Wednesday, 2015-02-04

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givemefive911What are my networking options with systemd?05:26
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givemefive911I think what I can do is IMAGE_INSTALL_append += "connman connman-systemd connman-plugin-loopback connman-plugin-ethernet"05:33
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pohlyIn which task does linux-yocto apply patches listed in a .bbappend's SRC_URI?07:46
pohlyI'd expect that to happen in do_patch, but that doesn't seem to be done here (patch does not show up in log.do_patch, investigation in devshell shows git tree without the patch).07:47
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mckoangood morning07:57
pohlypohly: after a -c cleansstate I see the patch listed in run.do_patches patches="...".08:01
pohlyBut the resulting git tree still doesn't show any signs of it. I tried both "git log" and (out of desperation) "git diff" in devshell. Shouldn't it be applied via "git am" (or something like it) and thus show up in the history?08:03
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pohlyAnd indeed, when I modify the patch that it cannot possibly apply, do_patch succeeds despite that. So the patch really gets ignored.08:07
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PulkoMandyhi, I'm trying to compile an image based on genericx86-64, but one of my recipes complain that it can't link to libGL (linker says "cannot find -lGL"). I tried adding virtual/libgl to the DEPENDS but that doesn't help (the recipe works fine on another architecture already, since it also depends on virtual/egl). Is there something special to do to use openGL on genericx86-64?08:12
_4urele_Hi everyone08:19
pohlyUhh, how subtle. The naming of the patches matters. Call the first patch file "0003-something.patch" and it gets it ignored. Call it "0001-something.patch" and it gets applied.08:21
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_4urele_I'm trying to build an initramfs did anyone try this before08:25
_4urele_with poky :)08:25
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LetoThe2nd_4urele_: i did and got stuck on a number of issues. if you don't have hard requirements for it, an initrd is way easier to build.08:31
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mckoanhi LetoThe2nd, thx to G+ now I know your nick :-D08:33
LetoThe2ndmckoan: hrhr08:34
LetoThe2ndmckoan: you're welcome08:34
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rburtonpohly: that recipe is that weird patch behaviour happening on?08:36
rburtonoh linux-yocto08:36
rburtonthat's special in that it does its own patching, iirc08:36
pohlyYes, there's "patchme" and "kgit-forgot-the-name" involved.08:37
_4urele_LetoThe2nd, I'm not a specialist, I'm don't really see the diffrence... but the goal is to check the filesystem before mounting it "rw"08:37
_4urele_LetoThe2nd, and have something strong and robust :)08:38
pohlyScratch my remark about the naming. It also fails for a full patch series starting with 0001-...08:38
pohlyIt did fail when I only had one such patch. Hmm. Let's double-check that.08:38
pohlyYes, it applies a single patch. And it does show up in "git log", as expected. Now why does it not apply any patches when I list 28 out them?!08:41
bluelightningmorning all08:42
LetoThe2nd_4urele_: they're fundamentally different in terms of packaging and usage. so if you don't want to dive in deeper, just create an initrd.08:42
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LetoThe2nd_4urele_: that is, make and imagetype tar.gz or such and pass the correct parameters to the kernel. after that, make sure you can switch over08:43
_4urele_LetoThe2nd, I can't find some example on how to build initrd and initramfs with yocto in refmanual08:48
_4urele_maybe i'm not looking at the right place08:48
LetoThe2nd_4urele_: an initrd is no different from any other rootfs.08:51
pohlyYep, about 20 patches work, 28 don't. And no error anywhere in the log.08:52
LetoThe2nd_4urele_: its just how you tell the kernel to get started.08:52
_4urele_LetoThe2nd, should I create a new Image, should I add features to my current image...?08:53
_4urele_it is not clear to me how to build the initrd08:53
LetoThe2nd_4urele_: that depends on how your images are structured, there's no way for me to answer this.08:53
LetoThe2nd_4urele_: just one thing is always valid: an "initrd" is just a particular way to treat a standard root file system.08:54
LetoThe2ndso if you want an initrd that does stuff and then continues towards another filesystem, you will need two distinct images.08:54
_4urele_LetoThe2nd thanks for  the advice ;)08:57
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LetoThe2nd_4urele_: have fun.08:59
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miandonmenmiandoes yocto systemd generate logs in journals/ by default? or its probably part of my BSP ?09:09
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ericbuttershello, core-image-weston installs neard and ofono, but i do not want them. so i added them to IMAGE_INSTALL_remove. but how to do a re-build of the image now?09:25
bluelightningericbutters: I strongly suspect that won't make a difference because those packages aren't added directly to IMAGE_INSTALL, they come in via a packagegroup09:26
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ericbuttersbluelightning: how to remove them?09:27
_4urele_ericbutters, I had the same issue, if you want to cleanup without any change in distro, you have to tweak distro feautre09:27
ericbuttersor how to find the packagegroup?09:28
ericbutters_4urele_: i also added to DISTRO_FEATURES_remove09:28
_4urele_ericbutters,  I have DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "nfc apm zeroconf pcmcia bluetooth irda x11 3g wifi dbus ptest usbgadget pci nfs" in my machine.conf09:29
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ericbuttersah okay, i try09:29
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ericbuttersnfc will be neard, but what is ofono here?09:29
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_4urele_ericbutters, 3g to my mind09:30
ericbutters_4urele_: how to re-build now?09:31
_4urele_ericbutters, as far a I remember it comes with a packagegroup (base if i'm right) and it is added if 3g is part of distro feature or machine feature09:31
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_4urele_ericbutters, just "bitbake your-image" again09:31
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_4urele_ericbutters, ofono will be removed from the filesystem but the rpm will be still available09:33
ericbuttersthat is fine09:33
abelloniyou should probaly consider making your own ditro instead of using DISTRO_FEATURES_remove09:34
_4urele_ericbutters, you're welcome09:34
ericbuttersabelloni: sounds good, how? where do i find the information i need to do so?09:34
_4urele_abelloni, of course ;), but for now it is enough for me09:35
_4urele_ericbutters, there is a chapter in the yocto reference manual :)09:35
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ericbuttersok good :) i take a look09:36
ericbuttersone more thing: how to add a script to be executed on startup in etc/init.d?09:36
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abelloniI usually create a recipe that inherit update-rc.d09:39
abellonigrep for that, you'll find plenty of examples09:39
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ericbuttersabelloni: i find ../sources/poky/meta/recipes-core/update-rc.d/ -- could you pls explain how to inherit, so that bitbake <myimage> uses my receipe? sorry but i am new to yocto :)09:42
ericbuttersi already use my own layer09:43
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abelloniinherit update-rc.d09:46
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neverpanicHow do I make sure a recipe is re-packaged when the hash of do_package of one of its RDEPENDS changes?10:30
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neverpanicI'm trying do_package[rdeptask] = "do_package", but it doesn't seem to work for me10:30
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neverpanicUse case is a packagegroup which depends on eglibc-utils, but I made a change that causes debian.bbclass to rename the package to libc-utils, so the packagegroup needs to be re-packaged with the new name10:31
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pohlyrburton, bluelightning_: I figured out what the linux-yocto issue is. Suppose I have three patches in SRC_URI: a b c. If "b" is already included in the base recipe, then kgit-s2q (called via patchme -> kgit-meta) assumes that this patch and everything preceeding it is already applied,  thus skipping patch a even though it is not applied.10:47
rburtonpohly: worth filing a bug for zedd10:48
pohlyI ended up in that situation because I added all potentially relevant patches to a .bbappend file. One could argue that I should have been more careful, but the same could also have happened if the SRC_URI list is okay at some point, and then later the base recipe adds one of the patches.10:48
pohlyWhere do I file that bug?10:49
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pohly "linux-yocto: accidentally skips patches"11:16
yoctiBug 7282: normal, Undecided, ---, dvhart, NEW , linux-yocto: accidentally skips patches11:16
pohlyoh, thanks yocti :-)11:16
pohlyYes, I know that this is a robot.11:17
pohlyI just like to be friendly to machines, lest they get angry/sullen/whatever and start to misbehave...11:18
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bluelightning_yocti's no fun, with ibot at least it talked back to you11:28
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ericbuttershey.. i have a binary that i want to be installed to usr/bin -- i have a receipe but i dont know how to install the binary11:30
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bluelightningericbutters: do_install() containing:11:39
bluelightninginstall -d ${D}${bindir}11:39
bluelightninginstall -m 0755 filename ${D}${bindir}/filename11:39
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ericbuttersbluelightning: i do: and get error:
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ericbutterswithout install -m 0755 ${WORKDIR}/mini-cis ${D}${bindir}/mini-cis it works12:04
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ericbuttersbluelightning: yes that worked! thanks. what is ${PN}?12:16
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abelloni_ericbutters: package name12:38
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bluelightningmorning kergoth14:51
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ericbuttershow to save/distribute local.conf and bblayers.conf ?15:28
ericbutterswhat is best way to do?15:28
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_4urele_ericbutters, I have no way to do this but I would advice you to look at the bblayers.conf.sample and the local.conf.sample. if you are using freescales scripts, maybe you should also take a look at the "setup-environnement" script15:49
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_4urele_ericbutters, (no way because i'm just new as you are but I searched this way... at this moment I don't need this)15:50
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ericbutters_4urele_: yes, setup-environment seems to be a good place to put some copy/install commands for my own confs. thanks15:53
_4urele_ericbutters, but it erase some configuration if I remember well so I would say that you have to use your own local.conf.sample15:55
bluelightningericbutters: the idea is to minimise what you put in local.conf such that it doesn't really need to be distributed15:56
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bluelightningericbutters: i.e. a lot of things one might add to local.conf would be better placed in a custom distro config15:56
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trip0does yacto use the 3.14 ltsi kernel?18:22
trip0hi ulf`18:23
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bottazziniDoes anyone know if there is a way to remove busybox from an yocto image18:58
frayyou can disable about 90% of it successfully.. but there are a couple of things that are needed that don't appear to have replacement pieces (last time I looked)18:59
frayyou can experiment by disabling busybox though..  Set 'PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "busybox"'19:00
bottazzinifray: I see.. thanks... have you ever tried ?19:00
fraythat will prevent the image creation from allowing busybox to be installed19:00
frayI helped someone else try.. they ended up replacing the couple of remaining items and got it working, but I don't think it was anything more then a test project at the time19:01
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bottazzinifray: I did this.. but i got compilation error.... like it was dependency for packagegroup-core-boot19:01
bottazzinii see19:01
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frayyup..  that means packagegroup-core-boot needs it's own patch to remove the busybox dep..19:05
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fraythere really should be a "no-busybox" way of building the system..19:05
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bottazzinifray: indeed... I will see if i can remove this dep.. or try to figure out how to do it19:08
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rburtonotavio: cough uboot cough :)21:42
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otaviorburton: oh my.21:43
otaviorburton: I am hurrying up. Please excuse me.21:43
otaviorburton: I do the test today, I promise.21:44
otaviorburton: even if I work along during night :)21:44
rburtonotavio: no rush really, just thought i'd see if you'd tested it already.  sure you're busy!21:44
otaviorburton: I need to check the uboot code itself21:44
otaviorburton: and alsocheck how we will 'inform' the sdcard class abot the binary21:44
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