Monday, 2015-03-23

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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #259 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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redenginhow do I fully rebuild the kernel and modules?   bitbake -c clean virtual/kernel didn't seem to cause a rebuild on the next bake03:53
nrossiredengin: by modules you mean modules that are part of the kernel correct?03:54
nrossiredenging: try using the actual kernel that is provides virtual/kernel, e.g. bitbake -c clean linux-yocto03:55
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redenginlooks like cleansstate does the trick03:56
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arfollkhem: is it possible to get meta-intel added to yocto patchworks?11:12
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Net147RP: I sent a follow-up patch to fix the firmware path in case someone overrides rootlibdir11:23
RPNet147: ok, thanks11:25
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zwerchHello everyone. I've got a quick question: How can I override a variable that is set in another recipe? I tried OVERRIDE, but it didn't work the way I wanted it to (it didn't work at all for me) and the documentation is pretty unclear to me. I'd really appreciate some help here, thanks :)13:50
kergothone recipe cannot touch the metadata of another, period13:50
kergothfrom the config metadata you can use an override to set a var in a recipe, but not from another recip13:51
kergothe.g. FOO_pn-somerecipe = "bar"13:51
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zwerchIt's okay for me if this has to happen in the .conf file. Thanks, I'm going to try it out.14:02
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pespinHi, I'm unable to find how to set up the format of SRC_URI to fetch a bzr repo from launchpad14:29
pespindoes anyone have some example?14:29
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zwerchWhat is bzr?14:39
zwerchHaha, okay, never heard of it. I only knew git, svn and hg. I'm sorry then pespin, I can't help you out here.14:43
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mcfriskHi! Has anyone made complete yocto builds with Coverity static analysis wrapper?15:28
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zwerchWhat is the best practice to always fetch and update a WIP git repository at each build? Also, if my recipe points at a ref (develop), do I add SRCREV to PV or not?15:33
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khem`zwerch: use SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}"15:36
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mcfriskre Coverity, I'm building with cov-build wrapper but it seems deeper into a build the cov-emit and other things from Coverity are no longer called..15:40
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kergothOT, but had to share the wtf16:30
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xulferIs prefixing oe_runconf with variables sufficient for setting up a configure environment?16:33
xulferI thought so, but when the configure runs it seems to think none of the variables are set.16:33
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rtollertjoeythesaint: meta-selinux question. can I interpret to mean that disabling the dev-cache is the best way to ensure correct operation in enforcing mode?16:42
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rtollertand ^ fray I guess (judging from MAINTAINERS)16:45
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xulferAh.  I had to use CACHED_CONFIGUREVARS.  Answered my own question.16:56
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_4urele_is it possible to build packages without installing them? (in order to have them available in package feed)17:01
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acidfuafter I "bitbake core-image-minimal", I extract the modules....tgz on my sdcard, but the modules.dep is not in that .tgz, so on my device the modules are not loaded17:30
acidfumy question is: where is the modules.dep,17:30
acidfuthank you ;)17:30
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kergothbitbake recipename17:48
kergothta da17:48
kergothnow you have a recipename package17:48
kergothif you don't want an image, don't ask bitbake to build an image..17:48
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acidfukergoth, I want an image, but I'm wonder why the modules.dep file is not in the modules..tgz17:57
acidfubut maybe this image doesn't depend on update-modules17:58
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ericbuttershello, i got error ( when using a external toolchain in 1.5 and calling populate_sdk. Is this a known error on dora? I tried with PREFERRED_PROVIDER_eglibc = "external-tegra-toolchain" but that did not solve the issue.18:59
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kergothericbutters: as it says, most likely your external toolchain recipe is missing some binary package that populate_sdk wants19:44
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kergothericbutters: also, fyi, the default meta-toolchain and populate_sdk will build a new cross toolchain to distribute with the sdk, so if you're assuming the host installing hte sdk already has your external toolchain there as well, it's a little redundant.19:57
kergothah, logged off19:58
kergothwas going to link
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realBigfootI want to use blkid program but it doesn't ship to my image the bin file... only the libblkid.. even after installing util-linux..20:22
realBigfootdoes anyone know how to get this to work ?20:23
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