Friday, 2015-05-08

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mckoangood morning07:36
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bluelightningmorning all08:29
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miandonmenmian_im trying to find the addresses for the usb driver on my yocto system. in /sys/bus/pci/drivers/?hci_hcd08:46
miandonmenmian_but nothing shows up there, is this changed recently?08:47
miandonmenmian_bind       module     new_id     remove_id  uevent     unbind08:47
miandonmenmian_those are there, but none of the 0000:02:00.0  0000:03:00.008:47
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[w00t]Hi, I have a question that I'm hoping someone here can answer.. Is it possible to build a genericx86, core-minimal build without GPLv3? I'm running into dependency issues when using hob to build my image. It depends on initramfs-live-install which in turn depends on parted which is  GPLv3.09:13
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neverpanicIt's possible to build an image that does not use GPLv3 software. I'm not sure whether it is possible to build an image without GPLv3 tools, though.09:16
bluelightning[w00t]: when you say parted is it explicitly mentioning parted-native in the error (as opposed to just parted) ?09:18
[w00t]bluelightning: "Nothing RPROVIDES 'parted' " ... "parted was skipped: incompatible with license GPLv3+"09:20
bluelightningah ok, so it really is parted09:20
[w00t]neverpanic: Thanks, I guess parted could be removed after the live-install?09:21
bluelightning[w00t]: the problem is that it is attempting to build a live image, and that live image needs our install script that in turn needs parted09:21
bluelightningunfortunately that is probably a bug that we need to fix, I don't think there is an immediate workaround unless you don't actually need to build a live image09:21
[w00t]bluelightning: How would I go about to create a normal (non-live) image? I'm on my first day using yocto :)09:22
bluelightning[w00t]: which target machine did you select?09:23
[w00t]bluelightning: genericx8609:23
bluelightning[w00t]: ok, so the live image output type is being selected for you09:23
[w00t]bluelightning: What I'm looking for is a generic build for an x86 arch. I'm not in need of a live-image though an installer would be nice but I could do without09:25
bluelightning[w00t]: you'll probably need to temporarily edit meta/conf/machine/include/ and comment out the IMAGE_FSTYPES += "live" line09:25
bluelightningyou'll need to close and restart hob as well09:26
[w00t]bluelightning: Ah, I see.. I'll try that09:26
[w00t]bluelightning: Thanks a lot for the help09:27
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[w00t]bluelightning: I've removed the "live" from IMAGE_FSTYPES and restarted hob, I still get the same dependency issue though..09:39
bluelightning[w00t]: double-check you don't still have 'live' selected in Hob's configuration09:45
[w00t]bluelightning: Ok, where's that located?09:47
bluelightning[w00t]: IIRC there is a button in the top right09:48
bluelightningat the first screen, it's called "Settings"09:48
bluelightningactually sorry09:49
bluelightning[w00t]: it's under "Advanced configuration" which you see after selecting a base image09:50
[w00t]bluelightning: Ok, I only got two tabs, and none of those contain anything about live images09:51
bluelightning[w00t]: it's called hddimg there, is that ticked?09:52
[w00t]bluelightning: Nope, got ext4 and tar.bz2 checked09:52
bluelightningok, I'm really not sure what's going on then :(09:52
bluelightningthere's nothing in local.conf that is adding "live" to IMAGE_FSTYPES ?09:53
[w00t]bluelightning: Nope09:54
bluelightningok, close hob, run bitbake -e | less09:55
bluelightningthen search (with /) for IMAGE_FSTYPES09:55
bluelightningonce you find the entry for that variable itself, is there anything in the history for how it was set that says that "live" is being added?09:56
[w00t]# $IMAGE_FSTYPES [4 operations]09:58
[w00t]#   set /home/dan/yocto/poky/build/conf/local.conf:26109:58
[w00t]#     "ext4 tar.bz2"09:58
[w00t]#   append /home/dan/yocto/poky/meta/conf/machine/include/
[w00t]#     ""09:58
[w00t]#   set /home/dan/yocto/poky/meta/conf/documentation.conf:21409:58
[w00t]#     [doc] "Formats of root filesystem images that you want to have created."09:58
[w00t]#   set? /home/dan/yocto/poky/meta/conf/bitbake.conf:69309:58
[w00t]#     "tar.gz"09:58
[w00t]# pre-expansion value:09:58
[w00t]#   "ext4 tar.bz2 "09:58
[w00t]IMAGE_FSTYPES="ext4 tar.bz2 "09:58
bluelightningok, so it's hob getting in the way then :/09:58
bluelightningmy advice for now would be to stick to the command line09:58
[w00t]bluelightning: :) Ok, thanks09:59
bluelightningnot a great answer I know, but it's easier to debug09:59
[w00t]bluelightning: Does hob append anything, I thought it was just a fronten10:00
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bluelightning[w00t]: it does have some logic to set the configuration yes10:03
bluelightningunfortunately in your case it appears to be doing it incorrectly10:03
[w00t]:) I need to run the builds through the command line either way, just thought hob was a neat place to start understanding the build process. Thank you so much for your help10:05
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* bluelightning is really looking forward to the day we replace Hob with Toaster10:06
shakalakahi all!10:11
shakalakai have a question about qt creator, is there a way to deploy and debug c++ application on yocto in QEMU?10:11
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lpappbluelightning: hi, I just want to say thank you for pointing the thread out the other day. It seems that those two patches solved my kernel boot problems10:37
bluelightninglpapp: \o/10:38
bluelightningwe probably should have some kind of note in the migration section with pointers to those10:38
bluelightningfor people building their own older kernel versions10:38
lpappcould have saved me, yes :)10:39
lpappas far as I understand it is a generic arm issue with newer libs, so anyone using old arm kernel would face it, which is probably a common platform on embedded.10:39
lpappnot sure how common it is to use old kernel though10:40
lpappthere is one more thing that I noticed after the boot10:41
lpappwhich was not in there before.10:42
lpapp"Too many levels of symbolic links"10:43
RzRhi lpapp10:46
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lpapphi rzr10:47
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lpappnice to see you here :)10:48
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RzRgood pple are allways in good place ;)10:48
RzRyea I am kinda new to yocto10:48
RzRquestion how long could it take to get a patch merged into poky , mine was send week ago and no feedback yet10:54
lpapphave you checked the state whether it is merged?10:54
lpappit happened to me several times that I got no replies and it was already merged10:55
lpappso it is always the first thing to check IMHO if there is no reply :)10:55
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RzRyea I checked10:56
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lpappRzR: "If your patch has not had any feedback after a few days it may have been missed or the appropriate reviewers may not currently be around; it is perfectly fine to reply to it yourself with a "ping" / reminder request for feedback. "11:01
RzRthis what i am doing now :)11:01
RzRbut there werent much trafic in poky lists lately ... so I'll may wait a bit more11:02
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lpappis it a poky change in question or more like openembedded core?11:14
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lpappbluelightning: is this a common symptom after the migration?
lpappRzR: I see. It seems to be quite specific stuff, so perhaps include the author of the file in the CC?11:38
joshuaglRzR: possibly the wrong list, I think you want oe-core for that11:42
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RzRjoshuagl, dobrigado ! ,  I dont think that package belong to oe . those init scripts land in poky now11:53
lpappRzR: meta/ is usually oe-core11:56
lpappsomething like meta-yocto would be Poky, I assume.11:56
RzRit is11:59
RzRlet me double check12:01
RzRjoshuagl, you're right
RzRjoshuagl, sorry for the noise12:03
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RzRwithout you it will have stayed there forever ;)12:09
bluelightninglpapp: I've never seen that one before, sorry12:10
lpappok, looks like inittab is broken :)12:13
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lpappbluelightning: does Yocto create any symlink by default between /run and /var/run, etc?13:06
rburtoniirc, yes13:06
lpappwhich way is it?13:08
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rschaefso yesterday I had some questions about using my own defconfig14:11
rschaefI ended up having to put SRC_URI="file://defconfig-mine" in my recipe, as well as14:12
rschaefdo_configure_prepend() { cp ${WORKDIR}/defconfig-mine ${WORKDIR}/defconfig}14:12
rschaefmy goal is to just have this recipe inherit kernel, and SRC_URI="file://defconfig" in order to use the correct configuration file.14:13
rschaefdo i need to inherit linux-yocto for this functionality?14:16
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bluelightningrschaef: no, this is provided by kernel.bbclass14:35
bluelightningrschaef: if you use file://defconfig instead of file://fefconfig-mine, you should not need the do_configure_prepend at all14:35
rschaefso my original SRC_URI of file://defconfig should just work if my class inherites kernel14:36
rschaefbut in the end, in the build directory, it is not the correct defconfig14:36
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bluelightningrschaef: is it completely wrong or are there just slight differences?14:53
rschaefcompletely wrong. I included a comment on the first line (# CORRECT CONFIG ) in order to determine if my defconfig was being used.14:54
kergothare you looking at defconfig in workdir or .config in the build dir?14:54
kergotholdconfig would likely remove any comments you added14:54
kergothalso, if your defconfi gisn't for that exact kernel version, it would change to add new config items that didn'te xist previously14:54
* kergoth yawns14:54
kergothmorning all14:54
rschaefeven after I run a cleansstate and cleanall ?14:54
kergothmake oldconfig runs in do_configure after defconfig is copied to .config14:55
kergothso it depends entirely on when you're checking and what you're checking14:55
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rschaefokay yeah the comments were being removed by oldconfig, defconfig works fine.15:16
rschaefare config fragments handled in kernel.bbclass, or do I need linux-yocto?15:17
kergothlinux-yocto, or you can manually arrange to call the tools to use them15:17
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rschaefokay. and if I use linux-yocto, will it still find my own defconfig by default?15:22
* zeddii_home is also re-working things so you don’t have to include linux-yocto, but that’s only in a month or so.15:23
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rschaefit looks like it in kernel-yocot.bbclass:do_kernel_configmer()15:23
rschaefoh okay thanks!15:23
kergothzeddii_home: are you planning on adding it natively to kernel.bbclass?15:24
kergoththat'd be lovely15:24
zeddii_homeI have the meta data completely split out of the kernel tree itself, that’s step #1.15:24
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zeddii_homethen the tools aren’t tied to a particular kernel tree format.15:25
zeddii_homeI’m doing the second parts now. hopefully a RFC soon.15:25
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kergothgoing to have the kern-tools-native dep conditionally added based on fragments existing in SRC_URI?15:27
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zeddii_homenow that you mention it. yes :)15:42
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rschaefis there currently a yocto way of pointing to a previously built initramfs? basically just setting CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOUCE?15:45
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rschaefIs there a better way to include a pre-built initramfs in the kernel than using a config fragment for CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE with a hard-coded path to the initramfs.cpio.gz file?16:37
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bluelightningrschaef: see
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kergothafaik INITRAMFS_IMAGE is for building an image, though, not using a prebuilt one16:46
rschaefthat variable is used to build the initramfs as well correct? What if I just want to grab it from /files dir16:46
joshuaglRP: rburton: I'd like to do a build on the AB - any objections?16:47
joshuaglRP: rburton: fwiw the AB is currently very idle16:49
RPjoshuagl: go for it16:51
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joshuaglthanks RP!16:52
* joshuagl presses the button16:52
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DS_Hi, I'm having a problem building any image using yocto 1.8. Bitbake is having a problem parsing a recipe inside the meta directory. Has anyone heard about this? This is the error message shown (paths were hidden):
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #285 of nightly-mips-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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DS_Just figured it out. One of my layers was improperly defining license files19:24
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kergothAnyone know of a clean way to take a list of git commits and reorder / sort them in the order they're in in the history?19:58
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #288 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #318 of nightly is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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