Wednesday, 2015-02-11

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agherzanBUILD_TYPE is defined in distro file00:03
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agherzanTHere must be something I don't understand or just ran into a very annoying bug00:05
agherzani know bluelightning can help :)00:07
paulgGrrr.   Default mailing list settings are still mangling CC lines via garbage reply-to insertions.00:10
paulgthe reply to my coreutils series from fray never made it in my inbox.00:11
paulgdvhart and I went through this a while ago and IIRC, we thought we'd got the defaults set to sane (i.e. non mangling) settings.   :-/00:11
paulgdvhart, do you recall what we got changed at the time?   It was so long ago, I'm goldfishing on the whole thing; aside from thinking you were involved in the discussion...00:14
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bluelightningagherzan: hi... what's up?00:16
dvharthrm.... don't recall off the top of my head, I did think that got fixed though.00:16
bluelightningpaulg: you can change that in the settings for your subscription, I have00:17
agherzanbluelightning: i'm pretty confused with vardeps. I want to do stuff in do_install based on a custom variable defined in distro file. For whatever reason the install is not forced when i modify the custom variable00:18
agherzanbluelightning: check above for the concrete example00:18
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agherzanto be a little more specific i inject that distro variable in distro features00:19
agherzanso the checks in do_install all done checking DISTRO_FEATURE00:19
paulgbluelightning, ok -- that may be true but IMHO the default setting should not violate the principle of least surprise.    i.e.  I've never come across this behaviour in 20+ years except for here.00:19
agherzanbluelightning: do_install[vardeps] += "DISTRO_FEATURES"00:20
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paulg... and per discussion with dvhart, I _thought_ we all agreed a while back to make a global change to fix this...00:21
paulgcan't immediately find it in the mail archives, so perhaps it was done here in IRC?00:21
paulgbluelightning, btw - I stuck you on the cc of the coreutils patches since you'd guided me on how best to fix the same thing with git manpages.00:23
paulg(in case that wasn't obvious...)00:23
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bluelightningagherzan: I don't know - as far as I can see that should work just fine00:35
agherzanfor whatever reason it doesn't... bluelightning00:38
agherzananybody can help me with any hints?00:38
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bluelightningagherzan: maybe look at bitbake-dumpsig on the siginfo/sigdata file for the task?00:55
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agherzanbluelightning: how do get the right sig file from staging?01:08
agherzani find multiple01:08
agherzanfor install on the respective package01:08
bluelightningagherzan: it'll be the newest one01:09
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agherzanbluelightning: ok - let me try]01:13
bluelightningheading to bed, if you don't figure it out send a mail to the list01:14
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paulg...and watch the CC line!   :-)01:16
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Matuliswhat are best practices for packaging up prebuilt binaries in recipes?01:30
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miandonmenmianwhere can i edit the sanity check?06:41
miandonmenmianmy local.conf does not have anything about checks06:41
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AndersDmiandonmenmian, if I remember correctly, there shouln't be any problem using local.conf to control the sanity checks. What do you want to do?06:55
miandonmenmiandisable the TMPDIR change location, or find out how to overide this06:56
miandonmenmianfound the recipe.. maybe i just comment it out, and run bitbake once06:56
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miandonmenmianmoving the folder wont break yocto, right?07:00
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miandonmenmianHello Frank07:26
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FrankSansCSmall question : I'm currently building an image from the master branch of poky. If I want to build another one from a specific tag, is it ok to just git checkout <tag> and launch bitbake again ? It's not going to screw up sstate cache or do something else really wrong ?08:20
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bluelightningmorning all09:25
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Aurele__Hi again, I  wrote an "image_types_aurele.bbclass" (from meta-aurele) I would like it to override the "image_types_fsl.bbclass" (from meta-fsl-arm) both provide "IMAGE_CMD_sdcard"09:37
Aurele__but it doesn't work at all09:37
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Aurele__I have a default include from freescale wich set "IMAGE_CLASSES = "image_types_fsl""09:40
Aurele__If I use IMAGE_CLASSES ?= "image_types_fsl" my sdcard image is generated otherwise freescale sdcard is generated no matter I'm doing...09:41
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Aurele__maybe it is possible to ignore this include default file?09:42
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sujith_hHi all. Any clue why this error comes: ?09:43
bluelightningAurele__: to start, use = not ?=09:43
bluelightningsujith_h: you moved to an older branch and kept the same TMPDIR?09:44
Aurele__bluelightning, it is written in the freescale layer not mine...09:44
bluelightningAurele__: I mean, when setting your value09:44
bluelightningAurele__: oh, right - sorry now I understand09:45
bluelightningtry IMAGE_CLASSES_append = " image_types_aurele"09:45
bluelightning(note the leading space in the value, that's important)09:45
sujith_hbluelightning: Well I guess I had not touched branches. Let me cross verify again09:46
Aurele__bluelightning, in my machine.conf I set the "IMAGE_CLASSES = "image_types_aurele"", anyhow I will try your advice it seems a good thing to try09:46
bluelightningsujith_h: you wouldn't get this error unless you were using a TMPDIR previously created with a recent version of the build system and now you're running an older version09:47
sujith_hbluelightning: thanks for that pointer. I forgot that I had moved the poky to daisy branch :(09:47
sujith_hbluelightning: after changing that to master its working09:47
bluelightningsujith_h: great09:48
sujith_hbluelightning: thanks09:48
bluelightningsujith_h: btw, I have a question for you now :)09:50
bluelightningsujith_h: regarding this patch:
bluelightningsujith_h: actually two questions - (1) how well does this actually work i.e. how early does the splash screen show? (2) did you ever get around to sending the patch for psplash itself?09:51
* sujith_h looks09:52
Aurele__bluelightning, I also tried to rename my IMAGE_CMD_sdcard to "IMAGE_CMD_aurelesdcard" but it leads to an error in bitbake code (to my mind the freescale include file override the "IMAGE_CLASSES" so I can't add anything to this value...)09:54
Aurele__If my hypothesis is true maybe I could ask to modify this...09:54
bluelightningAurele__: if you use the _append, there's no way that is stopping your class from being in the include file, however if the types added by the two classes are the same then you may have issues09:55
sujith_hbluelightning: I don't remember it. I would have to test it again for the same.09:55
bluelightningAurele__: what is the error in the second instance?09:55
bluelightningsujith_h: ok, no worries... I added a pointer to your patch in the bug relating to this in any case:
yoctiBug 4339: normal, Medium, 1.8, Qi.Chen, NEW , psplash doesn't work with systemd09:56
sujith_hbluelightning: Sure. I will check it out :)09:56
Aurele__bluelightning, maybe I don't declare correctly my sdcard image...09:58
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bluelightningAurele__: that says to me that IMAGE_CMD_<whatever is in IMAGE_FSTYPES> isn't able to be queried at that point in the code10:01
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Aurele__bluelightning, If I comment the IMAGE_CLASSES = "image_types_fsl" in the include file, my image is known otherwise it is unknown10:10
Aurele__bluelightning, even with the "_append"10:11
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Aurele__bluelightning, maybe they should just do a "IMAGE_CLASSES += "image_types_fsl"" with "+=" I could add my image classes don't you think?10:12
bluelightningAurele__: oh, I think I know what's going on... the _append won't work in this case because of how IMAGE_CLASSES is being used10:13
bluelightningAurele__: yes they should do that - you should complain to the layer maintainer10:13
Aurele__bluelightning, lets ask otavio for example ;) but they are organized by mchine10:15
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abelloniI'm currently replacing image_types_fsl by wic10:29
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Aurele__abelloni, haha interesting10:40
Aurele__abelloni, should I post something to get the modification anyway or is it not needed10:41
abelloniyou probably should do it anyway10:44
abelloniif your platform is based, I have wic fully working10:44
abelloniI still need to convert the mxs ones10:45
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Aurele__I have based :)10:48
Aurele__abelloni, where could I get your wic working version?10:49
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abellonilet me push it10:56
abelloniif you use u-boot, that is the wks:10:59
Aurele__abelloni, thanks11:05
Aurele__abelloni, May I ask you in the following line :11:06
Aurele__part /boot --source bootimg-partition --ondisk mmcblk0 --fstype=vfat --label boot --active --align 4096 --size 8M --extra-space 011:06
Aurele__bootimg-partition refer to a file?11:06
Aurele__will it deal automatically with dtd, uimage and bootscript?11:07
abelloniah yes, wait a sec11:12
abelloniuse IMAGE_BOOT_FILES="zImage zImage-imx6dl-<board>.dtb;imx6dl-<board>.dtb"11:13
abelloniin your machine.conf11:13
abelloniobviously, replace <board>11:13
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Aurele__thanks again :)11:18
abellonitell me if something doesn't work11:19
abelloniit is always good to have testers :)11:20
Aurele__abelloni, where should I install it?11:22
abelloniyou actually don't care11:22
abellonijust put it in your path11:23
abellonior use the full path to it11:23
abelloniit will complain about plugin existing twice but that doesn't do any harm11:23
abelloniyou can also put the full scripts folder in your layer11:24
abellonithen add meta-aurele/scripts to your PATH11:24
abellonifor fsl, I'm doing that in the setup-environment script11:24
Aurele__ok but I will have 2 wic?11:24
Aurele__I will deal with this11:24
abelloniyeah, it is not an issue11:24
Aurele__I will let you know I I have errors11:25
abelloniI'm using:11:26
abelloniexport PATH=$BUILDDIR/../sources/meta-aurele/scripts:$PATH11:26
Aurele__abelloni, I have extended partition to create and logical partitions in it did you tried this before?11:29
abelloniit will be done automatically11:29
abelloninote that it also supports gpt11:30
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j105robanyone familiar w/ building xen-image-minimal? Getting the following error ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'xen-base'  running poky dizzy12:50
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AcheloosI have difficulties to understand the differences between BSPs, layers and recipes.13:20
AcheloosIs there a good link about that ?13:20
AcheloosOr someone who have the motivation to explain ;)13:20
AcheloosIf I am right, recipes describe how to fetch, configure, compile and package applications and images, and layers are sets of recipes.13:21
AcheloosIs it correct ?13:21
j105robAcheloos: here is the developers manual:
j105robHere is the quick start guide:
Acheloosi've read a good part of them13:23
j105roband build system workflow video:
AcheloosI've already been running Yocto, and I have some working image.13:23
AcheloosMy problem is only concerning some vocabulary.13:24
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bluelightningAcheloos: your description of recipes and layers is generally accurate13:25
AcheloosCool. But I fail to see what is the BSP, and how it is different from the layers13:26
bluelightningAcheloos: BSP = "Board Support Package"; in our system that means a layer specifically for enabling support for building for a particular machine (containing a machine configuration and recipes/bbappends as needed)13:26
AcheloosThe documentation mixes the two, so I'm confused :
AcheloosHa !13:26
AcheloosSo the BSP *is* a layer.13:26
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bluelightningin our system it is yes... the term BSP is also used outside our system13:27
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hugovs /j #oe13:46
* hugovs :P13:46
abellonitreason !13:48
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pohlyYocto uses a time-based release schedule with a new release every six months, doesn't it?13:54
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vmesonpohly: yes, late April, late October or thereabouts.14:10
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bobdog555Anyone know why genericx86 linux build does not work on Toshiba Tecra laptops?14:57
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bluelightningbobdog555: not really, no - what's the actual problem?15:01
bluelightningi.e. where does it fail?15:01
bobdog555It says Loading /vmlinuz ok ; Loading /initrd ok /booting kernel failed: invalid argument15:02
bobdog555and keeps looping15:02
*** Matulis_ <Matulis_!~Lorax@> has joined #yocto15:02
bobdog555It works on a Dell15:03
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*** Matulis_ is now known as Matulis15:03
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bluelightningbobdog555: is this with a live image? if not, how is it being deployed on the media booting on the device?15:06
bobdog555Live image booting from a CD iso15:07
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JEEBsvhmm, what's the "proper" way to do multiple configurations for a recipe? multiple recipies or there's something else? I'm packetizing a thing that can either have very little dependencies, or a lot of them15:08
richhello, I have a question. I have an issue with qemu (archlinux) and I wondered if there are alteratives anyone is using? arm build that runs on my raspberrypi with no issues.15:08
bobdog555bluelightning: live image booting from a CD (iso)15:08
bluelightningbobdog555: ok, could you please file a bug on
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has quit IRC15:10
bobdog555blueligtning: ok. thanks.15:11
bluelightningJEEBsv: typically PACKAGECONFIG for that sort of thing15:11
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto15:11
bobdog555bluelightning: (can't type today) ok.... thanks15:11
JEEBsvbluelightning: ah15:11
bluelightningbobdog555: I can recommend tab completion if your IRC client supports it ;)15:11
bobdog555bluelightning: Doh15:12
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC15:12
bluelightningi.e. I just do bob<tab> to get your name15:12
JEEBsv> pkg-config results when you google for PACKAGECONFIG15:12
JEEBsvthank you, big G15:12
bluelightningJEEBsv: I don't know why but our proper manuals don't seem to feature highly in google :(15:13
JEEBsvyeah, but at least the ML results are on the top :)15:13
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sgw_armpit: good morning15:56
kergothDoes anyone know why we duplicate OECORE_TARGET_SYSROOT and SDKTARGETSYSROOT? both are exported in the environment-setup script15:56
kergothseems a bit redundant15:56
Matulismight be a stupid question, I am trying to do a "do_install" for a recipe with precompiled binaries, is there a way to specify all of the folders in my S directory to go to D?15:56
kergothcompatibility perhaps?15:56
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!besquive@nat/intel/x-rlppeihqdieeqdon> has joined #yocto15:56
kergothMatulis: do_install is a shell script15:57
kergothdo whatever you'd normally do to copy files from one place to another15:57
kergothe.g. cp -a15:57
*** freanux <freanux!~freanux@unaffiliated/freanux> has joined #yocto15:57
Matulisokay, thanks! I was reading something and it said it was preferred to do the install -d or whatever, but ill just use cp15:57
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kergothinstall works well for single files, or just a couple, but for an entire tree, it doesn't make sense16:01
*** radhus <radhus!> has joined #yocto16:02
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Matulishey kergoth, is there a way to skip do_package_qa?16:09
MatulisIts picking up some dependencies that I don't have in my binaries16:09
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ulf`sgw_: ping16:34
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realBigfootIs there a way to rewrite do_rootfs ?16:51
*** blloyd <blloyd!> has joined #yocto16:52
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kergothany recipe can always replace a function from a class16:57
kergothimages are no different16:57
realBigfootkergoth: so where do I begin ?16:58
kergothhave you actually read any recipes?16:58
kergothafter hte inherit, do_rootfs () {16:58
kergothdo something16:59
kergoththe same way you define any other function, ever16:59
realBigfootnice... now I got it16:59
realBigfooti didn't know it was a possibility to put do_rootfs on image thanks17:00
kergothi'd suggest reading the bitbake manual at some point17:01
kergothimages aren't special, they're just recipes that inherit a class17:01
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realBigfootkergoth: will do17:02
realBigfootthank you very much17:02
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abelloniis there a way to ask the autotools class to do an in tree build ?17:06
kergothinherit autotools-brokensep17:06
abellonithanks :)17:07
ulf`kergoth is on a roll :)17:07
abelloniI actually fixed the sources but it may be handy at some point17:07
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bluelightningrealBigfoot: depending on what you want to do, you may not want to rewrite all of do_rootfs... there are a bunch of different ways to extend it built-in17:16
abellonido we have a recipe for pandoc-native ?17:19
abellonifor now it is relying on having pandoc installed on the build machine which is not really nice17:19
abelloni(maybe it would be easier to stop building the man)17:19
realBigfootbluelightning: how would I extend it ?17:20
*** ddom <ddom!> has quit IRC17:22
bluelightningrealBigfoot: e.g. if you want to run commands just after the image is created, you can define a shell function and add it to ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND17:22
realBigfootbluelightning: nice it should be better than rewriting it17:23
bluelightningrealBigfoot: there's also the IMAGE_CLASSES / IMAGE_TYPES / IMAGE_CMD / COMPRESS_CMD / etc. system for defining new image and compression types17:23
bluelightninghow-to documentation is a bit sparse on that but at least most of the variables should be in the reference manual17:24
*** mago_ is now known as mago|home17:24
realBigfootbluelightning: indeed, it is there. i was reading it but i haven't got in this part...17:24
abelloniisn't using ROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND disouraged ?17:24
realBigfootnice info17:25
bluelightningabelloni: not especially - I mean, there are alternatives for some things you might consider doing (e.g. adding users/groups), but sometimes there's no other way17:25
*** sgw_ <sgw_!> has quit IRC17:26
bluelightningabelloni: postinstall scripts in packages may be a better alternative for some types of things (especially if you are using package management at runtime)17:26
abellonithe issue is that you end up with abuses like that:
bluelightningabelloni: right, that is a bit nasty17:28
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bluelightningabelloni: yeah, they aren't the only ones who have removed the kernel image that way... I think the proper mechanism may not even be documented17:30
abelloniyeah, what is the proper mechanism ? :)17:31
bluelightningthere is a bug open suggesting that the default may not be the best:
yoctiBug 5990: enhancement, Medium+, 1.8, dvhart, ACCEPTED , kernel.bbclass: Revamp packaging and dependencies17:31
bluelightningabelloni: basically set RDEPENDS_kernel-base = "" in your kernel recipe (the default, set with ?= in kernel.bbclass, is "kernel-image")17:32
abellonioh, right17:32
bluelightningactually I just found that it is in our kernel manual:
bluelightningnot that everyone would think to look there necessarily17:33
abellonibetter than nothing17:33
abellonibluelightning: I'm solving
abelloniI mean, I'm doing it ustream17:41
abelloniwould you prefer having the -foreign option back or the AUTHORS file ? :)17:42
bluelightningpersonally, I don't mind... whatever looks like it makes sense :)17:43
abelloniok :)17:43
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hugovshi all, i'm working with meta-java and i'm hitting the following error when building cacao-native19:39
hugovs| libtool: Version mismatch error.  This is libtool 2.4.4, but the19:39
hugovs| libtool: definition of this LT_INIT comes from libtool
hugovs| libtool: You should recreate aclocal.m4 with macros from libtool 2.4.419:39
hugovs| libtool: and run autoconf again.19:39
hugovs| Makefile:1260: recipe for target 'cordprnt.lo' failed19:39
hugovs| make[5]: *** [cordprnt.lo] Error 6319:39
hugovs| make[5]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....19:39
*** patrickz <patrickz!> has joined #yocto19:39
hugovsif i add a call to autoreconf --force --install in recipe's do_configure_prepend(), it gets built without problems.19:40
hugovsthe only thing is i'm not sure if this is the right thing to do.19:40
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zeckehugovs: normally if you inherit autotools it should run autoreconf19:42
hugovszecke: yes. and the recipe does it. autotools-brokensep, actually. autoreconf is being executed.19:47
hugovsthe error happens when building a subdir that seems a project inside a project...19:49
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*** paulg_ is now known as paulg20:09
paulgI think this is like the perl build failure race ; I'm seeing it say once in 5 builds (give or take)...20:15
paulgNOTE: Checking autotools environment for common misconfiguration20:15
paulgERROR: This autoconf log indicates errors, it looked at host include and/or library paths while determining system capabilities.20:15
paulgRerun configure task after fixing this. The path was '/home/paul/poky/build/tmp/work/core2-64-poky-linux/mozjs/17.0.0-r0/build'20:16
* paulg wishes it actually said what string / path it found that it didn't like....20:16
kergothread config.log20:17
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hugovsi think i got it20:20
hugovsautotools.bbclass removes aclocal.m4 before calling autoreconf20:22
hugovsbut the package, as i said, has some others aclocal.m4 inside subdirs...20:23
paulgkergoth, yep, rummaging through config.log already -- just saying it would have been nice to have a hint....20:25
kergoth*shouldn't* matter, since afaik autoreconf -f should run aclocal -f which should overwrite any existing aclocal.m4.. unless i'ts not processing those subdirs, which would only happen if those subdirs aren't declared as such in the configure.{in,ac} (e.g. gcc/binutils/etc descent into the configure scripts of subdirs in makefile rules, rathe rthan the toplevel configure script calling the subdir configur escripts)20:26
* kergoth shrugs20:26
kergothpaulg: well, it'll be a host include or library path. e.g. not in the sysroot. so most likely /usr/include, /usr/lib, or /lib20:26
*** radhus <radhus!> has quit IRC20:26
kergothi'd check for those before digging further20:26
kergothcould be others, but those are te most likely suspects, afaik20:27
paulgaha, here it is.20:27
paulgconfigure:5494: checking for IceConnectionNumber in -lICE20:28
paulgconfigure:5513: x86_64-poky-linux-gcc  -m64 -march=core2 -mtune=core2 -msse3 -mfpmath=sse --sysroot=/home/paul/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/genericx86-64 -o conftest  -O2 -pipe -g -feliminate-unused-debug-types  -Wl,-O1 -Wl,--hash-style=gnu -Wl,--as-needed -L/usr/lib conftest.c -lICE   1>&520:28
paulg/home/paul/poky/build/tmp/sysroots/x86_64-linux/usr/libexec/x86_64-poky-linux/gcc/x86_64-poky-linux/4.9.1/ld: warning: library search path "/usr/lib" is unsafe for cross-compilation20:28
paulgnow the mystery is why that only happens _sometimes_ ....20:29
kergothpossibly an autodetected dependency20:29
kergothenable ice support if it exists, and whether it eixsts isn't deterministic if it doesn't 1) depend on it, or 2) disable it via the configure argument20:30
paulgsounds like a reasonable plan.20:32
*** radhus <radhus!> has joined #yocto20:32
paulggoing to capture a config.log from a passed build 1st and then compare them.20:32
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abelloniI don't remember, how can I clean the stale sstate ?20:39
*** aehs29 <aehs29!~aehernan@> has joined #yocto20:41
Crofton|workbitbake -c cleansstate recipe20:42
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zeckehugovs: oh yeah.. then do_configure_append or such..20:47
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abelloniCrofton|work: no, I meant the sstate that doesn't correspond to any recipe anymore21:02
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JaMahow different will be topics of Yocto Project Developer Day US 2015 from 2014 in Dusseldorf?21:08
Crofton|workJaMa, I would guess not by much, especially since I would expect little overlap21:11
JaMaok, we should go to lemans karting in Fremont after that :)21:12
Crofton|workI was just checking on the karting21:13
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hugovskergoth: with acpaths="" in the recipe, package gets built21:42
hugovsbut then again, i'm not sure if this is the right thing to do...21:43
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abelloniJaMa: did you try to build qt5 without opengl recently ?21:53
JaMaabelloni: no21:54
abelloniqtdeclarative fails with "Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick-private"21:55
abelloniI can find plenty of old reports of the same error but nothing seems to solve it21:55
Crofton|workJaMa, I sent fix for pylxml21:55
JaMaI know, but it wasn't included in built started 3 days ago21:56
Crofton|workjust checking you knew the patch is out there already21:56
JaMaI've updated its status on patchwork so I know :)21:57
JaMaand it's in master-next now..21:57
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darkhorse_bluelightning: are you much familiar with kernel.bbclass? i build a kernel with a built-in initramfs. everything gets built fine. but the size of the kernel binary seems larger after the second pass through the kernel build (do_bundle_initramfs)23:00
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darkhorse_bluelightning: what i mean by larger size is this: kernel itself is 2M, initramfs.cpio.gz is 3.7M. but instead of ~5.7M i see the final kernel = ~8.2M23:02
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto23:04
paulgdeconstruct the final output and see what chunks make up what sizes?23:08
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abellonidarkhorse_: you shouldn't compress your intiramfs if your kernel is already compressed23:19
darkhorse_abelloni: my kernel is not compressed23:21
abelloni2M for an uncompressed kernel is surprising23:22
darkhorse_abelloni: yeah - it is a minimalist kernel23:24
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darkhorse_abelloni: what kernel config option can i use to compress it?23:31
kergothhugovs: that generally indicates that someone had copied old macros into the source tree. you could also have found and removed them (e.g. libtool.m4)23:35
abelloniKERNEL_GZIP, KERNEL_LZMA, ...23:35
kergothlibtoolize will do such copying23:35
Matulissorry to interrupt, is there a good way to check why a patch is failing? I am getting a "Patch does not apply (enforce with -f)23:39
rewittMatulis: I would expect a *.rej file in the workdir23:40
Matuliscant find a rej file23:42
*** phantoxeD <phantoxeD!> has joined #yocto23:42
rewittwhat if you change PATCHTOOL to patch?23:43
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Matulissorry, not sure how to do that?23:44
*** vmeson <vmeson!> has joined #yocto23:44
rewittPATCHTOOL = "patch" in the recipe doing the patching23:44
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rewittquilt is used by default, but I can remember not having much information in the do_patch logs on failures as well23:45
Matulisso its a kernel patch, so I would add that to the kernel-*.bb23:45
rewittOh, the kernel has it's on patching code I believe :-/23:45
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Matulisso I am kind of baffled, I changed a line in the git repo, made a diff, added it to the patch, not sure why its saying it doesnt apply23:46
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rewittMatulis: Sorry, I don't know much about the kernel patching mechanism23:48
Matulisno problem! thanks for the help!23:49
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