Thursday, 2015-04-02

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xulferHm trying to boot a yocto image from core-image-minimal-initramfs.  However once the boot media loads nothing seems to happen.  The yocto image I'm planning to boot has been tested to work.  Is there a script I need to modify or something to move init along?04:35
redenginxulfer, whats the last message you see?04:45
xulferkernel messages about the removable media.04:46
xulferaka the root i want04:46
xulferso i'm assuming init isn't getting handed off04:46
redengindo you see it mounting?04:48
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xulferyes.  well i believe so.  i get the ext-3 messages and what not after waiting for removable.04:50
redenginand you made the media by burning the iso?04:50
xulferno, arm booting04:51
xulferso copy initramfs into boot dir04:51
xulferthen tar into mmc04:51
redengindid you also create the root filesystem?04:52
redenginor does your initramfs contain everything?04:53
xulferno.  just the kernel from the bsp, then the rootfs has everything else04:53
xulferwas also wondering if i'm missing something04:53
xulfersince before today the rootfs WAS the initramfs04:53
nrossixulfer: the -initramfs target is generally for rootfs pivoting04:54
redenginusually the initramfs is just the bootstrapping code and then it mounts the rootfs to complete, but I've also seen people build the rootfs into the initramfs04:54
redenginunfortunately I don't know how to do that in yocot04:54
xulfernrossi, oh.  in my rootfs, or core-image-minimal-initramfs04:54
nrossixulfer: you need to have two rootfs, the core-image-minimal-initramfs and <your rootfs>04:55
xulferyeah i do04:55
xulferhowever the second doesn't seem to be starting up04:55
nrossihave you loaded the content onto the second rootfs?04:55
xulferit's on the emmc, takes up the whole thing04:56
xulferare there more details i can provide somehow?  the init screen is obviously a bit vague04:56
nrossigot the whole boot log?04:57
xulferi can get it here in a moment.  i think the everything is still the same on my device.04:58
redengincan you serial it out and paste it?04:58
xulferyeah that's the plan.  will do05:02
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xulfersorry for the delay guys.05:25
xulferon a windows machine and wasn't quite familiar with how to do this on windows.05:25
xulferthat's my boot log currently05:25
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redenginis the rootfs on mmcblk1p1 or mmcblk1p2?05:35
nrossixulfer: looks like it hasn't found the mount, see the polling here:
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xulferyeah that looks right.  i'm not sure how that's happening though.05:37
xulferis there something i need to setup in the initramfs image itself?  I just noticed it's finding both the sdcard, and the device i'm trying to use as root.05:38
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nrossihmmm i dont think the core-image-minimal-initramfs is intended for ARM05:44
xulferyeah i had to modify it.05:45
xulferbut i'm trying to accomplish similar05:45
xulferwe want a fallback image.  so the idea is to have an initramfs that could hold an http and what not supposing boot fails for firmware updates.05:45
xulferand have a writable larger rootfs05:46
nrossixulfer: ah ok so you probably intend to write your own initramfs boot scripts aways05:46
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xulferyeah I might have to.  was hoping to avoid that though. :)05:48
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xulferthe support for this board is pretty crappy so my options with this type of stuff is very limited.05:48
xulferNot from yocto.  The board manufacturer only supports an old version of ubuntu, etc, etc.  Already had to write a BSP.  It's turned into quite the money pit.05:49
nrossiit looks like if you throw the rootfs onto the partition as an img file it will mount that... it seems this is more setup for live images as opposed to switch root.05:49
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nrossihas to be called "rootfs.img"05:50
xulferhmm but that would be read only yes?05:50
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nrossinot nessecarily.... unless it mounts it ro, let me check05:50
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nrossiit mounts it rw with an additional overlayfs setup05:51
nrossiso you have and mounts05:51
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xulferahh so i have to do it by hand.05:51
xulferstuck with a 3.4 kernel05:52
nrossiit has a fallback to tmpfs05:52
xulferhm ok06:00
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andrei_I have added a recipe to include a new package into an already existent image07:53
andrei_and I get this ERROR: unixodbc not found in the base feeds (t1040rdb ppce5500 powerpc noarch any all).07:53
andrei_unixodbc is the package I added.07:53
andrei_I checked under ${WORKDIR}/image07:54
andrei_and the files look ok07:54
andrei_but I can't find the rpm07:54
andrei_any clue why?07:54
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andrei_if I put ALLOW_EMPTY_${PN} = "1" in the recipe it works08:10
andrei_but I don t have anything on my uImage08:10
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bluelightningandrei_: missing stuff in do_install perhaps?08:15
bluelightning(morning all)08:15
andrei_bluelightning: hey !08:15
andrei_     oe_runmake install DESTDIR=${D} SBINDIR=${sbindir} MANDIR=${mandir} \             INCLUDEDIR=${includedir}08:15
andrei_this is what I do in do_install08:15
bluelightningok, so then I would check ${D} (which is the "image" subdirectory under the workdir for the recipe) to see what is ending up in there08:18
bluelightningif you're not sure where the workdir is you can find that by running bitbake -e recipename | grep ^WORKDIR=08:18
andrei_I'm in my image subdir08:22
andrei_I got usr/local/bin /include /share and /lib08:22
andrei_do_install completes ok08:22
andrei_do_rootfs fails because it can't find a rpm08:22
andrei_I ll post my whole recipe08:22
andrei_ here's the dirtree in img08:24
andrei_imo, it looks ok08:24
bluelightningandrei_: /usr/local? generally you should be installing into /usr rather than /usr/local08:31
bluelightningare you receiving any warnings?08:31
bluelightning(I'd be surprised if you weren't)08:32
andrei_nope, not related to this packages. Just that it skips three other packages for which I ( intended to) leave symbols undefined08:32
andrei_this package*08:32
andrei_I didn't install it to usr/local on purpose, I assume {D} is the variable responsible for that, but how can I change it to be correct?08:33
bluelightninghave you disabled any warnings?08:34
bluelightningbecause if you are putting files in /usr/local and haven't taken steps to package that directory (and I see none in the recipe) you should have received a warning08:34
andrei_no, I didn't. It's the Freescale SDK and I haven't changed anything except of this recipe08:35
andrei_what you're saying makes sense08:35
bluelightningok, what is WARN_QA set to?08:35
bluelightningand ERROR_QA08:36
andrei_they are set in poky/meta-yocto/conf/ .. ?08:39
bluelightningwell, easiest is just to run bitbake -e | grep ^WARN_QA=08:39
andrei_ah, poky.conf08:40
andrei_found it08:40
andrei_WARN_QA = "textrel files-invalid incompatible-license xorg-driver-abi libdir \            unknown-configure-option"08:40
bluelightningthere's no guarantee that is the only place it is set/modified, hence why I suggested bitbake -e08:40
andrei_sorry, I'm kind of a yocto newbie, but you probably figured that out08:41
bluelightningno worries08:41
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andrei_$ bitbake -e | grep ^WARN_QA=08:41
andrei_WARN_QA="textrel files-invalid incompatible-license xorg-driver-abi libdir unknown-configure-option"08:41
bluelightningok, what about ERROR_QA?08:42
andrei_ERROR_QA="dev-so debug-deps dev-deps debug-files arch la2 pkgconfig la perms rpaths staticdev ldflags"08:42
bluelightningshoot whoever configured it that way, because the one warning that would have told you what's wrong here is turned off :/08:43
andrei_will do!08:44
bluelightninganyway, back to the recipe08:44
bluelightningI think what's really wrong here is you should drop your custom do_configure08:45
bluelightningthen the correct prefixes will be passed in by the default implementation from autotools.bbclass (among many other default arguments that you really need) and it should then install to /usr rather than /usr/local08:45
andrei_I tried dropping the custom do configure08:46
andrei_I get a libtoolize error08:46
andrei_that it needs to regenerate some a4.local08:46
andrei_You should recreate aclocal.m4 with macros from libtool 2.2.608:46
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bluelightningandrei_: I wonder if libtoolize --force in a do_configure_prepend() would work?08:56
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bluelightningnope, apparently not09:01
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andrei_just a sec, I'm trying without a custom config to see the exact error09:03
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andrei_Version mismatch error.  This is libtool 2.4.2, but the09:04
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andrei_| libtool: definition of this LT_INIT comes from libtool
andrei_| libtool: You should recreate aclocal.m4 with macros from libtool 2.4.2 | libtool: and run autoconf again.09:04
andrei_wouldn't  FILES_${PN} += "/usr/local" work ?09:06
bluelightningthat's not the only issue with this09:07
bluelightninghere is a patch adding a recipe that someone else wrote recently:
bluelightningexcept that doesn't work either :/09:08
joshuagltodor: around? I'm hoping to ask you about the Eclipse plugin09:11
joshuaglfirst question would be whether Luna will be supported for 1.8? :-)09:12
andrei_bluelightning: one of the reason that doesn't work is (in my case) it lacks host_alias09:16
bluelightningandrei_: this is crusty old software unfortunately :(09:19
bluelightningandrei_: there does seem to be a patch upstream to update libtool, I'm just trying to extract it09:19
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andrei_hm.FILES_${PN} += "${WORKDIR}/image/usr/local" doesn't work09:23
bluelightningdid you try oe_runconf instead of ./configure ?09:27
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andrei_no, I m going to try that now09:28
andrei_I tried something rather hackish as well. I copied * from  local to usr09:29
andrei_and still same error09:29
andrei_do_compiles fails with09:30
andrei_I get a lot of undefined references09:30
andrei_SQL related, mostly09:31
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bluelightningok, I'm giving up at this point, this software is horrifically broken09:35
andrei_well, bluelightning, thanks a lot for your help ! I appreciate it. Hopefully, if I get it working, I'll get back with a recipe09:36
bluelightningok, thanks09:37
bluelightningFYI I cloned the upstream repo with: git svn clone svn:// unixodbc-code09:38
bluelightningthey have a libtool update patch, but (a) it doesn't apply without hacking and (b) when it's fixed so that it does, the thing still doesn't build09:38
bluelightningyou might also need to inherit autotools-brokensep rather than autotools, I'm not sure09:38
bluelightningin any case, you definitely don't want to be building without the correct configure arguments09:39
andrei_I built  unixodbc  on my host and it installed succesfully09:39
bluelightningyeah, building on the host is always easier than cross-building ;)09:41
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andrei_makes sense09:42
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pevhey all10:29
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pevquick one - in a default build of yocto, the system uses it's password auth from busybox right? It looks like my build is using crypt but should really use MD5. Is there a standard yocoto mechanism to select / change this or should I just go in and hack / patch busybox directly?10:30
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andrei_I have SRC_URI = "file:///home/andrei/Downloads/unixODBC-2.3.2.tar.gz"10:47
andrei_file exists and is readable (644)10:47
andrei_recipe is built, but in my {WORKDIR}10:47
andrei_there is no source folder10:47
andrei_is there any warning to SRC_URI related that I can enable?10:47
todorjoshuagl: hello.. yes there are plans to support luna for 1.810:48
joshuagltodor: super, that's good to hear. thanks :-)10:48
joshuagltodor: will you be creating a public roadmap/schedule for future development?10:49
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todorjoshuagl: we have some new features in the pipeline, but it is a bit early for a roadmap. please keep an eye on the mailing list for the announcements10:50
joshuagltodor: OK, cool - yocto@ ? The reason I asked about a roadmap is it may make it easier for others to contribute10:51
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todorjoshuagl: i understand.. we'll try to publish a schedule soon.. Yup the ML is yocto@yoctoproject.org10:53
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joshuagltodor: great, thanks. I look forward to hearing what's planned for Eclipse support :-)10:53
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todorjoshuagl: no problem..10:56
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Lev___Hi there11:14
Lev___tmpsantos: you're maintaining crosswalk metalayer right? I have troubles building it, could you take a look?11:14
tmpsantosLev___: hi there11:15
tmpsantosLev___: I don't work for intel anymore but I could have a look11:16
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andrei_hm, sorry to get back with the same issue over and over but I simply can't understand what's happening11:33
Lev___I'm trying to compile it for the armv7 target and I get linker errrors, it seems to be using the host linker with the host -L paths... I11:34
andrei_I got this recipe which configures, compiles and installs ok11:34
andrei_but I keep getting WARNING: QA Issue: unixodbc: Files/directories were installed but not shipped11:34
andrei_how can I fix that? what's happening11:34
Lev___tmpsantos: like this: /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/4.7/ when searching for -lstdc++11:35
Lev___tmpsantos: although the compilation happens with the right compiler..11:35
Lev___tmpsantos: any clue where i have to look?11:36
bluelightningandrei_: there are files being installed, but not packaged, because they are installed to locations not matched by FILES values11:38
bluelightningandrei_: thus they can never appear in the target image11:38
andrei_why wouldn't FILES_${PN}v += "/local" work ?11:38
andrei_without the v11:39
andrei_FILES_${PN} += "/local"11:39
andrei_like this11:39
bluelightningare the files actually in /local? or /usr/local ?11:39
andrei_ usr/local11:39
bluelightningok, then that is the path you would need to add...11:40
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andrei_yeah, that worked! Thanks a lot11:41
andrei_I thought usr is where it looks, so /local was relative to usr11:41
bluelightningno, it looks at whatever is placed in ${D}11:42
andrei_I get a ERROR: QA Issue: non -staticdev package contains static .a library because I do indeed have .a11:42
bluelightningyes, that is again because of /usr/local11:42
bluelightningI appreciate you're trying to solve this in the quickest way possible, but really the least painful is to ensure you have the appropriate configure arguments passed, including the prefix11:43
andrei_I'm trying to fix it in the quickest way possible as there are people needing the library to work for other applications11:44
andrei_otherwise, I'll try to remove the /local thing, it's not intended, I sort of ended up with it11:45
*** roric <roric!> has quit IRC11:45
andrei_any reasonable way to fix the error above ?11:46
andrei_if I do bitbake -e fsl-image-core | grep ^D=11:48
andrei_I get D="mypath/tmp/work/t1040rdb-fsl-linux/fsl-image-core/1.0-r0/image"11:48
andrei_which is correct11:48
andrei_I don t get where it gets the /local from11:49
tmpsantosLev___: can you paste the error into a gist/pastebin?11:50
*** roric <roric!~roric@> has joined #yocto11:52
*** varjaaks <varjaaks!uid2629@gateway/web/> has quit IRC11:53
tmpsantosLev___: is your host also ARM? because it seems to be using the host compiler instead of the toolchain11:56
Lev___nope the host is x6411:56
Lev___yes exactly11:56
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~tlwoerner@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has quit IRC11:56
Lev___but I have no idea why11:56
Lev___all other recipes build using the cross compiler11:56
tmpsantosI remember fixing this bug here ^11:58
Lev___i have that file(it's in master), I was assuming I didn't have to do any manual steps to make it work - do I?11:59
Lev___but I'm still kinda new to bitbake and gyp, so seems I missed something...12:01
*** roric <roric!~roric@> has quit IRC12:03
andrei_bluelightning: I got it working, I post it here, not sure if it can be useful for anyone but. In any case, thank you for helping me out, it really sped things up12:25
*** e8johan <e8johan!> has quit IRC12:30
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bluelightningandrei_: no problem13:01
*** roric <roric!> has joined #yocto13:01
andrei_bluelightning:  it's incredible how many issues I can run into13:01
andrei_right now, I figured there is no .so object built at all13:01
bluelightningsome software is easy to build, some not so much13:02
andrei_and it doesn't make any sense why13:02
bluelightningyeah libtool can break like that unfortunately :(13:02
andrei_so the issue is caused by libtool ?13:02
*** neur0Fuzzy <neur0Fuzzy!> has quit IRC13:03
andrei_now it makes sense why I should have compiled it properly ...13:03
*** pev <pev!> has quit IRC13:03
*** e8johan <e8johan!> has joined #yocto13:04
*** sm0ketst <sm0ketst!c207a193@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto13:09
sm0ketsthi all13:09
*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-frbsbsfjslxyeden> has quit IRC13:11
sm0ketstis there a place where i can find FUSE libs rules?13:11
*** alimon <alimon!~alimon@> has joined #yocto13:17
bluelightningI would suggest the one from meta-filesystems13:20
sm0ketstusing dizzy now testing meta-oe and meta-filesystems with my own layers13:27
*** madisox <madisox!> has joined #yocto13:27
sm0ketstyes the one maintained by Martin Jansa13:28
sm0ketstthanks bluelightning13:28
*** madisox <madisox!> has left #yocto13:36
*** madisox <madisox!> has joined #yocto13:37
*** e8johan <e8johan!> has quit IRC13:37
sm0ketstbluelightning: my configure is complaining about ---> PKG_CHECK_MODULES(FUSE, fuse), i need to build another recipe AFAIK ??13:49
_4urele_hi again does anyone know a package named epoxy?13:49
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~tlwoerner@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto13:50
bluelightningsm0ketst: maybe it's not looking in the right place for the pc file?13:58
*** AndersD <AndersD!> has quit IRC14:00
andrei_bluelightning: what do you think is the most reasonable approach to getting that unixodbc recipe to work? Can yocto work with libtool 2.2.6 ? Cheers!14:01
bluelightningandrei_: fix unixodbc so it correctly builds with the libtool we are using (which is pretty much the latest)14:02
andrei_they don't have an IRC channel and I doubt they offer any support, but I'll try, thanks!14:02
bluelightningthe thing is they already have a patch upstream that's supposed to do the fix, it just apparently isn't quite working14:03
jku_4urele_: I was just packaging epoxy -- last gtk requires it14:07
_4urele_jku, :) i'm trying also... but i'm facing an issue at install14:08
sm0ketstbluelightning: i think it is ok. Im able to build the fuse pkg from bitbake since no other recipe depends on it. but if i add a dependency (my actual recibe/library) then bb fails with the do_configure. I dont know well the whole process yet. But apparently to build the lib i need to have support for FUSE when doing the configure for that particula lib.14:08
sm0ketstbluelightning: I've tried to build the library natively and ./configure works... but im not able from bb14:09
jku_4urele_: I'm not an expert but try something like this
bluelightningsm0ketst: right, I got that14:12
bluelightningsm0ketst: if you have fuse in DEPENDS of your recipe, there can be only two reasons it is failing - either the fuse recipe is not installing the pc file, or the software your recipe is building is not looking in the correct location14:13
bluelightningi.e. under the sysroot14:13
*** jku <jku!jku@nat/intel/x-vtnwxjrelwqcibce> has quit IRC14:14
_4urele_jku, i'm not an expert too, but it seems to work, thanks a lot! now I'm facing an error due to missing libx11.14:15
sm0ketstbluelightning: going to check, thanks indeed14:17
*** Lev___ <Lev___!d907a00a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC14:21
bluelightningsm0ketst: FWIW I just checked here, it does install a pc file14:21
bluelightningsm0ketst: you can verify this by looking in PKG_CONFIG_DIR which you can query by running: bitbake -e | grep PKG_CONFIG_DIR=14:23
bluelightningthere should be a fuse.pc in there14:23
sm0ketstbluelightning: yes, it is there14:26
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto14:26
*** rrvic_ <rrvic_!~rrvic@> has quit IRC14:27
sm0ketstbluelightning: maybe i sould define my own do_configure in the .bb instead of use the default one14:28
bluelightningsm0ketst: I wouldn't advise that, no14:28
bluelightningsm0ketst: the next step would be to look at log.do_configure and config.log to see what kind of test it is actually doing14:28
sm0ketstbluelightning: i need also to give ./configure specific options so actually I'm using EXTRA_OECONF to give the -- options14:29
bluelightningsm0ketst: sure, EXTRA_OECONF is the way to do that14:29
sm0ketstbluelightning: thanks going to check deeper14:30
bluelightningfor autotools/cmake recipes, overriding do_configure is a last resort14:30
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has quit IRC14:32
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joshuagltodor: btw you're not the default assignee for Eclipse bugs in bugzilla.yoctoproject.org14:48
joshuaglyou probably havne't seen the half a dozen or so I filed yesterday, then14:48
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has joined #yocto14:49
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bluelightningjoshuagl: they just got reassigned :) I've asked Stephen to get the default assignee changed15:14
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has quit IRC15:16
*** ddom <ddom!> has quit IRC15:17
todorjoshuagl: all bugs were just assigned to me..15:18
*** chankit1 <chankit1!~oneam@> has quit IRC15:21
joshuaglbluelightning: todor: yup, I just got the change notifications from BZ :-)15:24
joshuaglvery efficient15:25
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scottrifhalstead: ping15:36
*** chankit1 <chankit1!~oneam@> has joined #yocto15:36
halsteadscottrif: I'm around in 20 minutes.15:38
scottrifthanks.. I am in the office also and can't publish docs to my SSH area.15:38
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*** bluelightning_ is now known as bluelightning16:01
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kergoththis makes absolutely no sense. i have two vms. each vm has a centos6 chroot. both are doing bitbake builds in that chroot. did a build on one, copied the sstate to the other, and it's building from scratch instead of using the sstates it has. when it builds from scratch, the created sstates have the same filenames as the existing ones had — that is, the signatures didn't change16:08
kergothand i don't see anything in the logs about a failure to extract or use those sstates16:08
* kergoth digs16:08
*** BCMM <BCMM!~BCMM@unaffiliated/bcmm> has joined #yocto16:10
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bluelightningkergoth: same NATIVELSBSTRING I assume?16:12
halsteadscottrif: what's up?16:14
*** realBigfoot <realBigfoot!~realBigfo@> has joined #yocto16:16
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khem`any ideas if we can do an image inside initramfs image sort of thing easily16:36
*** kido <kido!~kido@unaffiliated/kido> has joined #yocto16:37
rink_khem`, fwiw, I just use loopback mount for a image file16:37
rink_but its not inside initramfs16:37
khem`rink_: its about building it16:37
rink_oh, no idea there - I build mine externally16:38
khem`if we can have it expressed in dependencies for OE16:38
kergothbluelightning: yep16:39
bluelightninghmm, strange16:39
kergothinterestingly, the sstate tarball and siginfo are both present, but when i build, the sstate_checkhashes function says the siginfo isn't there, and then both get rewritten out when it bulids from scratch. checked the exact path/filename — it was present before the build, afaict16:40
kergothit's like it's removing it, then complaining it can't find it, marking it as missing, and trying to fetch it?16:40
* kergoth is confused16:40
* kergoth gets more caffeine16:40
*** jbrianceau is now known as jbrianceau_away16:41
* kergoth wipes tmp and tries again, this time seeing if it can use the sstate it just emitted.. and then will compare the two sstate caches16:42
*** Cardoe <Cardoe!~Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe> has joined #yocto16:44
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*** halstead <halstead!> has joined #yocto16:53
kergothhow did i get into this situation?16:54
kergothrm -rf tmp; bitbake -c populate_sysroot quilt-native; # builds from scratch. do it again, builds from scratch again. SSTATE_DIR is relative to ${COREBASE}/../, outside of tmp16:55
kergoth-S printdiff says the changes start at quilt-native:do_fetch, but no details16:55
*** cgkades <cgkades!~Adium@unaffiliated/cgkades> has quit IRC16:57
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nerdboy  <=  NMA in the morning?16:59
*** awe00 <awe00!> has quit IRC16:59
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bluelightningkergoth: kind of sounds like something is wrong at the fetching end of things17:02
*** dlerner <dlerner!> has joined #yocto17:11
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kergothif i define SSTATE_DIR, it works, if i defined SSTATE_DIR_forcevariable, it doesn't. i suspect part of the sstate code is working with finalized data, and part of it is not17:57
* kergoth digs further17:57
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p1rais there a python3 recipe that actually works? Many of the packages listed by 'bitbake -e python3  | grep ^PACKAGES= ' are missing18:43
*** armpit <armpit!~akuster@2601:c:a700:3ba7:957f:ec67:f3ef:46c3> has quit IRC18:44
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*** mkaras <mkaras!60eda51c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto19:01
mkarasHow do I install a custom python package in yocto?  I've tried looking up google but nothing comes up.  On my non-target machine I just do pip install <package-folder>.  What do I put in my bb file?19:04
*** awe00 <awe00!~awe00@> has joined #yocto19:04
realBigfootis there a way to force fetch master repo of a recipe ?19:07
realBigfootsomething like bitbake image -c do_fetch -f19:08
kergothwhat do you mean by 'master repo'?19:08
kergothRP: I just had an idea for a prototype, opt-in bitbake feature on the walk up to the coffee shop: block access to variables which bitbake doesn't know about as dependencies. E.g. if we expand a variable that calls a function that does a getvar on a dynamically produced variable name, and we forgot to add it to vardeps, *break*. It probably wouldn't even be that horribly difficult to pull off, though there'd be definite performance implications.19:09
realBigfootkergoth, i got a software that we are developing and the HEAD of the master repository is always changing, i'd like to see if there is a way to force do_fetch to make sure that we are getting the current code...19:10
kergothrealBigfoot: set SRCREV = "${AUTOREV}" and call it a day19:10
kergothit'll follow the tip of the branch the url is set to19:10
kergothd = DictAccessWrapper(d, <vardeps of the current variable>) or so might work as a prototype19:11
* kergoth ponders19:11
realBigfootkergoth, will ${AUTOREV} always verify if the repository has changed ?19:11
kergothif you add SRCPV to PV, then yes19:11
kergothit'll figure out the srcrev at parse time in that case, and fetch and all the rest will be rerun every time it changes19:12
realBigfootnice :)19:12
realBigfoothow do I add SRCPV to PV?19:12
kergothgrep the metadata for SRCPV and see some examples19:12
kergothit includes an autoincrementing number (to handle package upgrades) and the commit hash19:12
kergotheach time srcrev changes, that number will get bumped19:13
realBigfootkergoth, this is nice19:13
realBigfootreally nice19:13
kergothit's quite common to have one recipe that's locked down, and then a floating recipe that tracks the branch for devleopment, and set PREFERRED_VERSION when you want the floating one19:14
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~tlwoerner@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has quit IRC19:14
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*** msm`` <msm``!> has joined #yocto19:21
kergothand naturally i can't reproduce my sstate_dir + overrides problem..19:23
*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@2001:8b0:258:7d7a:2ad2:44ff:fe40:9209> has joined #yocto19:23
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*** bluelightning <bluelightning!~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning> has joined #yocto19:23
kergothor rather, i can, but not in a new isolated environment..19:24
*** msm` <msm`!> has quit IRC19:24
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nerdboywhat was the toaster init thing prior to a build again?19:38
* nerdboy had not seen that before19:38
*** stavrosv <stavrosv!> has joined #yocto19:41
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kergothEvery time I think I've nailed this down, it turns out I'm wrong20:08
kergothI hate bugs like that20:08
kergothI think it may be a moving target :)20:09
* kergoth sighs and keeps digging20:09
*** benjamirc <benjamirc!~besquive@> has quit IRC20:19
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* nerdboy puts $10 on kergoth 20:24
kergothah, my initial thoughts may be correct, just i had remnant previous state between tests. i'd switch my config from working to brokena nd have it break, but switch back, and have it not start working again :)20:25
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has quit IRC20:27
*** sjolley <sjolley!~sjolley@> has joined #yocto20:28
kergothokay, if i properly clear out *both* sstate_dirs (both the original and override value) between tests, it does look like it's the use of the override to define SSTATE_DIR is my problem. i think sstate_checkhashes or one of those is looking at the non-override sstate dir and making decisions based on that, but then the actual used sstate is the other, and the mismatch between the two can exhibit multiple behaviors depending on whether 1) it thinks its20:33
kergoth there but it isn't, or 2) it thinks it isn't there but it is. whew, i should have realized that. silly mistake in constructing the tests20:33
kergoththen combine that with available sstate mirrors, and who knows when i'd get sstate used. it'd fetch sstates when it already had them, etc20:34
* kergoth checks bitbake code to confirm the theory20:34
*** tlwoerner_ <tlwoerner_!~tlwoerner@unaffiliated/tlwoerner> has joined #yocto20:35
kergother.. bitbake wrote siginfo for tasks of the non-native quilt, even though all i'm building is -c populate_sysroot quilt-native..20:51
kergothwhat the hell?20:51
kergothah, it wrote fetch/unpack/patch siginfo for the target recipe even thoguh i wasn't building it, and didn't write out fetch/unpack/patch siginfo for the native recipe at all20:53
kergoththat explains why i end up with so many builds where -S printdiff can't track down anything for fetch/unpack deltas..20:53
*** fusman <fusman!~fahad@> has joined #yocto20:55
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kergothso that's two bitbake bugs i found today.. one of those days, i guess :)20:57
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*** varibull <varibull!> has joined #yocto20:59
bluelightningkergoth: good catch(es)21:03
bluelightningkergoth: it would be worth filing bugs, we're right on the edge of a release21:03
bluelightningi.e. it sounds like it might be serious enough to delay it21:03
kergothconfirmed, the runqueue is using, not self.cooker.expanded_data, so it's not safe to use overrides with the sstate variables used by any of the sstate callbacks21:03
kergothnot sure if anyone else cares about being able to use overrides with SSTATE_DIR and the other sstate variables, though ther eprobably is value in being able to _append to e.g. SSTATE_MIRRORS safely21:04
kergoththe siginfo emission issue is definitely concerning, not having the info we need to diagnose an sstate reuse problem21:04
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* kergoth sets up a test case to see if this is the cause of his useless printdiffs21:15
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kergoth - for the curious. still digging21:41
yoctiBug 7563: normal, Undecided, ---, richard.purdie, NEW , bitbake: printdiff looks for siginfo in incorrect locations for some tasks21:41
kergothseems sstatesig should be picking them up in the non-native paths, but isn't for some reason21:42
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* kergoth preps the fix and looks into the other issue22:21
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