Monday, 2015-02-23

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chankitdoes x86 yocto run on i586, i386, or i686 platform?08:22
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nrossichankit: not sure about i386 but i586/686 i believe so08:25
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ant_workzeddii: some new issues with linux-yocto and patch handling in metadata :/08:34
ant_workzeddii: I'll send you an email later with logs08:34
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bluelightningmorning all09:07
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JustasHi. Does anyone have openswan 2.6.41 recipe? I cannot find and im not that good in writting recipes.09:09
chankitnrossi: ok thanks09:13
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jhieberhi, I'm building an module for yocto-linux kernel. copied the "hello-mod". defined a .scc and .cfg file and included it in SRC_URI. When i append the .cfg in kernels KERNEL_FEATURES variable. bitbake does not find the .scc10:16
jhieberKERNEL_FEATURES_append = "bcmdhd.scc"   >> WARNING: addon feature "bcmdhd" was not found10:16
jhieberthis is the structure of the recipe: is there anything wrong?10:21
bluelightningjhieber: I don't think you add the .scc file to KERNEL_FEATURES, you add the feature name10:22
bluelightningalso, _append does not add a leading space, so you should put one in the value you are appending10:23
jhieberhmm AFAIk this was changed some time ago. and in the linux-yocto recipe the other features are also with full path and .scc10:23
jhieberthe warning message indicates that that should be no problem, bitbake converts the bcmdhd.scc thing to the feature name10:24
bluelightningoh ok, perhaps I am mistaken then10:24
jhieberbitbake should scan my recipe and find the .scc files in SRC_URI so the kernel can include it, but this does not work10:25
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bluelightningjhieber: do the scc and cfg file get copied to the workdir for the recipe?10:49
jhieberbluelightning: jep, when i build bcmdhd the files are copied directly to workdir. then bitbake builds the kernel and fails with: addon feature "bcmdhd" was not found10:58
jhieberits the do_patch step where it fails10:59
jhieberaccording to the documentation it should be enough to add the cfg and scc files to SRC_URI for "recipe space" features11:00
bluelightningok, this is outside of my area of expertise I'm afraid - this is getting into the build scripts for the kernel11:01
jhieberok, thanks anyway for your help. i'll try google something with recipe-space metadata and find out how it is done11:02
bluelightningwhich branch/version of the build system are you using btw?11:03
jhieberits "Legato Yocto 15.01" from Sierra Wireless, dont know what version it is, how can i find out?11:05
bluelightningdo they not give some kind of indication in the accompanying documentation?11:06
jhieberwhen i look in poky folder with git, it looks like master branch11:07
jhieberthis is the last commit bda51ee7821de9120f6f536fcabe592f2a0c8a3711:07
jhieberfrom Thu Oct 9 14:25:15 201411:08
bluelightningthat would be daisy by the look of it11:08
bluelightningso 1.611:08
jhieberyeah, dizzy was later11:08
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jhieberbluelightning: i figured out that the kernel doesn't know the recipe-space location of the .cfg and .scc files: I added FILESEXTRAPATHS_prepend in the custom module recipe, but that does not help13:24
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jhiebermaybe what i'm doing here is not supported. maybe *.scc and *.cfg are only supported in the kernel-recipe, i'll add it to kernels .cfg file13:35
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ant_workbluelightning: there seems to be indeed an issue with kern-tools13:36
bluelightningzeddii would probably be the best person to speak to about that13:37
ant_workyes, now I can't help from here as well13:37
jhieberok, thanks13:37
ant_workI have hard times in meta-hh with linux_yocto_3.19 and the heap of common patches in SRC_URI13:38
jhieberis zeddii online here sometimes?13:38
ant_worksame structure was ok since 3.1413:38
jhieberhello-mod skeleton should be extended with a scc and cfg file, as most kernel modules depend on config options13:39
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Pierre_I acquired an imx28evk board recently and I bitbaked a core-image-sato-sdk and installed Eclipse following the Yocto Application developpers guide. The Hello world ANSI project is compiling but when I try to use any function (for example : ddi_bc_hwGetBatteryVoltage() ) I can't configure eclipse properly... Error --> Undefined reference to ddi_bc_hwGetBatteryVoltage(). I included the paths to those environment variables : CFLAGS, LD13:59
Pierre_Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you all ;)14:00
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abelloniisn't ddi_bc_hwGetBatteryVoltage a kernel function ?14:01
abellonihow do you call that from userspace ? :)14:01
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Pierre_Hi abelloni14:01
Pierre_Hmm you're telling me there's no way to write an app to configure the battery charger ?14:02
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abelloniPierre_: it is exported to userspace in /sys14:05
Pierre_I'm pretty new to all those linux stuff and I was thinking i need to include for the same example using ddi_bc_hwGetBatteryVoltage(), the following #include "ddi_bc.h" and #include "ddi_bc_hw.h" and then configure eclipse providing the right paths so the link can be done some way14:05
abelloniyou can't doo that14:05
Pierre_oki that's why I'm getting so much trouble doing that14:06
abelloniyou should have something in /sys/class/power/14:06
abellonione of those is the i.mx28 battery charger14:06
Pierre_yes I got that on my target only but not on the build system14:07
Pierre_how could I use it to lets say modify the charging maximum current ?14:08
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abelloniit doesn't seem to be implemented14:09
tecdroidis there someone who can tell me how to convince the cross compiler to find the kernel includes? i want to build a kernel module but can't even find linux/module.h14:09
abelloniget is but set isn't14:09
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abelloniPierre_: anyway, I wouldn't advise using the battery charger from the i.mx2814:10
abelloniit is poorly documented14:10
abelloniand I guess even Freescale doesn't know where is the datasheet14:10
Pierre_but how can I develop on my computer a soft for the target when I can't access those files on my build system ?14:10
Pierre_lol ^^14:11
abelloniPierre_: you simply call one on the file's path14:11
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Pierre_hmm oki14:11
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Pierre_thank you very much for your help abelloni, but that means that there's no way to configure the battery charger and it will prolly be the same thing with other functinalities of this board14:12
abellonifd = open("/sys/class/power/...", O_RDONLY);14:13
abelloniPierre_: no, I'd say that the battery charger is the only poorly supported thing on that SoC14:13
abellonipretty much everything else is supported in the linux mainline14:13
abelloniI would also advise trying to use a recent kernel for that SoC instead of the ancient 2.6.3514:14
Pierre_I spent so much time with readelf and objdump to try to locate a lib with the keyword ddi_bc_hw in it and to try to link it desperately to my eclipse project14:14
Pierre_but that is definately not the right way to develop a baattery charger app for sure ?14:15
Pierre_Oki i'll update my kernel i'm working on 2.6.35 right now14:16
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Pierre_anyways abelloni thank you very much to have taken the time to answer me, I was completely stuck14:19
Pierre_have a nice day ;)14:19
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abelloniPierre_: I'd say that you can contact us (Free Electrons) if you need further support on your BSP but I don't know if I can do that kind of advertisment here ;)14:23
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tecdroidnoone an idea?14:32
Pierre_I had the same question than you got, sorry, I can't help you14:37
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ericbutterscan we delete tasks like do_configure by deltask within our recipes?15:26
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kergothman, trying to find a moment when you can actually use all the upstream layers master branches and they aren't de-synced from oe-core is like playing the lottery16:27
kergothbut i hate to deal with forking it, so..16:28
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Guest93015Hey! I'm trying to get Poky working for a Congatec QA3 board with an J1900 processor. I've succesfully compiled the core-image-base for a generic x86_64 machine. It boots, but I can't see my network interface (eth0) nor the internal mmc (/dev/mmcblk0). I do see the ethernet controller with 'lspci', not sure where I should find if I can see the mmc. Where should I go from here? I'm afraid I'm quite new to developing in general16:34
Guest93015They both worked on the most recent Debian distro, but I'm afraid someone destroyed the mmc it was on :P Hope to get that running again tomorrow16:36
paulgGuest93015, get the old system booted and look at "lsmod" to see what drivers are loaded.   The "lspci -k" also does something similar.16:39
paulgthen you'll have to ensure your kernel build has those related Kconfig options turned on, so that those drivers are built in.16:40
paulgnothing really specific to yocto about this aside to how you'd insert the Kconfig options you want once you've tracked them down.16:40
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Guest93015Okay. The most clean thing to do would be to make an BSP for yocto then I suppose. I've created an BSP with the script, so I've got the file /meta-QA3/recipies-kernel/linux-yocto_3.14.bbappend. How should I put kernel options here? I remember with other tools we had a .config file with lines like "CONFIG_MTD_DOC2000=m" in them. Is this the same stuff?16:48
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kergothhmm, pulseaudio defaults to a systemd user service upstream? that's a problem for us, particularly when pam isn't enabled, since the user bits won't be run17:06
bluelightninghi kergoth17:08
bluelightninghmm, rburton isn't here17:08
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rburtonsomeone said systemd and user sessions?17:12
bluelightning[17:06] <kergoth> hmm, pulseaudio defaults to a systemd user service upstream? that's a problem for us, particularly when pam isn't enabled, since the user bits won't be run17:12
ulf`Hi rburton17:12
rburtonkergoth: yes, they migrated to a user service.  after years of moaning that you shouldn't run PA as root i guess they decided to discourage that more.17:13
rburtonkergoth: adding back the system unit should be trivial, i doubt they actually changed the code.17:13
rburtonhey ulf`17:13
kergothrburton: yeah, the unit looks like it's fine either way, and they have a --with-systemduserunitdir= option (btw, we have to set it, right now it's installing it to ${libdir}/systemd, not ${systemd_unitdir}), so one could easily override that to system if we make it a variable in the recipe17:14
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* kergoth is updating the meta-mentor bbappends for the 6.0 update17:14
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rburtonkergoth: well patches welcome :)17:15
kergothyep, working on it now :)17:15
kergothwe've been carrying around a systemd unit file and init.d script for a little while, figured its about time to deal with that17:15
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rburtonkergoth: whilst i'm editing base-files, any opinion on doing hostname ?= ${MACHINE}?17:19
rburton(instead of =, as it is now)17:19
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kergothseems reasonable, makes it easier to set from config metadata. my only possible concern would be the un-namespaced variable name, but i highly doubt anyone is using 'hostname' anywhere, so should be fine17:19
rburtontotally agreed17:20
* rburton does it17:20
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kergoththe only minor thing is the lowercase name, which doesn't really hold with our conventions where only the target path vars are lowercase, but there's no real reason for it do be done that way anyway..17:20
rburtonmaybe i'll keep it as = for the scopeness and document using hostname_pn-base-files17:22
rburtoninstead of using ?= and it becoming a global variable17:22
kergothalternatively, introduce a new config metadata variable which it obeys17:24
* kergoth doesn't feel strongly about any of this really :)17:24
rburtonno me neither17:24
rburtonminimal impact - i'll clean up the logic and add the docs17:24
rburtonat least nothing breaks for anyone then17:24
* kergoth nods17:24
kergothrburton: hmm, you notice is consistent in the use of ${PN} in the package variables? e.g. FILES_${PN}-server and SYSTEMD_SERVICE_${PN}-server, but RDEPENDS_pulseaudio-server, CONFFILES_pulseaudio-server17:30
*** onoffon <onoffon!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto17:31
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rburtonkergoth: i didn't notice that.  can you fix whilst you're there :)17:31
* kergoth nods17:31
kergother, obviously meant inconsistent :)17:32
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tecdroidhumm.. okay.. i just want to build a simple kernel module for my already built rootfs. what do i have to do now?18:38
tecdroidcouldn't compile due to missing kernel headers...18:39
*** toxickore <toxickore!~toxickore@> has joined #yocto18:39
kergothbuild in what context? are you making a recipe, or trying to do something manually out of tree? and are you building on target, or the build machine?18:39
*** rewitt <rewitt!rewitt@nat/intel/x-pfewiqvehkfkewju> has joined #yocto18:40
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tomwoehlkecan anyone here help with with writing a .bb recipe for screen? I have gotten past the licensing part but now need to write a do_configure () and can't find good documentation on it18:44
tomwoehlkeI'm trying to follow the linux from scratch installation for screen 4.2.1
kergothwhy are you writing a recipe for something that's already in oe-core?18:45
kergothI guess it could be a learning exercise?18:47
tomwoehlkepartly that18:47
tomwoehlkeI also searched for it and couldn't find it18:47
tomwoehlkeI'm using the edison which linked to opkg packages tested and installed and screen wasn't there18:48
kergoththe layer index is always the best bet to locate a recipe18:48
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has quit IRC18:48
kergothtested and installed is rather different criteria than "buildable" :)18:48
tomwoehlkewell I'd still like to build a recipe for 4.2.1 for screen as a learning exercise18:49
tomwoehlkewhich could be a poor choice because the source files don't have a or a cmake18:50
kergothmost likely the existing recipe would work just fine. but i'd suggest reading the existing recipe18:50
kergothscreen is an autotools based buildsystem, so inherit autotools takes care of most of everything18:51
tomwoehlkeyeah I'm looking at it now. It inherits autotools which I didn't think was applicable for screen18:51
kergothlooks autoconf to me.18:52
kergothold autoconf, admittedly, since its rather than, but still autoconf18:52
tomwoehlkewell that explains it a little further18:54
tomwoehlkeso will still work with autotools then alright18:54
tomwoehlkewhich makes it seem as though I do not need to do_configure file18:55
tomwoehlkecould I build it without using autotools? or would you say it's required?18:55
rewittYou won't have any makefiles if you don't use autotools18:55
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rewittThey get generated18:55
kergothif you mean without using the class, and writing hte tasks yourself, you'll be in for a world of pain18:56
kergothcross-copmilation is non-trivial, and our classes handle it for you for common cases18:57
*** melio_cc_ <melio_cc_!> has joined #yocto18:57
rewitt gives you all the details as well if you haven't looked at that yet18:58
tomwoehlkeyes I've read that installation file in the source code.19:00
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tomwoehlkeso in linux from scratch it lists pam as being optional so can I remove those dependencies from the .bb if I wanted?19:02
kergothyes. again, if you read the existing recipe, it handles that. there's a package configuration option that lets you eanble or disable pam for it19:03
kergothsee the docs about PACKAGECONFIG and DISTRO_FEATURES for details19:03
tomwoehlkeok well thanks for the link I'll poke around the link some more and see if I can create my own recipe19:04
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tecdroidkergoth, i just started using yocto for an embedded board and wanted to program a simple kernel module for it. since i don't have any idea how to use those recipes i thought, i may just compile my code like any other program using simple gcc call.. but it couldn't find any kernel headers in the built /usr/include19:20
kergothyocto is self contained, and cross-compiles to a different architecture19:21
kergothit doesn't use your build machine's gcc to build for the target at all, and it certainly doesn't touch /usr/include19:21
kergothif you want to build a kernel module manually, you'll need to build an sdk with yocto and use that19:21
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tecdroidwell, my local.conf has dev-pkgs activated and it also builds a cross compiler i can use19:26
*** anselmolsm <anselmolsm!~anselmols@> has joined #yocto19:26
tecdroidi also built some simple applications with this cross image19:26
tecdroidbut i can't compile kernel modules..19:26
*** hirata_ <hirata_!> has joined #yocto19:27
tecdroidhowever..  seems i have to learn how to build a receipe for my module.. but i didn't really find out how to do this yet..19:27
*** hirata_ <hirata_!> has quit IRC19:27
kergoththe cross compiler it builds is buried in tmp/sysroots/19:28
kergothits not for you to use, and it soudnds like you probably aren't anyway19:28
kergothagain, you'll need to build a yocto sdk and use that, or create ar ecipe19:29
tecdroidat least, i have some toolchain layer. i don't use clean yocto but something that has been built on yocto by a swiss company for its computers19:29
tecdroidokay.. it isn't that i don't want to build a receipe.. i just don't know where to start.. didn't understand the example yet ^^19:30
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tecdroidmaybe i just have to read more..19:33
tecdroidokay, don't know how but i managed to build the hello plugin19:37
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dl9pfkergoth: ping - do you know about PRSERV_HOST ?  I tried to setup a networked PRSERV. But setting PRSERV_HOST in conf/local.conf does not connect to the bitbake-prserv on the remote machine. Any pointers ?20:40
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