Friday, 2015-02-06

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redenginhow do I clean out all tmp/deploy/images?04:33
Khem_rm -rf tmp/04:34
Khem_given you have sstate-cache intact04:34
redenginis there a way without dropping all my work?04:34
Khem_well you can regenerate images04:38
Khem_if you rm just the deploy dir04:38
redengini.e. keep all the rpms and such?04:38
Khem_but kernel and bootloaders wont be populated unless you rebuild tem04:38
Khem_it doesnt take long04:39
redenginKhem_, ok, the README in that directory says yocto will shit itself if I do that04:39
Khem_a rebuild from sstate for me is 7 mins04:39
redenginok, I'll hack at it to see what happens are rebuild if I can't get it to work04:40
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redenginwhere do I find out what TUNE_FEATURES are supported (my platform is amd64)07:01
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redenginit appears that it is simply the gcc arch commands07:09
Khem_yes primarily07:13
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givemefive912ulf`: got pwm working on the max.. well at least i got the module loaded07:20
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Acheloos  More and more Linux distributions use python 3.x as default python, but Yocto still uses python 2.7. How to use Yocto with one of those distributions ?08:01
redenginAcheloos, add a new python_3... recipe?08:03
redenginAcheloos, there are also large differences in python major versions, so be careful08:03
Acheloosso bitbake will run ?08:03
khem_there is a project going on for getting bitbake onto python208:04
redenginyou'll need to add a recipe for python _3.X08:04
khem_python3 I mean08:04
Achelooscan we found some python3 recipes, or do i have to write them ?08:05
redenginah, I see you wan't to run bitbake on 3.X08:05
khem_but its a cross build system and python2 and python3 are well supported on target08:05
Acheloosbut i'd like to compil from a station using python308:06
Acheloos(like Arch, or Debian Jessie)08:06
Acheloosand it seems tricky08:06
redenginAcheloos, I think I'd just tell you to install phyton 2.7 alongside08:07
khem_well I use archlinux08:07
Acheloosit doesn't work08:07
khem_I create symlink to python in ~/bin08:07
Acheloostried with manjaro : bitbake calls for python08:07
khem_and have ~/bin prepend to my path08:07
Achelooskhem_: can you detail please ?08:08
Acheloosprepend ?08:08
bboozzookhem_: shouldn't bitbake have #!/usr/bin/env python2 instead of just python?08:08
khem_well yes you could08:13
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ericbuttershello.. i want to use my own psplash. I created my own distro layer and added psplash append like here:
ericbuttersbut i still see openembedded psplash, why?08:58
ericbuttersi copied from poky/meta-yocto/recipes-core/psplash09:00
ericbuttershow to tell bitbake to use my psplash_git.bbappend?09:01
ericbuttersand should i change FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend_poky to FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend_meta-my-layer?09:02
redenginericbutters, my guess its because of the layer index you chose09:02
ericbuttersor FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend_mydist?09:02
ericbuttersah okay, so my distro layer should be higher or lower?09:03
redengintry 2 or 109:03
redengin2 is the level of meta-yocto09:03
ericbuttersi got LAYERVERSION_yocto = "2"09:04
ericbuttersso i should try with 109:04
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redenginthere is probably a better way, I'm checking the source09:07
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redenginericbutters, you have your own .h of the image?09:09
ericbuttersyes, but it is also called psplash-poky-img.h right now, it is located in my distro layer09:10
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redenginericbutters, to be sure did you add your layer to bblayers?09:16
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redenginwhich splash are you getting?09:19
ericbuttersredengin: i see the oe spash screen, not the yocto one09:19
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redenginhave you tried FILESEXTRAPATHS without the extensions?09:24
ericbuttersnot yet09:25
ericbuttersi try09:25
redenginactually, FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend on its own09:25
redenginsince you aren't building poky09:25
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ericbuttersto be sure, i do a bitbake -c clean psplash and then bitbake psplash and then bitbake -c rootfs core-image-weston?09:27
abellonibitbake -c clean psplash; bitbake core-image-weston09:28
abellonishould be fine09:28
redenginshould be09:28
abellonimaybe cleansstate instead of clean :)09:28
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ericbuttersokay that worked! thanks!09:37
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_questorhi. I have problems switching to uclibc. I have a imx6-based image from freescale and compiling with glibc works. but when I switch to uclibc I get "missing directory" from glibc-locale build recipes. (.../build/tmp/sysroots/../usr/include/glibc-locale-internal-cortexa9hf-vfp-neon-linux-uclibceabi//usr/bin No such file or directory). I haven't found out why glibc-locale is compiled...09:53
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_questorpoky is on master09:53
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bluelightning_questor: I suspect that when switching libc you should delete TMPDIR10:17
bluelightning(or rename it)10:17
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j105robI am getting a "No recipes available for" error with this bblayers.conf
j105robIt can't find recipes for /opt/extras/meta-selinux/recipes-extended/findutils/findutils_4.5.%.bbappend11:57
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j105robI feel like I am doing this the hard way.... so I am seeking enlightenment12:00
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rburtonj105rob: are you using meta-selinux master against an old branch of poky?12:08
rburtonif you're using a stable branch of poky, you need to use the matching stable branches of the other layers12:08
rburtonotherwise you end up with layers attempting to bbappend files that don't exist12:09
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ericbuttershow to run yocto gcc inside do_compile()? so lets say i simple want to do $(CC) -o hello_world main.c12:56
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rburtondo that13:00
rburtonwell, ${CC}13:01
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ericbuttersrburton: i got: gcc: error: none: No such file or directory13:06
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ericbuttersbut it attaches correct --sysroot13:07
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rburtoncan you pastebin the full compile log?13:08
rburtonoh, you'll probably want to pass CFLAGS and LDFLAGS13:09
rburtonthe work dir implies that this is an allarch recipe13:11
rburtonwhich can't compile stuff13:11
rburtonso you've probably does inherit allarch or set packagearch13:12
ericbuttersyes, i do inherit update-rc.d allarch13:13
ericbuttersshould i remove allarch?13:13
rburtonallarch means "the result works on every architecture", but if you're compiling something that's not true13:13
rburtonallarch enforces that by breaking the compiler :)13:13
ericbuttersokay i remove that13:13
ericbuttersnot it works :) thanks13:14
neverpanicI'm wondering whether was a correct change. I have a patch that modifies how eglibc is packaged, and this change breaks all packagegroups that reference it13:14
neverpanicShould I file a bug about that?13:15
ericbuttersrburton: i meant, it works ;) thanks13:15
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_4urele_hi everyone!14:00
*** e8johan <e8johan!~quassel@> has joined #yocto14:01
_4urele_I have a read-only filesystem and I would like to set a symbolic link for "/etc/network/interfaces" but I don't know how...14:02
*** otavio <otavio!~otavio@debian/developer/otavio> has joined #yocto14:04
_4urele_I tried with a simple bbappend but it doesn't work... (a "mv" and an "ln -s" inside a do_install_append)14:04
racb /ignore -channels #yocto * JOINS PARTS QUITS14:05
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j105robanyone have any experience getting yocot to build up xen, including dom0?14:12
j105robrburton: thx for the pointer earlier, all working now; build wise anyway14:13
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trjI'd like to copy a .jar file into a package in yocto, but do_unpack() is trying to unzip it. How can I stop that?14:52
kergothtrj: add ;unpack=false to the url14:54
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*** khem_ <khem_!> has joined #yocto14:59
trjPerfect, thanks.15:01
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ericbutterswhere to configure weston? i get a black screen after some seconds (30sec+) and there is no mouse/keyboard working15:24
ericbuttersthere is no weston.ini file15:24
*** fivefootseven <fivefootseven!32fa068e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:24
ericbuttersbut for mouse/keyboard i think i am missing libinput15:26
ericbuttersbut it seems weston goes into screensave mode15:26
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bluelightningrburton: ^15:41
rburtonericbutters: huh, fun. worked last time i tried it.15:42
rburtonericbutters: custom image or core-image-weston?  maybe you don't have perms on the input devices?15:42
_4urele_I'm trying to find a clean way to replace /etc/network/interfaces with a symbolic link. (it comes with init-ifupdown recipe)15:43
_4urele_I tried with  a bbappend but nothing appear in final filesystem and /etc/network/interfaces still exists...15:43
rburtonericbutters: i'll do a build here and check it works15:44
_4urele_i'm sure this code is wrong but i don't know the good way to do this :
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ericbuttersrburton: thanks!15:56
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ericbuttersrburon: core-image-weston15:58
ericbuttersrburton: ^^15:58
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j105robhas anyone built xen-image-minimal? getting an error when trying to fix the compiler in seabios-dir in the do_configure because of the file. suggestions?16:24
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rburtonericbutters: testing now on my16:57
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ntlif I modify (adding dependencies), what steps should be sufficient to reflect that change in the rootfs image? (i.e. get the add'l dependency installed)17:21
ntlI'm having to resort to bitbake -c cleansstate perl and removing tmp before rebuilding, which seems like a bit much?17:22
kergothyou shuldnt' have to do anything, just bitbake the image again17:23
kergothit'll automatically re-run the tasks affected by the change, recursively17:23
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btoothrburton: this is ericbutters from different machine ;) does your core-image-weston work with mouse and keyboard?17:36
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rburtonsorry got distracted merging stuff17:38
* rburton writes image17:38
btoothno prob17:38
rburtonbtooth: damn, image has no GPU driver.  really need to fix that.  i'll kick another image with the drivers in, but i need to go and bath my kids now17:43
khem_rburton my systemd testing was on mips32 and x86 emulator journal had no issues17:43
btoothrburton: okay have fun :) give me a ping once you got your image up17:45
rburtonbtooth: what's your mail?17:46
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kergothHmm, think I need to remove the hardcoded mapping of IMAGE_PKGTYPE to sdk class in oe.sdk in favor of dynamic18:07
kergothadd a pkgtype member to the classes and grab all Sdk subclasses, presumably, like we've done before18:07
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ntlkergoth: hmm.  I updated to current master (was behind by just one commit), checked out a new branch, rebuilt (most of which was from scratch), and now perl gets repackaged, rootfs updated as expected.19:07
ntlanyway, thanks19:08
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* kergoth tests a crazy little .inc that automatically disables every packageconfig which adds extra deps/rdeps19:50
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kergothhmm, did anyone ever add the ability to escape , in PACKAGECONFIG? I remember the email thread on it, not sure if anyone ever did anything about it20:08
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kergothheh, did a test build with that crazy .inc, reduced # of recipes built for core-image-base from 261 to 20520:13
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #184 of minnow-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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kergoth - hacking on packageconfig craziness as an experiment22:07
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kergothah, its acl-native thats failing to emit a library.. hmm22:37
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