Thursday, 2015-05-21

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mckoangood morning07:08
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woah_dudehi all!07:34
woah_dudeis there a way to build Qt 5.4 for edison?07:35
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bluelightningmorning all08:12
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lpappgood morning08:18
lpappwhat is the recommended way to extend the PATH for a particular with /sbin?08:19
lpappvia the rootfs post command variable or something else?08:19
bluelightninglpapp: hi08:29
bluelightninglpapp: extend it for what context?08:29
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lpappbluelightning: PATH=/sbin:$PATH08:33
lpappfor user "joe"08:33
lpappbecause we run our services under user "foo/joe"08:33
lpappand there are binaries in /sbin that should be found without full path.08:34
bluelightningI'm not sure but I guess you'd do that through /etc/profile08:38
bluelightningmore of a general Linux question than specific to our system08:38
lpappwell, you have to do this through the buildsystem08:39
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chankitbluelightning: I have an annoying but not a big issue; so sometimes when I do bitbake <app> after editing its recipe, it sometimes forgets to recompile the whole thing even though I do bitbake <app> -c clean.08:43
chankitany input?08:43
lpappchankit: have you also tried cleanall/cleansstate?08:44
chankitlpapp: eh no. I thought the only difference between cleanall and clean is cleanall deletes the downloaded source files?08:45
lpappnot as far as I know.08:45
bluelightningchankit: what kind of change were you making?08:47
chankitsometimes I edit do_compile or do_configure methods in my recipes. However, getting back to the issue, I can do bitbake -c compile and it does compile. But it doesn't install though so I have to run bitbake -c install as well08:48
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TuTizzhi everyone, I would like to add a capabilty to a binary (cap_sys_time+ep), is there a way to do it into a recipe? (I was thinking about add setcap cap_sys_time+ep ${D}/home/foo/foo in do_install but I need to be root) any idea?08:50
lpappbluelightning: the original symptom is that my application can call a binary in /sbin with dylan, but not with daisy08:50
lpappbluelightning: the way that I find the executable is through a C function "exec_exists" which just goes through the PATH variable after obtaining it with getenv().08:51
lpappI do not know why that would break with daisy...08:51
bluelightninglpapp: I don't immediately know how that would have changed, but /etc/profile or the user's .profile is probably how PATH gets set08:51
lpappbluelightning: this is the simple C function08:52
lpappI am just showing to point that out there is nothing that can break in this code08:52
lpappline 20-25 is my workaround, but I still would like to understand why it can break with daisy.08:52
lpappfwiw, su - foo and then echo $PATH does not contain /sbin in either case, so ....08:52
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hitlin37that buildbot project do look fancy stuff, just jinja and python09:02
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CromFrHi !09:14
CromFrI'm trying to apply config fragments to my kernel conf, but it seems to be never set in the final .config :/09:14
CromFrI created a .bb file for my kernel (based on linux-yocto) and tried to add the cfg fragment and/or a .scc file containing "kconf hardware my.cfg" to SRC_URI without success09:14
CromFrQA checks reports this as a warning but I have no clues how to fix it09:15
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bluelightningCromFr: if you don't get an answer here I'd suggest mailing the mailing list and CCing Bruce Ashfield09:29
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iontehi. i'm not sure why i keep having problem this: i've built a custom dist and i'm using meta-raspberrypi (currently) as bsp. but how do i set which kernel to use?09:45
iontei have an image file in meta-mydistro/recipes-core/images and i've set PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-raspberrypi ?= "3.18%" in it. but 3.16 is used instead.09:47
bluelightningionte: if you use bitbake -e | less to look at the history of the variable value can you see if the value you are setting is being overridden?09:48
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iontebluelightning: thanks, was not aware of "-e"!09:51
iontebluelightning: PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-raspberrypi is only set once in the output, by in meta-raspberrypi, and it's set to 3.1609:52
iontebluelightning: if the value was set in one file, and then changed by another, both values should appear in the -e output right?09:54
CromFrionte: have you tried PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-raspberrypi = "3.18%" (instead of ?=)09:55
ionteCromFr: yes, i've tried both = an ?=09:56
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CromFrionte: Maybe PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-raspberrypi_machinename = "3.18%" ?09:58
ionteso, i have an image file ("") which "require", and the PREFERRED statement is in if i change griffin-dev-image, for example add to IMAGE_INSTALL, those changes are used. so i'm quite sure the code in the image file is executed09:59
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ionteCromFr: did not help10:01
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bluelightningionte: I've just re-read what you said and I now noticed you are setting the value in an image recipe - that will not work I am afraid10:03
bluelightningionte: PREFERRED_* need to be set at the configuration level10:03
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iontebluelightning: hmmm... ok, what do you mean by "configuration level"?10:05
bluelightningionte: local.conf or custom distro/machine config, basically10:08
zwerchHey, I have got a problem with a kernel bbappend. Could anyone have a look and tell me what I have done wrong? :(
iontebluelightning: ok! for other hardware i've used previously i had a custom machine config, but not for raspberry pi...10:10
iontebluelightning: success! thanks!10:11
bluelightningzwerch: er, so it looks like you're putting symlinks to the modules in /etc/modprobe.d - is that really the right thing to do? AFAIK what's supposed to go in there is conf files specifying options for loaded modules10:17
bluelightningzwerch: if it is simply module autoloading you are after, we have a mechanism for that FYI -  KERNEL_MODULE_AUTOLOAD += "mymodule1 mymodule2 ..."10:18
bluelightningzwerch: that's for dizzy (1.7) and beyond; for older versions use module_autoload_modulename = "modulename"10:19
zwerchbluelightning: Oh :O10:19
zwerchI have started working with Yocto not that long ago and we're all new to it. I was just told that they would be loading if I link them there. I didn't know you can approach this otherwise. So thanks for that.10:19
zwerchWhere do I put that?10:19
bluelightningzwerch: that can go in the kernel recipe, or in your configuration (custom machine config, distro config or local.conf) such that it will be seen by the kernel recipe10:20
bluelightningionte: great, np10:20
zwerchbluelightning: Okay, so I could do it in my bbappend?10:20
bluelightningzwerch: yes10:21
bluelightningzwerch: it's not really applicable this time, but just in case you need to know later, FYI there's a bunch of info on solving QA issues here:
zwerchbluelightning: Thanks, I found that already, and I already solved this kind of error once, but this time none of my earlier approaches worked.10:24
zwerchSo, thanks for your help and time. I really appreciate it! :)10:24
bluelightningzwerch: no problem10:24
rburtonotavio: <— we're removing gst 0.10 from oe-core, can you update the bbappends?10:31
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #320 of eclipse-plugin-kepler is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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rburtonotavio: do you approve of the fitimage series?11:02
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sighackhi , I'm having problems with I2C controller on my custom ARM SoC board11:04
sighackcan anyone help me out ?11:04
lpappwhat problems? Are they related to Yocto?11:07
sighackummm.. not sure specifically, I've enabled the driver from the menuconfig during the kernel build process, but when i use i2c tools, it fails with timeout error11:11
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LetoThe2ndsighack: as usual - try to isolate the problem. is it hw or sw? did you check with a scope, et.c.ppp.11:28
sighackwell we have got it designed from a 3rd party and they say that they have tested it using bare-metal application .. so i think the hardware part is fine.11:29
sighackI'm not sure whether it is a driver issue or could be problem with the dtb file11:29
jaeckelis it possible that when creating a bitbake recipe for a kernel module it forgets to pass on the KERNEL_SRC variable?11:29
jaeckelin the module_install step11:29
LetoThe2ndsighack: "they say" and "i think" are not really good starting points11:29
LetoThe2ndsighack: with a scope you could at least verify if something actaully reaches the lines, or not.11:30
sighackjaeckel: not sure what you mean, how could I check that?11:30
LetoThe2ndsighack: if there's nothing on the line, a sw is very probably.11:30
jaeckelsighack: I started from11:31
sighackLetoThe2nd: ohk, but the schematic is not open, and the board lines are unapproachable coz of connector placements :|11:32
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LetoThe2ndsighack: well so what do you expect from us then?11:33
lpappsighack: very unlikely to have an issue with KERNEL_SRC11:33
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lpappsighack: does your kernel work fine without Yocto? That is the first thing that I would check.11:33
lpappto see whether this is any Yocto related.11:33
LetoThe2ndsighack: if you can't even check whats going on in your hw, debugging a hw interconnect is rather hard.11:34
jaeckelsighack: ah sorry, my question was not related to you11:34
sighackjaeckel: im not creating my own modules, I'm simply enabling the related driver thru the menuconfig.11:34
lpapp(if not, you better visit #kernelnewbies)11:34
LetoThe2ndsighack: so maybe you should pay your 3rd party for some more assistance in getting you started.11:34
sighacklpapp: well , kernels are working fine. As the board is able to boot up and all11:34
LetoThe2ndlpapp: you're mixig up the questions of jaeckel and sighack11:35
sighacklpapp: yes, thanks for the pointer, i think #kernelnewbies is one place is should visit11:35
lpappLetoThe2nd: I am not.11:35
lpappsighack: so if you use your kernel built outside of Yocto, it all works?11:36
sighackLetoThe2nd: haha maybe i will bug them too. Any device tree related pointers ?11:36
LetoThe2ndlpapp: well then, go ahead. i'm out.11:36
lpappsighack: I do not think you need to check the hardware at this point.11:36
lpappsighack: first check the software trivia11:36
LetoThe2ndsighack: check any related device tree example for a good known board that uses the same or a aclosely related soc11:37
sighackLetoThe2nd: i will try and confirm the working with the bare-metal code atleast. That should help me emilinate hw problem.11:37
LetoThe2ndsighack: but if you don't know the schematics, you can't verify pinmuxing, and you are basically... well, on your own.11:37
* LetoThe2nd vanishes in a poof of thin air11:37
lpappsighack: so far you have not showed any evidence why it may be tangentially related to Yocto, so why did you come here? :)11:38
sighackLetoThe2nd: yeah, I'm basing my dtb dev on a close version itself. But there are quite a few changes in design so i think im stuck there,11:38
lpappwhat made you think this is a Yocto problem? Is there something that you have not shared?11:38
sighacklpapp: umm.. to be honest I'm was not sure where to go, since I'm using yocto to build the system I thought it would be a good start. No offence intended.11:39
lpappright, so the way I debug these issues in such cases: build the kernel outside of Yocto.11:40
lpappand see if it works.11:40
lpappif it does not, I can tell that to the Yocto developers.11:40
lpappin what scenarios did it work.11:40
lpappthen if it does not work outside of Yocto and I have no clue, I go to #kernelnewbies.11:40
sighacklpapp: so u mean get the kernel source code seperately and compile it ?11:41
lpappyes, it is just a make command after all once you configure it.11:41
lpappobviously, you need to use the right toolchain, but for that, you can use the one from Yocto.11:41
lpapp(or from any other suppliers, like Mentor Graphics, etc)11:41
lpappat this point, I would trust your hardware supplier and try to find the failure in software.11:43
sighackthanks for the help guys!11:43
lpappand if the software turns out to be good, then I would go down deeper as that investigation may require more time.11:43
lpapp(but these are just my practices for the last couple of years with the kernel; not necessarily good or bad)11:44
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lpapplikewise :)12:30
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likewiseyes? thanks :)12:32
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mad_jeffHello, I have a problem with an autotools / libtool library to compile on yocto. During the configuration the variable includedir is set to /usr/include. But the real one must use the path .../poky/builds/ip-spt-am335x/tmp/sysroots/sdnam335xeval13:15
lpappbluelightning: we did not continue the discussion about PATH ...13:15
lpappROOTFS_POSTPROCESS_COMMAND or something else?13:16
mad_jeffThe makefile use $(includedir)/path_to_lib to set the dependency13:16
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bluelightningmad_jeff: I believe that is the correct value of includedir for a target recipe... the appropriate sysroot path is supposed to be prepended to that where needed13:17
bluelightningmad_jeff: if includedir is changed to point to the sysroot as well then you'll get that path bleeding into the target environment as well which is not what you want13:17
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #308 of nightly-qa-systemd is complete: Failure [failed Running Sanity Tests] Build details are at
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bluelightninglpapp: "git grep -w PATH" shows me that it is indeed /etc/profile setting PATH (in meta/recipes-core/base-files/base-files/profile)13:19
bluelightninglpapp: so bbappend base-files and replace that file with your preferred contents13:20
bluelightningrburton: any specific advice for mad_jeff ^ ?13:20
lpappbluelightning: that is global.13:21
bluelightninglpapp: it is yes13:21
lpappbluelightning: I want local, that is why I thought ~/.profile, but my point is how to do it right.13:22
bluelightninglpapp: do you care to not have sbin in some users PATH values?13:22
lpappyou know, the usual minimal principle... give it to the user who needs it.13:22
lpappin this case the user under which the system services will be running.13:22
bluelightninglpapp: alright, well, we have no mechanism that I know of to specifically set up .profile for individual users13:23
lpappso what would you suggest, ROOTFS_ ... ?13:24
mad_jeffbluelightning: Ok I understand the principe, but the compile doesn't found dependency, and if I change the makefile to use the fullpath instead $(includedir)/lib this is working... Any idea where the problem can from ?13:24
bluelightninglpapp: I don't have any alternative suggestion if that's what you're asking13:25
lpappbluelightning: well, I could also create a recipe for installing a file into a specific location13:25
lpappbut that is even nastier IMHO :-)13:26
bluelightninglpapp: AFAIK installing things into home directories via recipes is discouraged13:26
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bluelightninglpapp: you might consider adding logic to the (yes, global) profile file that could determine in a more appropriate way for your situation whether the additional items should be added to PATH13:27
bluelightninglpapp: e.g. looking whether the user is in the wheel group would be one way, assuming you had such a group13:27
bluelightningmad_jeff: I'm certainly not an autoconf expert by any means but it sounds like what you should have is an option to pass that include path into the configure script; you could patch that in if such an option isn't there already13:30
mad_jeffbluelightning: Ok, I have think to this solution, but that's seem a little weird to do "custum" option for one standard feature.13:32
bluelightningmad_jeff: I'm assuming there is a variable you could use to get the sysroot, I don't happen to know what it is off the top of my head (I was hoping that rburton would know, but I guess he isn't around)13:35
bluelightninga variable on the autoconf side, I mean13:36
mad_jeffbluelightning: I have the same hope. I will check something I come back later13:37
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mad_jeffbluelightning : Ok my check is a fail ;) I will do a specific parameter. And come back to this problem when I have more time. Thanks for your support13:43
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-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #314 of nightly-world is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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otaviorburton: I will review the fitImage serie14:49
mckoanusing meta-java and building java-test-image in dizzy I get this error on rhino1: OpenSSL: error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure14:53
mckoanany clue?14:53
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mckoanwget fails but download from the browser works, where can I place the .zip now?14:58
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bluelightningmckoan: you can put it in DL_DIR and touch .done15:00
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mckoanbluelightning: in fact I put it in DL_DIR, missing the touch15:01
ionteanyone around familiar with meta-raspberrypi? i'm trying to add a device connected to the gpio header, so i'm starting to write a device tree (dts). i'm using kernel 3.18 so it should be supported, but i'm not sure how to do it?15:01
iontei've set KERNEL_DEVICETREE to "devicetree.dtb", and now the kernel build fails "no rule to make target 'arch/arm/boot/dts/devicetree.dtb'15:01
kergothKERNEL_DEVICETREE is for the dts filename, not dtb15:02
kergothiirc anyway15:02
kergothso change it to devicetree.dts15:02
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iontekergoth: i've seen that in other bsp's, but in meta-raspberry/conf/machine/include/ the example lists .dtb files15:03
kergothwell the error clearly indicates thats wrong15:03
ionteok, changing "devicetree.dtb" to "devicetree.dts" i get the same error, but another path: make[2]: *** No rule to make target `devicetree.dts'.  Stop.15:06
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kergothdid you put the device tree into the kernel sources? at the moment doesnt' support building out of tree device tree files15:15
-YoctoAutoBuilder- build #33 of nightly-world-lsb is complete: Success [build successful] Build details are at
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iontekergoth: nope. i'm a bit unsure how/where to install it ...15:18
ionteshould i put it in arch/arm/boot/dts/?15:18
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armpitkhem, ping15:42
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khem`armpit: hello16:05
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armpitkhem,  when I do 'bitbake gcc -c devshell' from a clean install, there are no sources. gcc-sources are run after that step.  is that by design or a bug?16:55
khem`bug I presume16:56
khem`well no16:56
khem`usually devshell is run after do_patch16:56
khem`so yeah it could be16:56
armpitk, I will poke at it a bit more16:57
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kergothwould be trivial to add an extra depends flag  for do_patch in addition to the ones for the other tasks, i expect18:00
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mschuckmannHello I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a problem with creating a recipe for a shared library and then using that shared library in a recipe for an application.18:20
lpappmschuckmann: why don't you try to write a recipe yourself?18:22
mschuckmannlpapp: I have written both the recipes, and I'm getting a strange error that I don't understand.18:23
lpappwhat error exactly?18:23
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mschuckmannlpapp: The recipe for the application using the shared library is giving me this error: ERROR: QA Issue: scp-daemon rdepends on libplnrprotocol-dev18:24
lpappok, can you show the recipe?18:25
mschuckmannyes do you want me to post it here?18:25
lpappbut runtime dependency on build-time thing does not look good to me.18:25
lpapp-dev is build time dependency.18:25
mschuckmannexactly, I must be doing something wrong. in the application recipe I've tried DEPENDS = "cmake-native boost libplnrprotocol" and RDEPENDS_${PN} = "libplnrprotocol" and i get the same error.18:27
mschuckmannI don't understand why it's trying to pick up the -dev package.18:27
lpapphmm, perhaps pastebin the recipes.18:27
mschuckmannOk one second.18:28
mschuckmannHere is the pastebin for the library recipe:
*** khem` <khem`!~khem@unaffiliated/khem> has joined #yocto18:29
lpappwhy do you need 29-33?18:30
mschuckmannand the application recipe:
mschuckmannI've found that I need 29-33 because the library is only built as ${libdir}/ and the default in package.bbclass only looks for files of the form ${libdir}/lib*.so.*18:32
lpappmschuckmann: I think you mean RDEPENDS for the library18:32
lpappas it is a runtime dependency, isn't it?18:32
lpappalso, is boost really a runtime dependency?18:33
lpappare you using header only parts of it?18:33
mschuckmannI am using both the header and runtime parts of boost (boost-program-options is a so library)18:34
mschuckmannI've tried putting libplnrprotocol in both DEPENDS and RDEPENDS_${PN} and I get the same error.18:35
mschuckmannyes libplnrprotocol is a runtime dependency, there are header files that need to be there for building.18:36
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lpappdo not put it into DEPENDS at all is what I mean :)18:38
mschuckmannok that's what I thought I should do but I still get the error: ERROR: QA Issue: scp-daemon rdepends on libplnrprotocol-dev18:39
lpappunfortunately, I need to leave now, but hopefully someone can help.18:41
mschuckmannok thank you18:41
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mschuckmannIf anyone is still listening, I've determined that my shared library package libplnrprotocol depends on it's own -dev package, what I don't understand is why?18:57
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kergothby default the .so goes into the -dev package because most sane libraries set SONAME properly19:05 is generally a development-only symbolic link19:05
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mschuckmannOk I can adjust my library to be sane, will that solve my problem of libplnprotocol rdepending on libplnrprotocol-dev?19:11
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rburtonmschuckmann: yes19:27
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mschuckmannrburton: Thanks I just verified that it does solve my problem.19:28
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mschuckmannkergoth: Thanks that solved my problem.19:28
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* zeddii notices that the archiver isn't doing quite what I expect in master.20:27
zeddiiI'll have to check for changes.20:27
zeddiiI thought that if you built it, it was deployed and archived .. but not in my test I just ran. only if it was installed to an image.20:27
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bluelightningzeddii: hmm, that sounds like it's broken21:03
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RPkergoth: Have you any thoughts on what something like RDEPENDS_${PN} = "X", SOMEPN = "${PN}", RDEPENDS_${SOMEPN}_append = "Y" should do?22:35
RPkergoth: I'm looking at removing update_data but this has some interesting implications for expressions like the above :/22:36
RPupdated-rc.d and its RRECOMMENDS is the main offender being reported22:37
kergothhmm, that's rather unpleasant22:37
kergothnot sure i've had enough caffeine to be useful, the baby decided 4:45 was a good time to be (and stay) wide awake this morning22:38
RPkergoth: not good :(22:38
RPkergoth: the other issue I'm struggling with is I started stashing potential overrides in a flag against variables. Now variables called "set", "find" and "copy" exist and its making a right mess of the variable dependencies22:39
RPkergoth: then bitbake -e crashes as "copy" is an internal name as far as COW is concerned22:39
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kergothsounds like a bug in the COW implementation22:43
kergothnot that knowing that is very helpful22:43
RPkergoth: its more the way COW was implemented. Very hard to change without loss of performance22:45
kergothI can't help but wonder if we'd be better off implementing the COW in cython or something rather than abusing classes the way we do22:45
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RPkergoth: would be interesting to see what the performance difference was22:47
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