Friday, 2015-02-20

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alexlarssonI'm gonna clean up the gnome-sdk yocto stuff to be a pure layer07:49
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alexlarssonWhat is the recommended way to set up a git repo that contains a layer + the upstream yocto07:49
alexlarssonCan i use a git submodule?07:49
alexlarssonSeems tricky as the top yocto dir has several subdirs07:50
alexlarssonIs there some example somewhere of this kind of setup that i can steal?07:50
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mckoangood morning07:59
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alexlarssonWould something like: EXTRA_OECONF_glibc += "bash_cv_getcwd_malloc=yes "09:17
alexlarssonwork in the distro config?09:17
alexlarssonOr i guess i should put that in a .bbappend for glibc09:20
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ericbuttersis there any way to re-use a yocto sdk with yocto? so that yocto does not build a toolchain but uses a earlier build yocto sdk?09:27
ericbutterslets say i get a yocto sdk from a vendor and i want to build additional software using yocto?09:28
ericbuttersbest way is to get the meta layers from that vendor, but if this is not possible and i only have the sdk?09:29
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Minibiowhat are the differences between metadata and layers ?09:33
ant_workhi, layers do contain metadata (recipes)09:36
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bluelightningericbutters: using an SDK built with our system as the build system toolchain isn't a supported configuration, no09:40
ericbuttersbluelightning: what is the difference between the yocto sdk and a "pure" toolchain? is there a way to extract a "pure" toolchain from the yocto sdk?10:06
bluelightningI might be imagining things but I somehow recall we had this discussion before...10:09
ericbuttersbluelightning: yes, you remeber right.. sry, but it would help me a lot ;) and as there is anything we need in place with the yocto sdk there must be a way to get/extract a toolchain we can re-use with yocto?10:12
bluelightningwe simply don't support doing this, I'm afraid10:13
bluelightningsomewhere there is a succinct explanation of why but I can't find it at the moment10:13
ericbuttersnp, if you find it just ping we.. would be great to get more detail on that10:14
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RPericbutters: the issue is that with the standalone toolchain whilst you get a compiler and a libc, its all flattened out. People think it would be quick just to use it however what they don't consider is that you have to extract the components like "libgcc", "libc", the libc locales and turn them into packages. That process is convoluted and depends a lot on how the originals were built. We did once have a recipe to try and do this but its simpler jus10:43
RPericbutters: I know Mentor do have recipes which try and do this for their codesourcey toolchain. You'll see the maze of conditionals in there shows how "complex" such a simple sounding problems becomes10:44
RPericbutters: as an example, if you want an on target gcc, it really needs to match the libgcc pretty closely. If you take the libgcc from the external toolchain, how do you ensure an exact match?10:45
ericbuttersRP: thanks for your comment. Were can I find the recipe you mentioned? Just to have an idea what you tried.11:03
RPericbutters: was the one we removed. Also look at
RPericbutters: external-csl is now in another layer iirc11:07
RPericbutters: that remove in the first commit simply won't work though, its not complicated enough by far (which is why it was removed)11:08
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Aurele__hi everyone12:42
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Minibioin which situations have we to patch the sources ?13:08
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ulf`good morning14:20
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acidfuOne of my recipe doesn't build because the CC is set to "CC=/bin/arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc \" I'm trying to figure out how to set CC properly from the recipe, any idea ?14:33
acidfuthank you14:33
acidfuthe path for the compiler is wrong14:33
acidfuI'd like something like : CC=/path/linaro/bin/arm...14:34
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rburtondoes paul barker use irc?15:39
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angoliniI'm facing an X11 dependency error when building core-image-lsb-sdk. Does core-image-lsb-sdk be a "Basic image without X support" image? I'm confused16:37
angolinithe package bringing the dependency is libxt and i don't have x11 on DISTRO_FEATURES16:38
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bluelightningangolini: can you run bitbake -g ?16:41
angolinifor  bitbake -g libxt i got ERROR: libxt was skipped: missing required distro feature 'x11' (not in DISTRO_FEATURES)16:46
angolininothing provides.....16:46
angolinimaybe I should keep x11 on distro features for core-image-lsb-sdk16:46
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ulf`rburton: ping16:51
rburtonulf`: you're going to start talking about clang aren't you16:52
rburtonulf`: been a bit busy today :/16:52
ulf`rburton: hehe16:52
ulf`rburton: this is not urgent16:52
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angolinioww just figured out there is a poky-lsb distro! i think it should work17:09
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kergothRP: ping17:21
RPkergoth: pong17:21
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kergothRP: i'm hitting a case where setscenes are run, not failed, but then the real tasks get run anyway. i can't recall what could cause that, unless the sstate reuse was partial, but it doesn't appear to be17:23
* kergoth thinks17:23
RPkergoth: Paul reported that too and I think there may be an open bug. I could use a reproducible test case to better understand it though17:23
RPkergoth: last time we discussed this, it was pseudo-native issues and being unable to extract some sstate due to lack of pseudo17:24
RPkergoth: which may or may not be the case here I appreciate17:24
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bluelightningyeah, I've seen it fairly often, but the trouble is it depends on the state of the system before the build which of course the build blows away17:31
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kergothHmm, indeed. Okay, I'll try to come up with a test case. We seem to be hitting this behavior quite regularly17:35
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bryani am trying to upgrade webkit-gtk to v 2.4.117:47
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bryanbut i am facing issues while compiling17:48
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bryanhas anyone tried it?17:48
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bryanlatest bb recipe i found was for 1.8.317:50
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rburtonanyone here actually using systemd user sessions?17:53
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ulf`rburton: tizen common is18:21
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*** onoffon <onoffon!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto19:07
onoffonRP: around ?19:07
*** onoffon is now known as khem`19:08
khem`RP:why is binutils 2.25 upgrade withheld19:08
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ulf`khem`: ping ;)19:40
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paulgsomeone checked some stuff in recently that killed /bin/sh out of existence on my non-busybox build.   :-/19:50
paulgkind of renders the system useless.19:50
* paulg investigates.19:50
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kergothAny objection to adding PACKAGECONFIG_BACKFILL? I think there'd be value to be able to add new defautl packageconfigs to a recipe without breaking any distros that might be setting packageconfig rather than appending/removing to/from it20:08
rburtonotavio: why does meta-fsl have a pulseaudio bbappend?  seems to set a configure cache (can that go upstream?) and set packagearch20:08
rburtonotavio: context is master-next has PA6, so the append fails20:08
otaviorburton: fsl-arm master-next also has the fixed bbappend :)20:13
otaviorburton: and I want to   double check if it is still need but I am not good on this so I need to ask FSL internals about it20:14
otaviorburton: I pushed the bbappend rename.20:22
rburtonotavio: much appreciated, wanted to try for a green mut today and it refusing to start due to this in fsl and meta-intel needing bbappend updates isn't a good start!20:23
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acidfuI'm trying to see where TCMODE and EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN are documented in yocto, but I can't find, any idea ? thank !20:27
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khem`ulf`: hello21:02
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khem`acidfu: go to and search for it21:03
ulf`khem`: hi :)21:03
khem`Did you go anywhere is meta-clang21:04
ulf`khem`: I sent you an email last week regarding an issue building clang from the meta-clang layer21:04
khem`I havent had much time for it21:04
ulf`khem`: no21:04
ulf`khem`: I was looking for your help21:04
khem`I am in process to upgrade it to 3.621:04
otaviokhem`: how is the support for meta-clang going?21:05
khem`Its not much there yet21:07
khem`I need to first make space for 2 cross compilers21:08
khem`into OE21:08
khem`such that we can then select which one to use for a given packag21:08
khem`at the same time build 2 cross toolchains in same infra and let them coexist21:08
acidfukhem`, thx!21:17
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otaviokhem`: but how about to build everything with clang?21:42
otaviois this already an option?21:42
khem`otavio: thats my goal :) but its a long pull21:43
otaviokhem`: no; I mean to use clang only21:43
khem`many component are too gnuismic21:43
otavioah ok21:43
otavioso not yet working21:43
khem`it is 75% there21:43
khem`but things are like glibc21:44
khem`dont yet work21:44
khem`not on all arches21:44
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Croftonfyi live now22:18
*** varibull <varibull!> has quit IRC22:18
RPkhem: I didn't take binutils since there were uboot issues with it22:20
CroftonEarlier there was an Intel guy explaining Yocto Linux22:20
RPkhem: I was kind of waiting for someone to tell me they were resolved22:20
CroftonRP, check out the video22:20
Croftonshit people have never heard of YP at scale22:21
Croftonhmm, koen is going to blow a fuse22:21
*** RagBal <RagBal!> has quit IRC22:21
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RPCrofton: that is scary22:23
CroftonI am pretty rofl22:24
Croftonstill he hasn't said Yocto Linux22:24
CroftonI need to ping jefro22:25
*** Rootert <Rootert!> has joined #yocto22:27
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Crofton+1 for using OE logo22:30
RPCrofton: he did talk about meta-poky and several other things which don't exist22:33
Croftonmeta-poky is much clearer though :)22:36
CroftonSteve was at OEDAM last year22:36
Croftonbalder guy with beard :)22:36
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto22:37
CroftonHe is in here a lot :)22:37
bluelightninghi... what's up?22:37
Croftonwatch the video22:38
CroftonYP/OE talk from scale22:38
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has joined #yocto22:38
bluelightningah ok... I'll check it out, thx22:38
Croftonit is live22:38
CroftonI suspect it will be available later22:38
*** melio_cc <melio_cc!> has joined #yocto22:38
Croftonthere was an Edison one earlier22:38
*** theAdib <theAdib!> has quit IRC22:51
RPCrofton: can we video koen's reaction to the terminology slides?22:58
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rburtonCrofton: intel guy earlier was probably john hawley, talking about minnow/yocto/shiny demos?23:32
Croftonyeah, but then there was an Edison talk23:33
Croftonusing one of my personal favs "Yocto Linux" :)23:33
rburtoni wonder who that was, gentle prodding required23:34
Croftonhow many ways can you combine bitbake, Yocto, OpenEmbedded, Project, Poky ....23:34
rburtonbut anyway time for sleep23:34
CroftonI need to write an expect script to power cycle a box23:35
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