Wednesday, 2015-04-01

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chankit2anyone getting weird problem of /sbin/init missing00:24
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kergothdamnit, need to fix sstate for my split recipe setup in meta-sourcery, forgot that EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN needs to cause *-external-cross to rebuild, since they add links / wrap binaries in that path, yet recipes depending on those shouldn't rebuild in such a case01:26
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* kergoth grumbles01:52
kergothDo we have a tool that will let you feed in a variable name, and a target, and have it give you the recipes/tasks which will have their sigantures changed as a result, and everything that depends on those? I think the closest is to bitbake -S none target; modify the variable; bitbake-whatchanged -v target01:53
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khem`zeddii: around ?01:58
khem`if you have time to kill, then I have a future problem for you01:58
khem`linux-yocto 3.19 does not boot on qemuarm when built with gcc501:59
khem`you can use my contrib master tree01:59
khem`to get 5.0 gcc recipes02:00
* kergoth grumbles some more02:01
khem`well I have clang too if you have more time02:02
khem`and didnt mention musl as well if you have 25th hour02:02
khem`need help on all fronts02:03
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chankit2anyone getting weird problem of /sbin/init missing03:01
chankit2and kernel panic03:02
khem`depends what you are doing03:18
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bluelightningmorning all08:06
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chankit2anyone getting weird problem of /sbin/init missing?08:08
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_4urele_hi everyone!08:15
_4urele_I'm trying to use python-pygobject package, but while trying to use a first script example I'm getting an error : 'no module named gi' all examples are made with this 'gi' module... does someone knows what is missing?08:17
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JEEBsvhmm, is there a standard way to make a systemd image to start up a dhcp client for interfaces?09:43
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JEEBsv`systemctl enable udhcpc@interface_name` is supposed to work...10:17
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chankit1bluelightning: ping10:55
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andrei__Hello! I've got an image( say, fsl-image-core) on which I try to add a new package. I created the required .bb and when I run bitbake fsl-image-core the image does get indeed parsed11:19
andrei__but there's nothing in my uImage11:19
andrei__any clue why that is happening?11:19
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JEEBsvhmm, which package provides the udhcpc systemd integration?11:29
rink_andrei__: which package would you expect to add things to your uImage?11:29
JEEBsvsince a lot of ML and other places note the `systemctl enable udhcpc@interface` way of enabling ethernet networking11:30
andrei__rink_ : I'm trying to add a package that gets and builds unixodbc on my yocto distro11:31
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rink_I think you mean you want to get it added to the rootfs ?11:31
rink_to do that, you should add: IMAGE_INSTALL_append += " whatever"11:32
andrei__in the .bb ?11:32
rink_the .bb that you use to build your image11:32
andrei__my folder hierarchy is something like this11:32
andrei__I have two folders, say A and B11:33
andrei__each containing and B.bb11:33 in A, in B11:33
andrei__in fact11:33
andrei__in the parent dir, I have a layer.conf11:33
andrei__which has BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes*/*/*.bb ${LAYERDIR}/recipes*/*/*.bbappend"11:33
rink_and how do you bitbak the image itself ?11:33
andrei__actually this is is it11:34
andrei__# We have a conf and classes directory, add to BBPATH BBPATH .= ":${LAYERDIR}"  # We have recipes-* directories, add to BBFILES #BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bb \ #${LAYERDIR}/recipes-*/*/*.bbappend" BBFILES += "${LAYERDIR}/recipes*/*/*.bb ${LAYERDIR}/recipes*/*/*.bbappend"  BBFILE_COLLECTIONS += "avaya" BBFILE_PATTERN_avaya = "^${LAYERDIR}/" BBFILE_PRIORITY_avaya = "6"11:34
andrei__meh, wouldn't paste properly11:34
andrei__the meta-something in which these receipes are11:34
andrei__is connected to the meta-fsl-image (in which the image I build is)11:34
rink_well, you need to add the line I said to the (preferable using a .bbappend)11:35
rink_or just make your own file11:35
rink_which has it11:35
andrei__the (which I am running bitbake on) only contains11:36
andrei__IMAGE_INSTALL += " \     packagegroup-fsl-core \ "11:36
rink_you need to add the line I said11:36
rink_if you want to add extra things11:36
JEEBsvjust adding the recipe and having it being parsed doesn't add packages to the image, you will have to add the packages you added to IMAGE_INSTALL11:36
rink_packagegroup-fsl-core contains a lot of stuff11:36
rink_but it doesn't contain A or B11:36
JEEBsvusually done in local.conf or your own image configuration or whatever11:36
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andrei__thanks guys, it worked12:00
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rink_np :)12:06
andrei__hm, it's weird. It got to do_rootfs and do_rootfs crashed with "uxinodbc not found in the base feeds"12:08
andrei__ERROR: unixodbc not found in the base feeds (t1040rdb ppce5500 powerpc noarch any all).12:09
andrei__followed by a huge list of packages, or modules12:11
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JEEBsvok, seems like installing connman and connman-client is the simplest way to get automated networking on your image12:33
andrei__JEEBsv: where you talking to me? sorry, I don't get it ?12:39
JEEBsvnah, just general talk since I was trying to see what was providing the systemd stuff for the busybox dhcp client12:40
JEEBsvin the end I gave up and installed connman :P12:40
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chankit1anyone got kernel panic (can't find /sbin/init) in yocto before?13:08
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_4urele_chankit1, are you sure you unmount correctly the deviec after flashing it?13:13
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andrei__as I believe ERROR: unixodbc not found in the base feeds (t1040rdb ppce5500 powerpc noarch any all). means it can't find the rpm13:44
andrei__I don't understand how do_install() doesn't fail but I don't have any rpm13:44
andrei__the package is installed by13:45
andrei__sudo make install13:45
andrei__and this is what I do in the .bb
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bluelightningandrei__: have a look under the image/ dir under the workdir for the recipe (which is ${D})13:51
bluelightningare there any files under there?13:51
chankit1_4urele_: I don't think I need to umount it since it's already unmounted before I run mkedisk.sh13:56
andrei__I'm having a bit of trouble figuring  where ${D} is13:56
chankit1andrei__: you can try bitbake -e <package name> | grep ^D=13:57
andrei__ah, thanks13:57
chankit1andrei__: I might be wrong about the regexp after the grep but it basically finds D= so you know what $D is13:57
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chankit1bluelightning: ping13:58
bluelightningchankit1: what's up?13:58
andrei__thanks, found it14:00
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chankit1bluelightning: which package handles /sbin/init in yocto?14:00
andrei__in /image14:00
chankit1for some reason my image doesn't have /sbin/init thus causing KP14:00
andrei__I got usr/local which has  bin include and lib14:01
andrei__which has nothing to do with it'14:01
andrei__I don't really get it14:01
andrei__and there's a binary called swctl14:01
andrei__my package  is named unixodbc14:01
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bluelightningchankit1: would be sysvinit or systemd depending on config14:04
chankit1since I don't do any configure anything on that so it should be sysvinit right?14:06
chankit1but /sbin/init is there if I use core-image-minimal though..core-image-base doesn't work :-(14:07
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mkarasI am trying to get python3, python3-native, and python3-distribute on my image.  When I bitbake it says cannot satisfy dependencies for python3-native.  It also says python3-native rdepends but isn't a build dependency - but I've added it to the DEPENDS variable in the bb file.15:07
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bluelightningmkaras: python3-native would be for the host, you wouldn't add that to an image15:17
mkarasLet me remove it and see how it goes.15:18
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mkarasbluelightning:  able to bake and launch on target - but states "Could not find platform dependent libraries"  also couldn't import standard lib modules.15:27
bluelightningmkaras: install python3-modules if you want all modules normally part of the python distribution15:28
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mkarasbluelightning: ERROR: Nothing PROVIDES 'python3-modules'15:30
bluelightningmkaras: it's not a recipe, it's a package provided by python3, so you would just add it to your image15:31
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mkarasbluelightning: tried that - adding it to my image  * satisfy_dependencies_for: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for python3-modules:  * python3-elementtree * python3-mmap * python3-fcntl * python3-gdbm * python3-fcntl * python3-resource * python3-mmap * python3-elementtree * python3-syslog *15:55
bluelightningkhem`: ^15:55
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* khem` tries to access the old braindisk15:57
khem`there was a packagegroup IIRC15:57
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bluelightningsurely python3-modules should just work?16:02
mkaraskhem`:  Tried googling for 'yocto python3 package group' didn't seem to come up with anything.  How would I find it and install it?16:03
khem`there would be a recipe in OE-Core16:03
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mkaraskhem`:  by adding python3-misc I was able to get the python3 env error staring up python3 to go away - but the modules are still missing.  I need to be able to run python3, use the standard library, and add / use my own packages and packages from pip/easy_install.16:25
khem`I wonder if I never eneded up posting the packagegroup16:26
khem`and it just remained inside old employers firewalls16:27
*** SoylentYellow <SoylentYellow!> has joined #yocto16:28
mkaraskhem`: would you say I would be able to get through this much easier trying to do everything in python2?16:28
kergothwow, the bbs interface is impressive. can read articles in the text interface16:29
khem`mkaras: no, you just need to pull in all pyton3-*16:29
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nobody18i am another noob to ask about WTH yocto is16:42
nobody18trying to do something with intel galileo gen 2 board atm16:43
nobody18no idea how to make install on it16:43
fray"on it"?16:44
frayyou normally run the builds on a separate machine that has the processing power to do it quickly..  you then transfer the image to the board following the board's instructions..16:44
frayif you want to add the compilers and other components, you can try, but you are likely going to run out of storage and/or memory16:44
nobody18sounds so complicated for me16:45
fraythis is the normal method to embedded development.  Use a fast machine to build and target software for a slower machine16:45
kergothif you want to work with embedded development, you'd better get used to it I:)16:45
kergothfray: :)16:45
fraythe galileo board is very slow at computation.  What will take a short amount of time on a Core i7, will take many times longer on the galileo if even possible16:46
nobody18ok im about to understand my problem16:46
kergothgah, i had the brilliant idea a while back to break up the external toolchain recipe into multiple  component recipes, e.g. libgcc-external, glibc-external, and then the links to the toolchain binaries with gcc-external-cross, binutils-external-cross.. and now i'm realizing that means that the latter two recipes aren't being properly rebuilt when EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN path changes, since that var is whitelisted..16:46
* kergoth grumbles16:46
nobody18so i need to read about embeded development. right?16:47
fraykergoth, thats how we do it16:47
kergothguess i could remove it from the whitelist, but you can't mess with the whitelist on a per-recipe basis i don't think, so would have to add some vardepsexcludes to the others16:48
fraystart with the Yocto Project "gettign started" guide..  (not, for a galileo, starting with the 'core-image-sato' is likely too big... you should start with core-image-minimal... just keep that in mind as you read the docs16:48
fraykergoth, my recipes manage the external toolchain as SRC_URIs (and/or with the bitbake hashing) that way if it changes, the hash changes and it all "just works"16:48
mkaraskhem`:  looking at poky/meta/recipes-devtools/python/ I'm finding it hard to figure out how to add everything.  It seems like python-misc should do it, but it doesn't.16:49
nobody18thanks, fray!16:49
fraykergoth,         SDK_CHKSUM="${@bb.fetch2.get_file_checksums("${SDK_TOOLCHAIN}/${SDK_INSTALLER}", d.getVar("PN", True))}"16:49
fraythen use the results of that to determine unpack, copy..16:50
frayalternative is something like16:50
fraydo_preinstall[file-checksums] = "${SDK_TOOLCHAIN}/${SDK_INSTALLER}"16:50
frayreplace 'SDK_INSTALLER' with whatever the primary executable you care is16:50
kergothhuh. we're stuck using an already installed toolchain, though. its a good idea though, i'll play around with that16:50
frayif it's not installed.. it'll kick it to do something..16:50
frayif it's installed, then it'll start tracking the checksum.. if the checksum changes, it'll invalidate16:50
fraymy code happens to do the "install" and "validate" in the same step.... since we don't leave the toolchain 'already installed'16:51
fraybut the work in the end is similar.. just need to tag something as the key for if it changed, and process it16:51
* kergoth nods16:51
* kergoth ponders16:52
frayI embed that little chunk (and the extraction code that matches) into a common .inc file, then the bbappends for the bintuils, gcc, glibc, etc all point ot that and make it 'install' the toolchain (whatever gets there first).. after that the configure/compile steps are nulled.. and the install step simply copies the binary toolchain bits and pieces to work, where the regular setup/packageing steps can do their thing16:54
khem`mkaras: python2-misc is for all misc thats not in other packages16:54
fray(thats hte target stuff).. the other things just create symlinks (or wrapper scripts) that call the binary toolchain bits and pieces, like gcc or ld16:55
khem`mkaras: look into build tree of python3 and see what all ipk/rpms it generated16:55
khem`and add them all to IMAGE_INSTALL16:55
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC16:56
fraydoing this allows me to build glibc from scratch (within the build system) but still use the other binary prebuilts.... or reuse the prebuilt glibc..16:56
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kergothfray: how do you ensure that the symlinks/wrappers pieces get re-run when EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN changes, since they're dependent not upon the content, but upon the path?17:21
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fraythats what the do_preinstall does.. it does the install and confgiures the wrappers.. with the checksum stuff it only is run if the checksum changes..17:22
fraythen the do_install depends on do_preinstall17:22
frayso it'll rerun that stuff17:22
kergothah, right, since your'e going from toolchain installers its easier.. going from an installed toolchain, if you move the toolchain, you'd have to rebuild the recipes, even though the file checksums wont have changed17:23
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* kergoth sighs17:42
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fraymn,¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬Hmm.. I think I had a cat on the keyboard19:36
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moto-timo#caturday early19:58
kergothhmm, do we have a script to more conveniently dump signature data for a given recipe, rather than having to bitbake -S and go dig in tmp/stamps?19:59
Cardoenerdboy: thanks20:05
* kergoth suspects the answer is no, and thinks we probably should fix that20:06
*** ryoshu <ryoshu!~kamil@unaffiliated/ryoshu> has joined #yocto20:08
ryoshuhello! I need help with Yocto20:09
ryoshuI have got a new platform and I want to prepare a package for yocto20:09
ryoshuI have few questions20:09
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kergothHmm, I also want a script that accepts a variable name and a target, and tells me what bitbake-whatchanged would tell me if I changed this variable — what tasks will be affected by changing it20:21
kergothOh, and also, I want a script to dump variable dependency information. Along the lines of bitbake -e or bb-show, but which dumps information about what depends on what, and what would depend on something if it wasn't excluded, and what value is used (for vardepvalue)20:23
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* moto-timo gives kergoth a pony too20:26
kergothbut yeah, more stuff for the *eventually* pile.. though some of it might start to annoy me enough to write one, will see20:27
moto-timohow much of your python auto dep checking got into recipetool?20:28
kergothit's all in, works nicely if i do say so20:28
* moto-timo must try this20:28
kergothat one point i used it to check for missing rdeps in the existing recipes.. there are lots :)20:28
kergoththere it is:
kergothknew i had it somewhere20:31
kergothbe aware that in some cases it'll scan the entire source tree (e.g. if the package/module lists in are dynamic), so in those cases it'll pick up e.g. modules used in the unit tests, which obviously arent' needed for the module itself20:32
kergothso it definitely does require a certain amount of manual review20:32
kergothalso if there's a python 3 compatibility module, it'llp ick up all the imports on both sides of the conditionals, since it's doing static analysis..20:32
kergothbut for the most part it works pretty well20:32
moto-timothat is a totally exceptable situation !20:34
moto-timoI see some layer maintainance in my future :)20:35
kergoth shows an example recipe created by it. was the todo, so you can see there's still room to grow20:35
*** khem` is now known as khem[away]20:36
kergoth, specifically with as the output shows how i separated the static from dynamic setup() arguments from the ones we can get at parse time with the ast module for use in recipetool, which i thought was pretty interesting20:37
* kergoth had fun with that development task :)20:37
kergothstill not 100% happy with way it processes package_dir20:38
*** behanw <behanw!> has joined #yocto20:39
kergothi think it'd be interesting to gather OR dependencies by flattening a try/except ImportError block. since those are generally we want this module or that module or this other module20:40
kergothalso needs python 3 support added for sure at some point20:40
moto-timoah yes, python 3.... it looms20:41
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kergothnot sure how to handle that.. might just need two scripts, or split out the bits that parse the ast and make it emit json or so and have the main script use that, to split out python 2 and 3 ast parsing20:42
* kergoth shrugs20:43
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moto-timowe are certainly in a better place than we were...20:47
moto-timothank you!20:47
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pumpernickelWhen trying to build a makefile project, how do I get it to execute the commands from the externalsrc directory?22:01
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pumpernickelDo I need SRC_URI=file:// etc to make it pull all the files into a separate build directory?22:02
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