonmenmianok, make but from what directory or sources?10:30
miandonmenmianwhere can i find oe_runmake makefile ?10:30
bluelightningoe_runmake is a trivial shell function that runs make passing the value of EXTRA_OEMAKE and PARALLEL_MAKE as arguments, nothing more10:31
bluelightningwhich set of metadata did you download for this exactly?10:31
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miandonmenmiannot entirely sure what I ended up downloading, but i suppose meta-edison or edison-image is what i need. How can i find out what I have downloaded?10:34
miandonmenmianmeta-edison-distro ?10:35
bluelightningI was asking because I wanted to try and replicate your setup here10:36
bluelightningpresumably you downloaded a tarball from an Intel website? do you still have the tarball?10:36
miandonmenmianthanks a bunch. I've being hitting walls with a bunch of things using yocto. much to read! I really appreciate the pointers!10:39
miandonmenmianrunning the downloader its quite a PITA, if it downloads broken packages, it does not say anything about it10:40
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miandonmenmianbluelightning: is there any verbose log aside from the few lines error log that it is mentioned on the paste i sent you ?10:42
bluelightningnot in this instance no10:42
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bluelightningI really don't know what is going on, but once I have a test build going it might be a bit clearer10:43
bluelightningI'm not sure what you mean by downloading broken packages, can you expand on that?10:43
miandonmenmianbitbake -v gets my terminal buffer filled way too fast xD10:43
miandonmenmianyup, do_fetch started the download of a few packages, download stopped and package was unopenable10:44
miandonmenmianhad to rerun and go package by package error and download them manually10:44
miandonmenmianbinutils and several others10:45
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bluelightningare you behind some kind of firewall or proxy?10:47
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miandonmenmianbluelightning: unfortunatelly, i am. so it causes fails. its not blocking per se. just causes package loss. perhaps some are blocked. that i have not figure out yet10:59
bluelightningunfortunately if the proxy server returns a non-error HTTP response then wget thinks the download succeeds so there's not a lot we can do :(11:00
bluelightningFWIW, our work proxy server behaves that way and it's very annoying11:00
miandonmenmianhaha, good to know im not alone11:01
bluelightningluckily for me it's rare for it to block things in my case11:01
miandonmenmianwell, if i know what failed, its not a big deal. but im a bit new :S11:01
miandonmenmiani'll look into fixing this issue later on if updates are too frequent11:02
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miandonmenmianneed to afk. i'll keep it re-downloading for now, i'll check later if you see anything11:07
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sm0ketsthello all11:19
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bluelightninghi sm0ketst11:20
sm0ketstim interested in the RT meta (core-image-rt) and i noticed that COMPATIBLE_MACHINE are only qemu based, why is not genericx86 in the list i.e.?11:21
sm0ketstbluelightning: hi good morning11:21
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bluelightningsm0ketst: not sure, you'd probably need to ask someone who has worked on that (perhaps dvhart, he should be online during US workday)11:23
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sm0ketstbluelightning: thanks, i'll program my alarm clock here :)11:24
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sm0ketstalso, is there a good site to know how to setup the procedure too boot from nfs/roots ?? i was searching info and trying to mount a remote exported rootfs and i had not too much success.11:27
bluelightningI don't know that we have any documentation for that specifically, but I've definitely done it a long time ago; was just a matter of knowing the right kernel command line options11:28
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sm0ketstbluelightning: as a test i was editing /media/realroot/syslinux.cfg and modifying the line for the APPEND parameters. No way. I've also tried to mount -t nfs from the target and what i got is a kernel panic.11:40
sm0ketstso i'm doing something wrong for sure11:41
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darkhorsebluelightning: hi, for image testing, the ssh command requires username and password. How is that specified?12:56
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bluelightningdarkhorse: you either need to ensure that there is no password set (and therefore none prompted for - 'debug-tweaks' in IMAGE_FEATURES does this) or that your key is installed in the image such that none is needed13:07
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achestHi! i need help about secure boot on Freescale IMX6. Has anyone here managed to set up secureboot on imx613:23
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ericbuttershey.. i got: Unable to get checksum for linux-eric SRC_URI entry defconfig: file could not be found14:24
ericbuttersin my bb file i set SRC_URI like:
ericbutterswhere should be file://defconfig?14:25
alimon1ericbutters: there should be at dirname inside your dir14:31
alimon1for example
alimon1dbus dir contains patches and required files14:31
ericbuttersalimon1: thanks, thats it14:32
ericbuttersalimon1: one more thing, i got:
ericbuttersdo you know what can cause this?14:35
alimon1ericbutters: do you have access to the repo?14:35
ericbuttersyes i can do a git clone14:36
abellonitry with git:// at the beginning14:38
alimon1i think you need to review the full log of the task14:38
abelloniand ;protocol=ssh at the end14:38
ericbuttersabelloni: thanks!14:42
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acidfooanyone know what means 'gl' in "glsdk" ? thank you ;)15:01
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abellonignu linux ? :)15:08
abellonigraphic library ?15:08
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acidfooah yeah might be something like graphic library15:19
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Aurelehi everyone!15:45
*** timp_ <timp_!> has joined #yocto15:46
AureleI'm trying to install python module "runpy" on my sysroot but I can't find how does someone knows how to have it embedded?15:47
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macbugHello, can someone have a look at this pastebin : , i'm following free electrons guide I the thing that differences from the guide is that i'm using an uImage and dizzy. Been doing the procedure over and over, not realy getting anywhere. Please advice.16:06
macbugbeaglebone black.16:06
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abelloniyou should probably set the bootcmd on only one line16:10
abellonisetenv bootcmd 'mmc rescan; fatload mmc 0 0x80200000 uImage; fatload mmc 0 0x82000000 dtb; bootm 0x80200000 - 0x82000000'16:11
macbugi will try this.16:11
abelloniI'm not sure why you insist in using uImage though16:12
macbugnot realy insisting, it popped out from yocto.16:13
macbugbut your tip did good. But i bumped in to another problem.16:14
Aurelemacbug, as far as I know bootz is to boot a zImage no? maybe uboot handles this maybe not16:14
abelloniI would believe that our training is easy to port to dizzy16:15
abellonidon't hesitate to tell me if something is not working properly16:15
Aurelemacbug, maybe try with bootm?16:15
macbugit complains on the dtb atm, while trying boot.16:16
macbugor maybe i'm wrong, "device tree" atleast.16:17
macbugERROR: Did not find a cmdline Flattened Device Tree16:17
macbugCould not find a valid device tree16:17
AureleI would like to install SimpleHTTPSServer and runpy on my target, I can't find a layer or a recipe to do this. Does someone know how I can do this?16:18
Aurele(python modules :) )16:19
abellonimacbug: can I see your bootcmd ?16:19
bluelightningAurele: runpy is in the python-misc package, SimpleHTTPServer is in the python-netserver package16:22
Aurelebluelightning, thanks for your help!16:23
RPAurele: you can install the python-modules package to pull in many of the "core" ones16:24
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darkhorsebluelightning: thanks for the tip about ssh. I have now arranged for rsa key pair to go with my image. my next problem is how to pass custom options to the SSHControl object - I want to specify -i <PrivateKeyFile>16:44
*** bachp <bachp!> has joined #yocto16:46
bluelightningdarkhorse: I don't think there is a means to pass that in; but alternatively you can specify a key on a per-host basis in your ~/.ssh_config16:47
bluelightningwell, ~/.ssh/config that is16:48
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darkhorsebluelightning: i ended up creating my own SSHControl class from the original one and that seems to work fine. thanks. I will need your help later regarding depmodwrapper as it has been giving me some trouble lately..18:05
bluelightningdarkhorse: ok, that's a bit further than I would have thought necessary for just that...18:06
bluelightningdarkhorse: I'm not very familiar with depmodwrapper, so you can ask but it might need to be someone else that answers18:06
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kergothAnyone looked into automatic feed setup for qemu machines? Build a -native web server, configure it to DEPLOY_DIR_*, configure package manager to point to it?23:44
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