Wednesday, 2015-03-11

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ronobhi guys07:38
ronobcan you check this error while giving  bitbake -v tegra-genivi-image in 64 bit ubuntu 14.04 machine07:39
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ronobERROR: Function failed: do_configure (log file is located at <>/..tmp/work/x86_64-linux/cmake-native/
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ronobhello anybody here08:00
ronobERROR: Function failed: do_configure (log file is located at <>/..tmp/work/x86_64-linux/cmake-native/
ronobplease have a look08:01
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EuanHi, I am trying to setup package management for my image. I have set PACKAGE_CLASSES ?= "package_ipk", EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "package-management" and FEED_DEPLOYDIR_BASE_URI = "" in local.conf but /etc/opkg/base-feeds.conf is 0 bytes. Have I missed something?08:55
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funmanshould core-image-minimal have a dhcp client?09:48
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funmanmy odroid-c1 board is booting but without anything being displayed over hdmi or network (or serial) I can't check if it's working properly09:49
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bluelightningmorning all09:53
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #219 of nightly-ppc-lsb is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at
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funmanwell, not sure i make it past u-boot10:05
funmanbetter wait for the serial cable to arrive in the mail10:05
ndecEuan: not quite sure about FEED_DEPLOYDIR_BASE_URI, i generally use PACKAGE_FEED_URIS for that.10:06
Euanndec: Thanks will give that a try10:09
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Euanndec: PACKAGE_FEED_URIS worked perfectly, thanks again.10:37
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simonlIs there a way to tell the systemd bbclass to only enable a service, not (re)start it?11:41
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rburtonsimonl: see the class source - SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE *actually* controls whether its restarted on install11:48
rburtonoh no it doesn't11:48
rburtonno, it appears that enabled services are started on install11:48
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rburtonwhich does seem sensible, why would you not want it started not but started on reboot?11:49
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soderstromI've set up a u-boot recipe in a clone of the meta-xilinx layer. The recipe requires the 'meta-xilinx/conf/machine/include/' which in turn depends on 'meta-xilinx/recipes-bsp/device-tree/'. This depends on 'dtc-native' in yocto. My problem is.. the dtc is never built when running "bitbake u-boot-xlnx" it is unable to find the device tree compiler "dtc: command not found". Any idees on what is going on here? The de12:19
simonlrburton: because of reboot installs/uppgrades.12:20
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simonlWe have services that handle devices that need to be flashed on upgrades, which can't be done while normal services are running12:21
rburtonsimonl: doesn't systemd have an exclusive thing you can use for that?12:22
simonlrburton: yes,
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simonlwhich we use, though quite trivially by installing the packages themselves in that mode12:23
simonlwhich AIUI is the intended usage. So that critical binaries etc are not replaced while the whole system is running12:23
simonlanyway, what happens is, some service is updated and the postinst script starts the service which pulls in other services that it needs and so on12:25
simonlrburton: It wreaks havoc :P12:25
rburtonhm, yeah12:26
rburtonpatch systemd.bbclass? :)12:27
rburtonassuming systemctl isoloate doesn't stop other services starting afterwards12:28
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simonlI'm considering it, but I'd rather keep the poky tree itself unpatched... can a bbappend replace a function?12:28
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joshuaglyou could create your own systemd-foo.bbclass that chains up to the stock systemd.bbclass, but that could soon get messy12:44
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simonljoshuagl: right. Perhaps patching systemd.bbclass is better13:32
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rburtonsimonl: your layer can replace systemd.bbclass13:36
rburtonand send the patch so you don't have to maintain it for long :)13:37
* simonl wonders why he didn't think of that13:38
simonlrburton: sounds like a way forward :)13:38
bluelightningnote that whether or not a class can be replaced will depend on BBPATH, which in turn depends on how your layer.conf extends it and the order in which your layer appears within bblayers.conf13:44
rburtonbluelightning: shouldn't you be on holiday?13:45
bluelightningrburton: I'm back today :p13:45
rburtonlook, a joshuagl!13:46
bluelightningdetails yes, but you have to be aware of them otherwise you can be confused as to why your modified class isn't being picked up (and you may not get any notification if it isn't)13:46
bluelightningto be honest, it's not something I really recommend13:46
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simonlbluelightning: I would have assumed it was subject to the layer priority... but since it is a path variable I guess it makes sense13:53
bluelightningsimonl: right, the layer priority doesn't influence it13:54
bluelightningsomething we probably ought to fix if/when we rework how layers work in a future release13:54
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paulganyone reported/fixed the vim wreckage before I look into it?13:59
paulgERROR: No checksum specified for /home/paul/poky/build/downloads/vim_vim.googlecode.com_.hg._v7-4-481.tar.gz, please add at least one to the recipe:13:59
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T0mWI have code in a git repo that has been updated outside of my yocto project.  If I run a 'bitbake -c clean FOO', will the image build for FOO cause a pull from the repo to get any updates?  IOW, if I have a cloned git repository are part of a recipe, how can it sync with the remote?14:05
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T0mWUp to this point, I've been doing a 'bitbake -c cleansstate FOO' which I belive will delete the cloned copy.14:06
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T0mWnm, found the answer.14:10
rburton${AUTOREV} if you want it to always build the latest revision for development purposes14:11
T0mWrburton: ah, yeah, I see I put that in my recipe. thanks14:12
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soderstromregarding the issue I mentioned earlier, if I first do "bitbake dtc-native" followed by "bitbake u-boot-xlnx" everything build fine. I still think the chain of dependencies for 'u-boot-xlnx' looks ok. But when issuing the 'bitbake u-boot-xlnx' it never builds the device tree compiler. At first i thought I was having some cache issues, but even on a clean build this issue remains. Is this a known problem for 'meta-xilinx' on branch 'dizzy'?15:21
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TuTizzHi all, what is the better way to chown a file on a recipe.bbappend when the do_install_append is already implement in the (I would like to chown foo /etc/default/ntpdate in ntp_4.2.6p5.bbappend)16:18
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rburtonwrite another do_install_append()16:20
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rburtondo_install_append says "append this to do_install", so you can have many of them16:21
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TuTizzit will not remove the one?16:21
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TuTizzI thought that will rewrite it16:23
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rburtonotavio: can you test the uboot rename patch?16:29
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rburtonCrofton: yocto powers facebook!16:38
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Crofton|workWe need Yocto inside stickers16:46
* Crofton|work trolls Intel16:46
Crofton|workzecke found that16:46
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*** toxickore <toxickore!toxickore@nat/intel/x-ipmskfrvxarfdido> has joined #yocto16:57
rburtoni'd love to have that discussion with legal about producing yocto inside stickers17:06
rburtonfacebook's ops team do seem pretty awesome17:07
* rewitt goes to work at facebook17:07
otaviorburton: yes; I can. I will do it later today17:08
*** tomaz <tomaz!~Tomaz@> has joined #yocto17:08
tomazpeople - I'm trying to create a new meta layer to compile samba 4.2, based on the meta-oe one, that has samba 3.617:09
Crofton|workI've already trooled the advocacy people by suggesting those17:09
Crofton|workI've already trolled the advocacy people by suggesting those17:09
otaviorburton: facebook is using yp?17:10
Crofton|workThe Dec fanboys I used to work with managed to find some cat litter inside stickes and put them on PC's17:10
tomazI'v tried to set the bb file to inherti waf and removed the do_configure so it would call the waf correctly17:10
tomazbut now I'm getting17:10
Crofton|workYes world, meta-facebook is a thing17:10
rburtonour work here is done17:10
tomazline 104: /data/yocto/poky/build-qemu/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/samba/4.2.0-r0/samba-4.2.0/source/waf: No such file or directory17:10
*** khem_ <khem_!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC17:10
tomazanyone can give me a clue? the documentation says to only use 'inherti waf' and things should work magically17:11
benjamircrburton: perhaps if Microsoft delivers images through Yocto I would consider our work done17:11
* Crofton|work wonders why we haven't updated samba?17:14
*** _4urele_ <_4urele_!> has quit IRC17:14
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~timo@> has joined #yocto17:16
tomazCrofton|work, that's what I'm trying to do... I'd appreciate a bit of help - very new to yocto / poky and the docs are a bit dry17:17
Crofton|workare there a lot of differences?17:17
tomazCrofton|work, the buildsystem changed from autotools to waf17:18
Crofton|workoh lovely17:18
Crofton|workyet another build system17:19
tomazand I can't seem to make waf works ( by using inherti waf ) because it says17:19
tomazbuild-qemu/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/samba/4.2.0-r0/samba-4.2.0/source/waf: No such file or directory17:19
Crofton|workdon't you mean "inherit waf"17:19
tomazthat - sorry, my english is not perfect :)17:19
tomazI can compile another app that's waf based ( glcompbench, from the meta-oe ) without issues17:20
Crofton|workwhere is the waf file in the samba source17:20
tomazbut I think that if I used 'inherit waf' it should use the yocto waf one, right?17:21
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC17:21
Crofton|workso it looks like the waf file isn't where oe expects it17:21
Crofton|workread waf.bbclass and see if there is a variabel to set17:21
tomazjust doing that17:22
tomazit doesn't tries to find the waf, nor it uses the system one, it expects the project to have waf on the source directory17:23
*** hbruce <hbruce!hbruce@nat/intel/x-ygbgyutshksbagap> has left #yocto17:23
tomazif I try to search for the waf file and use that one if it doesn't find in the current folder, would that be upstreamed?17:23
Crofton|worka good solution that builds samba-4.x would likely be accepted17:24
tomazCrofton|work, :)17:25
tomazyou just made me smile.17:25
Crofton|workrburton, seems to be the waf expert17:25
*** roric <roric!> has quit IRC17:28
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto17:28
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:44
*** _obad_ <_obad_!> has joined #yocto17:44
Crofton|workshoud I file a bug about zip not installing unzip over the busybox unzip?17:46
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:51
bluelightningCrofton|work: yes17:51
bluelightning(I guess we just need an alternative set up)17:52
bluelightning(for unzip)17:52
Crofton|workI'd try and fix it, but I'm afraid I will forget17:52
Crofton|workbefore I get around to fixing17:52
*** hugovs <hugovs!~hugo@> has joined #yocto17:54
*** toxickore <toxickore!toxickore@nat/intel/x-ipmskfrvxarfdido> has quit IRC17:56
Crofton|worklow hanging fruit:
yoctiBug 7446: normal, Undecided, ---, saul.wold, NEW , Installing the zip package in a file system leaves unzip linked to busybox17:59
* Crofton|work hopes17:59
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-efhwbrrztybqgmez> has quit IRC18:15
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-xeygldkobvnicrbd> has joined #yocto18:19
rburtonCrofton|work: *so* not the waf expert18:21
Crofton|workI just looked at the commit18:21
rburtoni hate waf as much as i hate any other build system that isn't automake18:21
Crofton|workso say we all18:22
Crofton|worktomaz is tryin gto buils samba-4.x which uses it and the waf file isn't where the class expects it18:23
*** Bully4u <Bully4u!~tgraydon@> has joined #yocto18:23
*** Bully4u_WFH <Bully4u_WFH!tgraydon@nat/intel/x-iennloztjhndkwlg> has joined #yocto18:23
tomazrburton, Crofton|work : I'v successfully made it find the correct waf in a way that it will not break other projects18:28
tomazrburton, I hate automake, I love CMake. ;p18:28
tomaznow, I'm facing *another* issue,18:28
tomaz| Checking for library python2.7                                                    : yes18:28
tomaz| Checking for program python2.7-config                                             : /usr/bin/python2.7-config18:28
tomaz| Checking for custom code                                                          : Could not find the python development headers18:28
* Crofton|work htes cmake18:28
tomazI'v tried to find " *python*.bb*" looking for python-dev, python_dev, pydev or anything like that, but failed.18:29
* rink_ hates cmakes lack of documentation18:29
rink_the system itself is actually pretty okay-ish18:29
kergothtomaz: you arent' inheriting the right classes to find or depend on python-native18:29
tomazaha, I was looking for python-dev, but it should be python-native18:30
*** ddom <ddom!> has joined #yocto18:30
Crofton|workinherit python-native?18:31
kergothdepending on it alone won't do it, it's binaries are installed to a separate prefix. you need to inherit pythonnative18:31
Crofton|workright no - :)18:32
tomazI'm loving yocto, it's good, well structured. but it's *SO* huge that somtimes find the correct answer for a simple question is hard =s18:33
*** moto-timo <moto-timo!~timo@> has quit IRC18:33
kergothheh, yeah, that's pretty common. high flexibility, high power, but high complexity18:33
tomazwhoa, if I use python-native, I get *lots* of errors.18:36
kergothwhat do you mean by 'use'?18:36
tomazinherit pythonnative18:36
tomazlet me pastebin-it18:36
tomazif I *don't* inherit pythonnative, it finds python and only fails when it tries to find the dev-headers18:37
tomazif I use, this happens:18:37
kergothadd two lines: export BUILD_SYS and export HOST_SYS18:38
realBigfootguys does bbappend has to be in the same folder of the original recipe ?18:38
Crofton|workrealBigfoot, no18:38
kergoththe distutils/setuptools classes handle it automatically, but non-distutils-based-buildsystems need to export them themselves if they use the site package to get at paths18:39
realBigfootCrofton|work, how would yocto know that we are appending things for the recipe INSERT_NAME_HERE ?18:39
Crofton|workthis is ain your own layer?18:39
*** e8johan <e8johan!> has joined #yocto18:39
kergothbbappend filesystem path doesnt' matter, its filename does, along with its inclusion in BBFILES in the layer.conf18:40
tomazkerogoth: thanks.18:40
kergothpurely filename based with regard to matching up with the recipe18:40
kergothtomaz: np18:40
tomazI'm upgrading the waf.bbclass with all the info that you guys are providing me, and I'll upstream it as soon as I have something that compiles.18:40
kergothah, nice18:40
realBigfootCrofton|work, yes18:40
realBigfootkergoth, I see... thanks18:40
tomazkergoth, I'v added those two lines in waf_fo_configure in the waf.bbclass, but same error raised18:42
kergothno, either the export lines are done in the recipe, not the task, or you'd need to specify their value18:42
kergoth'export' at the bitbake level controls whether they end up defined in the shell at all18:43
kergothso either export there, or in the shell function do e.g. BUILD_SYS="${BUILD_SYS}" etc18:43
kergoththat's twhat the distutils classes do, feel free to read them18:43
tomazreading them.18:43
tomazbut this means that *every* app that uses waf would need to export those two variables18:45
tomazaaaand, exporting those two in the recipe gives me the same error.18:45
kergothI don't understand the question. classes can export just fine18:46
kergothanything a recipe can do, a class can do18:46
kergothsame syntax18:46
tomazwell, I added in the waf_do_compile, on the top of the class, and on the recipe. nothing changed, same error.18:47
tomazon the recipe - samba_4.2.0.bb18:47
kergothgiven the error is about those variables being undefined, that seems quite unlikely18:51
tomazAH, worked by inheriting distutils18:51
tomazgood. <318:52
tomaznow to the next error. :318:52
kergothif you don't use distutils, you shouldn't be inheriting the distutils classes18:52
kergothat least, not distutils.. i could see an argument for distutils-base18:52
* kergoth shrugs18:53
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tomazwell, will try the later as soon as the compilation fails here18:59
tomaznow to the next few errors19:02
*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has joined #yocto19:07
Xzhi guys, what's the best place for 'PREFERRED_VERSION_uclibc' variable?19:08
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto19:08
Xzcan I do it e.g. in layer.conf?19:08
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has quit IRC19:13
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tomazBuilding the AD DC requires GnuTLS (eg libgnutls-dev, gnutls-devel) for ldaps:// support and for the BackupKey protocol19:22
*** manuel__ <manuel__!~manuel@> has joined #yocto19:22
tomazbut I added the PACKAGE += " gnutls"19:22
*** toxickore <toxickore!~toxickore@> has joined #yocto19:24
kergothi think your'e misunderstanding the variables19:27
kergothPACKAGES is what binary packages will be emitted by your recipe19:27
kergothif your recipe isn't gnutls, that's wrong19:27
kergothyou want DEPENDS19:27
tomazI was misunderstanding.19:31
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_obad_hi.  does anyone know of an easy way of listing the contents of an ipk?  (i.e. without using ar & tar to extract & list)20:08
mario-goulart_obad_: dpkg -c <ipk file>20:09
_obad_mario-goulart: argh I have to use fedora at work :(20:09
dgm816anyone know if there is a package that holds /etc/services? i've got ntpd installed, but i have to manually add ntp to it to make it work..20:10
toxickore_obad_: could be worst, what about using winME20:10
_obad_toxickore: tall building. window.20:10
mario-goulart_obad_: ar p <ipk file> data.tar.gz | tar tvzf -20:10
_obad_mario-goulart: thanks!! that worked.  I didn't know about the 'p' command20:11
dgm816ah.. its netbase..20:12
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has quit IRC20:16
kergothit's handy setting up shell scripts/aliases for examining ipks like that20:20
tomaz'configure finished sucessfully: Error do_configure' o_O20:27
*** Xz <Xz!~kmsywula@> has quit IRC20:27
tomazfighting this for about 20 minutes now =/20:27
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has quit IRC20:27
*** ddalex1 <ddalex1!~ddalex@> has joined #yocto20:37
tomazI'v used the command "          waf configure --prefix=${prefix} ${EXTRA_OECONF} -b ${S} " , but the ${S} is the HOST, not the CHROOT one,20:39
tomazand it's giving me an error while trying to compile.20:39
tomazmaybe I should stop trying to use a different folder for compilation.20:39
*** cbzx <cbzx!> has joined #yocto20:40
kergothwe don't use chroot..20:40
tomazkergoth, then I have no idea why it failed. :D20:41
tomazif I removed that -b ${S} and changed another thing, it works20:41
tomazuh, no, it doesn't.20:42
kergothwe don't really support docbook documentation generation at this time20:42
kergothyou should figure out how to disable it20:42
tomazkergoth, okay, I'll disable it, but it's not failing because of that20:42
tomazthat's just a warning20:42
kergoththat path doesn't look like a hsot include or library path to me20:43
kergothmethinks the check is confused, or the error is misleading, one of the two20:43
kergothgenerally that error is for when it starts poking at /usr/include or so20:43
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tomazmaybe I should use --cross-compile option on Samba 4.221:08
tomazwhat should be the compiler to pass to --cross-execute= ? ${CC} ²21:10
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