Tuesday, 2015-04-28

agherzankergoth: is there any document where i can see the package versions on different yocto releases?00:01
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kergothyes, the release notes00:02
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kergothsee the updates tab at https://www.yoctoproject.org/downloads/core/fido1800:03
kergoth* automake: upgrade to 1.1500:03
agherzankergoth: thanks00:04
agherzankergoth: i managed to hack a fix00:04
agherzanremoving AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR from .ac00:04
agherzandoes it ring a bell?00:04
kergoththere's nothing wrong with use of AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR00:05
kergothi've used it myself00:06
* kergoth shrugs00:06
agherzanwell - removing that made it compile again00:06
agherzanso somebody else i think adds this macro too00:06
agherzanbecause in configure i end up with two blocks for finding install.sh00:07
agherzanand this package defines it only once in the .ac file00:08
agherzanso there must be a conflict in build system00:08
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imx6the linux-imx linux kernel in yocto for freescale imx6 does not seem to have support to build dm-crypt kernel module ... atleast I do not see it in defconfig for the kernel ...does anybody knows if there is a patch to enable it00:47
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imx6I have log out now..If anybody knows the answer to "how to enable dm-crypt in imx6 linux kernel" please post it here ..thanks00:58
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Marexotavio: you're doing crappy job and people are complaining ;-)01:27
Marexotavio: see above :b01:27
Marexto add the dm-crypt, you need to tweak the kernel config01:28
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imx6Marex : thank you for the reply. I do realize I need to change config02:30
imx6I believe I have to do CONFIG_DM_CRYPTO=y02:31
imx6however I do not see that config line02:31
imx6do I have to add it02:31
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Mareximx6: that's possible, yes02:42
Mareximx6: it's well possible that those kernel configs are the reduced forms, which do not define all of the config options, but just the differences02:42
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #298 of nightly is complete: Failure [failed] Build details are at http://autobuilder.yoctoproject.org/main/builders/nightly/builds/29803:18
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miandonmenmianhow can I make the systemd startup log colorized?06:01
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darkspikeHi All07:01
darkspikeis there a difference in behaviour if i put this line DISTRO_FEATURES_remove = "x11 directfb" in local.conf versus if i put the line in an core-image-XXX.bb file ?07:03
LetoThe2nddarkspike: there is: it will work in the .conf file, it won't work in the .bb file :)07:03
LetoThe2nddarkspike: reason: variables that are set in a .bb file are only visible during build steps related tho that particular recipe. which is certainly not what you want for DISTRO_FEATURES07:04
darkspikeLetoThe2nd: ahaaa... ok, thanks ! :)07:05
LetoThe2nddarkspike: for things like that, better derive your own distro.conf. poky-bleeding is a good example, and then use that for your builds.07:06
LetoThe2ndlocal.conf is not really what you want for being able to reproduce stuff reliably.07:07
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mckoangood morning07:13
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bluelightningmorning all08:13
ericbuttershi.. doing a "if [ -a ..] inside do_unpack rises error: [: -a: unexpected operator08:13
bluelightningericbutters: do_unpack is a python function08:16
ericbuttersoh, thanks!08:16
ericbuttersbluelightning: how can i call a function (bash or phyton) from the do_unpack?08:19
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bluelightningericbutters: bb.build.exec_func()08:24
bluelightningericbutters: git grep for examples08:24
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darkspikeHi All !... i have IMAGE_INSTALL_append = "pack1" in the .bb file and IMAGE_INSTALL_remove = "pack1" in the .bbappend file. This does not seem to remove pack1.. What am i doing wrong ?08:45
bluelightningdarkspike: is there a leading space in the _appended value?08:47
ericbuttersbluelightning: could you pls see here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/08:47
bluelightningericbutters: I'll need the correct URL...08:47
darkspikebluelightning: yes there is :(08:48
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LetoThe2nddarkspike: with bitbake -e $YOURIMAGERECIPE you should get a list of all operations on IMAGE_INSTALL (grep for it)08:48
LetoThe2nddarkspike: maybe you can see where it goes astray there.08:48
LetoThe2nddarkspike: and, _remove is only there since dora (10.0) BTW08:49
bluelightningericbutters: erm... hmm... maybe that earlier error wasn't assuming it's a python function08:49
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bluelightningericbutters: right... your problem originally was -a is not a unary operator and you were attempting to use it as one - maybe you didn't mean -a ?08:51
darkspikeLetoThe2nd: i am trying to correct an error with the _remove, so bitbake -e is not working for me at this point08:51
darkspikeLetoThe2nd: can debug the assignments of the IMAGE_INSTALL some other way ?08:52
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LetoThe2nddarkspike: well of course, if the recipes don't even parse... hm08:52
LetoThe2nddarkspike: what about IMAGE_INSTALL += "my_funny_package"08:52
bluelightningdarkspike: what error are you attempting to correct exactly?08:52
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darkspikebluelightning: ERROR: Nothing RPROVIDES 'xserver-xorg-module-libwfb'08:53
bluelightningdarkspike: and that's definitely being added directly to IMAGE_INSTALL, and not coming in as a dependency of something else?08:54
darkspikeif i remove xserver-xorg-module-libwfb line from the .bb file it works, but i don't want to remove the line because the layer is not mine...08:54
darkspikeit is not a dependency of something else 'cause if i remove it from the .bb file it is not complaining any more about it08:55
bluelightningmy suggestion here would be to simply create your own image recipe08:55
bluelightninglogically the _remove should work but there are probably operation order issues getting in the way08:56
darkspikeyes... can i somehow see the operation order somehow ?...08:57
bluelightningnot in this situation, no08:57
bluelightningthere's a bug open for bitbake -e being blocked in this situation, FWIW08:57
bluelightningimage recipes are usually so trivial that there's not much gain in trying to build on an existing recipe08:57
darkspikeok, thanks !.. i'll dig on :)08:57
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ncgsHi. I have a little problem. I am trying to build fsl-image-multimedia-full without X11 support, but with gst plugins, but in fido it fails because gstreamer1.0-plugins-good-cairo requires some X packages like libxdmcp6. How can I fix it? (in dizzy all was good(09:15
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ericbuttersbluelightning: using "-e" works09:21
ericbuttersbluelightning: how to checkout a single file from svn using SRC_URI? lets say i got svn setup like http://paste.ubuntu.com/10923152/ and i want to checkout targetfs-ericbutters.tgz ??09:28
bluelightningncgs: the recipe looks like it has the correct dependencies set, so I can only assume an erroneous dependency exists within the cairo plugin09:29
bluelightningncgs: if you don't need the cairo plugin you could disable that by setting PACKAGECONFIG for the recipe such that it does not contain "cairo"09:30
robertzHi guys. I'm having a problem with building ruby-native 2.2.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 x86_64 using release 'fido'. Problem log is here: http://pastebin.com/wwrEia7w09:30
bluelightningericbutters: I really don't know, does subversion even support that itself?09:30
robertzCan anybody with the same or similar setup give a "bitbake ruby-native" to test if it's only me, or it's a common problem?09:31
ericbuttersbluelightning: good point09:31
bluelightningericbutters: ultimately we just call subversion, so if not, we can't support it either09:32
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bluelightningrobertz: not positive but it kind of looks like dtrace is being half-enabled - do you perhaps have some part of dtrace installed on your host system?09:35
robertzbluelightning: no 'dtrace' command installed. Should I check something else?09:39
robertz(haven't tried to install dtrace explicitly either)09:41
bluelightningI'm not sure, you'd have to look at how ruby checks to see if it should enable this functionality09:42
bluelightningmy knowledge of ruby and its build system is practically nonexistent09:42
bluelightningbut it would presumably be something it would be checking within do_configure09:43
robertzbluelightning: yeah, looking right now. It looks something about dtrace is there. Thanks for the precious hint, will let you know09:44
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robertzrobertz: wohooo. Adding "--disable-dtrace" in the recipe fixed it for me. I'll report it to Armin Kuster to fix it. Thank you bluelightning, you're again the Yocto hero!10:03
bluelightningrobertz: glad to be able to help :)10:03
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CromFrIs it possible to customize the generated hddimg without manually re-generating it using wic?10:05
bluelightningCromFr: what kind of customisation were you thinking of10:07
CromFr(by customizing I mean partition type, size, etc...10:07
bluelightningI'm afraid not... that's really what wic is designed to do10:07
CromFris there a way to automate it?10:07
bluelightningnot at the moment, but there has been some discussion about it10:08
CromFrok thx10:08
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lpappbluelightning: can we backport this fix to the daisy branch? http://ftp.arm.linux.org.uk/cgit/linux-arm.git/commit/?h=for-next&id=7fc150543c73de71859631c8a6b17e3067fe761710:09
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lpappwhich means updating the compiler ^_^10:10
bluelightninglpapp: er, that's not a fix, that's immediate build breakage ;)10:10
lpappthe kernel daisy is using is buggy10:10
lpappthe daisy branch*10:10
lpappeh, gcc, I mean.10:10
bluelightningwell, we'd need the compiler fixed, that would be the correct way to address this10:11
lpapplooks like a really bad choice to have been taken for me.10:11
bluelightninghaving said that I can only assume that people have been successful in building kernels using the version of gcc in daisy; so how does your situation differ?10:12
lpapparm kernel?10:13
lpappare you sure?10:13
lpappit is a subtle bug.10:13
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lpappI do not yet know whether it fixes my issue10:13
lpappbut it is nasty anyway10:13
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lpappI could not test it yet since I really do not know the gcc fix for this ...10:13
lpappand I really cannot find binaries from Linaro for 4.8.X10:13
lpapponly for 4.9.X, et al.10:13
lpappand I really did not want to go that far from 4.7 which is what dylan used to have.10:14
lpappbluelightning: https://gcc.gnu.org/viewcvs/gcc/branches/gcc-4_8-branch/gcc/config/arm/arm.c?r1=204665&r2=204664&pathrev=20466510:15
lpappit would be nice to backport that ASAP10:15
lpappit is a very important fix, I would deem.10:15
lpappit would be really strange to leave it out ...10:16
bluelightningI get an error if I click on that link10:18
lpapphmm, it seems that it is already integrated10:19
lpappbluelightning: I am tempted to give a go to dizzy...10:25
lpappthat has 4.9, right?10:25
lpappand skip daisy... we really wanted something more stable than daisy, but all the pain that went to it is getting outweighted by just using dizzy.10:25
lpappat least, it would be quick enough to try.10:25
lpapp(hopefully, still need to read the migration from daisy to dizzy)10:26
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bluelightninglpapp: dizzy has both 4.8 and 4.910:32
bluelightningmuch as I applaud your upgrading, if the problem is not in gcc you may still suffer the same problem10:33
*** Sput <Sput!~sputnick@quassel/developer/sput> has quit IRC10:34
lpappyes, I checked the source that it had recipes for both10:34
miandonmenmianwhat is the proper way to override another recipe? * base-files is creating a file that i want to override on a layer10:35
lpappbut when I issue bitbake myimage, which one will it use by default?10:35
lpappI do not know which is the preferred, I should grep, I think ...10:35
lpappmiandonmenmian: .bbappend10:35
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has quit IRC10:35
miandonmenmiani was thinking to tell my recipe to delete the file on do_install then put the other file. but not sure..10:35
lpappor if it is too complex, ship your own10:35
lpappas far as base-files goes, we ship our own as a complete replacement10:36
miandonmenmianoh, interesting, thanks lpapp10:36
lpappbut it is not ideal10:36
miandonmenmianwill try10:36
miandonmenmiannot ideal to ship your own ?10:36
lpappbluelightning: yes, I agree, but "What could go wrong?" hah.10:36
*** Sput <Sput!~sputnick@quassel/developer/sput> has joined #yocto10:36
miandonmenmian.bbappend needs the same name as previous package?10:37
lpappjoke aside, I would have no other tip than the compiler as the kernel is verbatim and we figured that bitbake has not changed the rules recipes are parsed, etc.10:37
lpappmiandonmenmian: yeah10:37
lpapprecipe, not package, but yeah.10:37
lpappbluelightning: so do you know off-hand the default preferred version?10:38
miandonmenmianwhat is /etc folder called on bitbake? or how can i find names for these directories on bitbake?10:38
lpappcheck existing recipes, please.10:38
lpappbut it is ${sysconfdir}10:39
bluelightninglpapp: 4.9 it would appear10:39
miandonmenmianthanks lpapp10:39
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*** mago_ <mago_!~mago@> has joined #yocto10:44
lpappbluelightning: thanks, I also concluded that10:49
lpappbluelightning: good that the minimum git version for dizzy is satisfied by lenny.10:50
lpapp(debian lenny, thati s)10:50
lpappthat is*10:50
*** JaMa <JaMa!~martin@ip-86-49-34-37.net.upcbroadband.cz> has joined #yocto10:54
bluelightningeven if it were not, buildtools would provide it...10:54
lpappyeah, but I like simplicity ^_^10:56
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lpappbluelightning: hmm, I am facing the first daisy to dizzy update issues11:41
lpappbluelightning: https://paste.kde.org/puiu1thbt11:42
lpappagain some scope changed similarly to "which" in daisy?11:42
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lpappException: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'contains'11:59
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bluelightninglpapp: sigh... nobody noted that oe.utils.contains() was replaced by bb.utils.contains()12:05
lpappI am doing a clean build to see if I can reproduce it.12:07
lpappperhaps I had some stray files around.12:07
bluelightningunless one of those "stray" files was systemd_211.bb, that won't fix it12:08
boucmanis it normal that meta/recipes-core/initrdscripts/files/init-install-efi.sh does not contain any call to grub-install ? I don't understand grub/efi to answer that myself but it seems weird...12:14
boucmanand installing the live image on an EFI machine works... strangely for me12:15
*** vmeson <vmeson!~rmacleod@> has joined #yocto12:23
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JEEBsvhmm, so even if you set -r -b -k -n wic will still call bitbake internally?12:36
* JEEBsv is trying to add image creation into a bbclass12:36
*** patrickz1 <patrickz1!~Thunderbi@> has joined #yocto12:39
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boucmanJEEBsv: if you get it working, i'd be interested on how you did it...12:43
boucmanthe only way I could find was to modify the install scripts of the live image, but that only works when installing from the live image (which is enough for my use-case)12:44
jkuI was trying to do this in a recipe to package a udev rule and helper:12:44
jkuUDEVDIR = "`pkg-config --variable=udevdir udev`12:44
jkuEXTRA_OECONF = "--with-udev-dir=${UDEVDIR}"12:44
jkuFILES_${PN} += "${UDEVDIR}/"12:44
jkubut apparently the shell expansion won't work with FILES_${PN} ?12:44
*** yoctouser1 <yoctouser1!d5e9681f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has joined #yocto12:45
JEEBsvboucman: well if your need is to just have a proper image created then you have boot-directdisk.bbclass12:45
JEEBsvwhich is IIRC currently hardcoded to ext2 I think?12:46
JEEBsvbut in general possibly does what you want12:46
yoctouser1Hello. I'm getting a segmentation fault with wvdial. I have ran gdb on it and it seem that the crash is in libcrypto.so. Can anyone take a look at this please? http://pastebin.com/WfkMCZXf12:47
yoctouser1I'm running on master branch, arch arm, tune cortexa9.12:47
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boucmanJEEBsv: my need was to change the default partitionning, have a separate data partition12:52
lpappbluelightning: it seems that it built fine with a fresh rebuild. That is why I like fresh builds.12:52
boucmanchanging the install script was the easiest way12:52
yoctouser1Sorry for the noise. I have captured the wrong thing.12:54
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*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-dvhztmzvlpdivxtj> has joined #yocto13:02
bluelightninglpapp: unless your fresh build removed that bb file, your problem is still there somewhere13:03
lpappbluelightning: I would not know!13:03
lpappbut it did, yes13:03
*** Sput <Sput!~sputnick@quassel/developer/sput> has joined #yocto13:04
lpappby fresh rebuild, I mean removing meta scripts bitbake and recopying them13:04
bluelightninglpapp: you can easily find it by grepping ...13:04
lpappprevious I was overriding; that may have caused the issue.13:04
lpappsince that does not remove old files.13:04
lpappbut this time I did make sure that old content is destroyed.13:04
lpappin other words: pebkac.13:04
bluelightningok, well, that would explain the difference13:04
bluelightningthat's more than what a "fresh rebuild" would imply13:05
*** yoctouser1 <yoctouser1!d5e9681f@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:05
JEEBsvboucman: well you'd have to modify things for that in any case, just saying that there is some stuff that is already creating partitions that you could possibly base upon13:05
JEEBsvthe only issue is if you want to use wic13:05
lpappbluelightning: absolutely.13:06
boucmanJEEBsv: wic is a weird one... it is documented as the way to do what I wanted to do,but it's a separated tool from yocto i.e no recipe I could find use it. you need to use it "after the fact" on a pregenerated image13:11
boucmannot sure if that's how it's meant to be used or it's just that nobody has written/mainlined a recipe based on it...13:11
JEEBsvI think it was mentioned that there were some discussions regarding using wic in some bbclass/bb13:12
JEEBsvand that's what I was trying to do, finding out that wic depends on bitbake output13:12
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*** belen <belen!Adium@nat/intel/x-xkgzzjdafotrqgsb> has joined #yocto13:13
lpappbluelightning: unfortunately, it would not boot with 4.9 either.13:13
*** tsramos_ <tsramos_!~tsramos@> has joined #yocto13:16
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bluelightninglpapp: I did warn you...13:18
lpappbluelightning: well, it was worthwhile trying13:18
lpappbut this means I am pretty clueless as to why it does not work with two new gcc versions .... obviously, an unfixed bug would explain it, but I just cannot spot what exactly would fall apart ...13:19
*** mimetonbo <mimetonbo!ca5311d2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.> has quit IRC13:19
bluelightninglpapp: to me that suggests that the problem may be in the kernel rather than gcc13:27
lpappbluelightning: that is also an option.13:29
lpappbluelightning: I wonder whether it is worth trying with Linaro's binary toolchain13:32
lpappdownloadable from their site, without Yocto13:33
lpappjust to make sure this is not really a Yocto issue13:33
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Marexbluelightning: Hi!13:55
Marexbluelightning: it's been a while, I hope you're doing well :)13:55
bluelightninghi Marex13:56
bluelightningindeed :) yes I'm doing well thanks, hope you can say the same?13:57
Marexbluelightning: yep :)13:57
Marexbluelightning: very fine, thanks :)13:57
Marexbluelightning: I am struggling with the inheritance though13:58
Marexbluelightning: is there some way I can check if Yocto bbclass exists at all ? If so, I'd like to return the name of the class, otherwise an empty string like you suggested13:58
bluelightningMarex: not really no, but that wouldn't really be the right way to do this13:59
Marexthat'd solve my problem in an elegant way and finally let me get the fitImage upstream13:59
Marexbluelightning: well, I don't quite want to steal your time on this, but a couple of hints would be really nice ;-)13:59
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*** belen1 <belen1!~Adium@> has joined #yocto14:01
bluelightningMarex: you want a function that returns the appropriate class name if KERNEL_IMAGETYPE contains the appropriate value, and "" if not14:01
Marexbluelightning: the problem I'm look at is that if KERNEL_IMAGENAME is either fitImage or uImage, I want to inherit kernel-uimage or kernel-fitimage , otherwise I want to inherit nothing14:02
*** AndersD <AndersD!~anders@213-64-219-84-no126.business.telia.com> has quit IRC14:02
bluelightningMarex: ok, then write a simple python function that returns the appropriate class or empty string :)14:02
Marexbut I don't want to explicitly encode the "fitimage" and "uimage" string into kernel.bbclass to make this process automated, so that whoever adds another image type doesn't have to modify kernel.bbclass again14:02
bluelightningah, I see, well that does complicate matters14:03
Marexbluelightning: would you rather suggest I go for the "simple" solution and encode the image names ?14:03
Marexbluelightning: maybe the KISS principe would work here just fine14:04
*** zerus <zerus!~epetmab@81-229-90-163-no67.tbcn.telia.com> has joined #yocto14:04
bluelightningwell, I don't personally object to that but others may, I'm not sure14:04
MarexI can imagine checking for bbclass existance would be rather nasty due to the layers and such14:05
bluelightningzeddii: any opinions? (a link to the thread with a very small amount of context: http://lists.openembedded.org/pipermail/openembedded-core/2015-April/104233.html )14:05
bluelightningMarex: that's possible but I don't think it's something we'd want to start doing, since it's not a mechanism we have elsewhere so it wouldn't be necessarily expected behaviour14:06
Marexcorrect, I combed through the tree to see if someone else is doing it, but I didn't fine anything like it14:06
MarexI was surprised that Yocto doesn't have some kind of variable which contains all class names it has in the tree14:07
MarexI think there was this __inherit_cache, but I doubt that's what I want14:07
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* zeddii reads14:17
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zeddiibluelightning, Marex: I'm still back to my question in the original thread. Outside of making the bbclass smaller, what is the technical gain from splitting the image support into named classes ?14:25
*** egavin <egavin!~egavin@43.Red-2-139-180.staticIP.rima-tde.net> has joined #yocto14:27
fray_zeddii, should be a bit faster since the parsing in bitbake has less to parse if you only load the smaller classes14:30
*** fray_ is now known as fray14:31
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bluelightningzeddii: I don't remember I'm afraid, I've really only been on the periphery of the discussion14:36
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Marexzeddii: the reason for splitting is so that I can add fitImage support14:40
*** ant_work <ant_work!~ant__@host222-188-static.61-79-b.business.telecomitalia.it> has joined #yocto14:41
Marexzeddii: the fitImage support adds a new .bbclass which is a bit heftier than uImage, so I dont want to put it into kernel.bbclass14:41
Marexthat'd be confusing and would make kernel.bbclass into a nasty chaos14:41
zeddiiI work better with patches. Is there a series I can look at to see the scope ?14:41
*** shinobi <shinobi!~shinobi@> has quit IRC14:42
zeddiibut the same issues are still there, we need the existing layers to not break.14:42
*** behanw <behanw!~behanw@64-79-116-77.static.wiline.com> has quit IRC14:44
Marexzeddii: there is, but I reworked the series so that it won't break existing layers, I might as well repost it14:44
Marexzeddii: can you PM me your email address so I can put you on Cc please ?14:44
Marexzeddii: OK, I will perform one more test build and post it then14:45
Marexzeddii: thanks!14:45
Marexbluelightning: thanks !14:45
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kergothAny objections to passing the do_package_qa CachedPath instance into the QAPATHTEST calls? seems silly not to, when we already have an instance, and some of the functions do end up doing os.stat or os.path.exists14:58
kergothso tired this morning14:59
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ant_workzeddii: I promise I'll send you soon some text about initramfs-nightmare ;)15:18
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto15:18
zeddiiant_work, cool. I'm documenting and re-working where appropriate for the yocto 1.9 release.15:19
ant_workzeddii: atm the original how-to has been lost in internet meanders...15:20
ant_workactually the hosting site is down :/15:21
ant_workkeyword was "linux-yocto-tiny as base for the creation of a kernel with embedded initramfs-kexecboot"15:24
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lpappI do not get how I can manually unpack this file generated by yocto: git2_git.kernel.org.pub.scm.linux.kernel.git.stable.linux-stable.git.tar.gz15:29
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Marexzeddii: patches are out16:38
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DS_Can anyone help me understand why I can't add the avahi package to my image? I get this error: " * opkg_install_cmd: Cannot install package avahi.". When looking at the logs, the opkg-cl command fails with code 255, and later when installing packages on root, it says "Unknown package 'avahi'."16:46
DS_There is a recipe for avahi and it seems to be working correctly. I can't understand why it couldn't add it to the image16:47
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bluelightningDS_: with the way that recipe is packaged, there is no package produced called "avahi"16:54
bluelightningDS_: there is however avahi-daemon and various other packages16:55
bluelightningI'm guessing you probably want avahi-daemon16:55
*** abel <abel!~abel@> has joined #yocto16:56
DS_bluelightning Yes, I want avahi-daemon. I don't understand how this packaging thing works, so I'd appreciate if you could explain it to me. What happens when I add only the "avahi" package? There is a recipe for it, so I assumed it would generate a package.16:56
bluelightningDS_: typically recipes have ${PN} in their PACKAGES value, where ${PN} evaluates to the recipe name, thus it is expected that they produce a package named the same as the recipe16:58
bluelightningthe avahi recipe is somewhat special, it does have ${PN} in PACKAGES but the ${PN} package ends up empty and thus isn't actually produced, leading to the error you received16:59
bluelightningmost recipes do not work this way however16:59
DS_Got it. Indeed it seems to be a special behavior. Thanks for the clarification17:00
DS_By the way, adding avahi-daemon worked! Thanks17:00
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auke-I'm trying to build my custom image based on core-image-base.bb. It works fine with dizzy but when i build it with fido create_image.sdcard fails: 'tmp/deploy/images/cubox-i/SPL': No such file or directory18:31
auke-Any thoughts what could cause that error?18:34
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realBigfootis it possible to exclude recipes to not be built on an image ?20:36
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paulg_PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "...."20:40
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paulg_e.g. I hate busybox (I'm ok with the concept, I just hate having to _use_ the crippled thing) -- anyways, I've got:20:41
paulg_PACKAGE_EXCLUDE = "busybox busybox-dev busybox-udhcpc busybox-dbg busybox-ptest busybox-udhcpd busybox-hwclock busybox-syslog"20:41
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realBigfootpaulg_,  but with PACKAGE_EXLUCDE, would it be built ?20:47
realBigfooti'm mean.. they will build the package but it wont be shipped20:48
paulg_might be...   but unless it takes hours to build, then really the image is what you care about, no?20:55
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kergoththe only alternative would be to figure out what's pulling it in and remove it there20:57
kergothe.g. from the packagegroup, or IMAGE_INSTALL20:58
realBigfootkergoth, i see20:59
realBigfootthanks :)20:59
realBigfootpaulg_, yes it is to built it faster20:59
kergoththat might be trivial (e.g. right in the image recipe) or less so, depends20:59
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realBigfootkergoth, yeap... i'm using core-image-minimal but, there tons of things i don't want. It would be great with we can make like a blacklist so yocto wouldn't build it or, I can make a custom image21:10
kergothi'd say just make a custom image, personally. if you know just what you want..21:10
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kergothcan also try a distro that doesn't support as much (via DISTRO_FEATURES, e.g. bluetooth), if you don't need to support those things21:11
dvhartrealBigfoot, have you considered trying poky-tiny with core-image-minimal?21:16
dvhartshrinks things considerbly21:16
kergothyeah, good idea21:16
kergoththere are lots of ways to trim things down depending on your needs21:17
realBigfootdvhart, I haven't considered using poky-tiny actually... I will try it21:18
dvhartpoky-tiny tries to start with almost nothing21:18
dvhartso it's an add-what-you-need instead of a remove-what-you-don't21:18
dvhartit's easier to add IMHO21:18
dvhartso plan on copying poky-tiny to realBigfoot.conf21:19
realBigfootdvhart, nice... this is perfect21:19
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realBigfootdvhart, yeap... ty21:19
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* mranostay hides from dvhart 22:44
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paulg_<taken> Darren has a very special set of skills ; he will track you down and he will find you. </taken>22:55
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