Thursday, 2015-03-12

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sujith_hAny idea how umount deletes the mount point in distros like opensuse or ubuntu or arch?06:09
sujith_hIs it done by udsiks?06:09
redenginsujith_h, what do you mean by deletes a mount point?06:09
redenginI've created a recipe for rtl8111 kernel mod (gigabit ethernet) where would I submit it?06:10
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sujith_hredengin: lets say I plug in a usb storage. And it gets automounted in /meda/ with labelid ( if it has label id). And if i execute umount /media/ then it unmounts the device mounted in /media and it deletes the folder in /media06:12
redengin  I believe its this06:12
sujith_hredengin: Thanks. Let me try it :)06:16
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redenginis there to append .conf files?06:39
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khem_sujith_h: you are looking for udisks if you need to do that06:45
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sujith_hkhem_: ok. So eventually udisks rules will have to be modified so that umount command will delete the folder which was mounted with the device?06:49
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sujith_hkhem_: thank you :)06:54
khem_well you might not need to do that06:57
khem_and put it under /media06:57
khem_it uses /dev/disk/by-uuid/<uuid>06:57
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blackfishIn local.conf i specify to install g++ but it is not there in the root fs...doesn't the recipie for it already exist in oe?07:08
blackfishIn local.conf i specify to install g++ but it is not there in the root fs...doesn't the recipie for it already exist in oe?07:08
redenginIMAGE_FEATURES += " tools-sdk"07:13
blackfishWhat does it do in brief?07:16
redenginblackfish, should install the full set of compiler tools07:16
redengintools-sdk           - SDK (C/C++ compiler, autotools, etc.)07:17
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blackfish_Hey, sorry for the connection loss... So thankyou07:19
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redenginhow do I add a kernel module to yocto 1.7  it says it can't find kernel-module-XXXX08:16
mr_sciencecan't find it on the target, or during rootfs install?08:17
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redenginduring rootfs install (it never gets built)08:22
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redenginI can bitbake the that creates the module on its own08:22
mr_scienceokay, so it's not one of the packages created by the kernel recipe?08:27
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mr_sciencei don't think i've done that before, but there should be a depend to go with that rdepend08:29
redenginI created a recipe that uses inherit module08:29
mr_sciencedoes your recipe have a DEPEND = virtual/kernel ?08:30
redenginI'm using core-image-minimal and adding MACHINE_ESSENTIAL_EXTRA_RDEPENDS08:31
mr_scienceredpends is what tries to put it in the image, but it needs to be built/packaged first08:32
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redenginhmm, I think the sstate is messed up08:34
redengincleaning virtual/kernel and trying again08:35
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* mr_science will shutdown so roommate can sleep...08:38
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redenginshould I be able to bitbake kernel-module-rtl8168?08:44
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ipuustinis there a good way to check which kernel features (config) a built image has?08:58
ipuustinI'm building my own and would like to see if bbappends had any effect without booting the image. :-)08:59
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redenginok, it looks like my edits to the machine's .conf aren't getting cleared...   how do I do that without a full rebuild?09:03
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bluelightningmorning all10:48
rink_hi there10:50
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pohlybluelightning: I'm wondering about a commit of yours in combo-layer from 2011: "d4d491 - make init set up initial component data"13:15
pohlyIn it, you pass the file_filter as file list to tar.13:15
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pohlyFirst, if file_filter contains wildcards (as in the src/*.c example), GNU tar fails and explicitly asks for clarifying whether wildcards should be used. One has too use --wildcards to enable the feature.13:16
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pohlySecond, once enabled, the matching is against the entire path name. So "src/*.c" also matches "src/foo/bar/*.c", which is different from the behavior one gets when passing the same filter to "git format-patch".13:17
pohlyIs it just me or has this feature never really worked with wildcards?13:18
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bluelightninghi pohly13:27
bluelightningI'm fairly confident it did work originally, but then that was a long time ago13:31
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bluelightningcombo-layer has only had a limited number of users (Richard and a few others over the years), and there aren't any regression tests, so it's hard to be sure if it broke subsequently13:33
bluelightningbtw, reviewing your patches is on my todo list for this afternoon13:33
TuTizzhello, I am trying to change the group of /etc/default/ntpdate. I add ntpdate (ntp package) to my image and append the following recipe : the acces never change, what am I doing wrong?13:33
joshuaglis anyone succesfully using Eclipse with Dizzy?13:37
joshuaglusing pre-built toolchain or build system derived I am not having much luck13:37
* joshuagl wonders if it's generally known to be working13:38
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pohlybluelightning: good. They are still valid.13:46
pohlyJust beware that more is coming :-)13:46
pohlyI've implemented "combo-layer --history init" which imports the entire history of the components instead of sqashing them.13:47
pohlyWhen testing that I ran into this "tar + filter_file" issue.13:47
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bluelightningpohly: ah ok - that sounds good13:59
bluelightningpohly: did you hit any issues with the one or two merge commits that have sneaked in over the years?13:59
pohlyMy approach has no problems with that.14:00
pohlyinstead of explaining here, let me finish that work and post the patches.14:00
bluelightningok, I'll wait for those then :)14:00
pohlyBut in a nutshell, it's more like "git subtree", implemented using "git fetch + git filter-branch + git merge".14:01
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bluelightningthat does sound a bit more robust14:02
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bluelightningdoes that mean you get merge commit(s) though?14:03
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blackfishi am trying to use opencv on yocto14:10
blackfishI want to compile cpp programs which requires open cv14:10
blackfishsince i am not that good with bitbake, recipies... and.... hello world, i thought of compliling the cv code onboard14:11
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blackfishthese are the packages i installed:14:13
blackfishbut when I tried cmake, this is what i get14:14
blackfishso I followed the instructions here:14:14
sujith_hJaMa: ping14:16
blackfishI get this error14:19
blackfishwhat should I do?14:19
blackfishif anyone has run opencv on yocto before, please help me.14:19
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JaMasujith_h: pong14:23
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sujith_hJaMa: I have a query with respect to Qt5. I am using Qt 5.3.2 version. When I try to launch Qt Creator and try to build a sample Qt Widget example. It works fine. I am able to compile it in the host and deploy on the target. But when it comes to test a qtquick example code, i am not able to compile it on the host. qmake throws error saying : Project ERROR: Unknown module(s) in QT: quick qml. I am using Qt 5.3.2 from meta-qt5 layer.14:31
sujith_hJaMa: In the Qt Creator I am pointing the sysroot to that of the target for which is built for.14:32
sujith_hJaMa: Do I need to have native recipes for qtquick and qtdeclarative to build the code on host?14:34
JaMaI'm not using Qt Creator at all, ask otavio or Andreas Müller14:35
sujith_hJaMa: ok. Thanks14:36
sujith_hotavio: ping14:37
otaviosujith_h: you need to have the modules istalled14:38
sujith_hotavio: Yah the modules are installed for the target14:39
otaviosujith_h: on the SDK?14:39
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sujith_hotavio: well I am not using SDK. My setup comprises of core-image-sato with Qt5 recipes ( like qtbase, qtdeclarative, qtquick1 etc).14:41
otaviosujith_h: so I don't expect it works; never did this way14:41
sujith_hotavio: should I include packagegroup-qt5-qtcreator-debug recipe into the image? Will that help me?14:42
otavioi am not sure what you are doing14:43
pohlybluelightning: yes, fetch and filter-branch both preserve merges.14:45
bluelightningpohly: what I meant was if it uses merge do we get additional merge commits beyond any present in the component repos?14:46
pohlyDuring "combo-layer update"? No, not at this time. That still works as before (git format-patch).14:46
pohlyOr do you mean the "master" branch history?14:47
sujith_hotavio: I have the cross compiler separately installed. So I point Qt Creator to that. And i had built qtbase, qtquck1 and qtdeclarative for the target. And now I use Qt Creator and start a project by selecting Qt Quick Application and then select Qt Quick 2.2. And then try to compile that code.14:47
pohlyIt basically starts with a merge commit.14:47
*** vdehors <vdehors!~vdehors@> has quit IRC14:49
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sujith_hotavio: Can you help me understand how do you use it. So that I can try that way.14:55
*** blackfish <blackfish!0e8bb972@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:55
bluelightningpohly: I'm referring to the new --history init option14:55
bluelightningpohly: I guess that works for those happy to have those in the resulting combined repo; in poky itself we prefer to avoid those but that's not a blocker just for the tool14:56
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~trevor@linaro/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto14:57
pohlybluelightning: I guess the one initial merge commit could be avoided by importing components one after the other, but for histories with merge commits which contain conflict resolution there really is no clean way around keeping those.14:57
bluelightningpohly: right, there's no way to have your cake and eat it ;)14:58
*** nobj <nobj!> has joined #yocto15:00
*** vdehors <vdehors!~vdehors@> has joined #yocto15:03
_4urele_is there a way to search among build packages which package install a file or directory? (today I'm using a python script which parse "rpm -qpl" on each rpm file, then I search in a dict this is quite fast, but maybe there is another way)15:04
*** rcw <rcw!~rwoolley@> has joined #yocto15:07
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto15:11
bluelightning_4urele_: yes, oe-pkgdata-util can find that information (after the recipe providing that file has reached do_package)15:11
*** khem_ <khem_!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto15:11
bluelightningwell, the recipe producing the package that contains the file, to be precise15:11
bluelightningthe toaster web UI can also be used to find that information15:12
_4urele_thanks bluelightning15:14
Saursystemd.bbclass does do_install[postfuncs] += "rm_sysvinit_initddir ". I would like to revert that for a number of recipes, from a class that is inherited before systemd. Is there any way to do that in a simple way?15:16
*** khem_ <khem_!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC15:16
*** jku <jku!jku@nat/intel/x-kewfptfkfbbgrubt> has quit IRC15:17
bluelightningSaur: well, it's hacky but you could simply prepend the function and just exit if its not called from elsewhere15:20
bluelightningSaur: otherwise not really15:20
bluelightningcan you explain what you're trying to achieve?15:20
Saurbluelightning: Can you prepend to a python function?15:20
bluelightningwith python code you can15:21
SaurDo you have an example?15:21
bluelightningI don't know that we have any existing examples in the metadata, but it should be pretty quick to test ;)15:21
bluelightningwhat I meant by "with python code" is that you can prepend python code to a python function15:22
bluelightningsomewhat obviously you can't prepend shell script15:22
*** jidjn <jidjn!d956ea4a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:23
Saurbluelightning: What I want to achieve is that I want to disable sysvinit in DISTRO_FEATURES, but we do have quite a number of recipes that even though they use systemd still installs scripts and stuff in /etc/init.d...15:23
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has quit IRC15:24
jidjnHello guys, how can I develop with yocto using a stm32?15:24
bluelightningSaur: hmm, I'm not following - if they "use systemd" aren't they installing units that should be used in preference to any initscripts?15:24
*** YoctoAutoBuilder <YoctoAutoBuilder!> has joined #yocto15:25
*** khem_ <khem_!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto15:25
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*** khem_ is now known as khem[away]15:25
*** khem[away] is now known as khem_15:25
Saurbluelightning: They do. But those units still use stuff that the recipes install in /etc/init.d. However, the rm_sysvinit_initddir function from systemd.bbclass removes /etc/init.d if sysvinit is not in DISTRO_FEATURES...15:25
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC15:25
*** khem_ is now known as khem[away]15:26
*** khem[away] is now known as khem_15:26
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto15:26
bluelightningI have to say that doesn't sound like an ideal arrangement...15:27
bluelightningI guess what I'm trying to determine is is this something that systemd.bbclass in OE-Core should be trying to handle properly or is this a hack around some unusually constructed software15:28
kergothI don't really see the problem. If a recipe installs something into /etc/init.d that its systemd units use, that's a bug and should be fixed on a case by case basis15:30
kergothwiping /etc/init.d when sysvinit isn't in distro features seems entirely reasonable to me15:30
Saurbluelightning: Why is that a bug?15:30
tomazpeople, I'm trying to upgrade meta-oe to use Samba 4.2 , managed to make configure partially work ( after changing the buildsystem and a few other things )15:30
tomaznow I'm having ERROR: This autoconf log indicates errors, it looked at host include and/or library paths while determining system capabilities.15:30
tomazRerun configure task after fixing this. The path was '/data/yocto/poky/build-qemu/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/samba/4.2.0-r0/samba-4.2.0/source'15:31
Saurkergoth: Why must /etc/init.d not be used by systemd units?15:31
tomazyesterday ( I'v lost the backlog =/ ) somebody told me that this was probably an error since the path seems fine15:31
tomazwhere should I look at things to try to make this work? searching on google didn't really returned anything userfull.15:31
SaurTypically I guess the developers have simply reused the old sysvinit scripts and just start them from a unit file than from a link in /etc/rc3.d15:31
Saurbluelightning: Yay, I got the prepend to python function to work, so now I have a solution for us. :)15:34
*** khem_ <khem_!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC15:34
*** khem_ <khem_!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto15:38
kergothSaur: lazy developers putting things where they don't belong really isn't behavior we should be encouraging, imo15:39
*** wadim_ <wadim_!> has quit IRC15:39
Saurkergoth: Maybe so, but since we are adapting an old build system to Yocto, we (in the project I'm working in) do not have the means to change this. We can recommend it to the developers and they can eventually fix it, but we need to have a workaround for now...15:40
*** blackfish <blackfish!75e89691@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto15:48
kergothah, fair enough, that makes sense15:48
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tomazwhen cross-compiling samba I need to pass a flag to configure like this: --cross-execute='qemu-arm-static -L /usr/arm-linux-gnu'    wich states the machine and libraries to execute the configure tests. What should I pass on yocto for that, or any other project that does the same that I can loock in?16:36
*** Noor <Noor!~quassel@> has joined #yocto16:36
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khem_tomaz: EXTRA_OECONF = ""16:43
*** roric <roric!> has quit IRC16:43
tomazuh? empty?16:44
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has quit IRC16:44
*** Aethenelle <Aethenelle!~Aethenell@> has joined #yocto16:45
kergothwe handle configure tests differently, in general, by supplying the test results via the autoconf configuration cache16:45
tomazkergoth, and if the system is not autoconf based ( in this case, waf )16:46
tomazI'm not asking 'fix my problem' but 'point me to the right direction', so I can fix and upstream it. :)16:47
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cyclistI'm adding an external module to my build.  Where do I package the udev rules file for it?17:02
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T0mWtring to get rid of the distcc package, any idea why it is "in there" (my image)?17:46
bluelightningT0mW: are you building for a qemu* machine?17:51
T0mWbluelightning: naw, production17:52
*** belen2 <belen2!> has joined #yocto17:52
T0mWI think it might be in "meta/recipes-core/packagegroups/"17:52
*** aswin <aswin!~aswin@> has joined #yocto17:53
bluelightningright, there are only a couple of ways that it would be brought in such as that way17:53
T0mWEXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES = "dev-pkgs tools-sdk tools-debug debug-tweaks"17:54
*** [Sno] <[Sno]!> has quit IRC17:54
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T0mWremoved the reference in packagegroup-core-sdk, try rootfs build to see if it "goes away".17:55
*** benjamirc1 <benjamirc1!~besquive@> has quit IRC17:55
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bluelightningT0mW: FYI if you do need to track these kinds of things down in future, you can use the dependency graphs produced by buildhistory, or the Toaster web UI17:57
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jidjnAnybody there with stm32 experince using yocto?17:58
T0mWbluelightning: heh, find . -type f | xargs blah18:02
cyclistI'm adding an external module to my build.  Where do I package the udev rules file for it?18:03
*** hugovs <hugovs!~hugo@> has joined #yocto18:04
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T0mWcyclist: try recipes-core/udev18:07
T0mWcyclist: I just bbappend to udev and substitute my own local.rules18:08
*** aswin <aswin!~aswin@> has quit IRC18:10
T0mWcyclist: this would be my meta-awsom/recipes-core/udev/udev_182.bbappend
*** blackfish <blackfish!75e89691@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto18:14
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blackfishhas anyone here ever used opencv in yocto?18:16
*** deception <deception!~deception@unaffiliated/deception> has joined #yocto18:16
funmanI finally got image-core-minimal to boot on odroid-c1 \o/18:21
funmanmy next target is xu3(-lite)18:22
cyclistthanks again18:24
*** e8johan <e8johan!> has joined #yocto18:27
cyclistWhat I don't understand about all of this is that the whole idea of packaging something includes everything, anddoing it this breaks all of that.18:27
*** jidjn <jidjn!d956ea4a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC18:28
cyclister, doing it this way18:28
kergothHigh granularity in our packaging gives flexibility and the ability to control what goes into your image, keeping sizes down without blindly rm -rf'ing content the way other buildsystems tend to do18:29
kergothnothing is lost, just broken out18:29
*** realBigfoot <realBigfoot!~realBigfo@> has quit IRC18:30
cyclistwell, the udev rule is only pertinent to this particular module, so it seems kind of broken to have to include it somewhere else18:31
kergothopen a bug18:31
cyclistI may do that :)18:31
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tomazkergoth, ahah, the thing that I was missing: inhertis native.18:58
tomazsamba 4.0 *almost* ready18:58
tomazonly misses everything besides do_configure()18:58
* tomaz dances18:58
JaMadoes it include heimdal? :)18:58
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has joined #yocto19:03
tomazdunno ._.19:05
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tomazis there a way to clear a single target? ( didn't found a bitbake --clear target ) or something20:04
tomaza package20:04
kergothyou mean a recipe?20:05
kergoththat's covered in the yocto documentation20:05
tomazor a collection - yes, a recipe.20:05
kergothbitbake -c clean recipename, or -c cleansstate recipename if you want to build from scratch, or -c cleanall recipename if you want to re-download sources from remote locations20:05
kergothsee also -c listtasks20:06
kergothalso bitbake --help20:06
tomazkergoth, I understand that it exists in the docs, the issue is that a search on google return bogus stuff if you don't really know what to look for. for instance, I searched for "yocto clear recipe build"20:06
tomazand bogus was found.20:06
kergoththen try actually reading the docs instead20:06
kergothor pull them up and hit ctrl-f20:06
tomazfair enough20:06
kergoth is the full set of documentation, perfect for searching20:07
*** jimBaxter <jimBaxter!> has quit IRC20:07
tomazthanks. I'll promisse that I'll spend a lot of time on it and only come here with questions if it's not there.20:08
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tomazJaMa, ugh. now that the do_configure passes, the heimdal fails.20:30
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realBigfootIs there anyway to configure EFI to autoboot grub instead of running bootx64 on EFI shell   ?20:50
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realBigfootkergoth, do you know ^?20:54
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realBigfootbluelightning, do you now it ^?21:03
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