Thursday, 2015-02-19

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nrossiwhoopies :|02:10
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Crofton|roadnrossi, gm03:27
nrossimorning Crofton03:27
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mckoangood morning08:03
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JEEBsvsomehow it seems like bitbake isn't finding my distro/hoge.conf08:48
JEEBsvlayer is added but the thing says it can't find the DISTRO08:49
JEEBsvany common pitfalls that I might have fallen into?08:49
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* JEEBsv found his issue08:57
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bluelightningmorning all09:37
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tmpsantosanyone else having linking issues on Ubuntu 14.10?10:04
tmpsantos/usr/bin/ld.bfd.real: .libs/sqlite3.o: relocation R_X86_64_32S against `.rodata' can not be used when making a shared object; recompile with -fPIC10:05
tmpsantos.libs/sqlite3.o: error adding symbols: Bad value10:05
tmpsantoslike this one ^10:05
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bluelightningtmpsantos: is this sqlite3-native or sqlite3?10:10
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bluelightningor indeed nativesdk-sqlite3?10:12
tmpsantosbluelightning: native10:15
tmpsantosbluelightning: I'm suspecting that ubuntu has some hardening stuff that is messing with yocto10:15
bluelightninghmm, I'd not heard of any issues there, but let me give it a try here10:18
bluelightning(will need to set up a VM, might take a bit of time)10:18
tmpsantosbluelightning: thanks a lot!10:20
tmpsantosbluelightning: sorry, the version was 14.0410:21
tmpsantosbluelightning: hey, I think I found the issue here10:21
tmpsantoshas something to do with a custom icecc setup10:22
bluelightningoh, ok10:22
bluelightningFWIW icecc isn't something we normally test10:22
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milan_bluelightning: I have a fix to be patched into an inc file. What should be the best way to do it ? (i.e. for bb files we use bbappend, how about inc files ) ?11:19
bluelightningmilan_: hi11:19
bluelightningmilan_: there is no mechanism to extend included files I'm afraid11:20
milan_Does that mean I have to add a bbappend for each bb file ?11:20
bluelightningmilan_: there are two choices: 1) bbappend all recipes that include the .inc or 2) get a fix into the inc file (which may be adding a variable so that you can select the behaviour you want externally)11:21
bluelightningyou should also be able to use % as a wildcard in the bbappend name to match more than one recipe11:22
bluelightning(in some situations)11:22
milan_Ideally it's the second case.11:22
milan_bluelightning : Can I see an example of the % approach somehow?11:23
bluelightninghmm let me see11:23
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milan_ohh...ok. Let me give this a try .11:24
milan_bluelightning : Thank you for the advice :)11:24
bluelightningno worries :)11:24
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S_AIs there some place where I can find latest firefox and WebKit GTK recipe. Is there some reason of maintaining very old versions in git12:42
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S_AWebkit gtk recipe is 1.8.3 which seems to be too old. Any place to get latest12:56
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JaMaanyone seen do_rootfs failing with "wfopen: /path/image/2.0-r20/rootfs/etc: Is a directory." recently? I wonder if it's because of globs in CONFFILES13:05
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bluelightningS_A: AFAIK for webkit-gtk newer versions require ruby to build which we do not have in OE-Core13:07
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S_Abluelightning: I am not much aware on this but came across
bluelightningyes, we do have ruby recipes out there, but the issue is OE-Core is supposed to be buildable and testable on its own13:13
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S_Abluelightning: ok. So is it possible that someone built it & recipe is available at some public location ?13:15
bluelightningpossibly, but I don't personally know of any13:15
S_Abluelightning: ok. Thanks for the info13:16
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S_Abluelightning: and just out of curiosity. Any specific reason for old build of firefox13:17
bluelightningthat I don't know... otavio? mario-goulart?13:17
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danielpavelHey guys, I'm getting an build error :13:20
danielpavelERROR: Function failed: SYSTEMD_SERVICE_busybox-syslog value busybox-syslog.service does not exist13:20
danielpavelcan anyone give me a help with this ?13:20
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acidfuso the only way to add my layer to BBLAYERS into build/conf/bblayers.conf is manually ? can't it be added automatically when I call ./oe-init-build-env ? thank you !14:13
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bluelightningacidfu: I guess the question would be how would it know which ones to add?14:30
acidfuyes ;)14:31
bluelightningFWIW, in master we do now have a command to add layers, although that does just save you the edit14:33
acidfuah ok great14:33
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lpappgood morning14:43
lpappbluelightning: are you around by any chance14:43
lpappdebug busybox does not run on my arm board, but the one from the non-debug package does.14:43
lpapp/tmp/busybox: line 1: syntax error: unexpected word (expecting ")")14:44
lpappthis is for the one from the -dbg package (dylan).14:44
lpappLD_TRACE_LOADED_OBJECTS=1 /tmp/busybox says the interpreter is the same as for the non-debug version, so that looks alright to me.14:44
lpappfile says this: busybox/1.20.2-r11/packages-split/busybox-dbg/bin/.debug/busybox: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, ARM, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.16, BuildID[sha1]=0x84da43ebb8eb9bb605a444d996af4ad2a467da8b, not stripped14:45
bluelightninghi lpapp14:45
lpappperhaps I am not supposed to run that file directly? If so, how am I?14:45
bluelightninghmm, not sure about that...14:45
bluelightningis that with our default debug setup or did you customise how those packages are created? I recall we talked about how the default didn't work in your situation14:46
lpappI have a custom patch, so I am using .bbappend in my layer.14:46
lpappI also enabled debug with bitbake -c menuconfig busybox14:46
lpappand then bitbake busybox14:46
lpappbusybox does not have a "debug" target in the buildsystem as it is using the kernel's configuration system14:46
lpappI can verify it with stock busybox from meta/recipes-core14:47
lpapp(if I can tell Yocto to build it from there, somehow14:47
lpappin worst case, I can remove my directory temporarily.14:47
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lpappoh, I remember, sort of.14:48
lpapp.debug/foo is just the symbols, it is not the executable, I think14:48
lpappso it is only valid with the main.14:48
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tmpsantosbluelightning: we found the issue here, the ubuntu box had the package "hardening-wrapper" installed15:06
tmpsantosthis is a compiler wrapper that adds some funny security flags15:06
bluelightningtmpsantos: ah ok, interesting... I wonder if we should do anything about that15:07
tmpsantosbluelightning: we could have maybe a package blacklist15:07
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tmpsantosand warn the user if he/she has one of the packages in the blacklist installed in the system15:08
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bluelightningwe certainly have sanity checks for similar configurations that will break the build system15:08
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bluelightningunfortunately those checks are usually only run once on first build, they don't retrigger when people install new packages on the build host15:09
bluelightningwhich is not ideal15:09
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ulf`Hi pidge ;)15:58
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pidgewaves to ulf`16:03
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ericbuttershello, anyone got problems today with meta-openembedded fetching?16:28
*** belen <belen!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:30
Lern-XHello, is a "Function failed : do_prep" error a meta-openembedded fetching problem ?16:30
onoffonericbutters I hope you are not fetching from oe.git16:30
onoffonyou should use github mirror16:30
onoffonno do_prep is a task for some package thats failing for you16:31
onoffonericbutters its recommended to use github16:31
ericbuttersokay thanks16:31
Lern-Xonoffon: do you know if it's bugging because of my distro (Fedora21) ?16:32
onoffonLern-X I dont know you havent given info to assert that16:32
Lern-Xonoffon: okay, i'm going to explain :)16:33
Lern-XSo I want to build a Tizen image (more precisely, a tizen-common-core-image-minimal-dev one), using Yocto.16:34
Lern-XSo I typed these commands :16:34
Lern-Xgit clone git://
Lern-X cd tizen-distro; git checkout tizen;16:34
Lern-Xand :16:35
Lern-Xsource ./tizen-common-int-build-env thebuilddirect16:35
Lern-XI didn't modify the local conf.16:35
bluelightningdo_prep is definitely a task that meta-tizen has defined, it's not something standard16:35
bluelightningdid you get anywhere asking about this on their mailing lists?16:36
Lern-XI sent a message to yocto list16:36
Lern-XI should send it to the tizen's one ?16:36
bluelightningthat's what I was suggesting yesterday yes16:36
Lern-XOkay, i'll do it so, thanks,16:37
ericbuttersbluelightning: onoffon: i use this manifest for repo tool: but i get: error: Cannot fetch meta-openembedded16:40
ericbuttersi used to fetch git:// and that worked until today..16:40
ericbuttersnow with github i get fetch error16:41
onoffonwell you need to use meta-openembedded repo16:41
onoffonopenembedded is old OE16:41
bluelightningFWIW, git clone works fine for me just now on  git:// ...16:41
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ericbuttersbluelightning: yes that works.. it is kind of strange.. 10% of the cases it works for me with repo also. i think that is a problem with my network here.. or the openembedded server. i am going to try tomorrow again ;)16:52
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bluelightningericbutters: it could be at either end, or an issue somewhere between16:56
bluelightningericbutters: if it persists by all means let us know16:57
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oskudehi, is there a bottom-up tutorial for yocto? like i would like to know how to create a minimal image that only has a filesystem, bootloader and linux kernel. then start adding init system and so on.19:39
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WarheadsSEyou'll need the basics, and look into how image recipes work19:58
WarheadsSECan't speak to a turotial for that exact path though19:58
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oskudeyeah, been trying to learn top-down from core-image-minimal but the rabbit hole just keeps going, and branching :/20:04
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oskudestupid question, what are the git tags yocto-1.7.1 and dizzy-12.0.1? they both point to the same commit?20:15
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WarheadsSEbecause they are the same20:22
WarheadsSEyocto (the system) 1.7.1 _is_ dizzy (layer set named version) 12.0.120:23
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frayPoky has existed since before the Yocto Project..20:25
frayit's up to version 12.., which happens to match the Yocto Project version 1.720:25
frayand dizzy is the code name for that release..20:25
frayso..  dizzy == YP 1.7 == Poky 1220:25
oskudeso many names :/20:26
oskudebut i think i slowly get it20:26
WarheadsSEthe nature of merging and re-org'ing projects. It happens20:27
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acidfudoes bitbake rescan all the possible recipes every time I do "bitbake image" ?21:31
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