Thursday, 2015-03-19

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nerdboyMissing or unbuildable dependency chain was: ['libgles-omap3-x11-x11wsegl-es9']06:12
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mckoangood morning08:01
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bluelightningmorning all09:22
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mjkris a binary image for edgerouter?09:28
mjkrcan i just extract it the files and then chroot?09:28
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mjkrdecompress, extract and get the files, i meant09:28
mjkrand does yocto linux include strongswan/ssh?09:30
mjkrand a whit unrelated question, how do i get the wind river version of yocto?09:34
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zamanhei.. do i need to enable networking for yocto images to get eth0 interface up?09:39
bluelightningmjkr: yes, that will be an image09:42
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mjkrbluelightning: good to know ;)09:42
mjkrbluelightning: but then, does include ipsec or ssh?09:43
bluelightningmjkr: Wind River Linux is a commercial product, you'd have to purchase it from them if you want to get it AFAIK09:43
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mjkrok. their site's a good resource venue though to browse for latest boards09:44
bluelightningmjkr: openssh and dropbear are available in the core out of the box; there is a recipe for strongswan in meta-networking09:44
mjkra recipe, so strongswan's not included in the bsp?09:45
bluelightningmjkr: to find recipes and machine support you may find this site useful:
mjkrbluelightning: so i will have to cross-build it then?09:46
bluelightningmjkr: yes, but the recipe provides the instructions to the build system enabling it to be cross-built09:48
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mjkrall right. maybe later. guess i will just try debian's mips debootstrap then.09:49
mjkrthanks anyway, bluelightning09:49
bluelightningyou're welcome09:50
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mckoanotavio: FYI latest patches to meta-fsl-arm-extra broke u-boot build in dizzy10:31
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ohmyhello everyone10:38
ohmyplease, anyone used before ? i have some troubles bulding it10:39
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klaus_hallo, I was wondering: what is the correct way to change owner of some files installed by a BitBake recipe?10:57
bluelightningklaus_: chown within do_install (or do_install_append if you are relying on the default implementation of do_install provided by a class your recipe inherits)10:58
klaus_bluelightning: thanks, then do_install runs as root? I though it had unprivileged access by default10:59
bluelightningklaus_: if you want to make the owner/group one that is not part of the default set of users/groups then your recipe should inherit useradd and create the user/group10:59
klaus_bluelightning: super, thanks10:59
bluelightningklaus_: no, it uses pseudo to pretend to things running inside the function that it is root11:00
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klaus_bluelightning: thanks a lot!11:01
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LocutusOfBorg1hi folks, I would like to keep my bbb up to date with some ntp sort of service11:22
LocutusOfBorg1does yocto already provide some ntp functionalities or should I just bring ntp in?11:23
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bluelightningLocutusOfBorg1: there is an ntp recipe in meta-networking; alternatively if you are using systemd it has built-in support for that11:26
LocutusOfBorg1yes, I'm using systemd11:26
LocutusOfBorg1how to check the latter?11:26
bluelightningok, then you just need to enable the appropriate configuration for systemd-timedated (IIRC)11:26
bluelightningcheck the systemd docs11:26
bluelightningyes that's probably it11:27
LocutusOfBorg1(another good point for using systemd)11:28
LocutusOfBorg1(and I'm a Debian Maintainer lol)11:28
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wv"The following packages could not be configuredoffline and rootfs is read-only: ['librsvg-2-gtk', 'liberation-fonts', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-gif', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-xpm', '100-pango-module-basic-fc', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-jpeg', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-png']"12:22
wvwhat is triggering this?12:22
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otaviomckoan: which ?12:42
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wv+ How do I override the /etc/network/interfaces file on a per-image-recipe base?12:48
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mjkris there any wireless access point supported by yocto just as edgerouter is supported?13:04
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blackfish_I am having trouble connecting to network via wifi13:32
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balckfishhow to I connect to wifi anyway?13:36
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mckoanotavio: last succesful build was meta-fsl-arm-extra = "dizzy:b16246a739720be98671e71fbf1793238d6b512a"13:45
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otaviomckoan: which u-boot?13:48
otaviomckoan: which machine?13:48
mckoanotavio: the default u-boot for imx6qsabrelite13:48
otaviomckoan: oh so this is boundary's u-boot13:49
otaviomckoan: ok13:49
otaviomckoan: log?13:49
mckoanotavio: not ATM I rolled back to the working version13:49
otaviomckoan: does 2ab74211bfad4e87f4fd39ae0ee5324e40aa1f45 works?13:51
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mckoanotavio: I don't know my last success was b16246a739720be98671e71fbf1793238d6b512a13:55
mckoanotavio: sorry13:56
jaeckelis there a way to automatically sign rpms created by yocto?13:57
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otaviomckoan: can you try?14:01
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wvERROR: The following packages could not be configuredoffline and rootfs is read-only: ['librsvg-2-gtk', 'liberation-fonts', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-gif', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-xpm', '100-pango-module-basic-fc', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-jpeg', 'gdk-pixbuf-loader-png']14:04
wvERROR: Function failed: do_rootfs14:05
_4urele_wv, check if you have something like : EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES += "read-only-rootfs"14:05
_4urele_this is what trigers your error14:05
wvyes, I have that, because I want my rootfs to be read-only-rootfs14:06
bluelightningnot all recipes have been tested & fixed to enable working in a read-only rootfs I'm afraid14:06
bluelightninganything that produces packages with a postinstall script that can't be run during do_rootfs (for example, apparently this list of packages) unfortunately cannot work14:07
bluelightningI have to admit I thought we did a bunch of work to ensure that gdk-pixbuf worked under these circumstances though14:07
_4urele_bluelightning, I'm using some of those and I don't have any problem, maybe vw is using an older version?14:09
bluelightning_4urele_: could be14:09
bluelightningwv: which version are you building with?14:09
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wvI'm using daisy14:13
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bluelightninghmm, things should work there...14:16
bluelightninganything interesting in log.do_rootfs relating to those packages?14:16
nighty-_bluelightning, hi :)14:26
bluelightningnighty-_: hello14:27
nighty-_bluelightning, why is bitbake better than Make ?14:27
nighty-_what is the advantage ?14:27
bluelightningnighty-_: well, it's quite different from make... it's task-based for one14:27
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bluelightningnighty-_: you might find some useful background in the early part of the manual:
nighty-_ok I see14:29
nighty-_it is GPL or BSD licenced ?14:30
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bluelightningnighty-_: predominantly GPLv214:30
bluelightningmetadata to be used with it tends to be MIT licensed though in general14:30
wvbluelightning, I know to little of these logfiles to understand:
wvthis does not look good: qemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped14:32
wvSegmentation fault (core dumped)14:32
bluelightningah, there's the problem14:32
bluelightningsome of the postinstalls demand to be run on the target architecture so we have little choice but to run them under qemu if we don't want them to run on first boot14:33
bluelightningbut it looks like that went pretty wrong there for some reason14:34
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wvand can I check what this reason is?14:45
wvor how can I check?14:45
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wvwould it be a problem that my compiling pc is a 32bit machine and I'm compiling for a x64 target?14:50
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danielpavelIf I would lie to find the compiler that yocto's generating at build time, where would I search ?14:52
kergothdon't do that.14:54
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danielpavelwhy not ?14:56
kergoththe toolchain and sysroot in tmp is not intended for use outside of bitbake tasks. if you want a standalone sdk, use yocto's sdk creation tools14:57
jmleoHi ! I have a very dumb question, but can't find the answer... I want to fetch this URI :
jmleobut if I put this in SRC_URI, it fails. git clone of the url is ok14:59
kergothbitbake uses the url scheme to determine what bitbake fetcher to use, and hence, what underlying tool to use. an http:// url will be fetched with wget15:00
kergothuse git://;protocol=http instead15:00
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jmleouh, that was the protocol which was missing... thx kergoth15:02
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jmleokergoth: the protocol= is not specified in the SRC_URI section in dev manual, so didn't thought about it :
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*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has joined #yocto15:09
kergothjmleo: protocol= is specific to the git fetcher, not generic to all urls supported15:10
kergothof course it should still be documented, no idea where15:10
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #232 of nightly-non-gpl3 is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
*** nicktick <nicktick!~john@unaffiliated/nicktick> has joined #yocto15:20
bluelightningwow, that is a pretty big omission :/15:25
bluelightningat least, one I was not aware of15:25
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto15:25
mckoanotavio: yes the error was about that 6x_bootscript-yocto.txt stuff15:28
otaviomckoan: yes so this is the last commit15:28
otaviomckoan: please send this to the mailing list so Ian can look at it15:29
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto15:35
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mckoanotavio: mail sent15:40
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@> has joined #yocto15:48
*** tlwoerner <tlwoerner!~trevor@linaro/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto15:48
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abellonishouldn't bitbake -c populate_sdk my-image add the natvie sdk to the generated archive ?15:55
abelloniI get qmake in the target sysroot but nothing I can run on the host15:55
kergothpopulate_sdk puts the contents of the image in the sdk, along with a specific list of things. it doesn't pull from the sysroot, but from the image15:57
kergothyou can add specific nativesdk packages to TOOLCHAIN_HOST_TASK15:57
kergothbe sure to use _append if you do that from a .conf15:58
abellonihum, ok15:59
abelloniso if I want to have a complete sdk, I have to bitbake meta-toolchain-qt5 then bitbake -c populate_sdk my-image15:59
abellonithen extract both in the same place?16:00
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:02
kergothno, use populate_sdk or meta-toolchain*, not both16:02
*** sameo <sameo!~samuel@> has quit IRC16:05
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*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto16:17
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mckoanin YP dizzy the resulting meta-toolchain is no longer relocatable16:23
mckoanif you install it in a dir different than /opt/poky/1.7.1 it fails16:24
*** jkridner <jkridner!~jkridner@pdpc/supporter/active/jkridner> has joined #yocto16:25
kergoththat's odd. not being able to move it after install i can see, but not being able to install to other paths would be bad16:25
mckoankergoth: is possible to install wherever you want but the env-setup script fails16:26
mckoankergoth: actually the problem is something different, installing in another dir worked16:32
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:34
mckoankergoth: if I install in /opt/poky/1.7.1-cortexa9hf, the env setup doesn't work properly16:36
mckoanif I install in /opt/poky/xxx it works16:36
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has quit IRC16:37
*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto16:37
mckoanthe PATH became /opt/poky/1.7.1-cortexa9hf-cortexa9hf/... twice !16:38
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!> has joined #yocto16:39
*** nerdboy <nerdboy!~sarnold@gentoo/developer/nerdboy> has joined #yocto16:39
otaviomckoan: I pinged Boundary Devices about the issue16:48
mckoanotavio: ;-)16:58
*** ddom <ddom!> has quit IRC16:59
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*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto17:01
bluelightningabelloni: there is a bug open to infer the addition of things in the host part (i.e. tools, the specific example being Qt tools) from stuff in the target part17:08
*** danielpavel <danielpavel!~danielpav@> has quit IRC17:08
yoctiBug 5429: enhancement, Medium, Future, otavio, NEW , Add ability for SDK-from-image to pick up additional host/target tools automatically17:08
abellonikergoth: the question being, why not making genderless clothes then17:11
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has joined #yocto17:17
otavioabelloni: no17:18
otavioabelloni: populatesdk gives you a complete toolset17:18
otavioabelloni: you may need to add other stuff in the tasks though17:18
nighty-_bluelightning, I made an image for some board but it is not producing  extfs rootfs17:19
nighty-_only rootfs.tar.gz17:19
nighty-_must be some settings somewhere17:19
nighty-_do you have an idea ?17:19
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has joined #yocto17:19
*** diego_r <diego_r!> has quit IRC17:20
bluelightningnighty-_: check what you are setting IMAGE_FSTYPES to, that variable controls which types of image are produced17:21
nighty-_that is in local.conf17:21
nighty-_ok I am going to check17:21
nighty-_uhmm I do not have that defined anywhere in poky/build/conf17:22
bluelightningok, so it'll be something set through the machine or distro configs then17:24
bluelightningbitbake -e | less and then search for IMAGE_FSTYPES and you'll be able to see the full history of how it got set17:24
bluelightning(search with / )17:24
*** SorenHolm <SorenHolm!> has quit IRC17:29
*** mckoan is now known as mckoan|away17:30
abellonilibv4l-dev doesn't ship any headers17:37
abellonithey get shipped in v4l-utils-dev...17:39
*** TobSnyder1 <TobSnyder1!> has joined #yocto17:42
bluelightningthat's probably a bug17:42
*** TobSnyder <TobSnyder!> has quit IRC17:43
abelloniyeah, I'm fixing it17:44
realBigfootdoes anyone know what is the following warn: " is tainted from a forced run"  ?17:45
*** frsc <frsc!~frsc@> has quit IRC17:46
bluelightningrealBigfoot: you used -c -f  (or -C)17:50
realBigfootbluelightning, indeed used... is there anyway to "fix" it?17:50
bluelightningrealBigfoot: it means, the result of the build is not necessarily what you would have got if you just did a build from scratch17:50
realBigfooti have run : bitbake linux-yocto -c menuconfig17:50
nighty-_why is the repo called poky.git ?17:50
nighty-_should it not be called yocto.git ?17:51
bluelightningrealBigfoot: assuming you want the config you've generated (I guess you would), take that config and add it back into the recipe17:51
nighty-_and then -b dizzy or -b poky17:51
nighty-_or did I not understand something17:51
bluelightningrealBigfoot: then, bitbake -c clean on the kernel recipe17:51
realBigfootbluelightning, alright :) thanks17:52
bluelightningnighty-_: poky is the name of the combined repository containing OE-Core, bitbake, meta-yocto, docs, etc. (and also the name of the the reference distro)17:52
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away17:57
abelloniit is really beginning to be tiring to explain that yocto project is an organization rather than a project17:58
bluelightningabelloni: a little bird told me there will be some form of organised discussion about that at ELC this year17:59
bluelightning(well, actually at YP Dev Day)17:59
abelloniah :)17:59
abellonithat's too bad because I booked my flight way before YP Dev Day was announced17:59
bluelightningah, that's a shame18:00
bluelightningwell we can still talk about it at ELC18:00
* bluelightning gets the feeling this is going to be a busy conference18:00
belen1* is really bummed about missing ELC this year *18:02
nighty-_sdcard is an image type ?18:04
nighty-_I see only this in the doc18:05
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!~sarah@> has quit IRC18:06
kergothabelloni: they are, at least that kickstarter has unisex tshirts and onesies..18:07
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bluelightningnighty-_: layers can add their own through additional classes18:16
nighty-_I see18:16
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cyclistI'm trying to get bitbake to update the init scripts in rc*.d.  I've followed the recipe that I found in numerous packages, but it doesn't seem to be working.  Here's what I've got in my recipe:19:27
cyclistinherit update-rc.d19:27
cyclistINITSCRIPT_PACKAGES     = "${PN}"19:27
cyclistINITSCRIPT_NAME         = "vcss-base"19:27
cyclistINITSCRIPT_PARAMS       = "start 92 3 4 5 . stop 20 0 1 6 ."19:27
cyclistvcss-base is getting installed in /etc/init.d on the image19:28
*** joaohfreitas1 <joaohfreitas1!> has quit IRC19:28
cyclistIt's just silently failing, and I'm getting no error messages19:28
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #227 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_1] Build details are at
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #228 of nightly-fsl-ppc is complete: Failure [failed Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #232 of nightly-arm is complete: Failure [failed Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
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eboltonI’m trying to switch a large project we’ve been working on for years from TinyCore to yocto. I want to keep the yocto SDK that we distribute to our development team as lean as possible so that we don’t have to send out ~100MB install scripts every week, so I’d like to use a package manager to install most of the dependencies to the SDK sysroot. Yocto sets the default package output type to RPM, but the package management example in the ADT20:51
ebolton manual uses OPKG. So I switched the package output to ipk, but OPKG doesn’t allow capital letters in the package names. I’ve put together about 40 some recipes for our libraries and tools, many of which have capital letters. I tried getting the yum repo generated by bitbake to install on my workstation, but yum isn’t very cooperative when it comes to installing mulitarch packages.20:51
eboltonbefore I start renaming my recipes to use all lowercase, do you guys have any suggestions for getting RPMs to work?20:52
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bluelightningebolton: replying to your email was on my todo list21:04
*** sarahsharp <sarahsharp!sarah@nat/intel/x-qrzvxorifotnhayo> has joined #yocto21:05
bluelightningebolton: as it happens we are looking at this kind of thing at the moment, although the mechanism we're planning to use doesn't involve the package manager21:05
bluelightninghaving said that you should be able to use rpm together with smart (rather than yum) to install additional packages into the SDK sysroot21:06
bluelightning(although it's not something we test, I'm fairly sure it has been done)21:06
*** jimBaxter <jimBaxter!> has quit IRC21:08
eboltonhow do you tell smart to install to a different root dir....there isn't really much documentation on it :)21:09
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bluelightningebolton: right, there's some "magic" in there, though if you look at how it gets called when we run it as part of image generation it should hopefully make sense21:19
eboltonok, will check out the logs...thanks Paul :)21:20
*** dv_ <dv_!> has quit IRC21:20
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cyclistI'm having a really hard time with update-rc.d in one of my recipes.  It's silently failing.21:57
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #234 of nightly-mips is complete: Failure [failed BuildImages_1 Building Toolchain Images Building Toolchain Images_1] Build details are at
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rburtonotavio: shows you have a kernel race in your qt bbappend still23:35
rburton(missing dep on the right kernel piece)23:35
* rburton -> bed23:35
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