Thursday, 2015-05-07

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shakalakahi all05:50
shakalakai have some error when im trying build yocto with my package05:50
LetoThe2ndshakalaka: well the message says it all, doesn't it?05:52
shakalakai don't know how can i fix it =)05:53
LetoThe2ndshakalaka: and why that roundtrip screenshot->crop->dropbox when you can just dump the log into a pastebin?05:53
LetoThe2ndshakalaka: i would point you at the relevant snippets, but as i can't c&p them out...05:53
shakalakai have autotool for taking screenshots in dropbox05:53
shakalakaok, 1 sec05:54
LetoThe2ndthats the point: ERROR: Function failed: cool: LIC_FILES_CHKSUM points to an invalid file: /home/valentin/Desktop/Projects/Yocto/poky/build/tmp/work/i586-poky-linux/cool/1.0-r0/cool-1.0/COPYING05:55
LetoThe2ndshakalaka: you probably set your LIC_FILES_CHECKSUM to a file that doesn't exist in your sources.05:56
shakalakarecipe, layer.conf, bblayers.conf
shakalakanope, it exists05:56
shakalakaits alias05:57
LetoThe2ndshakalaka: :)05:57
LetoThe2ndshakalaka: plus, if your recipe is called cool-1.0, the tarball should be called cool-1.0.tar.gz or something similar, and should extract to a directory called cool-1.005:58
LetoThe2ndmakes it easier for everyone to handle05:58
shakalakaok, thanks for this info05:59
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Guest50589hello warthog9, pleasant evening to you06:20
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* warthog9 waves at sri06:23
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erboI'm confused about how BBMASK works.. I have a distro which sets BBMASK = "mask/dir/a/|mask/dir/b/" and then I want to mask another recipe so I use BBMASK_append = |mask/certain/recipe*".. Looking at bitbake -e myimage | grep ^BBMASK the resulting BBMASK looks ok but my additional recipe isn't masked.. If I instead add the exact same thing I append in local.conf to the original BBMASK assignment in the distros conf it works and the recipe is masked..07:00
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irontiaGood morning folks. Another day with yocto development. Had a larger pause now...07:01
erbothe output of bitbake -e myimage | grep ^BBMASK is identical in both cases, but only one result in the recipe being masked.07:01
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irontiaI have an QA warning: "ERROR: QA Issue: ivi-logging: Files/directories were installed but not shipped". How can i set an ignore for the file it complains. It should really not be shipped.07:07
erboirontia: either you can do_install_append() { rm ${D}/files/not/to/ship } or set INSANE_SKIP_${PN} = "installed-vs-shipped"07:10
erbothe last option disables that particular QA check07:11
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erboirontia: if it's the doc and cmake stuff you can put then in the -dev package using FILES_${PN}-dev += " ${libdir}/cmake/ ${docdir}/ "07:22
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mckoangood morning07:23
joshuaglany folks running yocto-autobuilders in here? I'm wondering what people do to prevent the deploy dir getting out of hand in terms of space used07:36
joshuaglam I missing some "delete old files" switch?07:36
LetoThe2ndjoshuagl: we just do a periodical rm -fR and start over from scratch07:38
joshuaglLetoThe2nd: hah, I feared that would be the response07:38
nrossiyou could always just throw more drives at it :|07:38
LetoThe2ndjoshuagl: actually it has the good sideeffect that you know for sure that you actually *can* rebuild from scratch07:39
erbojoshuagl: is it the images or packages that is the problem? There's an option for removing previous image when building a new one: RM_OLD_IMAGE = "1"07:39
LetoThe2ndand there's RM_WORK too07:39
joshuaglerbo: oooh, that sounds like just what I'm after07:40
joshuaglit's the images and we're already using rm_work07:40
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joshuaglerbo: thanks!07:42
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irontiathank you erbo08:02
bluelightningmorning all08:03
erbobluelightning, RP: do you know if it's intentional that e.g. BBMASK_append in local.conf is added after BBMASK is used? I have a distro which sets BBMASK = "somthing" and I cannot find a way to add to that from local.conf08:04
bluelightningerbo: += should work08:04
bluelightningactually it won't in that case08:05
bluelightningI think you may be stuck...08:05
redenginerbo, have you tried just BBMASK alone, the doc says its only parsed from local.conf08:06
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erbono distro.conf is overriding local.conf, but I was hoping that _append/_prepend would work but that only happens after it is used.. bitbake -e something | grep ^BBMASK show the result I want, but during parsing it's the wrong value08:06
erboredengin: I guess the doc is unclean then, distro.conf overrides the value in local.conf :/08:07
redengin    have you tried .=  ?08:08
redenginlooks like it has a filter syntax as opposed to a list syntax08:09
erboredengin: yes, .= is evaluated immediately and then it's just overridden by distro.conf08:09
redenginah, I see, yeah, then you're hosed by your distro, how about you just change the distro to use .= as well?08:10
erboit would work if the distro.conf used .=, but that is out of my control currently.. I can always ask if then can change it for future releases though08:10
redenginbtw, why are you trying to avoid building stuff that the distro wants?08:11
redenginit doesn't sound like the outcome would be good08:12
erboI want to use bluez5 and bluez5 only, but it seems a bit tricky to get that working reliable so I want to mask out bluez4 to avoid the issue completely08:12
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redenginso you've set bluez5 and still see it use other versions?08:13
bluelightningerbo: rather than BBMASK, you could use PNBLACKLIST for that08:13
bluelightninghonestly BBMASK should almost never be used08:14
erbobluelightning: oh, that looks promising. thanks!08:15
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erboredengin: yeah some packages seems to pull in bluez4 instead of bluez5..08:20
erbobluelightning: the PNBLACKLIST way seems to work, bitbake bluez4 failed but bitbake <myimage> seems to resolv all dependencies anyway so everything should use bluez5 now.08:21
redenginsounds like they may have hardcoded dependencies then, have you tried just updating the distro recipe locally to see what happens?08:21
bluelightningerbo: at long last in fido+ we have a proper mechanism for selecting bluez5 over bluez4, unfortunately that was a long time coming :/08:22
erbobluelightning: that's great news! I'm stuck in daisy in this project for now, but atleast I have a nice workaround now.08:24
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RPerbo: _append probably doesn't work since overrides probably aren't expanded before BBMASK is used by bitbake. If you file a bug for that, we could have a look into it09:20
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limotec-devLetoThe2nd: we enabled the debugging in cupsd and there is only one filter, so is has to do something with the driver of our printer?09:47
limotec-devLetoThe2nd: the package for printer drivers => gutenprint is not buildable (
LetoThe2ndlimotec-dev: hehe, i'm no printer specialist by any means, was just pointing to something i found on the interwebs. but yes, lack of some driver thingy sounds like what i found yesterday when googling for your problem.09:49
limotec-devLetoThe2nd: so are we, we thought with cups package it would work, but there has to be someone who wanted to print in yocto on a ARM board09:54
LetoThe2ndlimotec-dev: probably. but sorry, no ideas, here.09:58
limotec-devLetoThe2nd: thanks for trying tho09:58
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erakisHi, I'm trying to produce the meta-qt5 toolchain but  I'm getting this error : Is somebody can help me ?15:01
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rburtonkergoth: there's a bitbake patch i just sent to the list that you might want to have an opinion on...15:20
* kergoth would love it if we versioned properly, provided stability guarantees, and released to pypi, but given that's not likely to happen anytime soon, he's fine with the removal15:22
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rburtonkergoth: so RP is aware, can you put that in writing.  i had the task to send the patch and check with you :)15:24
RPrburton: I did see the feedback here15:25
RPkergoth: I agree FWIW but I also can't see it happening for various reasons :/15:26
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* kergoth nods15:48
kergothit's tied so tightly to oe-core, it's painful enough making changes that need to be in sync between them as is15:49
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ulf`How do I rotate the screen in Poky distro? Do I have to write my own xorg.conf. There doesn't seem to be one in rootfs.img15:52
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kergothDid anyone ever figure out a script to find unused patches/etc in a layer?16:23
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bluelightningkergoth: I'm sure I could knock something up...16:32
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kergothyeah, doesn't seem like it'd be too terrible, i know it's been asked about at one point, wasn't sure if anyone did it yet though16:33
kergothmight be useful for cleanup16:33
bluelightningI thought I already had, but then I remembered I was verifying a patchset to drop unused patches rather than actually figuring out which ones were unused, and I just did that with a few greps16:33
* kergoth gets more caffeine16:33
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* moto-timo orders a double espresso16:38
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rschaefI have a question about supplying a full defconfig in recipes-kernel linux.19:08
rschaefIs it necessary that this file be named defconfig in order for the build to recognize it as the default .config?19:08
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DS_Is there any variable that I can use in the bblayers.conf file that points to the poky directory? I'd like to make things relative so I can reuse the same file in other machines. Something that could allow me to specify layers like this: "${POKY_ROOT}/meta-name"19:09
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zeddiirschaef: yes, if you are using the kernel.bbclass configuration step.19:11
kergothDS_: no, but you can use ##OEROOT## in the bblayers.conf.sample, which the setup scripts will replace19:12
rschaefand that comes into play by "inherit kernel". So unless I would like to remake the compile logic for kernels, it would just be easiest to name the .config defconfig?19:14
zeddiiyou can extend it via config fragments later, when/if you feel the need.19:15
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kergothtechnically you don't have to remake the cmpile logic to roll your own write of the .config, but you really should stick to the existing conventions to safe headaches and be consistent19:16
* zeddii nods19:16
rschaefif I have multiple boards with similar full configs already defined, would the easiest/best way be to have an empty defconfig file, and then KERNEL_FEATURES_append_${MACHINE_NAME} = ${MACHINE_NAME}.cfg ??19:22
DS_kergoth thanks!19:22
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lpappmy kernel problem is finally solved \o/19:23
zeddiirschaef: have a base configuration fragment, call it defconfig (or not if you use the fragments, you could call it base.cfg), and then just add fragments to the SRC_URI that are machine specific.19:24
rschaefokay, thanks!19:24
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rschaefand is there a certain spot where the final .config file is placed before compiling the kernel? just to make sure I did this correctly.19:49
zeddiirschaef, it goes into ${B}, the kernel build directory.19:50
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rschaefokay, sanity check: if I have a recipe at recipes-kernel/, I should place my defconfig at recipes-kernel/linux-mykernel/defconfig, and then from within I should put SRC_URI += "file://defconfig"20:30
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realBigFootDoes anyone know what "QA Issue: ELF binary 'path' has relocations in .text [textrel]" mean?21:13
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sayguhrealBigFoot, check these docs out:
realBigFootsayguh, nice thanks!21:20
ulf`I created meta/recipes-bsp/formfactor/files/genericx86-64/machconfig with this the content of this: in hopes this would rotate the touchscreen panel and enable touch. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to take. Any thoughts why?21:26
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ant_homerealBigFoot: you can have a glimpse using i.e.   scanelf -qT21:33
realBigFootant_home, you mean bitbake scanelf command ?21:35
ant_homeI mean to build it and use it on target device21:36
realBigFootant_home, ohh i got it... i will do it21:37
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