Thursday, 2015-02-05

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abelloni_tomz: any reason why IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR and IMAGE_EXTRA_SPACE are in scripts/lib/wic/utils/oe/ instead of using IMAGE_OVERHEAD_FACTOR and IMAGE_ROOTFS_EXTRA_SPACE from the environment ?00:19
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #183 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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tomzabelloni: yeah, because wic was eventually supposed to be used standalone i.e. without bitbake.  So it shouldn't rely on bitbake environment variables.  It does so now for convenience e.g. to locate the artifacts via -e so the user doesn't have to.04:38
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bluelightningmorning all08:37
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DatGizmoHi, I had an error with my nightly build, because the samba download server was not reachable. And the file needed is not hosted on one of the default poky mirror. So I wanted to ask, is there another mirror server?09:44
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_4urele_hello everyone10:41
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francis_vision2Hello, I am working with yocto. We use it to build a linux distribution for an embedded device. Now I need to build some of the libraries included in our distribution for windows11:10
francis_vision2why? a windows tool is able to generate code for this embedded system11:11
francis_vision2I thought that enabling mingw as sdk in yocto would be an option11:11
francis_vision2or maybe using mingw as an external toolchain, but I am not sure how to do that11:11
francis_vision2anybody knows what approach I should follow?11:12
_4urele_francis_vision2, did you watched at meta-mingw?11:17
francis_vision2yes, I added meta-mingw recipe11:19
francis_vision2I am able to compile mingw, which I have verified that generates code for windows11:19
francis_vision2but now I do not know to instruct bitbake to use this generated toolchain (mingw) to compile the library I need for both linux and windows11:20
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_4urele_francis_vision2, sry I never went so far...11:24
francis_vision2ohh ok, I will the mailing list. thanks a lot for helping11:26
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ericbuttershello, can i use tags in SRCREV?12:48
ericbuttersor how to use a git-tag in SRC_URI?12:49
abelloniI think a tag is fine in SRCREV12:50
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ericbuttersso it is okay to do: SRCREV="refs/tags/mytag" ?12:54
_4urele_ericbutters, never tried but I would say : SRCREV="mytag", anyhow try it out ;)12:55
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_4urele_ericbutters, if you use buildhistory you should be able to see which sha is used12:58
ericbuttersokay i take a look13:03
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_4urele_I'm using poky-tiny, I added ENABLE_WIDEC='true' for poky-tiny, now I have a configuration error on ncurses13:19
_4urele_ERROR: This autoconf log indicates errors, it looked at host include and/or library paths while determining system capabilities.13:19
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rburton_4urele_: first step is to read the configure logs to see what libraries from the host it picked up13:32
rburtonericbutters: you can use tags, but iirc it means a network operation on every parse to resolve the tag to the latest sha.  best to use shas directly.13:32
_4urele_rburton, maybe I don't need this option... I thought it was to activate widechars in libc but this variable just concerns ncurses13:33
_4urele_i'm looking ho to set the widechar in the toolchain...13:33
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_4urele_I found how to add wchar, but didn't looked deeper into ncurses error13:40
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trjI'm trying to create a .bb around a pre-built tarball with binaries in it. Yocto seems to be checking my ELF binaries and refusing to continue because of unsatisfied lib dependencies. For what I'm doing, I need it to continue anyway, is there a way?15:21
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stephan___Hi. What would you consider the smartest way to add a line to crontab? making a bbappend for cronie? Or is there a good trick to achieve this in my own recipe?15:23
bluelightningtrj: try setting EXCLUDE_FROM_SHLIBS = "1"15:24
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fto_vision2hello, I am trying to use an external tool chain with yocto. basically I would like to use mingw32 to compile a package for windows. I need some help to know how to use the external toolchain as I am having problems.15:27
rburtonfto_vision2: you might want to look at meta-mingw15:28
fto_vision2hi rburton. yes I already looked at it. I was able to compile mingw32 with yocto. but then  I am not able to instruct yocto to use this compiled toolchain. this is why I thought to use it as external toolchain15:29
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trjbluelightning: Thanks, that looks like the right thing.15:30
kimo_hi all, how can I get a licence manifest file like the one generated from image.manifest ? Im using poky 1.7.115:31
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trjNext problem, how can I suppress the "No GNU HASH in the elf binary" error? 'INSANE_SKIP_${PN} = "${ERROR_QA}"' doesn't seem to.15:33
trjINSANE_SKIP_${PN} = "ldflags" isn't stopping it either...15:34
rburtontrj: did you get the right package in your insane-skip assignment?15:36
trjYes, but, I did INSANE_SKIP_${PN} = "foo" "bar", not "foo bar", think that was the problem.15:38
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bottazzinidoes anyone know if there is a way to remove busybox as dependency of packagegroup-core-boot ?15:39
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rburtonbottazzini: i guess you could put a new packagegroup-core-boot in your layer which different deps, but you'll want to be careful what you replace it with!15:42
bottazzinirburton: indeed.... I will do it...15:44
bottazzinirburton: what would you indicate to replace a login manager ?15:44
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rburtonsomething else that provides getty15:45
rburtonyou can easily have busybox + coreutils in an image if you want the "proper" tools15:45
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bottazzinirburton: ok.. I will see what to do...15:48
bottazzinirburton: What i really would like to do, is remove and let just some specific services running via systemd....15:49
rburtonnot sure you can boot a system without busybox or similar15:49
rburtoneven with systemd15:49
rburtonwell, step 1 would be to edit the packagroup directly and remove the dependencies to see if it works15:50
kergothi don't see any reason why you couldn't ditch busybox, but it's definitely non-trivial assembling all the bits it replaced :)15:51
rburtonyou could easily have a new packagegroup-core-boot in your layer that just depends on systemd and nothing else15:51
rburtonkergoth: yeah, busybox *or similar*15:51
bottazzinirburton: yeah i did it and well i could boot but not login ( of course )...15:51
jmleoHi ! Is it possible with bitbake to execute a command on several recipes at the same time, for instance, I want to do a bitbake -c cleanall custom*15:51
kergothor similar implies something similar. i wouldn't call mgetty+bash+etc "similar" to busybox :)15:51
bottazzinirburton: i will make this layer instead editing directly15:51
rburtonjmleo: bitbake -ccleanall foo bar does clean on foo and bar15:52
rburtonkergoth: "vastly larger"15:53
jmleorburton: mmmh, ok, a list works, not a regex... thx :)15:55
rburtonjmleo: no, not a regexp15:55
jmleorburton: ok, thank you it is sufficient :)15:58
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DatGizmoHi, I had an error with my nightly build, because the samba download server was not reachable. And the file needed is not hosted on one of the default poky mirror. So I wanted to ask, is there another mirror server?16:32
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j105robtrying to build a generic x86-64 image using meta-intel, in bblayers what should I point to? local.conf machine name is currently set to genericx86-64; bitbake failing on sanity check16:38
j105robsaying the machine name is wrong16:38
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darkhorsebluelightning: my nsswitch.conf specifies a certain configuration due to which some libraries need to be present in the filesystem image. is there are a way to capture such runtime dependencies. particulary with nsswitch.conf being a common requirement, this specific problem must have been found and resolve i guess...16:49
bluelightningDatGizmo: the mirrors only have source files for the core recipes16:49
bluelightningDatGizmo: I'm not aware of any other mirror, but I just sent an email to the mailing list about trying to set a populated one up for OE16:50
bluelightningj105rob: genericx86-64 is provided by meta-yocto-bsp - meta-intel isn't needed for that machine16:51
bluelightningj105rob: if you meant corei7-64 that is provided by meta-intel16:51
DatGizmobluelightning: Thanks for the info and the effort :)16:52
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bluelightningdarkhorse: I guess you could add to RDEPENDS_${PN} in the same bbappend where you add your own nsswitch.conf16:58
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darkhorsebluelightning: actualy found it. your toolchain should provide a packages called glibc-extra-nss :)17:04
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j105robbluelightning: thx!! added back that meta layer and is now working.17:08
abellonitomz: Have a look at
abelloniI'm pretty sure this will always fail17:13
abellonifailure is: EXT4-fs (mmcblk0p3): bad geometry: block count 2048 exceeds size of device (2047 blocks)17:14
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto17:14
abellonibecause it steals one block...17:14
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PulkoMandyhi, is it possible to set the root password for the system in the .bb file for an image? I currently use local.conf with extrausers and EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS to do it but I build 2 image types from the same tree and I would like one of them to not have the password17:32
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j105robin the layer dependencies  in the README of a layer there is a line about "BBFILE_PRIORITY_openembedded-layer = "4""" Does this configuration line need to go in the bblayers.conf file? Sry for the noob questions....17:36
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bluelightningj105rob: that goes in layer.conf for the layer, not bblayers.conf17:41
j105robbluelightning: so that is there as an informational staement rather than a directive I need to add to a conf file, correct?17:42
bluelightningj105rob: that sets the layer priority for each layer - normally as a user of a layer you wouldn't change that, you set it when you create a new layer though17:44
abelloniafter using bitbake -c compile -f foo, I keep getting foo.do_compile is tainted from a forced run17:47
abellonishouldn't that warning disappear at some point ?17:47
bluelightningabelloni: if you do a -c clean foo yes17:48
bluelightningabelloni: here's my explanation when this came up on the mailing list recently:
abellonibluelightning: great, thanks17:52
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sgw1halstead: ping18:20
halsteadsgw1, pong18:20
sgw1halstead: did you see the adt repo issue, probably due to infrastructure18:21
halsteadNo. But I'll find it.18:21
sgw1halstead: see pm please18:22
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melio_ccHi.  Is there any way to ignore a bbappend file based on image type?  Or perhaps ignore the FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend based on image type?18:38
*** jmd <jmd!> has joined #yocto18:42
bluelightningmelio_cc: no, generally there's no way to influence how another recipe is built from the image - the image can only select what packages to install and do post-processing18:47
bluelightningmelio_cc: one way to do it is to create an alternative recipe (i.e. a different package that the image can select) with the change in it18:48
melio_ccbluelightning: thanks.  maybe if I give you the situation you can propose a better solution.  I've overridden the default inittab from the sysvinit recipe.  But I only want this change in a particular image.  Note sure how I could easily create an alternate sysvinit recipe without re-writing it18:53
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bluelightningmelio_cc: hmm... you might do that as postprocessing for the image19:02
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bboozzooabelloni: bad geometry thing is fixed by:
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abellonibboozzoo: great, thanks20:28
abelloniI'll give it a try20:28
abellonifor now, I removed that part20:28
abellonibboozzoo: is there any other outstanding patch I should know about ?20:28
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* mranostay spots abelloni 20:30
bboozzooabelloni: nope, at least not for wic :)20:32
bboozzooany ideas who to ping now to get that into master? is it still Ross or Richard?20:34
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fishey1I have a bunch of different packages built using the same gitsm source uri.20:44
fishey1I'm running into an error where can't update the submodules due to .gitmodules being missing20:44
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fishey1It appears that 2 different packages are fetching the same repo, and are stepping on each others toes20:44
fishey1Is there any workaround I can do until it gets fixed?20:45
fishey1in other words: is there a way to make a SRC_URI that is shared between multiple packages only be fetched once?20:47
abellonibboozzoo: actually, I don't yet get who is responsible to take the patches20:52
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ulf`ulf@snowman:~/git/linux-yocto-3.14$ grep -r PWM_LPC32XX *a22:00
ulf`I can't find this being set for Intel BSPs, e.g. it doesn't seem to be set for MinnowBoard MAX including CONFIG_PWM_LPSS for low power22:01
ulf`Or I don't know where to look22:02
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Croftonrburton, I assume you agree that turning off the blanker is the right thing?22:22
rburtonCrofton: not sure what the default should be tbh22:37
CroftonI feel like having it blank annoys most users22:38
rburtonCrofton: six of one / half dozen of the other really22:38
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CroftonIt annoyed the crap out of us at FOSDEM :)22:39
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abelloniulf`: isn't CONFIG_PWM_LPC32XX for the nxp lpc3250 ?23:08
abelloniI4m not sure how you can end up with that on an intel board23:08
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ulf`abelloni: Even CONFIG_PWM and CONFIG_PWM_LPSS don't seem to be set for Intel boards23:14
ulf`abelloni: Unless this is set by a configuration snippet in another layer, which is entirely possible23:15
ulf`abelloni: I'm new to this stuff23:15
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