Thursday, 2015-02-12

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paulgkergoth,  the mozjs thing was a missing dependency on libxt ; patch sent.00:02
abelloniMatulis: did you update the offsets in the patch ?00:02
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Matuliswhitespace issue00:09
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logicswhich git tree holds the yocto kernel for edison? i've found i can manually apply upstream_to_edison.patch from the yocto GPL sources for edison, but haven't found a branch/tag in that has those changes via
logics(was hoping for a patch series vs. a monolithic "enable edison" patch bomb)03:56
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chankithi..suppose if I want to configure a package to install to /usr for example, what variable should I set to --prefix? ${D}?06:08
nrossichankit: depends on the package, with an autotools pacakge the configure --prefix=/usr and then the make DESTDIR=${D} install will handle the cross install06:12
nrossichankit: actually if its an autotools package, you should just use the autotools class as the default ${prefix} is "/usr" and it will handle the rest for you06:15
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chankitnrossi: I'm using cmake. I checked cmake.bbclass and it seems that it uses ${prefix} as well...06:24
chankitwill also make note of make DESTDIR=${D} install06:24
chankitthanks :-)06:24
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chankitBTW why make DESTDIR=${D} install instead of simply make install?06:26
chankitsince the compilation has been already configured to install to ${prefix}06:26
nrossichankit: so that it installs into the ${D} directory which is down under the tmp/ build directory06:26
nrossichankit: without passing that it will try to install it into your hosts '/usr' directory06:27
nrossichankit: btw cmake.bbclass relies on autotools.bbclass for the do_install step, so they both do the make DESTDIR=${D} install06:27
chankitnrossi: ok..I do get files were installed but not shipped problem. Must I specify FILES-${PN} variable or is there a more elegant way?06:29
nrossichankit: there are some defaults rules for FILES_${PN}, however you will need to populate that variable for more specific things06:31
chankitnrossi: what are the default rules? Is there another bbclass that I can reference?06:34
nrossichankit: the defaults are set in bitbake.conf, see
nrossichankit: you should no need to explicitly include them, just append the ones you need that are not covered by the defaults06:37
chankitnrossi: the weird thing is a lot if not all files are caught in the installed but not shipped error06:40
nrossichankit: got an example? you can use wildcards in the FILES_${PN} variable, so if needed you can do something like FILES_${PN} += "/usr/bin/packagefoo/*"06:41
chankita quick example would be /usr/lib06:43
chankit  /usr/lib/libLLVMX86AsmParser.a06:43
chankitbut FILES_${PN} includes ${libexecdir}06:44
chankitaccording to bitbake.conf06:44
nrossichankit: ahh thats a static lib, you will want to add a ${PN}-staticdev package for that06:44
nrossichankit: in your recipes do something like:06:44
nrossichankit: PACKAGES += "${PN}-staticdev"06:44
nrossichankit: there are pre-defined FILES values for ${PN}-staticdev, so you just need to declare that you have a staticdev package and it should pick up the files06:46
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chankitnrossi: are ${PN}-staticdev and ${PN}-dev exclusive to each other?06:50
chankitnow I got  packagename-staticdev is listed in PACKAGES multiple times, this leads to packaging errors.06:51
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nrossichankit: oh sorry my bad, thats actually a default value06:54
chankitI did bitbake -e and got PACKAGES="llvm-dbg llvm-staticdev llvm-dev llvm-doc llvm-locale  llvm"06:55
chankitthat's quite weird06:55
nrossichankit: ok thats what you want. Just check that FILES_${PN} has the values you expect06:55
nrossichankit: and same for FILES_${PN}-staticdev06:56
chankitthis could have something to do with the fact that I have multilib enabled06:59
nrossichankit: hmmm maybe, but you would get most likely get a error/warning different to not shipped, you are building the non-multilibed version yes?07:00
chankitactually I'm building multilib yocto07:01
nrossichankit: yep but your building llvm not llvm-lib32 or something right?07:02
chankitnope..llvm 64 bit07:02
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nrossichankit: if possible, would you be able to dump the output from 'bitbake llvm -e' to a gist/pastbin?07:03
chankitnrossi: you mean bitbake -e llvm?07:09
chankitbitbake llvm -e is really big07:09
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nrossichankit: -e llvm or llvm -e are the same no?07:22
nrossihi Frank07:23
nrossichankit: also it shouldn't be too big, at most 1MB, things like allow you to add files ;)07:25
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nrossichankit: btw, not sure if you were aware or not, but there are llvm recipes in the meta-oe,
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chankitnrossi: sorry for the late seems that bitbake -e llvm and bitbake llvm -e are different08:25
chankithere's the output of bitbake llvm -e
chankitI actually tried the recipe that you showed earlier but I got the roughly same issue of installed but not shipped error08:26
nrossichankit: ok, lets have a look08:27
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nrossichankit: ah thats interesting, does llvm treat /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 differently?08:28
chankitnrossi: I'm not sure..btw how do you read such a big file?08:29
nrossichankit: ah yep, the multilib stuff is causing the issue. baselib="lib64"08:29
nrossichankit: grep or Ctrl+F08:29
chankitwhat do you grep?08:29
nrossichankit: various variables, for example grep -C 10 -in "baselib="08:30
chankitnrossi: interesting....08:30
nrossichankit: works better when using less/vim or in a browser using find08:30
chankitnrossi: lemme try disabling multilib and see what happens...08:31
nrossichankit: so i think you will find that llvm is not honouring or not being told that the lib dir is different08:31
chankitnrossi: probably...I'm ashamed to confess that I don't know much of both yocto and llvm08:32
chankitbut I'm happy to learn08:32
nrossichankit: yer i would say llvm is not handling the configure args, e.g.  --libexecdir=/usr/lib64/llvm08:32
chankitcould cmake.bbclass be the culprit08:33
chankitlemme check cmake.bbclass08:33
nrossichankit: most effective solution would be to add some do_install_prepend steps to move /usr/lib to /usr/lib64 if ${baselib} is not lib sort of thing08:33
nrossichankit: no i imagine llvm just doesn't use the --libdir/--libexecdir args08:34
chankitnrossi: you're right..cmake.bbclass uses prefix value so if prefix is set right then it should be sailing08:34
nrossichankit: looking at some random llvm repo, it appears that the configure script just specifies ${exec_prefix}/lib for libdir08:35
nrossichankit: i think all you will need to do is add this somewhere in your recipe:08:37
nrossido_install_append() {08:37
nrossiif [ "${baselib}" != "lib" ]; then08:37
nrossimv ${D}/usr/lib ${D}/usr/${baselib}08:37
chankitnrossi: yeah it looks like I need to specify LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX08:38
nrossichankit: that looks better, yep, you can even specify something like that from your local.conf08:39
nrossiexport LLVM_LIBDIR_SUFFIX_pn-llvm = "64"08:40
nrossichankit: but i would recommend making the change to the file in meta-oe, and submitting a patch. That way someone else doesn't hit the same issue you have ;)08:41
chankitnrossi: so many solutions I have to see if disabling the multilib does solve the issue...08:41
chankitnrossi: if you don't mind me do you learn stuffs in yocto?08:42
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chankitthings that we talked about don't really exist in the docs08:42
nrossichankit: been using it at work for about 2 years. Doing BSPs for Xilinx's SoC's is always a challenge ;)08:43
nrossichankit: i guess it also helps when you push the envolpe and hit issues, you find the limitations of tools and how they break08:44
chankitnrossi: so I assume you work with the kernel stuff as well?08:47
chankithow do you port the patches between kernel versions?08:47
nrossichankit: depends, what sort of patches?08:48
nrossichankit: as in are you touching core kernel or just outling drivers?08:49
chankitnrossi: erm...let's not be too specific here ;-) Let's say if you want to test out new kernel versions that yocto doesn't have yet. So how do you port the new kernel in yocto?08:49
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nrossichankit: hmmm sort of depends, its worth having a look at some of the recipes that are available for that sort of thing08:52
nrossichankit: however the linux-yocto guys are pretty quick at picking up the newer kernels, so have a look at linux-yocto-dev08:53
chankitnrossi: so referring to the, can I simply change the kernel version?08:59
chankitand I also checked linux-yocto-dev but I only saw zip I'm not entirely sure what do I do with the zip files09:00
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nrossichankit: its a reference recipe, its got some documentation at the top of it.09:01
nrossichankit: regarding linux-yocto-dev what do you mean by zip files?09:01
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nrossichankit: you can just use it via some local.conf settings, PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel = "linux-yocto-dev"09:03
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chankitnrossi: if I set that it will always check the latest kernel from yocto repo?09:06
nrossichankit: the latest linux-yocto-dev kernel yes09:06
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chankitnrossi: thanks a lot for the info :-) Really appreciate it09:11
chankitwill let u know the compilation results soon09:11
nrossichankit: np, i will be heading off shortly, so if i dont reply... i will be back in approx 14 hours :)09:12
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chankitme too actually :-)09:12
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chankitnrossi: if you don't mind me asking...where are you from?09:13
nrossichankit: Down under mate ;)09:14
chankitnrossi: ah I see....09:14
nrossichankit: what about you?09:14
chankitnrossi: malaysia..the reason I'm asking is you might have similar timezome09:15
chankitwhat's your timezone? GMT+8?09:15
chankitnrossi: you should be really off now lol09:16
nrossichankit: haha, :)09:16
chankiti can't imagine working until 709:17
chankitI used to get off at 4.30 and I really miss that09:17
nrossichankit: i normally get in quite late, so it works better for me ;)09:18
chankitnrossi: I get the miss the rush hour huh09:18
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nrossichankit: also known as the 'parking lot' time of the day09:19
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chankitnrossi: didn't see that coming but that's a good one09:19
chankitnrossi: but finding parking is harder since you arrive late09:20
nrossichankit: that can be a problem also09:20
nrossichankit: anyways i gtg, goodluck with your build, until next time. See ya! :)09:21
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chankitsee ya09:24
chankithave a good die09:24
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bluelightningmorning all09:30
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j105robhey bluelightning, what is the best resource for figuring out how to build a specific image. I'm a noob w/ yocto and am having a tought time with trying to build a xen image provided by the meta-virtualization layer.11:13
j105robthe kvm layer builds11:13
j105robsry, kvm image provided by the meta-virtualization layer builds fine11:14
bluelightningj105rob: are there any special instructions in the README for the layer? (I'm assuming there is one)11:14
j105robin the readme of the root of the layer, there are only sections for dependencies, maintenance and the license11:15
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bluelightningok, and you have all of the dependencies?11:15
j105robI sent an email to the meta-virtualization mailing list yesterday11:15
j105robyes, I have all the dependencies11:16
bluelightningok... well I have pretty much no experience with meta-virtualization; it's surprising that the xen image wouldn't build out of the box with the error you're receiving :/11:20
j105robhmm.. I guess I'll have to wait to hear back from the listserv11:20
bluelightningif you wanted to debug it my first suggestion would be to "git grep" for references to the item it is reporting as unbuildable11:21
bluelightningand find the recipe that's supposed to be providing it11:21
bluelightningj105rob: nrossi did reply to your email, I just noticed11:21
j105robI did not get a notification of that, yet, where are you seeing that response>11:22
bluelightningI'm subscribed to the list, it's just appeared here11:22
bluelightninghere's the email in the archive FWIW:
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hugovskergoth: yes, calling libtoolize --force --copy --install in configure_prepend() works too. i'll send a patch for it.12:17
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JEEBsvwhat's the correct package to depend on if you have a thing that supports qt4 mainloop integration?12:59
JEEBsvI've set it to qt4-x11-free for now, but that of course that's kind of limiting12:59
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esteretahi, I have a question. Anyone knows if it is possible to use OVERRIDES in a recipe containing the image name? I dont want to add machine specific but image specific overrides. Thanks!13:05
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bluelightningestereta: what are you trying to do?13:20
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esteretawe have different images, containing different applications. One application (the hmi) needs to use different QML13:22
esteretadepending on the image13:22
esteretathe guy who is taking care of this wanted to actually have only one hmi recipe and do something like SRC_URI_append_<imgname>13:23
esteretabut all the documentation I can read/find points to this being a bad approach13:23
AndersDestereta, No, not if you need a build-time change13:23
esteretayes, its build time. We need different config files, different QML, and whatever other stuff13:24
redenginif you want to do it repeatably make a recipe13:24
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esteretaI also think better approach is to have one and different files depending on the image right?13:25
AndersDI'd say: and that both shares
esteretayeah I think also13:25
esteretathx a lot!13:25
redenginyes thats the best image approach, the other way is to add a personaliry/config mount point13:26
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esteretawhat is that?13:29
*** hugovs <hugovs!> has joined #yocto13:30
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pevHey, I'm scratching my head on dependencies - I've got two image recipes e.g. "" & "" - Now these get combined into a package by a tool I have that I want to put into another recipe "". I've added a DEPENDS="my-image-app my-image-recovery" in the recipe but it doesn't generate the images under tmp/deploy which is where the other recipe picks them up from to bundle together. I get the feeling im m13:36
pevissing something obvious...!13:36
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #193 of nightly-x86-64-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
AndersDpev, you might need something along do_rootfs[depends] += "my-image-app:do_rootfs" in your At least that's how I think I solved something similar quite a while ago.13:45
*** marka <marka!~marka@> has joined #yocto13:51
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pevAndersD: Cheers, I'll give that a go! TBH I havent sussed out yet how to correctly invoke my script in there yet anyway and can't find a good example as yet.14:03
pevIts always the "trivial" things that seem to take longest...?!14:04
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #190 of nightly-x86-64 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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zerus_Hi. Anyone that knows if it's possible to set LAYERDEPENDS_<layer> with for example MACHINEOVERRIDES. I wan't to set layerdepends only for specific images in a layer.14:55
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto14:56
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kergothwouldnt make any sense, no. layers are processed long before the machine is even set14:58
*** estereta <estereta!> has quit IRC15:02
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*** patrickz <patrickz!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto15:04
zerus_kergoth: That was what I more or less suspected. Well I guess it's too much of a "Both have the cake and eat it..". I want to solve the case when I want the early and clear error displayed by LAYERDEPENDS but for ppl using this layer and never builds the images that have separate depends it feels like waste to force them to have it to be able to build. So I guess the conclusion is that we have to continue to just have a readme that expl15:08
*** wadim_ <wadim_!> has quit IRC15:14
challinankergoth: sorry just got back from 3 days on road, will respond to your e-mails today re: ADE, etc.15:16
kergothzerus_: one possibility is to have per-layer areas which are only processed when those layers exist. this mechanism is most useful to deal with appending to things that might or might not exist, but it's certainly possible to put recipes there as well. — then put your image in e.g. openembedded-layer/recipes-foo/bar/ and it'd only be available when15:18
kergoth meta-oe is included15:18
kergothzerus_: really depends on the goals15:18
kergothbut worth considering15:18
kergothchallinan: np, thanks15:18
challinankergoth: remind me, what should I name the local.conf extension in my layer for it to be picked up?15:19
kergothchallinan: yes, but we might want to take mel-specifics to our channel :) it's "conf/local.conf.append" or "conf/local.conf.append.$MACHINE" relative to the top of the layer15:20
*** domidimi <domidimi!~dimi@> has quit IRC15:21
challinanoops!  duh!  need another cup of coffee ;)15:22
* bluelightning closes his ears15:22
kergothwell, some of that is in the public layers anyway, e.g. the hooks to append to local.conf :)15:23
bluelightningI do still have that page of yours about MEL enhancements to move to the core open in a tab, with the intent of looking into what you guys have been up to :)15:26
bluelightningI'll admit that it has been open since you linked to it a while back though15:27
kergothheh, i do need to go comb through the layers again, we're behind on the submissions of staged fixes again, as is always the case right after a product release15:27
JEEBsvhmm, do you need to always set S for git based recipes? I see the cmake thing is trying to use the <pkgname> directory instead of where it actually cloned the sources...15:28
JEEBsvso it's trying to cmake <empty dir> which naturally doesn't find cmakelist.txt15:28
zerus_kergoth: I will look into the meta-mel example and see if that is possible way forward in this case, thx.15:29
*** mago_ is now known as mago|away15:30
gabrbeddJEEBsv: somewhere in the docs... it says what the default value of S is... but it's only suitable for "normal tarballs." For everything else you have to change it.15:31
JEEBsvyeah, the default thing is handle'able if you are using tarballs15:33
*** Jefro <Jefro!> has joined #yocto15:34
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JEEBsvkind of a shame, though. since the system knows if you are using git or not :/15:37
JEEBsvso you just get a lot of recipes with "S = "${WORKDIR}/git"" or so15:37
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #205 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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bobdog555bluelightning_: do you happen to know how to build xen-image-minimal ?  I'm getting errors....17:38
*** _jmleo <_jmleo!> has joined #yocto17:39
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bluelightning_bobdog555: are they either of the two errors mentioned in this thread?
*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning17:39
*** _jmleo is now known as jmleo17:40
bobdog555bluelightning: checking....17:40
j105robbobdog555: check handles.... that's mine....17:43
j105robbluelightning: bobdog555 and I work together.17:43
bobdog555bluelightning: yes, for the second one, "Nothing RPROVIDES 'xen-base' ..." .  I've tried fresh downloads from github (versus OE or yocto)17:43
bobdog555bluelightning: yes and j105rob is a good guy most days.17:43
bluelightningj105rob: ah I see :)17:44
bluelightningbobdog555: I thought j105rob had addressed that one based on the thread17:45
bobdog555bluelightning: he fixed the x86 part (the first bug), but neither of us has been able to solve the second one: no xen-base to be found anywhere.17:46
j105robyes, machine in local.conf needs to be genericx86-6417:46
j105robthe xen-base is not the problem now, the problem now is in the do_config() of the xen tools. error17:47
j105robwhen running the seabios-dir make scrit17:48
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto17:48
j105robscript to fix the compiler17:48
Aethenelleis it possible to use icecc for building yocto on linux and osx workers. the osx worker won't be able to compile some things that require linux but the rest should work.17:50
Aethenellehrm... the -native packages would have to be built for both sides ...17:52
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has quit IRC17:52
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bobdog555bluelightning: j105rob is correct; I mis-spoke.  And he's a good guy all the time :)17:54
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bluelightningbobdog555: ok, I don't have any extra info on meta-virtualization I'm afraid, it's not something I've really played with17:55
bobdog555bluelightning: Thanks anyway, as always.17:58
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halsteaddarknighte, & Jefro1 Do we have time to talk about the content part of DevDay?18:07
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darknightehalstead: read my mind.18:09
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darknighteJefro1: is trying to reach you to join a telecon18:09
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pevHm, do_rootfs[depends] += "my-image-app:do_rootfs" doesn't seem to work - tried adding do_deploy as well... What would trigger the dependency to re-populate the DEPLOY_IMAGE_DIR?19:01
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rewittpev: The do_rootfs task should be the thing that writes to the deploy directory19:09
rewittpev: You can see where it calls create_image() in do_rootfs() in meta/classes/image.bbclass19:10
pevEven though I've added DEPENDS="my-image-app" and do_rootfs[depends] += "my-image-app:do_rootfs" the deploy image dir doesnt even get created let alone populated??19:11
rewittI don't know what is in your recipe. Does, have a do_rootfs() task?19:13
rewittIf not, i.e. you aren't actually creating an image, then you don't want to use do_rootfs[depends], you need to use a task that is actually in your recipe.19:15
pevNope, it just has a task to generate an image... Does it need some kind of stub task I wonder?19:15
pevI just have a custom task called do_mkimage...19:15
rewittthen try do_mkimage[depends19:15
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pevrewitt: Ah, good spot!19:16
rewittDoes that make sense? If no rootfs task is running for, then it doesn't matter that the task is dependent on the rootfs for the other images19:16
*** freanux <freanux!~freanux@unaffiliated/freanux> has joined #yocto19:17
pevI just assumed it was an implicit thing19:17
rewittWell it is if you include image.bbclass19:17
rewittI hope that fixes it for you19:18
pevrewitt: Yep, it's just ticking over now, thanks!19:19
rewittNice, you're welcome.19:19
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #191 of nightly-fsl-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #190 of nightly-x32 is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests Running Sanity Tests_1] Build details are at
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Matulishi all, I changed some properties and I am trying to build my image, however MLO and u-boot.img arent being built when I build the image. I also cleaned out the tmp directory, am I missing somethign here?20:46
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el3Hi. Can I use a build made with yocto, for commercial use, for free?21:32
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neverpanicif you conform to the licenses of the packages you a distributing, yes.21:50
neverpanicyou are**21:50
el3neverpanic: okey thank you.21:54
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el3Is it better to make in linux, than Build appliance in windows for example? or does it matter?21:54
neverpanicIf you're in doubt about this, please contact a laywer. I am not a qualified legal counsel and it would be unethical (and in some jurisdictions possibly illegal) to advise you on licensing issues.21:55
neverpanicI do not understand this question.21:55
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el3neverpanic: Okey I got you.21:56
el3neverpanic: I meant if tyhere is a disadvantage to make Yocto projects on windows with Build Apliance option, over using linux. I am just starting this, so I just want to know if it recommended to use a particullary OS21:58
neverpanicyou mean whether there's a difference to building it in a virtual Linux machine on Windows, or directly on Linux?21:59
neverpanicFunctionally, those should be the same. Performance-wise, the VM might be slower, but depending on your requirements that might not matter.22:00
*** marka <marka!~marka@> has quit IRC22:00
el3neverpanic: Hmm maybe. I am downloading Yocto Project Build Appliance zip file now. Does that mean I do need a virtual linux machine anyways?22:00
el3From the quick start -> If you don't have a system that runs Linux and you want to give the Yocto Project a test run, you might consider using the Yocto Project Build Appliance. The Build Appliance allows you to build and boot a custom embedded Linux image with the Yocto Project using a non-Linux development system. See the Yocto Project Build Appliance for more information.22:01
el3neverpanic: Doh. sorry. I got it now. I am not english is my excuse22:02
el3virtual machine of some kind, so it does not matter22:02
neverpanicThe Yocto Project Build Appliance is a virtual machine22:02
el3neverpanic: got it22:02
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el3neverpanic: actually the virtual will be slower ofcourse. Other than that its the same.22:44
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dgm816when i 'bitbake my-image' and then i do a 'bitbake -c populate_sdk my-image' to generate a SDK.. the SDK includes while my image does not..22:55
dgm816my application is a c++ application.. is there a way to tell my image to include this?22:55
dgm816in I do have a "IMAGE_INSTALL += libstdc++" in there.. but it didn't seem to make a difference..22:56
dgm816help or pointers to docs would be great.. my google-fu is running out trying to track down documentation..22:57
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #191 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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Matulisim trying to debug a usb chip not being initialized, and when i run lsusb, I am getting the message "unable to initialize libusb: -99"23:51
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