Friday, 2015-02-27

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* nerdboy smells another shift change...00:37
nerdboyhelps that we have a daily afternoon scrum00:37
paul_gscrum is a four letter word that has five letters.00:37
nerdboyalso helps that the president of the company doesn't like mornings...00:38
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #210 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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sighackhi can anyone help me out here: I'm unable to view /proc on my arm system07:22
sighackuboot message : mount: only root can mount proc on /proc07:23
sighacki have enabled proc filesystem through the kernel configuration, but still it is not working07:23
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bluelightningmorning all09:32
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miandonmenmianI'm trying to edit some sources that a recipe is downloading. In order to do this, instead of trying to edit the sources directly, i need to include a patch on the recipe?10:25
neverpanicmiandonmenmian: if you want to reproduce it later on, yes.10:27
neverpanicotherwise you can just edit the cached tarball in your downloads directory10:27
neverpanicat least currently.10:27
miandonmenmianneverpanic: no, doubt i want to reproduce it10:28
miandonmenmianneverpanic: the download directory is not sanity checked?10:28
miandonmenmianif i edit, it wont rewrite it with current say, svn revision ?10:28
neverpanicNo, currently not. There's a bug open, and I'm working on a patch.10:29
neverpanicThe only sane way is using a patch10:29
neverpaniceverything else is a hack10:30
miandonmenmianneverpanic: ok, in the downloads directory, the compressed files with the sources? i've seen other directories with the unpacked version10:32
miandonmenmianbut i think editing those gets the changes lost10:32
neverpanicit depends on your type of source. For example, if it's a git repository, a folder is used.10:33
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miandonmenmianthanks much10:40
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wvI want to build a yocto image with qt513:12
wvHowever, I end up in do_populate_root with something of a: "qtwebkit can not be found in the basefeed"13:12
wvand then a complete list of packages13:12
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kergothRP: fyi, it turns out that bbappends are sorted in layer priority order based on basename, but between basenames there's no defined order, because it goes into a dictionary. so if i have a systemd_%.bbappend and a systemd_216.bbappend, the order they're applied in isn't layer priority order, it's undefined15:23
kergothRP: will look into a fix today most likely15:24
bluelightningkergoth: good catch, we definitely want to fix that15:25
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_4urele_does someone use a standalone prserver?15:38
_4urele_or a common database for each build?15:38
_4urele_I(build directory :) )15:39
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euanHi, I am trying to get started with Yocto ADT but I am having trouble debugging the hello world example with qemu. Can anyone help?15:47
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bluelightningeuan: I can try, can you outline the problem you're having?15:50
euanI have installed ADT as per the ADT manual and the eclipse plugin as per the dev manual. Build seems OK qemu is running and I have configured TCF but when I try to debug there is an error...15:51
euanTCF command exception: Command Filesystem open "/user/bin/test/, 26, null Exception no such file or directory15:52
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euanerror code 6553815:54
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euanI am using prebuilt image for qemux86 as first test15:55
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bluelightningtodor: can you help euan? ^15:57
todoreuan: looks like the problem is the /user/bin/test/ path15:59
todoreuan: shouldn't it be /usr/bin/test?16:00
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euanyes it is /usr/bin/test , sorry i mistyped the error, I haven't setup shared clipboard with the VM16:00
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euanshould have been ... FileSystem open "/usr/bin/test", 26, null ...16:01
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todoreuan: looks like the binary hasn't made it to /usr/bin.. could you log in to the vm and double check?16:04
euanok my path was incorrect, I used "user" instead of "usr"16:07
euanI changed my remote path to "/usr/bin/test-euan" and now it seems to run and I can see "test-euan" in qemu16:07
euanwhere do i see the "hello world" output?16:08
todoreuan: it should be on the eclipse console16:09
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euanthe only console message after I resume from the breakpoint is: <terminated>test_gdb_i586-poky.......16:10
todoreuan: does it show in the console if you do a run instead of debug?16:12
todoreuan: another thing to check is if the binary is executable when it reaches the target..16:15
euaneclipse is stuck launching debug... will restart and try again16:16
todoris the "Commands to execute before application" field blank in the debug configuration?16:16
euanyes, it's blank16:18
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euanstarting qemu.....16:19
todoreuan: chmod 755 /usr/bin/test-euan16:19
todoreuan: please enter this command in that filed16:20
euanin qemu terminal?16:20
todorin "Commands to execute before application"16:21
euanqemu now has a different ip address, updated TCF setup but now it says gdbserver: not found...16:24
euanok running now...16:26
todoreuan: cool16:26
euanstopped on breakpoint in main() but shows no source available16:26
euanwhen i hit resume the application terminates but i dont see the output in the console16:27
frayusually means your debugger doesn't have the right references to the -dbg package contents16:27
todoreuan: i think this is now to do with the renaming you did earlier.. the binary compiled by eclipse is probably called still test and you transfer it on the target as test-euan16:28
todoreuan: if you change that path to /usr/bin/test it will probably work16:29
euansame result16:29
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euanI see the output if I click run rather than debug16:31
euanhow do I debug to step through the source?16:33
euanstill shows no source for main()?16:34
todoreuan: i think that there is a mismatch somewhere between the binary name configure in your project and the binary name sent to the target16:34
todori'd delete the debug configuration and create a new one16:35
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euandeleted the debug config but when I create a new one it seems to be missing some starting config, any way to recover the previous template?16:52
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euanthis is frustrating! create a new hello world project but it won't build, "make: *** No rule to make target 'all'. Stop."17:02
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realBigfootIs it possible to rewrite a package depends ? like PACKAGECONFIG_depends_pn_NAME = "depends1, depends2, depends3"?17:06
kergoththat line doesn't make a great deal of sense. can you cl arify what you're trying to accomplish?17:06
realBigfootkergoth, I got this message: "WARNING: Package busybox, set to be excluded, is in core-image-minimal-initramfs PACKAGE_INSTALL"17:10
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kergothwhat's pulling it in?17:10
realBigfootkergoth, I just don't need busybox on what I am doing, and I specified on my local conf PACKAGE_EXCLUDE but then i got this warning that I'd like to get rid of17:11
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kergothalso why are you removing it from an innitramfs image?17:11
kergothsounds like you should fix your PAKCAGE_EXCLUDE to apply only to the image you want to build, so it doesn't apply to any initramfs images, only regular ones17:12
kergothe.g. PACKAGE_EXCLUDE_pn-some-image = "busybox"17:12
kergothbut it'll still get pulled in via dependencies from packagegroups17:12
kergothso you'll have to go remove it from those17:12
kergothlikely via RDEPENDS_<packagename>_remove = "busybox" in a bbappend17:12
kergothremoving busybox is non-trivial, you'll have a heck of a lot to add back in to fill in the gaps17:13
kergothso be aware17:13
realBigfootbut i wouldn't like to change the core recipes, is there any other way around ?17:13
realBigfootkergoth, i will ;)17:13
kergothyou were just talking about changing the metadta of the core recipes17:13
kergothwhat do you think _pn-foo does?17:13
kergothit overrides their variables17:13
kergothwhether you do so from local.conf or a bbappend really has no practical difference17:13
realBigfootthat makes sense, thanks!17:14
kergothlong term using a layer of your own with appends is likely going to be easier to maintain than local.conf tweaks anyway, since you can source control it, and collect all the busybox-removal-related-bits in one place17:15
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nerdboywithout some requirements i can only suggest local.conf17:26
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Guest52802Hey! I'm trying to compile software from a third party. This software makes use of the `create_proc_entry` function. However, this function got decrepated in Linux 3.10. Is there a way to support Poky on 3.9 or lower?17:29
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nerdboyshouldn't be an issue if the recipe/version is there17:32
nerdboybeaglebone still uses 3.817:32
nerdboylooks like lowest version in yocto-bsp is 3.1017:35
nerdboyon master17:35
Guest52802Seems so, so I have to use an older branch?17:37
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realBigfootkergoth, indeed, in a long term an custom image will be better17:37
nerdboyor a different bsp or make a recipe...17:39
nerdboymaybe try checking out earlier commit hash on master with 3,817:40
kergothugh, rip leonard nimoy :(17:40
kergothyep, this morning17:41
Guest52802Okay, I'll give it a shot. Thanks for your help!17:41
todoreuan: if you created a new project and got this make error.. i would check that your paths under Preferences -> Windows -> Yocto Project ADT are correct17:41
nerdboyGuest52802: most of it is in the inc file17:42
nerdboyyou could try just making a linux-blah_3.8.bb17:42
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fignewI have a cyclades console server with a PPC 8xx CPU running 2.6.11 from MontaVista. How impossible would it be to modernize this?20:07
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nerdboyfignew: that's a big question20:53
nerdboyafaik ppc embedded should have good support, but i gave away my 8402 or whatever a long time ago...20:54
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nerdboyeither find or make a bsp layer and try it and see...20:55
fignewYea, big question indeed.20:55
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nerdboyleast it isn't 2.4...20:55
nerdboyfignew: looked at layer index?  is there oe-classic support?  where'd you get the current runtime/sdk?20:59
fignewactually having a very hard time finding any source or SDK... Wish I had a time machine21:01
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fignewThe Cyclades copies root off of a CF card to ramdisk. I can't figure out what FS the CF card has21:03
fraycpio.gz/bz2?  thats pretty common21:04
fignewcpio would make sense.. -_- will try that21:07
realBigfootis it possible remove binaries that was generated or mark it to not be generated ? i.e: Mark or remove binary: "dbus-monitor" not to be installed with dbus21:07
fignewno go on the cpio :/21:10
realBigfootkergoth, kergoth_  do you know ? ^21:11
rewittrealBigfoot: If it's in it's own package you can just remove that package. If it isn't, then you can make a bbappend for the recipe with a do_install_append() that deletes the file so that it doesn't get packaged. It may even be possible to pass something to EXTRA_OECONF for dbus to tell it to not build dbus-monitor21:13
realBigfootrewitt, I see... what if i want to install systemd without systemctl.... would it be the same?21:14
rewittYeah. The only thing you have to be careful of is of other packages that are runtime dependent on the package you are changing. So if you remove a file it will build, but there could possibly be a failure by something else at runtime.21:17
realBigfootrewitt, got it ... thanks21:18
rewittSo if package A contained files foo and bar, and package B was dependent on package A because it uses foo, but then no longer put foo in A, something in B might break21:19
realBigfootrewitt, indeed i have to be extra careful21:19
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fignewnerdboy: That's the boot log :)22:11
* nerdboy thinks he must've missed the "long time ago..." part22:15
nerdboythat's not what you said22:16
nerdboythat's 2.4.17 monte vista22:16
* nerdboy used to be ppc gentoo guy too22:17
nerdboyit's cool and all, but you're not exactly swimming in resources22:17
nerdboycan you maybe splurge $35 and get rpi2?22:18
fray(it's MontaVista BTW)22:23
frayand 2.4.17, I'm trying to rember which product that was..22:23
fray(I probably ahve the product CDs somewhere in a box at home)22:23
fraymvl 2.1!22:24
fraywow.. that is old..22:24
fignewthis is actually a different unit than the one I ssh'd into.. older kernel22:25
fignewsame hardwar22:25
fraywell if it works, I take credit for the distro.. if it doesn't, I won't admit to anything.. :)22:26
fray(I did a lot of the toolchain and core distribution work at MV back in 2001)22:26
fignewfray: do you have any resources for me? please! :D22:30
fignewI'm thinking I can get to work on it22:30
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fraynot really this stuff is really old..22:38
frayMVL 2.1 was a public release, so there is probably a mirror of it "somewhere"22:38
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